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KRISSY: Hi Bimb!
BIMBY: Mama news time!
KRISSY: Did you see the report on the massacre of 19+ soldiers in Basilan Bimb?
BIMBY: What’s massacre mama?
KRISSY: Massacre. It’s when you attack the other side despite the ongoing peace talks and existing ceasefire. Kaya demoralized ang mga soldiers.
BIMBY: What’s demoralized mama?
KRISSY: Demoralized. It’s when the Commander in Chief prematurely berates the soldiers instead of condemning the atrocity committed by the rebels. Buti na lang kumambyo.
BIMBY: What’s kumambyo mama?
KRISSY: It’s when the Commander in Chief realizes his folly and softens on his ‘no all-out war’ stance.
BIMBY: What’s ‘all out war’ mama?
KRISSY: All out war. It’s when they step up their attack against the Arroyos but not against the MILF to achieve all out justice.
BIMBY: What’s MILF mama?

KRISSY: MILF? Depends on the context. Aha-ha-ha! Let’s not even go there Bimb. Drink your milk na.
BIMBY: I want to play first mama.
KRISSY: Gosh! Is that a toy gun Bimby? Get rid of that! Give that to me!
BIMBY: No mama. This is my ‘area of temporary stay.’ I can do whatever I want here mama.
KRISSY: Nakakaloka! May choice ba ako? Sige na nga, drink this milk na lang para you’ll grow up siksik.
BIMBY: What’s siksik mama?
KRISSY: Siksik… like your Tita Shawie.
BIMBY: You don’t really like her mama.
KRISSY: Whaaat??? That’s not true!
BIMBY: It’s true mama.
KRISSY: What are you talking about? Love, love, love ko si Sharon.
BIMBY: You’re so showbiz mama.
KRISSY: Stop it Bimb! Ipinapahamak mo ‘ko! Dedo 19+ See the difference!

PRESIDENT AQUINO wants intensified operations against Abu Sayyaf bandits – Mindanao’s “lawless elements.” By the way, the MILF has assumed responsibility for the ambush in Al-Barka, Basilan that killed 19 soldiers. So ano ‘yon, lawful?

According to the president, the government will not declare an all-out war against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front but “will pursue all-out justice” instead. You’ve been warned Abu Sayyaf!

The President has ordered the military to intensify its efforts to hunt down 10 Abu Sayyaf terrorists. The military is seeking the cooperation of Zamboanga Sibugay residents saying it’s really easy to spot these lawless elements. They’re armed, they’re dangerous, and they look like MILF rebels.

In a press briefing Monday night, AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Eduardo Oban Jr. said the military’s operation in Basilan (where 19 soldieres were killed) was targeting “lawless elements” – otherwise known as “i-so-wanted-to-identify-them-as-MILF-rebels-but-i-do-not-want-to-incur-the-ire-of-the-President-and-get-fired-too.”

Did you hear about the MILF’s ‘areas of temporary stay’ or ATS down South? Government soldiers cannot just make arrests inside the ATS. It’s like the MILF’s embassy in Mindanao.

President Aquino disclosed that the MILF is actually helping the military capture the Abu Sayyaf bandits. In totally unrelated news, the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan is helping the government capture NPA guerrillas.

No to all-out war. Yes to all-out justice. This, by far, is the Presidents’ second best all-out slogan.
“The trouble with the laws these days is that criminals know their rights better than their wrongs.”
~Author Unknown

Photo of the Weak
Si Fergie lang ang may kaya!
(Photo tweeted to me by @VGFau)

Quotes of the Week
“We will not pursue all-out war; we will instead pursue all-out justice. All-out war is indiscriminate and borne out of danger. All-out justice is sober and fair; it is based on the rule of law, and leads to lasting peace.”
~President Noynoy Aquino

“Let’s not view this in the context of the peace negotiations. The massacre was a violation of the ceasefire.”
~Sen. Gringo Honasan

Move.Ph: Fiasco in Basilan by Maria Ressa

In Entertainment
Young actors John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao have reportedly called it quits. In other words, walang katotohanan ang tsismis na hindi sila “mapaghiwalay.”

Ruffa Gutierrez is being blamed for the breakup of Shaina and John Lloyd. In fact, Shaina has reportedly launched an all-out war against the actress.

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Peace everyone!

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33 thoughts on “ALL OUT”

      1. Negotiate with these scum? No way . If I am the commander in chief I will massacre the MILF like what the Hacienda Luisita management did to those helpless tenants. But if the commander in chief chose to give 5M of taxpayers money to these people who terrorized the taxpayers, it does not need a genius to figure out that there is something very wrong with the man


  1. Hiwalay na po ba ang v*****l lock nina JC at Shaina? Joke

    PNoy is a coward and a lame duck president. This mama’s boy must have swallowed his b**ls when he is just a child. My prayers to the families of the slain soldiers. Those inept generals who only think of enriching themselves and pocketing the intelligence funds and PNoy have blood on their hands.


  2. haha naaliw naman ako sa conversation ni Kris at Bimby

    heniweiz, Mr. H, matanong ko lang, di ba ‘kalaban’ sila ng gobyerno e bakit parang meron silang ‘special treatment’? may ATS talaga? baka kung naging politiko mga yan at naaresto ang bagsak ‘hospital arrest’? argggh!

    President Aquino disclosed that the MILF is actually helping the military capture the Abu Sayyaf bandits. meaning hindi kaya ng mga military natin na hulihin ang mga Abu Sayyaf ng sila lang at kelangan tulungan pa sila ng MILF? sabagay mas malaki yata budget ng MILF kesa sa mga militar looool………..matapos mamatay ng 19 soldiers natin para sa bayan parang sila pa ang lumalabas na pabaya at di kasi alam ang ‘coordination’..ayaw ni Pnoy ng all out war e baka sya ang mabigyan ng all out coup ng militar nyan weheheheh


  3. May they rest in peace and justice be served.

    Air Supply –
    “I’m all out of love, I’m so lost without you
    I know you were right believing for so long
    I ‘m all out of love, what am I without you
    I can’t be too late to say that I was so wrong”

    P-noy’s requiem song to the voters he has let down and lost.

    Voters – all out of hope
    Arroyos – all out of time
    PALEA – all out on strike
    MILF – all out to kill

    All in all, an all out mess

    Thats all


      1. naku, senyor… napag-iiwanan ka na ng panahon.
        tanungin mo ang average american kung sino ang presidente ng pilipinas….
        and i’m sure you’ll just get blank stares.
        i’m sure ni hindi nga nila alam kung sino ang presidente ng kapitbahay nilang mexico ‘no!
        pero tanungin mo kung sino ang female singer ng black eyed peas… ‘yun na!
        habol, senyor!


  4. So it transpires that aquino gave the money that bought the guns that killed the soldiers that was just an ‘isolated incident’!
    And the naive weakling then said he gave the money because of GMA agreement!!
    That really is dumb and dumber, as was the ill-advised secret meeting in tokyo which he wont talk about. Surprise, surprise.
    More killings will follow and it is blood on aquino’s hands.


  5. Ilan kaya sa mga kating-kati na mag-all out war ang taga-Mindanao?
    At ilan sa kanila ang payag na sumabak mismo sila sa giyera, o i-volunteer ang anak, asawa, tatay o kapatid nila na ipadala sa Mindanao?
    Andaling magsabi na mag-giyera na lang kung hindi naman ikaw ang madi-displace.


  6. ^ is that you, Ghadzali Jaafar?

    Kung gagamitin lang ng gobyerno at militar ang kanilang utak at iisipin ang kapakanan ng bansa at di sariling bulsa, matagal ng nagapi ang mga rebelde natin. Wala kasing political will at yung nasa militar puro corrupt. Wala nga namang pera pag walang giyera di ba? Logic lang po.

    Di uubra ang peace talks sa mga rebelde kasi ang ideolohiya ng mga yan ay magkaroon ng separate republic para sa kanila. Pwede ba naman yan sa ating saligang batas? Ginagamit lang ang peace talks para makakuha ng sapat na oras para maka-regroup at ng pera. Sorry to say this but PNoy is not just a weakling but also naive. He must be living in his fantasy world


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