OVER THE PAST 11 months, the Professional Heckler has “outscooped” every major news organization in the country – snagging exclusive interviews with the most fascinating newsmakers: political figures, showbiz personalities, and even inanimate objects! For those who missed, here are six of my favorite conversations (intercepted or otherwise). Balik-tanaw.

May 2011: Krissy/Manny – Kris Aquino’s revealing interview with Cong. Manny Pacquiao on RH Bill, women, and other issues

March 2011: Noynoy vs. Bongbong – The controversial text war between the President and the senator

August 2010: Exclusive! Noynoy Interviews Kris (The most read interview)

August 2010: Exclusive! GMA Breaks Her Silence (The award-winning interview)

January 2011: When It Rains, It Porsche – An Exclusive Interview with President Aquino’s sportscar

August 2010: Introductions – Miss Universe fever hits Malacañang

Atty. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III has been proclaimed senator of the Republic of the Philippines. Next week in the Senate, Pimentel will reportedly make a grand entrance, two weeks after Zubiri’s graceful exit.

Koko Pimentel has been proclaimed senator a week after Miguel Zubiri’s resignation. Koko is hopeful that his father Nene would likewise be proclaimed senator as soon as Senator Enrile quits his post.

The second operation on former President Arroyo’s spine wasn’t as successful as the first one. Or as Migz Zubiri would say, “Parang 2004 at 2007 elections lang.”

Nail Them
The government is hell-bent on nailing the Arroyos. In fact, the Department of Justice now considers placing even Rufa Mae Quinto on the immigration watch list.

In America, Standard & Poor’s downgraded the US credit rating from AAA to Double A Plus. In the Philippines, devout Catholics downgraded Mideo Cruz’s artwork from “R” to “Triple X Minus.”

President Aquino has spoken against the “Kulo” exhibit at the CCP. The President is reportedly disappointed. He just ordered the DOJ to place Mideo Cruz on immigration watchlist too.

No Show
Former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo snubbed the Senate hearing Thursday. To be fair, he sent the senators a letter detailing his current health condition as drafted by his lawyers at the St. Luke Law Office.

Briefly Noted:
A Poe gave Mike Arroyo a headache in 2004.
A Po is giving him a headache today.
“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”
~Christopher Reeve

Briefly Noted Too
“Spice Boys” and “Bright Boys” then, “Lousy Boys” today. The group is composed of Representatives Justin Chipeco, Sonny Angara, and Bem Noel and former congressmen Joel Villanueva, Gilbert Remulla, and Mujiv Hataman.

Lousy name.

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You Have Spoken
Makatarungan ba ang desisyong ilagay sa Immigration watchlist si former President Arroyo?
-Dapat lang! Eh kung tumakas? 70.72%
-No need! Sa lagay n’yang ‘yan, ‘di siya makakaalis ‘noh! 16.02%
-Wala akong pakialam. Busy ako. 13.26%

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32 thoughts on “WATCHLIST”

  1. Ako rin! ako rin! Meron din akong watch list!

    According to use:

    1. Rolex – pag imbitado sa shusha-shushalan ang etchosera
    2. Omega – pag sasakay ng erflen
    2. Longines – pag may laro kami ni Federer (walang kokontra)
    3. Swatch – pag magja-jogging
    4. Seiko – pag maggagata ng suso
    5. Citizen – pag magmo-malling sa Divisoria


  2. What is art?
    Is it having national icons shown with a penis inside them.
    No – that is just a saturday night for kris aquino.
    Is it having freedom of expression.
    No – god forbid, and does. And what the crazy old woman who lives in a shoe says, goes!
    Is it bikini clad babes on tv and billboards – yes- anything else is too intellectually challenging


  3. I like this part – “The government is hell-bent on nailing the Arroyos. In fact, the Department of Justice now considers placing even Rufa Mae Quinto on the immigration watch list”

    Anyway, tutal gusto namang magparetoke nitong si “7” eh so why not coconut? baka sakali maging si Ruffa Mae Quinto nga sya e di dapat lang ilagay sa immigration watchlist… bwahahahaha!


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