WE NOW CONTINUE with our Slam Book series. If you think you’ve heard everything from, on or about Manny Pacquiao, think again. Today, you’ll learn more about the 8-division world champion and Sarangani representative. Have fun!

BREAKING: ‘Slam Book’ has decided to file a formal complaint against Ninong Manny for his alleged libelous, discriminatory, and racist comment.

Photo of the Week:
‘Noynoying’ According to Malacañang

Ano ang pinaka-angkop na pamagat sa larawang ito na inilabas ng palasyo?
A: The Thinker
B: My Favorite Newspaper
C: Reading Sans Glasses
D: The Working Reading President
E: ‘Watch’ What Happens
F: Owwws?!? ‘Di Nga?
“In the last analysis sound judgment will prevail.”
~Joseph Cannon

You Have Spoken
Your assessment of the Defense panel’s witnesses so far…
So far, so good. 59.68%
Duh! ‘Yon lang? 32.26%
I do not follow the trial. 8.06%

Have a safe and love-filled weekend!

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  1. Laziness ( noynoying ) is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.”
    Jules Renard (French Writer, 1864-1910)

    a day in the life of p-noy




    – trying to turn a lie into a truth and/or vice versa,
    by using social media for spin/ black propaganda

    photo of the week
    the noynoying approach to tebowing


  2. noynoying – the origin of the species

    “A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life” – Charles Darwin

    a man who wastes his life has not understood the meaning of life

    the elitism , sense of entitlement and lack of interaction outside of their own breed leads to a condition of noynoyism – inertia, unless aroused by threatened loss of power and/or money.


  3. from the taxman to the pacman

    “Let me tell you how it will be
    There’s one for you, nineteen for me

    ‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the

    Should five per cent appear too small
    Be thankful I don’t take it all

    ‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah I’m the taxman”


    1. Watch out,magdidisappear na naman ang leader natin kuno because so many crises are at hand.yan ang kanyang pattern kung lilingunin ninyo.Parang ostrich,burying his head in the sand.Meanwhile the people are getting more miserable.He feeds them with propaganda, thanks to pulse media survey,abs can,phil daily inquirer,philstar,etc….
      To those in the corridors of power,please do not turn a blind eye if you see that the leader is incapable of steering this country.We are all stakeholders,and we pray fervently that God save us from this mediocre leader!


  4. the noynoying philosophy of life

    sex – a cigarette is better

    work – it’s only for poor people

    marriage – too much like hard work

    eating – employ a food taster

    politics – being paid not to achieve anything. perfect job

    fashion – wear the same style and colour. less decisions is good noynoying

    hair – less hair, less work

    relaxation – the pursuit of perfection

    “a lazy person condemns himself to second hand thoughts and second rate friends”
    cyril connolly


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