THREE DAYS AFTER the brawl between San Beda’s men’s basketball team and San Sebastian’s women’s volleyball team, the San Beda Red Lions and the San Sebastian Stags figured in another bench-clearing melee Monday at the Philippine Collegiate Champions League Final Four at The Arena in San Juan City. The game was the day’s second most intense fight-marred event next only to the First National Criminal Justice Summit at the Manila Hotel.

Last Monday, President Aquino took a jab at the Supreme Court in front of no less than Chief Justice Renato Corona. It was a very awkward moment. The only thing more awkward was Midas Marquez’ microphone incident.

With Chief Justice Renato Corona seated just a few feet away, President Aquino cited a litany of alleged questionable decisions made by the Supreme Court – the same ‘transgressions’ he enumerated when he spoke last week before the members of the Makati Business Club. He’s like the Mo Twister of Philippine politics right now. He can’t move on.

Senator Lacson has suggested that President Aquino and Chief Justice Corona meet in private. If the talk’s going to be secret, I know of a perfect venue then. Tokyo!

Chief Justice Renato Corona opted to ignore President Aquino’s tirade saying, “Hayaan n’yo na. Magpapasko naman.” When he got home though, he unfollowed him on Twitter.

Constitutionalist Joaquin Bernas likened President Aquino to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Sorry, I can’t see any similarities except for the cigar.

According to the November survey of Pulse Asia, President Aquino still enjoys a high trust and appreciation rating. His ratings are so high, he’s now above the law.

Pulse Asia says 7 of 10 Filipinos appreciate the President. I don’t know who those seven are but I can identify the other three: Lizzy, Shalani, and Iza C.

Asked about his love life, President Aquino said, “Unlike poverty, it’s not being addressed.” No wonder, we haven’t really heard much about his monthly dates otherwise known as Conditional Crush Transfer.

Former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will be transferred from the St. Luke’s Medical Center to the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) on Friday. Media organizations are expected to cover the event live. A concerned Willie Revillame has reportedly asked TV5 not to insert any footage of the transfer during his show.

Reports say Judge Jesus Mupas will decide within 15 days whether or not former President Arroyo will be allowed to use a cell phone or laptop. Mupas will also decide within 10 days whether or not he’ll approve Mikey Arroyo’s friend request on Facebook.

According to Elena Bautista-Horn, former President Arroyo may want to write a book using her laptop while confined at the VMMC. In fact, this morning, an anxious Mrs. Arroyo asked Mrs. Horn, “Will my book be read by one million?”

Do you remember last week’s global survey saying Vienna was the nicest place to live in the world? Well, another survey identified the most secure places in the world today. On top of the list is the VMMC.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines promoted boxing icon Manny Pacquiao to the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Army reserves. Lt. Col. Pacquiao is the highest-ranking official in the Pacquiao household next only to Jinkee, the Commander-in-Chief.

New Planet?
NASA has discovered a new Earth-like planet. Finally, a more exciting & competitive Miss Universe pageant.

The discovery of the first planet outside our solar system which could become home to humans has been confirmed. ‘Buti pa ‘yon confirmed na, si Piolo hindi pa.
“One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat him at politeness.”
~Josh Billings

Quotes of the Day
“My psychologist friend said matigas ang stand ni PNoy, trying to compensate for something.”
~ Atty. Ferdie Topacio on President Aquino’s tirade against the Supreme Court

“I admire Corona. He does not go down to the level of the president’s ranting.”
~Constitutionalist Fr. Joaquin Bernas

Congratulations to the winners of “The Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10” book. They are:
1: Lawrence C. Caranto (Baguio City)
2: Janice Erni-Manongdo (Parañaque City)
3: Haide P. Acuña (Cebu City)
4: Shyrell Vey Tana (Makati City)
5: Victor Rafael Dugay (Taguig City)
6: Emmanuel Ramos Ortile (Nueva Ecija)
7: Christine Purugganan (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
8: Manicar Vallejos Manguera (Tarlac City)
9: Zara Kirsten C. Palma (Davao City)
10: John Ahmer Toledo (Pasig City)

Your book will be delivered within 24 hours. Merry Christmas!
Note: Ignore the P.S. in the Foreword. That wasn’t supposed to be there. Enjoy reading!

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33 thoughts on “IN YOUR FACE”

  1. fiiiiight!
    benny ‘bully boy’ aquino vs renato ‘ judgement day’ corona
    the hacienda luisita green belt

    rounds 1 and 2 went to corona but benny is now trying to get more crowd support, resorting to verbal intimidation, and hoping for the disqualification of his opponent.
    benny’s coach – eduardo ‘ you dont tango with a cojuangco’ said
    ‘ my man from tarlac will spread him on the tarmac – a favourite phrase of mine!’
    for the yellow corner it is clearly a case of blood – not for the first time, sweat – even benny is panicking, and tears – provided on cue by sis kris


      1. haaaayyyyyyy oval, boy ka pa talaga, hindi mo pa alam ano ang senior moments, ito yung maypagka malilimutin na, in this case,
        wala naman akong nalimutan kundi, hindi ko alam na ang p.s.pala na yun ay nandoon sa….alam mo na

        in other words, i maybe ignorant but not yet on the dementia stage..


    1. pansin ko lang, maraming pinoy ang nagiisip na kung hindi ka sangayon sa ginagawa ni pnoy, pro arroyo ka…i too want gma in jail but this should be done in the proper manner. the way pnoy is dictating on the courts is no longer called mere influencing, it’s in your face pakikialam na may kasamang threat na parang sinasabi na “convict gma or else!”


      1. ganuon na nga eddie, sa pagkakataong ito, kung hindi ka
        pro arroyo mabuting manahimik na lang para hindi mabuhayan
        ng loob si topacio at horn at hindi na magdadakdak…

        si noynoy naman, kaya yan nag-aasta na he’s already above
        the law ay dahil sa, gusto ng madlang people na maparusahan na
        kaagad si arroyo, now na


  2. nene pimentel said that noynoy’s crowning glory will be, about
    the hacienda luisita thing, i believe though that it will be the
    final judgement against arroyo of 100 years or more in prison
    which is not far from reality especially because, ‘he’s now above
    the law ‘, right mister heckler?


  3. the recent ‘on your face’ tirades of pnoy against cj corona is unethical for a man in his stature, it was an act bereft of delicadeza. but wait, corona himself forgot the meaning of delicadeza when he accepted the post of chief justice even though it was questioned and deemed a midnight appointment of gma. tsk, tsk, what a pity, two of the highest officials of the land and yet they don’t know what delicadeza is?… tama si lacson perhaps they should settle the matter in private, sogo could be appropriate.


  4. To Atty. Topacio – si Noynoy trying to compensate. Ibig sabihin meron di ba kapos lang.

    Tanong ko lang sa iyo – you said you will have your ball cut di ba – how dare you offer something that is not in existence. Kasi kung meron ka ipapuputol bakit wala kang lakas ng loob ng sabihan ang mga amo ng ganire – You should cut and cut cleanly. The time has come.


  5. Seriously, never ko inexpect na mapipili ni Heckler as 1 of the lucky 10 winners of his book give-away. Sa higit 16K na followers nya sa twitter at 5 Phil Blog awards, alam kong tsamba na lang na manalo. Ngayon alam ko na feeling ni Derek Fisher sa 0.4 shot nya 🙂

    Thanks ng sobra Sir, wish you more followers and more blessings.


  6. i bought the book yesterday..i really recommend it to those who need a laugh in these stressful times..nabasa ko na din yung “P.S.” it did produce a turning point in my life, hehehe.. now my mom and lola are reading it and laughing their hearts out..hahaha!


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