TWO WEEKS AGO, Chief Justice Renato Corona dared President Aquino to make public his alleged psychological records. Malacañang has denied the existence of such document saying it’s just a rehash of.the ‘mental state’ issue that first surfaced during the 2010 presidential campaign. I did my own research but found nothing except for this recent slam book entry purportedly written by President Aquino himself. Enjoy!

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.”
~Dale Carnegie

Have a great week ahead!

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58 thoughts on “SLAM BOOK”

    1. echos! ako na ang mag-explain…kung gaano daw kalaki ang paa mo, ‘yan din daw ang laki ng hotdog mo…pero ndi yan totoo…marami na kasi akong na-encounter na maliit ang mga paa pero ang nots…. 😀 super duper sa laki.

      Pero kay Pnoy naniniwala ako na “gifted” ang ating gifted child na pangulo dahil karamihan sa mga NDI gwapo at mukhang abnoy ay malaki talaga ang hinaharap!


  1. extract below from a UK newspaper this week, (guardian), with a suggested Soulmates page/ad for p-noy!
    not as funny as ph. english humour like french wine doesnt always travel well, but an international perspective!

    “Name: Benigno_Aquino_III
    Motto: Elect me into your heart
    Age: 52
    Country: Manila, the Philippines
    Height: 5ft 10ins (Definitely not 5ft
    6ins )
    Hair: n/a
    Eyes: Brown
    Body type: Slim – ish
    Relationship status: Single
    Relationship sought: A fling; Let’s see
    what happens; Long-term
    relationship; Dynastic union

    About me
    ‘What are you supposed to write in
    these things? It’s a humid Saturday
    night in Manila. I should be out at a
    party like all the other single guys,
    but instead I’m stuck here in the
    Bahay Pangarap with a pile of draft
    amendments to the tax reform bill,
    which I’m avoiding by playing on the
    internet. Maybe you’re reading this
    and doing the same thing?’

    My sense of humour is: Neglected
    At a party you’d call me: Sir
    For me the happy life is: Not being
    I describe my life: As crazy
    My ideal place to live would be:
    With a family, in the Malacañang
    Education: Undergraduate degree
    My occupation: Head of state
    I want to spend my retirement:
    in love”


  2. captain titanic – iceberg ahead!

    “This is the captain of your ship
    Your heart speaking
    We’ve run into a little storm
    The boat’s leaking
    And if you haven’t guessed
    This is an SOS
    If you still love me answer yes – ”

    renata and the delrons.

    p-noy’s credibility going down faster than you can lose 110,00$ in the casino


      1. i also wish totoy that you could have gone specific, now, what
        is your problem, you don’t know the meaning of my post? or
        why did i post that quote ‘you are nothing………………….copy cat’

        teka lang muna ha, google pa ako sa non sequitor


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