SUNDAY. As Northern Mindanao reels from one of the worst flooding in decades, people on Twitter curiously asked the whereabouts of President Aquino. And then at around 10PM, actress/TV host Valerie Concepcion tweeted this:

Reacting to the RTd tweet, Usec. Manolo Quezon of the Communications Group said the PSG event happened last December 10. But when told that Valerie’s tweet was fresh, he replied: “confirming.”

Asked if the ‘PNoy’ she tweeted about was ‘PNoy the President,’ Valerie said:

When the President started drawing flak because of her tweet, Valerie posted:
I just want to clarify that I was invited to perform at Malacañang’s Christmas Party for their employees with their husbands/wives and kids. Yes, the president attended the gathering. I do not see anything wrong with that since its his obligation and responsibility being the head of Malacañang to be present and show his support for his hardworking employees and their respective families. But I believe that it doesn’t mean that the president is not thinking of ways to help our kababayan(s) in Mindanao. It doesn’t mean that the president is disregarding the plight of our fellow Filipinos. Let’s not be too quick to judge. But if I, in any way, offended you guys and sounded insensitive, I am very sorry. It wasn’t my intention to do either. I can’t imagine how difficult life is for the people affected in Mindanao and how difficult it is to be the president of the Philippines at this moment. Once again, I am very sorry for all those people I have offended. May God bless us all.

Oh dear, you didn’t have to apologize on behalf of the President. Unless you wanted to be part of his Communications Group. No one was blaming you after all. No harm done Valerie. You did great.

Tabloid Headline: Malacañang wala raw alam sa kudeta vs. Enrile
> Wala rin daw silang alam sa impeachment ni Corona

Tabloid Headline: Ate Guy hindi sinipot ni Erap
> Saan? Sa inuman?

Tabloid Headline: Mag-utol na Tiangco namigay ng bahay
> Ang catch, sa gate ng bahay may malaking sign: ‘Constructed through the initiative of… ‘

Tabloid Headline: Governor ER Ejercito, nagsawa sa kakahalik kay Carla
Tabloid Headline: Governor ER galit kay Mother Lily
Tabloid Headline: Governor ER ipapaubaya sa abogado ang problema kay Direk Tikoy Aguiluz
> Spell PROMO.

Tabloid Headline: P100 milyong suhol ibinuking ni Abalos
> When it comes to bribes, you gotta trust this guy

Tabloid Headline: Apat na miyembro ng pamilya, nalason sa burger
> “Baka pati ‘yan ibintang sa akin!?” – Abalos

Tabloid Headline: Pinoy nakatakdang ibitay sa Saudi
> Ibitay? Parang may mali sa iverb na ‘yon.

Tabloid Headline: Lumuhod na walang belo, bading inaresto
> Eh kung may belo, ‘di siya aarestuhin?

Tabloid Headline: Bangkay ng lalaki, ibinitin sa poste
> Double dead.

Tabloid Headline: Mayor, naglabas ng ari sa eroplano
> Snake on a plane!
“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou

Northern Mindanao Needs Us
How to donate, volunteer for Sendong victims

Have a great week ahead! Stay safe people!

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  1. agree. not her fault.
    did mlq3 write her apology/pr statement!

    M quezon

    “A single lie destroys a whole reputation for
    Baltasar Gracian

    Its certainly party central at the palace.
    Even sec ochoa had to be taken to st lukes on saturday for surgery. (ref philstar)
    The doctor removed a bottle from his gall bladder.
    Cheers. Give the man a drink.


  2. There are two typos of pr people. Those that can lie and those that cant typo.

    Am surprised mlq didnt say that he made a typo with the date.
    Oh wait.. They have already just used that excuse re p-noy trip to cdo.
    Was 27th
    Public disgust and…
    Sorry – typo – 20th

    These guys are not exactly pr gurus.

    Oh well. Only 11 days until xmas. Jiminez. Dot new campaign launch?? Must have been another typo. Maybe he meant 2012, not 2011.

    thoughts and prayers


  3. Todays PR lesson courtesy of m quezon

    Mlq3 tweet this morning reads: “Good morning. Checked and
    indeed there was a PSG party last night: it
    couldn’t be cancelled (unlike annual Cabinet
    Xmas Party scheduled for tonight, which was
    cancelled yesterday afternoon, so funds could
    go to relief). President dropped by for 30
    minutes to be with those who saved his life.”

    Note – “there was a PSG party” – what, and no-one told you, or invited you, and you a member of the comms group. Are you that uninformed or unpopular. Mmmm
    Note – “30 minutes”! Vconc performed for more than that! Mmmm
    Note – sympathy sale – “saved his life” – stop, you are making me cry!
    Note – ‘ donate funds’. Money talks. How generous. How true?
    Note – “couldnt be cancelled” – unlike ASEAN meetings! – even with all those awesome presidential powers

    Pr lessons – when you are in a hole, dont dig yourself in deeper
    – notice your colleagues are keeping out of it and hanging you out to dry – alone
    – get training for a job or you mess up

    “I’ m not upset that you lied to me, I’m
    upset that from now on I can’t believe you”
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    Angst now relieved


  4. Na namannn!!! wag na tayong magexpect na this father of the nation kuno will feel and act like one. Una, never naman siyang naging tatay,at ang tatay din niya ay mukhang absentee father din.Hipocrite, kunyari concerned sa mga mahihirap,but when he is needed he does a houdini.Even if he can delegate,as the usual alibi goes,ang kawalan ng pagdamay sa panahon ng trahedya sa marami nating kababayan nakikita that he is bereft of sensitivity and delicadeza. Spoiled brat!!!


    1. Anoooo? Ang tatay ni P-Noy “mukhang absentee father din”? Saan mo naman napulot and balita na yan? Pwera na lang kung ituturing mong “absentee father” si Ninoy sa loob ng pitong taon at pitong buwan na sya’y pinakulong ni Marcos. Siguro alagad ka ni Marcos, ‘no?


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