CONGRATULATIONS Shamcey Gurrea Supsup for winning 3rd runner-up in the 2011 Miss Universe pageant! We are extremely proud of you!

Let me also take this opportunity to congratulate the interpreters of the four other candidates who made it to the Top 5! Great job guys!

BREAKING NEWS: A resolution has been filed in the Senate seeking to investigate why the Philippines, after 38 successive years, has yet to win another Miss Universe title. Schedule of hearing to be announced soon.

On Twitter, the US Embassy in Manila congratulated Shamcey Supsup for placing 3rd runner-up in the Miss Universe pageant. Moments later though, Wikileaks intercepted classified direct Twitter messages from the US Embassy to Washington saying, “The Philippines’ representative to the Miss Universe pageant is not as strong as Miss USA or Miss Ukraine. Her signature tsunami walk is awful. Go Angola!”

Asked if Shamcey Supsup has a boyfriend, the spokesman of the Bb. Pilipinas Charities answered, “That’s like Wikileaks. We don’t comment on Shamcey’s social life.”

Fan votes (which had no bearing on the judging) were shown on TV screens during the live telecast. Miss Philippines placed second in the long gown competition. In last place was Moammar Gaddafi.

Special awards were handed out during the Miss Universe preliminaries. The Miss Photogenic trophy went to Miss Sweden. Named Miss Congeniality was Dyan Castillejo.

The representative from China placed fifth. The candidate from the Philippines placed fourth. Take that Hu Jintao!

Shamcey Supsup is the fourth most beautiful woman in the universe today. I wouldn’t be surprised if our bachelor president would use her as a punchline soon.

Filipinos glued on their TV screens rejoiced when the “beauty and brains” from General Santos City was announced 3rd runner-up! But something awkward happened after the announcement – Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson climbed on stage!

University of the Philippines alumna Shamcey Supsup placed fourth in the Miss Universe pageant in Brazil. That’s a final four finish for Shamcey. Take that La Salle Green Archers!

Organizers didn’t say how much were Miss Angola’s winnings. But experts believe it was definitely less than what ABS-CBN earned from the pageant’s delayed telecast.

Via her Twitter account, Miss Universe judge Lea Salonga revealed that she did not compose the question she asked eventual winner Leila Lopes of Angola. The Tony Award-winning actress said the questions for the five finalists were pre-written. And Mike Arroyo was like, “Don’t look at me!”

A black candidate has won the Miss Universe title. Rumors say Mar Roxas is protesting the results!

Is it just coincidence? A black woman won the Miss Universe title on the same day Jejomar Binay announced his plan to run for president in 2016!

In Other News
Vice President Jejomar Binay has announced his intention to seek the presidency in 2016. Asked why he’s running for president, Binay replied, “When I run, I run with God and He’s always with me. He never leaves me and He will shine the light on me.” Good answer!

This just in: Next year’s Miss Universe pageant will definitely be more competitive. Planets Mars, Venus, and Jupiter are reportedly sending candidates.
“It is easy to be beautiful; it is difficult to appear so.”
~ Frank O’Hara

Quote of the Week
“I’m going to file a protest if possible, if there’s any legal remedy because all the fan ratings rated Miss Philippines very, very high. I thought it will be at least a contest between her and Ms. Ukraine but it turns out neither one made the top two positions which shows that I’m better as a senator than as a beauty consultant.”
~A half-joking Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago expressing her disappointment at Shamcey Supsup’s fourth place finish

“Kaya nanalo si Miss Angola kasi sa ABS-CBN ipinalabas ang Miss Universe. Lopes siya eh.” Toingkz!

Entertainment Weekly: “The 2011 Miss Universe Pageant: 10 Awkward Utterances During Swimsuit Competition”

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43 thoughts on “MISS U”

  1. congrats shamcey

    You want someone who will worship your god. If thats what you call it, then ok. open your legs and i will pray at your altar 3 times a day.

    you are assured of a photo-op with the president, endorsement deals for shampoos, sext messages from pacquaio, and a good GRO rate.

    your answer was not honest. as you know any filipina will become agnostic for money, and if you throw in a visa they will turn atheist, or even buddhist.

    there was so much joy at your 4th place that all the filipino gays had a simultaneous orgasm.
    they now want to set a world record for simultaneous mass masturbation.

    Speaking off which, it was clearly all too much for the brazilian teenager who died/’drowned’ from excessive masturbation.
    Easy cum, easy go

    Brains and beauty – no chance of becoming vice president then.

    Lets hope you bocome more than just poster girl or political mistress.

    And as a global ambassador; dont forget to wave at tourist buses. This is the grand plan to solve the image problem and to make civilised countries thing we are not a cock-fighting, bag snatching, money grabbing, tourist kidnapping, wowowee watching, insect eating, child trafficking, chinese controlled, superficial basket-case.

    P.s. Santiago. Obviously beauty contests nor the senate are your strong points. Nor is clear and concise communication. You are not paid by the word. Talk less, work more.


      1. no disrepect to her per se. as i said she had brains and beauty and seems charming.
        but meeting the president and ticker tape parades for a 4th place beauty contestant seems a bit over the top.
        bread and circuses.
        pity people cannot muster the same level of passion or opinions for more important issues


      2. “You want someone who will worship your god. If thats what you call it, then ok. open your legs and i will pray at your altar 3 times a day.” – Yeah Libertas, “no disrespect,” you say.

        In pageants like that, where you’re given only couple of seconds to answer the question, it is not the answer per se that matters most but how you deliver it. Shamcey may not have given a perfect answer, no one would, but kudos on her quick thinking and great delivery. Grace under pressure, they say.

        I may not agree on her answer but to each his own. She’ve done well and made us proud. Congratulations to you and Ms. Angola, who, I think, is deserving of the crown.


  2. shamcey’s answer seemed right at first thought but did not seem logical. for if she believes that “the man who loves her must love her god too”, why then can she not love his god? her reason may exactly be the reason why a man would convince a woman to change her religion. thus, the answer seems a paradox and is not sensible. perhaps she meant to say that a man who loves her must respect her, respect the god that she loves and not convince her to change religion. nevertheless i still think she should have won. she is ms. universe to me.


  3. The reason why she didn’t win the crown is simply because she did not stand out as the most “physically-endowed” among the other four. She was the shortest and the most frail-looking compared to the rest. In architecture, there is this study of the human body where a perfect or proportioned one is considered to be composed of seven “head units”. Physically, Shamcey was wanting in that aspect. Miss Angola was not.

    Bottom line is: beauty contests dwell more on the visual and less on the mental. Hindi pagalingan sa english na walang interpreter, board exam or up diliman courses ang labanan. Still, her amazing achievement of landing in the top five all the way to a 3rd runner up finish is very very impressive, considering na di naman rumarampa yan since birth sa mga pageants-pageants sa tabi-tabi. The Miss U was her 2nd pageant ever, after her winning the Bb Pilipinas crown.


    Sa kanila na ang UAAP basketball basta sa UP ang cheerdance, international pageants, board exams and highest rank among PHL univs sa top 500. 🙂


  4. She has a boyfriend! Rumour has it that she is engaged to a son of former pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto. if they do get married he will have to change his religion. she will then be known as Shamcey Supsup Bhutto!
    There was a resolution in the sangguniang panglungsod here in Gen. Santos City that if ever she win the title, Sept. 13 will be celebrated here as Supsup Festival… just a few days after the Tuna Festival. But she lost and only placed third runner up. Lobotanay Festival was more likely to be celebrated on that day.


    1. @ovalboy:

      …when i saw UKG’s program making fun out of this insinuation, ignorance made them happy. kc d nman pwede maging ganon pangalan ni shamcey. d nman kc ginagamit apelyido ng nanay sa muslim. ang pinaka-surname ng mga muslim ay ang pangalan ng tatay nila na idinudugtong pagkatapos ng pangalan ng anak. (pls. correct me if i’m wrong).


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