PRESIDENT AQUINO has confirmed reports he recently dated TV host and radio jock Grace Lee. For the record, the President and Ms Lee have so far dated two or three times. Or as Niel Tupas and the prosecution team would probably say 45 times.

President Aquino admits he and Korean Grace Lee are seeing each other. The President believes that Grace is his Seoul mate.

Confirmed! TV and radio host Grace Lee, 29 is officially dating President Noynoy Aquino, 52. Again, dating. Not carbon dating.

Grace Lee was quoted to have said that President Aquino was “brilliant, if not the most intelligent man I’ve met in my life.” Apparently, she had met only a few.

From 45 to 24
Despite television footage showing otherwise, lead prosecutor Niel Tupas denied that the prosecution presented to the media documents that would prove Chief Justice Corona owned 45 properties. Tupas said they could only present evidence for 21 to 24. And this just in: Tupas has denied saying that “like Judas Iscariot,” Mr Corona “betrayed God for a few pieces of gold.” He clarified that it’s for a few pieces of rubies only.

From 45 properties, Niel Tupas is now saying Corona owns only 21 to 24 pala. Talk about misdeclaration.

Observers who have been monitoring the Corona impeachment trial say his conviction is sort of a ‘mission impossible’ for the prosecution. And Niel Tupas is the tape that self-destructs every 5 seconds.

First Time
For the first time since the impeachment trial started, Sen. Lito Lapid asked a prosecutor one clarificatory question last Wednesday. That’s a rare spectacle: Lito Lapid and a prosecutor. On the one hand, you have a stupid guy who takes the floor and gets ridiculed, and on the other hand, you have Lito Lapid.

Manila Bulletin
Last February 2, the Manila Bulletin celebrated its founding anniversary. The daily is now 112 years old – making it the next possible candidate for presiding officer in the impeachment trial.

The marriage of James Yap and Kris Aquino has finally been annulled. Congratulations… James Yap!

Kris Aquino has officially announced that she’s single again. Of course, this is the best time to announce it. She can’t just let Grace Lee have all the attention.

Kris Aquino’s lawyers say the ex-couple’s marital problems were rooted in “personality disorders.” James doesn’t have personality; Kris has disorders.

Facebook Timeline
In less than a week, Facebook Timeline will be mandatory for all users. Timeline will show off posts that people might have wanted to forget. Last night, Niel Tupas and Miro Quimbo decided to delete their Facebook posts claiming Corona owned 45 properties.

Facebook Timeline will now be mandatory. Justice Serafin Cuevas is excited to display his posts from as far back as the 18th Century.
“Lust fades, so you’d better be with someone who can stand you.”
~ The Story of Us

Quote of the Day
“Apparently, the trial outside the courtroom is proceeding faster than the trial inside the court.”
~Senator-Judge Gregorio Honasan

More PickUp Lines
Si Senator Enrile ka ba? | BAKIT? | Kasi… you’re the JUAN! Boom!”

Si Vice President Jejomar Binay ka ba? | BAKIT? | Kasi, gusto kong maging liwanag sa iyong dilim! | Boom!

Si BIR Commissioner Kim Henares ka ba? | BAKIT | Kasi, handa kong IBUWIS ang buhay ko para sa ‘yo! | Boom!

Happy February! Spread the love!

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41 thoughts on “SAY GRACE”

  1. the prosecution team for the nth time looked like a blushing grade one pupil scolded by the teacher for not doing his assignment. or a boy who cried wolf when in fact it’s only a kitten he saw. doing a ‘wolf’ am afraid, will put their credibility and capability in question. as if nobody’s questioning it yet.

    grace lee is very candid about her ‘relationship’ with pnoy which other previous girls linked to him have not done. i smell something kimchi…


    1. no kimchee – no touchee, no feelee
      no money – no honey

      Grace lee – endorser of vicki belo products/services in korea – ( are those puppies real?!) – is now endorsing p-noy – “brilliant, ..witty, ..most intelligent man i have ever met,.. an inspiration for his love of the country” – (was she thinking of PH at the time!)

      Is this love, or the start of a PR campaign. Mmmm


  2. P-noy -“We’re seeing each other”
    Grace – “We’re not rushing into a relationship”

    Translation – p-noy’s 9mm Glock stays in his holster, whilst Grace’s twin 44 Magnums will stay in her ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’ (bra)

    “God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time.” – Robin Williams


  3. tumigil ka pnoy! anong grace lee ka lang dyan. kaya pala wlang tigil ang taas presyo dyan sa pinas at katakot-takot ang sakuna dyan sa mahal kong pinas dhil galit ang mga diwata sa mga mga kabalbalan na love affair na iyan kuno.

    alam nman ng lahat na nag-iisa lang ang may-ari sa puso mo, si M. R. anong Marian Rivera? echosera!!


  4. A puppy love story

    When p-noy first saw grace lee he thought she had a pair of playful puppies hidden in her sweater.

    Next day lapdog ochoa was having a hair of the dog (hangover cure).
    ‘get on the dog and bone (phone). Tell her the top dog wants to take her out for a hot dog’

    P-noy thought ‘From lazy dog to lucky dog. Must be worth 10 popularity points’

    Grace thought ‘ can i teach an old dog new tricks, or will this end up as a dogs breakfast’ (mess). I am nobodys dogsbody (servant)’

    P-noy was like a dog with a bone(r), but the meal ended with a doggy bag (takeout) and no doggy style (!#*)

    Dog fight (argument) in the senate. The country going to the dogs ( in decline), but p-noy howled at the moon as he smoked his dog end (cigarette) and went to bed dog tired, and dreamt of the cat fight between grace and kris. At least they have things in common. Yap,yap, yap ( talk a lot!)

    ‘Beware of the dog’ – but beware even more of the person who eats dog.

    Must go
    Got to see a man about a dog ( go to CR)


    1. Aquino – yap marriage dissolved due to “lack of authority of solemnising officer” !!

      Mental health reasons would not be good for campaigning in 2013.

      Money can turn a lie into a ‘truth’. A family trait.

      Where have all the values gone. Dead and buried every one.

      next no doubt PR via interview with her manager boy abunda on her contract channel abs-cbn. no integrity, just careful spin. how incestuous and how boring.


      1. i will have to disagree with you libertas, that lying
        is a family trait of the aquinos, on the contrary, kris
        for example is very honest, to a fault…

        let us not write just for the sake of writing, sometimes
        you just type anything that comes into your mind without
        even thinking, lagi kang nagpakitang-gilas eh, huwag


    1. and the impeachment vote. good diversion.
      bet grace lee never thought she would grow a beard!
      i actually think she may well be a genuine person. i hope p-noy is not repeating the ‘shalani card’ as ‘ the grace lee project’. it would backfire on him bigtime if that is the case.


  5. “Get off your horse, and drink your milk”
    john wayne

    The prosecution – a.k.a.- HMV – (his masters voice) – are over-promising and under-delivering.

    In the gun fight at the OK corral they are also firing blanks, whilst cuevas shoots from the hip, and even lito lapid managed a shot from the lip!

    Sherriff enrile is starting to look as bored as the public, with only the bar girls in the gallery providing a welcome distraction.

    Madame miriam will whip them into shape when she returns from seeing the medicine man.

    Wagons ho!


  6. Trivia

    Ernesto maceda – philstar today – “Grace (who was an interpreter at Malacanang) used to date former Malacanang Chief of Staff Mike Defensor”.

    I guess mike’s wife julie didnt mind!

    Now i know why its called the Liberal party – pass the partner – share the mistress – swop the wife!


  7. @senior60
    sorry for thinking!

    but if the solemnising officer was not authorised, then all the other marriages he conducted are also invalid and all the children illegitimate. really!!

    and kris is open when it suits her, or her sponsors. what about the transfer of hacienda luisita shares from p-noy to her. silence


    1. yes infinite justice, this is a heckle blog in fact, but just
      the same, i think this does not give us the license to throw
      just anything, serious allegations to anybody

      we can heckle as much as we’d want to w/o damaging ones

      me ganuon? hehe justice ka pa naman, chariiiinnngggg


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