OF COURSE, you’ve heard about NBA’s newest darling: Jeremy Lin. The Taiwanese-American point guard from the New York Knicks rose from obscurity to overnight legend. Sounds like Noynoy Aquino to me.

Jeremy Lin is a Harvard graduate with a degree in economics. I bet you didn’t know that. President Aquino is also an economics graduate. I bet you didn’t know that too.

New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin is inspiring so many people. He spreads positivity. President Aquino also inspired so many people. He’s now spreading negativity.

Jeremy Lin has an inspiring tale. He started with virtually nothing. Now, he seems to have everything. He kinda reminds me of the prosecution panel.

China is now claiming Jeremy Lin is one of their own… which isn’t suprising at all considering that China owns the world.

Aquino vs. Corona
President Aquino was at La Consolacion College in Manila last week. He presented evidence against Chief Justice Renato Corona.

The President was totally surprised to see students in the audience. His prepared speech was meant for senator-judges.

According to President Aquino, if Chief Justice Corona would be acquitted, it would be “extremely difficult, if not impossible” to sustain his fight against corruption. Isn’t it too early to make palusot?

Attacking the Chief Justice, the President said, “Lilinawin ko lang po: Walang personalan dito.” And La Consolacion students were like, “Wehhh?”

In response to the President’s latest tirade, Chief Justice Renato Corona challenged him to make public not only his financial but also his psychological records. To which the President replied, “Shut up Manny Villar!”

To those who failed to catch the President’s attack speech last Thursday, here’s the transcript.

What the president said
(What he wanted to say)

Ikalabing-anim po ng Enero nang magsimula ang paglilitis kay Ginoong Corona sa Senado. Pinili ko pong magmasid at manahimik muna ukol sa isyung ito, at buo pa rin po ang tiwala ko sa proseso.
(Paniwalang-paniwala ako kina Junjun Tupas na handang-handa sila sa mga ebidensya kaya quiet lang ako sa umpisa.)

Ngunit ano po ba ang nangyayari sa ngayon?
(Sobra na ang ginagawang panlalait sa prosekusyon. Nagre-reflect sa akin eh.)

Magpapa-etsa-puwera na lang po ba si Juan at Juana de la Cruz sa prosesong ito? Hahayaan na lang po ba natin na iilan ang magdesisyon para sa atin pong lahat?
(13-10?! Putik. Hindi ko matatanggap ang ganyang botohan!)

Iyan naman po ang sadya ko sa araw na ito: Liwanagin ang dapat liwanagin, at ituwid ang isyung pilit dinidiskaril ng ilan.
(Hoy Ellen Tordesillas! Mali ang sinulat mo tungkol kay Grace Lee! Anong kasal-kasal ang pinagsasasabi mo d’yan?! Umayos ka!)

Simple lang naman po ang tanong na nais sagutin ng paglilitis na ito: Dapat pa ba tayong magtiwala kay Ginoong Corona?
(Kailangan pa bang imemorize ‘yan?)

Alam naman namin kung bakit ka isiniksik ni Ginang Arroyo sa Korte Suprema: iyan po ay para pagtakpan ang katiwalian niya. ‘Di ba nagsimula lang naman ang lahat ng ito, nang muntik ka nang magtagumpay na patakasin si Ginang Arroyo?
(Grabe, hindi pa talaga ako maka-move on. This issue was so last year. Wala lang. Gusto ko lang ulit-ulitin.)

Tingnan na nga lang po natin ang Defense at Prosecution: maraming batikos ang inabot ng ating prosecution panel.
(Tatanga-tanga kasi. Kung alam ko lang na badly crafted ang Articles of Impeachment, sana ipinaayos ko muna. Excited kasi sa pork barrel ang mga hinayupak na ito!)

Lilinawin ko lang po: Walang personalan dito.
( ‘Di ko mapapalampas ang pang-aagaw nila sa aming hacienda. Pagbabayaran mo ito Renato Corona!)

Ang katarungan ay sinasagisag ng isang babaeng nakapiring at may hawak na timbangan. Bulag ang hustisya upang hindi masilaw ng kapangyarihan; patas ang timbangan dahil pantay ang hustisya para sa lahat.
(Of course, there is an exception to every rule. Cases in point: Ping Lacson, Rico Puno, and Ronald Llamas.)

Huwag na po sana nating hintayin na tayo mismo ang maagrabyado.
(Kung may hacienda kayo, I’m sure, lalo kayong makaka-relate.)

Manindigan na po tayo ngayon.
(Makiisa sa Black and White Movement. Abangan ang anunsyu ng gagawing pagkilos laban kay Corona. Thank you.)

Small Lady
Cong. Rey Umali is standing by his story about the “small lady” who allegedly gave him Corona’s bank records on February 2 even as prosecution panel member and Quezon City Rep. Jorge ‘Bolet’ Banal admitted he was in possession of the same bank documents as early as January 30. If Banal was the ‘small lady’ being referred to in the Umali story, he’s got a lot of explaining to do… to his wife.

Liberal Party stalwart and senator-judge Franklin Drilon believes Chief Justice Renato Corona has unexplained wealth. An offended Corona retaliated and accused Drilon of having ‘unexplained health.’

150 Years
Scientists are using technologies that could allow the next generation to live up to 150 years. It was the same technology reportedly used on Senator Enrile and Justice Cuevas.
“Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.”
~Coretta Scott King

Quotes of the Day
“Sabi niya, in due time ilalabas niya ang mga dokumento. Mawalang-galang na po, Ginoong Corona, marami pang naunang taon na nagpasa kayo ng SALN na puno ng katanungan. Kailan po ba ang due time? Mukha po yatang overdue ka na.”
~President Aquino

“Ganito po bang hustisya at fair play ang tinuturo ninyo sa kabataan? Huwag po natin ilayo ang usapin sa proseso ng Impeachment Court at idaan sa media ang paghusga sa akin. Pabayaan po nating umusad ang kaso nang ayon sa batas at sa proseso nito.”
~Chief Justice Renato Corona

Have a safe weekend!

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27 thoughts on “LINSPIRING”

  1. p-noy –
    ‘marriage – dont make me laugh. i only laugh at my own bad jokes – and expect my sycophants to laugh also. hehe

    the korean chick is just proof of my masculinity, appeal to women and confirmation of my amazing intellect and iconic status from a hot babe. take that shalani.

    and no, BIR is not investigating their multiple import businesses – as long as she does as she is told!

    must go – grace on the phone wanting to consult the ‘encyclopedia’
    take that professor arroyo’


  2. di nga naman fair makipaglaban si Pnoy. Trial by publicity ang nais niya.

    Ano ba nais nia (pnoy), na magkaroon nanaman ng People Power?

    Baka mas trip nia na sya na humatol at magbigay ng verdict?

    If guilty talaga si corona, hayaan niya ang proseso at hayaan niya ang mga naging kasamahan nia noon sa senado ang magbigay ng hatol.


  3. “Who is that obnoxious man behind Pres Aquino, smoking and picking on his teeth while the president is delivering
    speech? Ah… The mayor.”
    gracelee899 (twitter – referring to mayor of cdo – mid dec)

    who is the bald bespectacled yellow toothed smoker with the weird grin , ah…the president.


  4. He wants to win against Corona? Then he should volunteer to be in the witness stand! Or be in the prosecutors’ panel! It’s his case after all. It’s the hacienda Luisita! It’s never been about the country.

    Sinali pa ang ibang mga congressmen, ‘yan tuloy napagkantiyawan at kakantiyawan pa ng mga law professors and students ang mga likes nina Tupas, et. al, including those senator-judges acting as prosecutors.

    Only in the Philippines where the job of the prosecutors were done by the judges in the court. Nagmukha tuloy na defense vs. senator-judges ang laban.


  5. First — Corona, as a man of law, knows that he should not have accepted the post as a midnight appointee. That alone, was enough for him to resign.

    Second — we all believe and respect the Supreme Court. But with things going around now, where even the Chief Justice is surrounded with questions of his integrity and honesty — how can we look up to them? Seeing too that most of them are guided by the padrino system (their utang na luob sa GMA who appointed them, paano naman tayo titiwala sa kanila.

    We elected Pres. Aquino for his campaign for “tuwid na daan” and to punish the corrupt officials – now that he is doing it, so many of you are condemning him, where are your principles. We can see the obstacles left and right. Iyung mga smart, intelligent lawyers — umiiral sa kanila kung paano mag palusot, to lie; to ituwid ang kasinungalingan — mas mahalaga ba sa inyu ang to be famous and money and end up twisting the law — self interest kaya? They should be the first ones to advise their client, TAMA na, Resign ka na to save whatever is left and at the same time, spare the country of expenses and leave something to believe in, by so doing, ang mamamayan.

    Pres. Aquino is not on trial here — it is R.C. Corona — Pres. Aquino is criticized for speaking up — he wants to weed out corrupt officials and carry on his mission. Corona on the other hand, for others, okay lang to accuse the President of Dictatorship; Vendetta, Inquisition, Self-interest on Hacienda Luisita. How about you Mr. Corona — will not longer call you Honorable — you do not deserve this title any more. Ilabas mo ang dollar deposits mo. Please be honest and fair in the end — for whatever honor is left with you.

    Atty. Cuevas– tama na ang galing mo sa Objections!

    Yes, I am angry because I was disappointed with our officials, especially, the supposedly highest person who knows the Law and Justice, who let me down.

    Tess Alarcon


  6. God, this guy just won’t shut up.

    If all of the time he spends on spreading negativity is rather spent on something productive. There’s a reason why there’s a trial. Let’s leave it to the senator-judges and not get too involved in it.

    The deal is, pick any government official and in one way or another, they have some skeletons in the closet. There’s obviously a reason why Corona is being targeted right now.

    And the fact that he is instigating people to do another EDSA is just sickening.


    1. I hope that Tess Alarcon reads what you said here.

      There is a reason why legal means were instituted in our country. It is correct to say that Corona is the one on trial. By all means, let the legal system take care of that. The President has a lot to mind and he doesn’t need to resort to mudslinging every chance he gets. For instance, his inability to decide whether to support or not the RH Bill pending forever in congress only magnifies the truth that he is trying to save his @$$ by throwing mud at his “opponents,” effectively distracting his supporters and in the process fueling their ire, and earning their sympathy, even. That’s what he does best, anyway.

      But since Ms. Alarcon is too decided to point out the President’s tuwid na daan “campaign” (although if you ask me, that’s always been lip service), why hasn’t he done anything to his own erring wards? Because their misdemeanors don’t cost millions? Since when have justice and fairness come with price, anyway?

      And if you ask many, Pnoy doesn’t have moral authority over anybody. That ended when he decided to ally with Joseph Estrada who isn’t any different from GMA and Corona.


  7. “Day after day
    Alone on a hill
    The man with the foolish grin
    Is keeping perfectly still
    But nobody wants to know him
    They can see that he’s just a fool
    And he never gives an answer
    the fool on the hill”

    fool on the hill – the beatles

    now Mad-Noy takes the magical mystery tour on the road – inciting, interfering, insulting.
    How presidential! and obsessive.
    call a psychiatrist.


  8. gloria arroyo appointed corona as chief justice before her term ended and was deemed as midnight appointment by some. virgilio ‘hello garci’ garcillano was appointed as comelec commissioner just three months before the infamous 2004 election. both appointees covered her @$$ when the flies hummed around her smelly excrete. quite a good ‘advance planning’ talent gloria has, if only she used it the way it should be as president.


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