TWELVE DAYS BEFORE Christmas, the House of Representatives impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona. Congratulations President Aquino! ‘Gusto ko happy ka!’

Malacañang categorically denied that President Aquino was behind the impeachment of the Chief Justice… mainly because he was at the forefront of the initiative.

Palace spokespersons denied President Aquino had a hand in the impeachment of Corona. He had his ‘whole body’ working on it.

A total of 188 congressmen voted to impeach Chief Justice Renato Corona. Within just minutes, allies of President Aquino have mustered more than enough votes for the ouster move. It was a walk in the pork.

The House of Representatives was able to transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate in less than five hours. And Judge Jesus Mupas was like, “Gaya-gaya!”

House Justice Committee Chair and Iloilo Rep. Niel Tupas says, “The Chief Justice used public funds for his own personal purposes.” Again, a classic case of “Hello kettle. I am pot. You’re so black.”

Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Edcel Lagman said the impeachment complaint was the “mother of all blackmails.” Hey, you sponsored the same practice before. Why rant against it now?

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile says senators will vote on the impeachment case based on evidence presented. Spell cliché.

The House of Representatives voted to impeach Chief Justice Renato Corona. From the Lower House, the complaint was transmitted to the Senate. David Stern tried to block the move but failed.

In 2012, we’ll probably witness the trials of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Chief Justice Renato Corona. What an exciting way to spend our last year on Earth.

Just Saying. If the proposed Freedom of Information Act, and the 13-year-old Reproductive Health Bill were “Renato Corona,” both would have been approved a long time ago. Kung ayaw, may dahilan. Kung may pork, maraming paraan.

Merry Christmas!

Quotes of the Day
“Malacañang is not privy to the discussions of the Liberal Party in the House.”
~Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte

“President Aquino gave the general direction, we followed because we believe this is the right thing.”
~ Cavite Representative Joseph Emilio A. Abaya, a Liberal Party stalwart

“This is very important, grave and historic.”
~House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte
“The genius of impeachment lay in the fact that it could punish the man without punishing the office.”
~ Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

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74 thoughts on “THY WILL BE DONE”

  1. PH,

    Totally agree with your insights. The humor in your writing is not something to laugh about, nakaka-awa tayo.

    Kung naging mabuting President si GMA, eh di sana hindi ngayayari ito. Yung actions ni PNoy gawain din ni GMA dati, providing pork to get things done or not get things done depende sa situation.

    PNoy, mag-trabaho ka aside from persecuting GMA, baka pag-hindi friendly sa iyo next President natin, you might find yourself in Veteran’s pag-bumaba ka sa pwesto.

    PH, keep it up, you provide the real situation in our country.


  2. Todays lesson in history

    Solon (594 BC) is credited as the father of democracy in athens, greece, until it fell to be replaced by the tyranny of Peisistratus.
    When Pericles re-instated democracy it subsequently fell to the power of the oligarchs – the Peloponnesian war.

    EDSA (in alpha test) isnt mentioned but am sure it figured somewhere.

    2,500 years of advancement and today we have…..


  3. “Malacañang categorically denied that President Aquino was behind the impeachment of the Chief Justice… mainly because he was at the FOREFRONT of the initiative.”

    Oo nga naman. But it’s about time. One more hurdle to go, senators, do your job!!!!

    Oo nga pala, when Erap was impeached, it was the SC Chief Justice who presided the impeachment proceedings at the Senate.

    Now that the SC Chief Justice is impeached by the House, who is going to preside the impeachment proceedings at the Senate? PNoy ba?

    Just wondering,…. asking…



    Midas Marquez is on the defensive. He tied the impeachment of Corona as an attack on the SC itself, which is not true considering the exasperation of the Filipino people in what is being afforded towards CGMA. Only in the Philippines would an official cling to his post this hard…. if this only happened in Japan or elsewhere, said official would have resigned voluntarily and then defend his name….


  5. bagong punching bag si corona….whos next??? ppol r distracted from more important issues such as d tumbling economy.pnoy is like that roman emperor in the movie gladiator,he creates (political)spectacle & (constitutional) violence to entertain every1 & divert attention fr his poor performance.a pity pinoys are willing(victims) to engage.


  6. ayos lang yan, magkaubusan sila, kahit saka na Pilipinas, sana lang pag natapos na to meron sana talagang naparusahan, hindi yung parang nagbakasyon lang…

    sana po sir pnoy ung hacienda luisita issue ayusin nyo rin po, baka yan pa ang gawing butas ng mga gustong gumanti, sobrang bilis kasi nung kay corona tapos ung luisita parang di pa yata naiimplement…

    what goes around comes around…


  7. I have a big job – toilet cleaner at the elephant house in the zoo – and it stinks, but much as i love dumb animals even i couldnt begin to clean up the sh#t on the floor of congress.
    toilet cleaners – sanitary engineers in makati – have their standards and principles.


  8. Beyond the satire, it is depressing and anxiety provoking when you look at where we are headed….a country led by a president without a vision,whose mission is to persecute GMA,and neglecting to attend to more vital issues confronting the people.Like his mother,he will again waste the goodwill of the people to steer the government to meaningful reforms.He is great with doublespeak and propaganda and truly is no different than the one he hates so much.Ang mga ibinabato niya ganoon din siya…wait and see (example, travels). Haaay kawawang bayan ko!


  9. In the interests of full disclosure the above mentioned survey was conducted after copious wine & brandy and it is just possible that when they said yes they thought they were being asked if they wanted another drink. The other 20% – dont know – was due to alex being unfairly distracted by the waitress at the time and not only in a questionable state of undress but also not of sound mind.( she was stunning) A rerun will be held next week.

    Surveys are a political weapon.


    1. libertas, you certainly is having the time of your life, good life,
      one time you went yachting, next you are in a night club
      enjoying the night with stunning girls..

      i am not just sure if i am comprehending rightly your writings,
      but if i am, this i would like to tell you, that you know, here in
      the internet we can say anything we want to say, that maybe
      next time you will tell us that you just came straight from jupiter,
      how will we know that you are telling the truth..

      anyway, you are already of age, you know where liars go…


  10. with corona’s voting record as an SC justice, then tell me he’s not worthy to be impeached. he had it coming the moment he accepted GMA’s midnight appointment.

    you might also want to check the dbm website. lahat ng pork barrel ni Edcel Lagman ay lumabas na.;type=congress&fund_typePDAF&region=allamp;province=all&district=all&legislator=Lagman%2C+Edcel+C.&type=congress&legislator_typecongress&period=2011&reportmode=congress2



    Just read this news right now. Corona is in a fighting mood as most of those connected with the judiciary. They keep yapping that we PNoy is becoming authoritarian, but what of the SC? It’s becoming Arroyo’s backers and protector from way, way back since Corona sat in his chair as SC C/Justice. PNoy is only harping on the fact that if the untouchables cannot be touched, then where would the Philippines be in the eyes of the ordinary citizens of this country who have to endure the sting of the law of the land.

    Now, that Arroyo is “arrested,” it’s only natural that it follows the natural course of the justice system and not have an SC changing its own ruling or interpretation it wants to because of subservience to Arroyo who appointed most of them.

    It really hurts Filipinos when they fight it out at high level like that. If that were in other countries with high regard for nationalism and nationhood, then said official might have committed harakiri or resigned from office to save the institution he represents from great embarrassment and great harm.

    We all know what happened to the institutions, they reek of corruption to the highest level from the military down to the secretaries and they have even not spared the SC with these midnight appointments. This is where lies the problem, those midnight appointments which is benefiting Arroyo now that she is out of power.


    1. OMG. That’s an insult to the high court. What really hurts is that we Filipinos accept the so-called “facts”. Why don’t we begin to ask questions? Read SC decisions and find it out yourself. CJ voted in favor of GMA Admin’s cases for only 8 times, and 28 times against it. And what of Carpio? He voted in favor of 19 cases and against 11 cases of GMA’s admin. C’mon, the information’s all there. READ. Don’t eat what they feed. Poor Filipinos.


  12. What the nation is doing is calling for blood in the GMA “situation.” What they don’t realize is that in the process, they are only creating another monster. One who is more dangerous than the former. It’s already starting to show. I sure hope that the people do not forget how this all started. Oh well, I guess it’s true when they say that Pinoys have such short memory and with only a flair for the dramatics. Tuwang-tuwa yung iba kasi parang nanunod lang ng pelikula kahit ang ending lahat tayo apektado…


    1. i agree.
      and the monster brat/bully
      is now rearing its (very) ugly head! ugh!

      ang mga pinoy talaga kasi
      ‘di mawala ang telenovela mentality.
      they always see things in black and white…
      at bentang-benta ang nilalako ni penot
      na “good vs evil” ek.

      the monster in the closet
      is always more dangerous!

      kawawang pilipinas.
      tsk tsk…


  13. sa mga hindi sang-ayon sa impeachment ni SCCJ Corona at bumabatikos sa mga ginagawa ni Pnoy, ang wish ko lang ay sana naging miyembro kayo ng FASAP, naulila sana kayo ng mga namatay sa Maguindanao Massacre, naging opisyal sana kayo na sakop ng mga League of Cities na di malaman kung saan sila lulugar o small coconut farmers sana kayo na naisahan ng korte supremang ito.
    Wish ko laaannnngggg….


      1. I want to LIKE. For people who don’t understand what a “collegial body” is… In Filipino, yung decision sa SC ay hindi decision ng isang tao lamang. At ang boto ng CJ ay isa lamang, tulad ng boto ng 14 other justices.

        So stop blaming Corona. The CJ could be any person not Corona, the same logic will apply. His vote is just one — and of equal weight as the others’. And mind you, Corona has long inhibited from the FASAP case. Magbasa ka naman Ovalboy. Wag bangga nang bangga na hindi tumitingin parang si Penot. Yan ang sakit nating mga Pilipino. Magbago na tayo please.


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