ACCORDING TO THE UN Population Fund, the number of people living on the planet is set to reach seven billion on Oct. 31. Hence, the need to fund family planning and reproductive health. Skeptical of the data, Sen. Tito Sotto wants to see birth certificates first.

World population is growing at a rapid rate. The planet’s 7 billionth inhabitant – yes, 7 billionth – will be born on Halloween. Scary.

World population is hitting 7 billion this month. From a sustainability perspective, that’s disturbing. So I’m sending a letter to Sen. Bong Revilla and Cong. Manny Pacquiao. Sirs, enough!

As world population reaches 7 billion, experts say the challenge is how to encourage smaller families especially in poorer countries. Or as the Catholic Church would say, “No way!”

Planet Earth’s seven billionth inhabitant will be born on Oct. 31 somewhere in the Asia-Pacific. In three years time, he or she would  be working in a Nike factory in Bejing.

The UN Population Fund says it is most likely that Baby No. 7 billion will be born in the Asia-Pacific Region. I’m really excited for Fabella Hospital!

The world’s population is set to hit seven billion on Oct. 31. Seven billion people and yet…
… you chose to send THAT representative to the Lower House;
… you voted for THAT incompetent senator, and
… you have flip-flopping justices in the Supreme Court?

Seven billion people and yet…
… you are still single?
What happened?


Thousands of Americans have joined massive protest actions known as “Occupy Wall Street.” It’s a rally against inequality and corporate greed . Inequality and greed?!? By all means, let’s Occupy Congress!

“Occupy Wall Street” is a protest against the widening gap between poor and wealthy people. Reports say the movement has become global. This morning, maids, cooks, and drivers of Manny V. Pangilinan gathered outside his residence.

Even before Americans and their counterparts in London, Australia, Germany, Italy, Canada, and Japan “occupied Wall Street,” alleged landgrabber Wilfredo Torres of the Philippines had already occupied Quezon City!

Not Pregnant
Broadcaster Korina Sanchez has categorically dismissed rumors that she is pregnant. Hoping to have a baby soon, Sen. Mar Roxas is reportedly planning to “Occupy Korina.”

The Big Ben
Reports say the famous Big Ben of London is gently leaning to one side. Something similar is happening right here in the Philippines. It’s called the Supreme Court.

Sylar Comes ‘Out’
Zachary Quinto who played  ‘Spock’ on ‘Star Trek’ and the villain ‘Sylar’ in the hit TV series “Heroes” has admitted that he’s gay. That explains why he wanted Peter Petrelli so much.
“Either a species learns to control its own population, or something like disease, famine, war, will take care of the issue.”
~Chuck Palahniuk

Thank you to everyone who joined #QUIZtion – the weekend general knowledge quiz on Twitter last Saturday. Here are some of your comments that night.

Have great week everyone!

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24 thoughts on “SEVEN BILLION”

  1. …sna inquire muna ang UNPF kay Sen. Bong Revilla, Rep. Manny Paquiao, kay Father, kay Sister Estella L. kay Pope at kay Gretchen Barretto kung wla pa tlga si 7th billion child pra mas accurate.

    …isama na rin si @senior60, @etchosera & @hikatalomato to have their magnitude of figure delineated to its precision.


    1. alam mo danny, sometime ago na, nabasa ko na somewhere, ewan ko lang din if my memory still serves me right and not left yet, na ang china
      daw ay, comprises 1/3 of the world’s population at 3 billion plus…

      so, tama ka danny, UNPF should have, siguro kung pagbabasihan ang above, nasa mga around 10 billion na tayo humigit kumulang


    1. nakalimutan mo rin pareng chuck ang mga massacres
      taking place right and left, the latest, of a former seaman
      who killed his wife, 3 children, a maid and himself, sparing
      only his youngest..

      and many more reasons but most importantly, God will take
      care of the issue…


  2. 7-B lang pala eh, maluwag pa ang mundo. Hanggang di pa magkakapalit-palit na tayo ng mga mukha sa sikip, ayus lang yan. Relax muna tayo.

    Buti na yung may extra na mga tao. Pag naubos na mga hayop at halaman na kinakain natin, tayo tayo naman magkainan. Mahirap na yung walang reserba. 😛

    Soon enough, we don’t have to worry about growing our own food. 🙂 Wala pang issue sa rice importation. 😛


  3. In his usual condescending way lacierda says ‘ there is no need for the country to mimic ‘occupy wall street’ since this administration is inclusive’ whatever that means.
    The point,which would of course be missed on dimboy, is about inequality and hypocricy.
    Since the top 1% here earn on average 1,000,000 pesos a month and the average for those able to get a job here is 20,000 pesos a month then i think it is very relevant.
    The hypocricy speaks for itself.
    The continual message from malacan is – dont comment, dont criticise,dont question, and dont think.
    Thats chinese democracy for you.
    From the cult tv series ‘the prisoner’ – “i am not a number, i am a free man”


      1. exactly , which is why some countries are making their feelings felt and voices heard.
        with an income inequality ratio of 50:1 the country which should be making the most noise hides in a corner, and ignores the issue.
        maybe you are part of the 1% and dont care about those less fortunate or think change is not attainable, so do nothing.
        you tell me


      2. if you libertas who is just a foreign bystander here in the
        philippines is dying to see this country progress, do you
        think this government is not?

        you know anon, since your day 1 here in mister heckler’s
        blog, you’ve been a critic of noynoy and pacquiao, now,
        will that change a thing? will it make any difference?


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