THE PROSECUTION PANEL intends to present at least 100 witnesses in the ongoing impeachment trial. Either the prosecutors want Renato Corona out or Serafin Cuevas dead.

Lead prosecutor Niel Tupas Jr says they will present at least 100 witnesses to prove their case against Chief Justice Renato Corona. Senator Enrile looks forward to celebrating his centennial year in the Senate.

Btw, Senator Enrile is now using Facebook Timeline. You may now view his personal photos taken during the Renaissance.

The prosecution team intends to call at least eight journalists including veterans Raissa Robles and Maritess Vitug to the witness stand. That’s not surprising though. Fact is, these journalists would have drafted a much stronger case against the Chief Justice than the House of Representatives.

The defense team says witnesses are expected to have personal knowledge of what he or she will testify on. Unlike those 188 lawmakers who had no personal knowledge of what they signed up for.

The prosecution team has 100 witnesses for the Corona impeachment trial. Is this Plan B already?

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago will definitely attend Monday’s impeachment trial. Doctors have given her a clean bill of health. She just had a checkup the other day. She was diagnosed with idiophobia.

Prosecutors are so prepared for Day 8 of the impeachment trial. They’re ready for the defense panel’s objections; for Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s clarificatory questions, and for Rudy Fariñas’ tantrums.

Fish Stock
During the inter-government review on the global protection program of the marine environment, Vice President Jejomar Binay reported a 32 percent decline in global fish stock. That’s really bad news for the prosecution team’s ongoing fishing expedition.

RIP: Ignacio Arroyo
Congressman Ignacio Arroyo is dead. There’s no truth to rumors that it was Atty. Mike Arroyo who died and that Iggy was just covering up for him again.

Where is Llamas?
Malacañang says controversial political adviser Ronald Llamas is under investigation. At press time, Llamas is still mum on the issue. He is expected to release a statement as soon as he’s done with his weekend movie marathon.

Senator Lito Lapid’s wife Marissa was arrested in the United States for allegedly smuggling 50 thousand dollars. At first, Mrs. Lapid denied that the money was hers. However, she was forced to admit when airport authorities found ores, gravel, sand, and lahar on the stash.

Reports say President Aquino recently went to dinner with radio/TV host Grace Lee.  Some people are calling it a ‘date.’ Sumama lang sa dinner,  may ‘romance angle’ na agad?  ‘Di ba pwedeng napilitan lang?
“You never know how much a man can’t remember until he is called as a witness.”
~Will Rogers

Quote of the Day
“Putting media practitioners as well as sitting Supreme Court Justices as possible witnesses is just simply horribly wrong. Not only does it leave the trial open to a challenge that it was, after all, the institution of the SC itself that is now being tried, it also opens a door that should, at the moment, remain closed.”
~Lawyer Theodore Te

Have a great week ahead!

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36 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED”

  1. “Those who are too smart to engage in politics
    are punished by being governed by those who
    are too dumb to do anything else.”

    Recent ABS-CBN contract ‘star’ lapid opened his mouth and put his foot in it.

    Lito Lapid version 1 -” money for her heart operation”
    Marissa Lapid – “money for our house in las vegas”
    Lito Lapid version 2 – ” money for back prolem like arroyo’s”

    Dumb, dumber, or the dumbest.

    DFA – “we are helping mrs lapid” – (translation – thats 2 votes you owe us lito – 3 votes if we stop any tax investigation. In fact, the govt now owns you.)


  2. After a hards days work – ignoring separation of powers, destroying the SC, and protecting hacienda luisita -, p-noy likes to relax with game boys, his 9mm Glock, and by texting young girls. Mmmm
    Call a psychiatrist!

    When she is not self-promoting, grace lee likes to announce her new website, watch her youtube entries and dream of a contract with ABS-CBN. Play your texts right.
    Call a publicist! – or maybe you did already!


  3. mrs. lapid caught red handed with $50k, she never learned the lesson from gen garcia’s son. she thought she is above the law as senator’s wife or she’s just dumb as the dumb should be. by the way, she is lapid’s wife for nothing.

    iggy is dead, may he rest in peace, but jose pidal’s mess is still alive.


  4. I didn’t expect that watching the impeachment trial (through TFC) could be entertaining. OK, maybe I’m leaning towards the visually pleasing Adel Tamano and A. Cayetano and the sharp outfits of some characters. But who can deny that once Miriam hurl “thunders and lightnings” it surpasses any well scripted teleserye?


  5. RH, FOI bills delisted from
    House priority list – manila times

    Today another death in the house. FoI bill quietly passed away – again.

    As 188 lawmakers celebrated, did farinas think it was suicide as he sipped champagne.

    30 pieces of silver comes in many denominations.


  6. Revilla – ‘100 witnesses! – i have a film to make – lights, camera, ACTION’

    Enrile – being very Liberal

    Trillanes – damage limitation. ‘am man of the people’ speech. Zzzzz

    Santiago ” my doctors advised me to stay home”. Enrile sent his regards – to her doctors

    Giovanni Ng – director of megaworld, or dopey of disneyworld.

    Megaworld – defect condos for sale. Good luck with your share price

    AB class – 1%, avg annual income – 3 million pesos (world stats – philippines)

    Politicians/govt officials/chinese mafia – avg annual income – 20 million pesos?

    Drilon – speaks from experience. 100 million forbes park mansion in the name of his step-daughter! – (PDI). Pot, kettle, black. BIR , anti-graft. No – KKK


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