I KNOW, I know. It was a rather quiet week last week. Aside from the item on the punching congressman, there was only the news about a giant crocodile in Agusan. And we couldn’t even tell the difference. Boring!

PETA’s Appeal
The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) urged authorities to return a captured giant crocodile to its natural habitat. But Bunawan, Agusan Del Sur Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde rejected the appeal saying the transfer of the crocodile from Mindanao to Batasang Pambansa would be stressful for the reptile.

Animal rights activitists say the giant crocodile captured in Agusan Del Sur should be freed. But authorities refused saying it could endanger the lives of ordinary people like security guards.

Local authorities believe that an estimated 5,000 crocodiles can be found in Agusan Marsh. Yup, 5 freakin’ thousand! Take that Batasan Marsh!

Marcos, 94
The 94th birth anniversary of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos was commemorated by loved ones Sunday, September 11. To mark the event, members of the Marcos family gathered Sunday at the Marcos’ mausoleum… otherwise known as ‘The House of Wax.’

Vice President Pacquiao
Contrary to his earlier announcement, Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao said he wouldn’t be seeking the vice presidency in 2016. Thanks.

Binay on Twitter?
Vice President Jejomar Binay’s spokesman Joey Salgado says the vice president doesn’t have a Twitter account. Neither he nor his men have time to tweet since they’re busy doing text blasts.

Miss Universe 2011
Shamcey Supsup, the country’s representative to the Miss Universe pageant in São Paulo, Brazil is among the frontrunners to win the title. She is so popular in Brazil right now. In fact, one unidentified candidate was so envious of the Filipina, she distributed copies of an alleged psychological report purportedly showing that Shamcey Supsup battled depression in college.

Shamcey Supsup is a frontrunner to win this year’s Miss Universe title. ABS-CBN has been supporting frontrunners two years in a row now.

The Miss Universe pageant will be held Tuesday morning (Manila time). In totally unrelated news, Fitness First, Slimmers World and Gold’s Gym will reportedly open at 1PM tomorrow instead of the usual 8AM. They didn’t say why.

Who’s the Daddy!?
Young actress Andi Eigenmann has identified the daddy of her baby. For a change, the father of another child soon to be born out of wedlock is neither Manny Pacquiao nor Bong Revilla.

The UP Fighting Maroons ended its Season 74 run with a loss to UE. Finishing with a 2-12 slate, the State U failed yet again to make it to the Final 4. And it’s been a while since they did. In fact, the last time they advanced to the semifinals was in the same year that Frank Sinatra bagged a Grammy for Best New Artist.
“The Miss Universe Pageant is obviously rigged. The winner is always from Earth.”
~Author Unknown

One of my Twitter followers called my attention to this kid named Jonas Cano of Leyte. He’s a talented kid with autism. Nakakabilib ang husay niya!

Have a great week! Stay safe and healthy!

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14 thoughts on “POPULAR”

  1. …lahat ng mga VPs atat na atat na sa botohan. ung isa laging pa-pogi. tlga walang tigil ang kaniyang mga PR brigades.

    …e2 namang si boxing idol “age requirement” pa lang unaware na. ano p kya ung mga batas kpag VP na siya. hmm, nagiging ganid na rin yata sa kapangyarihan si idol.


    1. Naku naman Koya Danny, kung si dating VP Kabayad nga eh, unaware na VP pala siya, so keri na yan ni Pacman!

      Tanggalin na kasi yang age requirement na yan, no? Karamihan nga sa ating mga pulitiko eh diyan na tumanda, may nagawa ba?

      Ah basta ako, saulado ko na ang WORLD PEACE for my final answer next year sa Q & A. Whatever the question ….. WORLD PEACE pa rin ang sagot. Yan ang turo sa training namin.


  2. “The Miss Universe Pageant is obviously rigged. The winner is always from Earth.”

    Well, kung sino ka mang nagsabi nyan, wait ka na lang next year when Etchosera is finally ready to take the universe by storm, typhoon and hurricane of astronomical proportions!

    I am presently undergoing training here in the hinterlands of one of Jupiter’s moons.

    The next Miss Universe will definitely be from the royal principality of Bel Air…….. Miss Jupiter!

    Itaga mo yan sa meteorite!


    1. good luck etchos at pagbutihan mo dahil malamang ang iyong auntie liling ay sasali rin. qualified naman siya dahil iba ang mundo niya.

      re: my reply to timpaul’s comment on “LEAKS”
      i just thought it was JMM who commented because sabi kasi niya “mainit-init pa”. when JMM “takes a leak”, at least he uses the glass. i was wondering how you would have reacted if he took it directly from the source instead of using a glass.


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