Japan Visit
President Aquino is in Japan right now. For a change, no MILF leader will meet him there secretly.

President Aquino is on a working visit to Japan. He was warmly welcomed by Japanese officials upon his arrival at the Haneda Airport. Unfortunately, something awkward happened upon his arrival in Tokyo. When the welcoming hosts taught him some Japanese words and phrases, he showed his appreciation by teaching them the tsunami walk.

Best/Worst Places for Women
According to a Newsweek magazine report, the worst place in the world to be a woman is Chad in Central Africa. In second place is anywhere near Reverend Father Raul Cabonce of Tubay, Agusan Del Norte.

International publication Newsweek magazine reports the Philippines is the best place in Asia for women. Unless of course you’re alone in a room with Bishop Teodoro Bacani.

Sex Tourism
According to US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr, 40 percent of foreign men visit the Philippines primarily for sex. The rest (60%) refused to talk, and invoked their right against self incrimination.

NASA Satellite
Residents of Barangay Daga in Panay, Capiz fled their homes following reports that NASA satellite debris crashed nearby. Local police quickly dismissed the report as untrue saying the “debris” seen falling was an improvised pyrotechnic. But scared residents wanted to be sure so they requested that an independent investigation be conducted by Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

NASA’s dead 6-ton satellite plunged to Earth early Saturday but U.S. space officials didn’t know just where it hit. In totally unrelated news, autoshops in Banawe Street in Quezon City have declared a 3-day sale.

US space officials couldn’t locate the debris of the 6-ton satellite that plunged to Earth last Saturday. The CIA is now conducting surveillance in Abbotabad, Pakistan.

The bus-sized satellite that plunged to Earth cannot be located. Authorities say it could be anywhere in the Pacific right now learning how to cook afritada, adobo and empanada with the help of Google.

NPA Attacks
Communist insurgents set fire to 12 Victory Liner buses at a bus terminal in Capas, Tarlac Sunday night. The NPA rebels originally planned to torch Globe cellular sites but they thought, torched or not, Globe’s signal sucked. What for?

Gilas Pilipinas
Smart Gilas lost to South Korea and settled for a 3rd runner-up finish in the FIBA Asia championship. The Filipino dribblers were still happy though with their performance, saying “We did not compete to please anyone. We competed to please God.”
“That intelligent creatures exist in outerspace is proven by the fact that they have not contacted us.”
~ Loesje

Have a great week ahead! Ingat!

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21 thoughts on “TRIPS”

  1. The philippines is the best place to be a woman – IF
    You haven’t been trafficked
    Forced through poverty to work abroad
    Conned by a recruitment agency
    Are not one of the 500,000 ( half million!) sex workers in the country
    Don’t have the worry of how to feed your 6+ children
    Dont have a lazy, drunken gambling husband who beats you, and cheats on you.
    Never get ill and need medical help/prescription drugs

    Apart from that, how did you enjoy the dallas motorcade, mrs kennedy.


      1. .@hikatalomato:

        …hindi nman ako nanonood ng x-files. in fact, searched lng IMDB and learned of the mulder and scully characters.

        …Prof. PH mentioned ung “Banawe” sa QC which has been known for auto parts supplies. pati ung mga batang nagnanakaw ng side mirror don din nagbebenta. hence, cars->theft->bulacan->pampanga->dominguezs

        …btw, what made you think i referred my comment with that series?


  2. how dare of that negro to say that, a comment like

    that should not come from an envoy even if, granting

    that, it is true, he should be declared persona non grata…

    makapunta nga sa manila at makatikim sa akin yang

    matabang negrong yan gggrrrrrr…

    hindi bale na kung galing kay libertas at hikata hahaha


    1. You are right. Everywhere has a mix of good and bad.
      But successful countries, and companies, recognise the bad, openly debate/discuss options to improve, and implement practical measures for change.
      A process of continuous improvement and a culture of striving for excellence is a requisite for success, as other ASEAN countries have discovered.
      Denial, playing the victim, blaming others, or god’s will, achieves nothing.
      And as always the problems are not the people but the systems, policies, leaders, communication, education etc.

      P.s. Didn’t realise you were white and a paid up member of the KKK. (klu klux klan).

      Harry thomas has a valid point and the right to express it, particularly since US gives aid to combat the problem of trafficking and abuse. No problem, then no need for aid.


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