“How do you solve a problem like Ramona?
How do you catch a kin and pin her down?
How do you find a word that means Ramona?
A flibbertijibbet! A sign-o’-her guilt! A clown!
~Ramona, from “The Sound of Muse Sick”

RAMONA BAUTISTA, Ramona Revilla, Maria Ramona Belen Magsaysay Bautista, Mara Revilla, Maria Ramona Gaddafi or whatever her name was had LEFT the country Friday night. Or maybe she was kidnapped, we don’t know. ‘Wag kayong judgmental!

Ramona Revilla had left the country. Expect her to surface near Star Mall in Las Piñas City soon.

Ramona Bautista, one of the suspects in the murder of her brother Ramgen left for Hong Kong early Friday night. Take that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo!

Hours after retracting her statement that she was kidnapped by Ramgen’s assailants, Ramona Bautista left for Hong Kong Friday night. What a way to spend the long weekend!

Ramona Bautista was spotted at the departure area of NAIA terminal 1 Friday night. She was trying to cover her face with a red scarf… not with the Halloween mask she wore the night Ram was killed.

A furious Sen. Bong Revilla said he didn’t know about Ramona’s flight. Among other things.

On Friday night, Genelyn Magsaysay said goodbye to murder suspect Ramona Bautista… as Bong Revilla was saying goodbye to his vice presidential ambition!

Ramona Bautista has left the country. With the help of Google, she’ll be a good cook in 12 months.

Latest reports say Maria Ramona Belen Bautista is a married woman and that her husband is from Turkey. When the murder probe began, she chickened out.

This just in! In high school, Ramona Bautista was allegedly voted “most likely to get away with something gruesome.”

Right now, there are two kinds of people in the Philippines: those who believe that Ramona Bautista is guilty as hell, and Genelyn Magsaysay.

Murder suspect Maria Ramona Belen Magsaysay Bautista has left the country. Malacañang is blaming the previous administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

In Other News
During yesterday’s YouTube Worldview live interview, President Aquino was asked by a kid if he still believed in Santa Claus. It would have been more interesting if the kid asked the President if he still believed in love.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson says he’s convinced that former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is planning to hide abroad amid her legal woes in the country. “Hey kettle! It’s pot. You’re black!”

Reports say a huge asteroid will pass closer to Earth than the moon on Tuesday. But NASA clarifies there is no chance that the object will collide with the Earth or moon. Seriously, I hope it collides with Ramona Bautista.
“Murder is always a mistake – one should never do anything one cannot talk about after dinner.”
– Oscar Wilde

Quote of the Week
“Kung talagang umalis siya, this is a sign of guilt. ‘Di namin sha mapapatawad. Kahit kapatid namin sya dapat nyang panagutan ito. Bakit siya tatakbo in the first place kung wala siyang kasalanan? Lalo niyang inipit ang kapatid niya sa ginawa niyang ito. Si Genelyn (Magsaysay) galit sa akin, kung bakit ko raw tinurn over si Joseph sa kapulisan. Tayo’y maninindigan sa tama. The rule of law must prevail.”
~Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. reacting to reports that half-sister Ramona had left the country

Beware of This Cop
You Have Spoken
Naniniwala ka ba sa resulta ng imbestigasyon ng pulisya sa Ram Revilla murder case?
-OO Naman. 77.89%
-HINDI. Duda pa rin. 8.42%
-Pag-aaralan ko pa. 13.68%

GMA News: Shocking crime stirs interest in Agimat’s prolific life

ABS-CBN News: Ramona Bautista’s last interview before she left the country

Have a great weekend! If you’re in Hong Kong, extend my regards to Ramona! Good luck!

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24 thoughts on “RAMONA”

  1. lawyer’s statement said Ramona left to avoid media. If I had known, I would have suggested the following “excuses” for her to go to HK:

    5) May sa sale sa HK, nag early Christmas shopping
    4) May connecting flight sa Vietnam for the SEA games
    3) or Las Vegas para sa laban ni Pacquiao
    2) Magpapagamot sa labas ng bansa bago magkaroon ng hold departure order.
    1) May hinahabol na film shooting para sa “Ang Panday 2”


    1. Lies, damned lies, and pathetic excuses.
      From ligots ‘ not in hiding, just vacationing’ to p-noys excuse for not pursuing FoI ” absolute freedom is absolute imprisonment”.
      Absolute BS.
      Absolute freedom is recognised to mean freedom from coercion of the state, but accepting the laws of the land.
      P-noy wants all-out control of the media and thereby the masses.


  2. Bang , Bang
    You’re dead man
    Was it your bro
    And sister the ho’
    After she lies
    Then she flies
    What a way to go
    The truth – we’ll never know

    Bong, Bong
    Stop campaigning
    Your chances are undone
    With 2 shots of a gun
    A family of trailer trash
    Murder your own for cash
    We need heroes
    Not clones of zeros

    Wham bam, thank you mam
    Your cheque’s in the post. Ram
    Like father, like son
    Principles – none


  3. i don’t think bong revilla should be blamed here. what he did and is doing right now is something that he needs to do because he is related to them and acting on behalf of their father, and he has to say something because he is a senator.

    i think he is sincere. early campaining? for what vp? it’s too early.


  4. From the rebels in mindanao to the death squads in davao to the flight from justice for murderers and corrupt politicians, not to mention the extra-judicial killings and human rights abuses.
    A lawless society becoming anarchic and archaic. Legal impunity for the rich. Lawmakers the main lawbreakers.
    Hiding behind procedure and process is not good enough. Change it and apply some common sense. De lima should talk less and achieve more.

    Revilla murder
    Interesting and telling that neither revilla or magsaysay said one single word about a young innocent girl who has to be in surgery today to save her life and her face.
    Their attitude speaks volumes about the hypocricy which abounds.
    My prayers are with her.
    I also pray she puts justice above money and doesnt accept a pay-off.

    Lets start getting our priorities right


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