27 09 2011

AS OF 5PM, Tuesday, more than 3,000 people have been stranded because of Typhoon Pedring. But that’s nothing compared to the number of stranded people because of PALEA.

As Typhoon Pedring lashes Luzon, irate passengers lash at Philippine Airlines.

Portions of Roxas Boulevard were submerged in floodwaters as waves washed over the seawall of Manila’s baywalk area. When he heard this, a furious Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim ordered Manila policemen to bring Pedring to Tondo.

Apparently inspired by Miss Universe third runner-up Shamcey Supsup, Typhoon Pedring demonstrated its own ‘tsunami walk.’

Raging waves and floodwaters did not spare the US Embassy in Roxas Boulevard. Before noon Tuesday, the seafront compound changed its name to US EmbasSea.

This just in: Wikileaks has released confidential cables allegedly sent by the US Embassy to Washington. In one cable, Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr. told the US Department of State he hated Manila’s flood-prone streets.

Typhoon Pedring is the 16th disturbance to slam the Philippines this year. Seventeen, if you count Hong Kong.

Typhoon #Pedring became a top trending topic worldwide on Twitter Tuesday afternoon as people talked about the damage it has caused. The ‘hurtful’ barrage of tweets has prompted Pedring to cry cyberbullying.

Around noon Tuesday, PAGASA reported that Pedring was having buffet at Sofitel Philippine Plaza‘s famed Spiral restaurant.

As of 5PM, Tuesday Typhoon Pedring has crossed Northern Luzon and is now over the West Philippine Sea. All yours China! All yours!

At 10 am, Tuesday, Typhoon Pedring weakened as it crossed the Sierra Madre mountain range. Nonetheless, Pedring was still moving faster than you could say N-D-R-R-M-C!

Dear Mr. President,
Where the hell are you? Sayang!
Hindi na kita mahihintay. I have to leave.

“It is better to read the weather forecast before we pray for rain.”
~Mark Twain

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27 09 2011
Satellite M55-S141 Battery

RT After Pedring, Tropical Depression Quiel will be next. Let us meet Quiel with our middle fingers. TamaNaSobra


28 09 2011

hahaha mabuti nga sa iyo harry, pero hindi ka naman

siguro stranded sa embassea dahil hindi mo naman

kailangan ng rubber boat…


28 09 2011

Do i still need to post something in order to get some votes?lack of discipline and not protecting our mother natures resulted this kind of tragedy.if only our government can penalized those illegal loggers,recycling may also help.i hope it’s not yet too late to recover.God,pls help the victims.


28 09 2011

thanks pedring for bringing that flood. every failipinos in manila got the chance to enter the US Embassy……. through their poo, phlegm and mucus


28 09 2011

I was wondering where the people in the airport were going in the midst of the storm, anyway, to the PALEA people, if they don’t need you, go and look for other jobs. Sooner or later they WILL get rid of you. It is hard to work for a company that doesn’t want you..REALLY!


28 09 2011

Any disaster, pnoy not to be seen until after the event.
Not someone you would want to lead you into battle.
Oh, thats right – awol from military, and just likes to play soldiers by shooting at static targets that dont shoot back.
Pathetico battle.
Oh, thats right – awol from military, and just likes to play soldiers by shooting at static targets that dont shoot back.


28 09 2011

Due to pedring am holed up in the mountains and met the pacquaio team.
Freddie roach – top class and a gentleman. We could learn a lot from a sporting field of excellence and adapt and apply it in a wider context.

How about PACMAN trust.
Philippine ACademy for MANagers.
A boot camp for future leaders/aspiring managers.
Based on leadership trust model instilling sporting values – competitiveness, work ethic, determination, improvement, teamwork, excellence, honesty, fair play, innovation, motivation, and business psychology

There is saying in england ” leaders are made on the playing fields of Eton” (uk’s premier school – except for my school – Rugby)

Business could learn a lot, and pacquaio could be a change agent for good with a meaningful personal legacy outside of the ring, rather than as an entertainer, product endorser, a drifter, and a potential puppet of the power brokers.

Rambling due to the rain.
Hopefully can leave soon when flights eventually resume.


30 09 2011

pardon my ignorance, do you have to take a plane

from baguio to metro manila?


29 09 2011

Apparently inspired by Miss Universe third runner-up Shamcey Supsup, Typhoon Pedring demonstrated its own ‘tsunami walk.’


I was also aghast to see a picture of young people seeming to “play habulan” while the waves were lashing about. But come to think of it, baka mga homeless lang sila. I once had to get a visa sa US Emba-sea and 6am yung schedule ko. Andaming natutulog sa Baywalk! Akala mo palengke!


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