THE LATEST PULSE ASIA survey conducted from February 26 to March 9, 2012 showed that 47 percent of Filipinos believed that impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona was guilty. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 45 properties.

A recent Pulse Asia study on the Corona impeachment trial showed 58 percent of Filipinos would respect and accept whatever the Senate verdict would be. The remaining 42 percent work for Malacañang.

According to the latest propaganda survey, 47 percent of Filipinos were convinced that Chief Justice Renato Corona was guilty. The rest were non-Inquirer readers.

The Pulse Asia survey also revealed that 8 in 10 Filipinos follow the impeachment trial. The other 2 follow Sharon Cuneta’s explosive tweets against Piolo Pascual.

Breaking: A new survey revealed 98 percent of local newspapers and news websites believe that Renato Corona is guilty.

Tupas Says
Grilled anew on the reported list of alleged “45 Corona properties” which was found to be inaccurate, lead prosecutor Niel Tupas on Tuesday said, “I’m not aware of the media…” How dare you Mr. Congressman. That’s not how you treat an ally!

The Wall Street Journal published an article on ‘Noynoying’ – the term coined by militants to describe the Chief Executive’s alleged laidback working style. But President Aquino is unfazed. He vowed to make a statement as soon as he’s done with his coffee, cinnamon roll, and cigarette.

Deadly Game
In Manila, a man was stabbed following a dispute over a popular computer game. And my friend was like, “Holy sh*t, is the President safe?”

Three More
According to the Manila Bulletin, Manny Pacquiao is eyeing three more fights before finally retiring. To which God said, “I thought we’ve talked?!?”

Here’s the latest on the fire that destroyed Ever Gotesco Grand Central Mall in Caloocan City. After more than 80 hours, the fire and the city fire marshal were both declared “out.” Yey!

Sizzling Sharon
Megastar Sharon Cuneta, wife of Senator Kiko Pangilinan clashed with bashers and Piolo Pascual loyalists on Twitter. An exasperated Sharon threatened to leave the microblogging site. Realizing however that she’s got nothing else to do, she stayed.

Suddenly Bicolano
Reports say Aga Muhlach has registered as a voter in Camarines Sur. A quick survey showed 90 percent of residents were happy to welcome the actor. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus “2013.”

In Indonesia, an eight-year-old boy smokes more than a pack of cigarettes per day. Observers believe the boy has a chance of becoming president someday.
“One should perform his deeds for the benefit of mankind with an unbiased approach because bias gives birth to evil, which creates thousands of obstacles in our path.”
~Rig Veda

Quotes of the Day
“If we are to use surveys to convict or not to convict a person charged in our courts, then we do not need the courts. All we have to do is conduct surveys whenever somebody is charged.”
~Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

“Regardless of what they’re doing, regardless of what they’re projecting, the President is at work. This administration continues to perform its responsibilities.”
~Atty. Edwin Lacierda on ‘Noynoying’

“This award is not for me because before becoming an actor, I am a Filipino first. This is for my country – the Philippines. Mabuhay!”
~ Eugene Domingo accepting her People’s Choice Award for Best Actress in the Sixth Asian Film Awards in HK

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17 thoughts on “NEARLY HALF”

  1. noynoying – a master class by the man himself this week. 52 years of training shows.

    issue staged photos pretending to work

    get sisters and even foreign girls to defend you , rather than doing it yourself

    when asked difficult questions on economics, change subject to love-life

    attend parades/ribbon cutting ceremonies – no thinking required.

    get friends to lie for you, and keep your own hands clean

    get your uncle to publish survey on how well you are doing and how much the people love you

    claim anybody elses successes as your own, and blame your own failures on anybody else.

    dream of retirement


  2. RealEduManzano (twitter) ” PNoy and
    Grace Lee spotted at Promenade
    Greenhills today. In the middle
    of the day. To be fair, it IS a nice
    day for a leisurely stroll.”

    is p-noy
    a) taking the p&ss out of the country
    b) too stupid to realise
    c) too arrogant to care
    d) congratulating himself on pulse asia propaganda survey
    e) mesmerised by grace lee’s ‘puppies’
    f) taking noynoying to a new level


  3. Di raw nakakatawa yung Babae sa Septic Tank at yung People Choice Award ni Eugene ay dahil sa text votes parang Ms Photogenic ng Ms Universe.

    Bakit ba di kayang mapantayan ng Philippine movies ang ibang Asian countries tulad ng Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam. Tayong mga Pilipino ang isa mga naunang bansang nag-produce ng mga pelikula dito sa Asya. Parang di na nag-improve ang mga pelikula natin. Same formula o tema since 1960’s – comedy is still full of slapstick, our drama natin puro na lang sampalan at rich boy – poor girl vice versa at yung action movies natin puro same ending – darating ang mga pulis sa huli at laging nag-uusap ang bida at kontrabida pagnagbabarilan at yung mga horror natin – laging gumagamit ng cheap special effects. Di kaya it just shows na wala tayong cinematic creativity tulad ng mga Thais, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese etc.?


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