20 02 2012

COMPLETE THESE impeachment trial-inspired proverbs, idioms, and sayings:

1: Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and…
A: … he will live for a week.
B: … he will say thank you.
C: … he will win an impeachment trial.

2: For the prosecution: Necessity is the mother of…
A: … the small lady.
B: … God.
C: … nature.

3: For the defense: Necessity is the mother of…
A: … spokesperson
B: … objection.
C: … justice.

4: For the prosecution: Kapag may tiyaga…
A: … may mapapahiya
B: … may subpoena
C: … may press con

5: Justice delayed is…
A: … Justice Cuevas.
B: … Justice League.
C: … Justice Department.

6: Ang taong nagigipit…
A: … nagdadasal
B: … gastador
C: … kay Senator Drilon kumakapit

7: Kapag may itinanim…
A: … may magsasaka.
B: … may bukirin.
C: … may iwi-withdraw sa mismong araw na-impeach.

8: The proof of the pudding…
A: … is in the SALN.
B: … is in the cooking.
C: … is unclear.

9: An ounce of prevention…
A: … is a defense strategy.
B: … is worth nothing.
C: … is good for the health.

10: If anything can go wrong…
A: … why not?
B: … it’s the doing of the head of the prosecution.
C: … what for?

11: Magpakahaba-haba man ang prusisyon…
A: … prusisyon pa rin.
B: … mapapagod ang birhen.
C: … mauuwi pa rin sa conviction.

12. A little learning is…
A: … dangerous for Senator-judge Lapid.
B: … bliss.
C: … ignorance.

13. It’s better late than...
A. … later.
B. … no evidence at all.
C. … forever.

14: Hell hath no fury like…
A: … hell itself.
B: … a hypertensive female senator-judge.
C: … a talent manager.

15: Magbiro ka na sa lasing…
A: … ‘wag lang sa bading.
B: … ‘wag lang corny.
C: … ‘wag lang kay Bong Revilla

16: Ang lumalakad nang matulin…
A: … poorly crafted ang impeachment complaint
B: … snatcher
C: … naje-jebs..

17: Aanhin mo pa ang palasyo kung ang nakatira ay _______,
Mabuti pa ang bahay kubo, nakatira ay tao.

A: … kalbo.
B: … single.
C: … isip-bata.

18: To media men: You are what you…
A: … meet.
B: … re-tweet.
C: … interview.

19: Kung hindi madaan sa santong dasalan…
A: … ipagpamisa na lang.
B: … tirahin sa speeches at mga panayam.
C: … deadmahin.

20. To err is human, to forgive is…
A: … bovine.
B: … to forget.
C: … so not in President Aquino’s vocabulary.
“Somewhere in the world there is an epigram for every dilemma.”
~Hendrik Willem van Loon

Pampanga 3rd District Rep. Aurelio “Dong” Gonzales Jr. has filed House Resolution No. 2140 to appeal to the local TV and movie industry to “minimize, prevent, or stop” depicting congressmen as “villains or crooks” in movies and telenovelas. Simply put, Gonzales is teling movie and TV producers to lie.

A House resolution was recently filed to appeal to the local television and movie industry to stop typecasting congressmen as crooks or villains. The resolution was filed by Paquito Diaz Aurelio Gonzales Jr.

Cong. Aurelio “Dong” Gonzales Jr. is appealing to the local TV and movie industry to stop depicting congressmen as crooks. In a related news, a congregation of crocodiles is appealing to the local TV and movie industry to stop depicting them as congressmen.

Quote of the Day
“My father and mother say the same thing–they would not have achieved what they had achieved if they didn’t find each other. Of course, that’s also what I’m aiming for.”
~President Noynoy Aquino on love and relationship

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1C 2A 3B 4B 5A 6C 7C 8A 9A 10B 11C
12A 13B 14B 15C 16A 17ABC 18B 19B 20C




22 responses

21 02 2012

libertas, please tell me pray, is corona’s millions meant to be
in the government coffers if it did not land in corona’s bank

itagalog ko lang din at baka hindi maintindihan ang pagkasabi
ko sa english, ang mga pera ba na nasa accounts ni corona ay
dapat sa gobierno sana?

kahit sino may join the discussion please


21 02 2012

depende senior, kung galing yun sa UN, should be yes. kung galing yun sa pal, no, dapat para yun sa palea.


22 02 2012

sa palagay ko kasi onat, parang wala namang nakurakot na pera si corona galing sa gobierno, malamang galing yun sa mga private citizens kaugnay sa kanyang pagiging cj, at tsaka mayaman naman daw sila

yang saln naman, from the president down to the lowest in rank in
government service, siguradong silang lahat hindi nagdedeclare ng tamang saln


21 02 2012

re: quote of the day

bakit, ano pa kaya ang gusto nya ma achieve?


21 02 2012

‘teach a man to fish…win impeachment trial’ – like.

umali – “In the law there are no small cases, only
small lawyers.” ( and now small ladies)

tupas – “up the creek without a paddle”

prosecution – “if you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail”

lapid – “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” –
— Mark Twain


21 02 2012

hahaha, tinamaan kasi mga corrupt na congressmen…


21 02 2012

lets wait and see what the defense have to say.
not filling out the SALN correctly – yes, but hardly a hanging offence in itself.
the millions – actually is not so much when a piece of family land accounts for 34 million and he did work in corporate world for 20+ years.


21 02 2012

Pnoy, Lacierda and Roxas found each other, thus, their achievements so far…what is he still looking for? hehehe 😀


21 02 2012

in the web of deceit – one obvious question not asked

which other PEP (politically exposed people) accounts did the BSP/AMLA audit look at? and was a similar audit done at other major banks!

if any of them were – arroyo family/ other SC judges, maybe even VP Binay, then game over for prosecution, and aquino.

BSP audit ends 6 dec 2010
grace dela cruz – PSB compliance officer – leaves bank 15 dec 2010, and 2 months later moves to canada. just thinking.


21 02 2012

Rep. Aurelio “Dong” Gonzales Jr. has filed House Resolution No. 2140 to appeal to the local TV and movie industry to “minimize, prevent, or stop” depicting congressmen as “villains or crooks” in movies and telenovelas.- solution is so simple, he should just teach his colleagues what the ‘honorable’ word means. it also means no to tongpats, quota, s.o.p., and the three g’s – guns, goons and gold. if our honorables can let go of these, then no house resolution is needed, they will just be depicted as who they are… in the meantime, croc lolong is crying unfair for sometimes comparing him with our so called honorables.


21 02 2012

17/20…..sayang hnd ko naperfect..


21 02 2012

inter-parliamentary courtesy – “you scratch my back, and i’ll scratch yours”


21 02 2012

gonzales – i despair. does the bill/resolution allow congressmen to be portrayed as complete idiots


21 02 2012

senior60, this is a humor site sir, lets leave the serious discussions somewhere else. Nakaka sira ng mood..:D


22 02 2012

muna anonymous, itong site ni mister heckler na ang
ginagawa kong second home kaya hindi na ako pupunta
somewhere else…

alam kong humor site ito pero hindi naman siguro advisable
na tawa na lang tayo ng tawa or else kabag ang aabutan
natin, at tsaka para hindi masira mood mo, pag makita mo
na ako, jump ka na lang to the next post, ok?


23 02 2012
senior60's grandson


dami naman serious commenters bkit si lolo lang napansin mo?


24 02 2012

taaaaaama ka grandson…

pero ha pwede makiusap, pwede tatay na lang kaya
itawag mo sa akin dahil biglang sumakit mga kasukasuan
ko sa lolo hehe


21 02 2012

final one/two for dog loving p-noy

“Dictators ride to and fro on tigers from which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry.” – Winston Churchill

“leopards don’t change their spots”


21 02 2012
amateur heckler

this ignorant congressman should be told that respect is earned, not demanded. what’s next? would you want to legislate that congressmen, like you, be portrayed as brilliant? i am aghast by this congressman’s gall.


22 02 2012

‘ hell hath no fury like..
..a girlfriend with presidential influence

“grace lee gets ultra sexy angelicopter axed from radio show”. Mmmm. shape of things to come. the girl is trouble.


22 02 2012

“people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones”

i understand some senators have PAL cards for free flights. maybe they didnt want this to come out.mmm. enrile, how about you?!

how many govt officials have PAL cards. explains the commuting of wives to LA and vegas.


22 02 2012

” there’s none so blind as cannot see”
abs-cbn, pinky webb
why avoid the obvious questions – try investigative journalism

how many govt officials/senators/congressmen have pal platinum card.

1000 + – check it out


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