A DOSE of blind items for your weekend. Any guesses?

You’re Fired!
The wife of a High-Ranking Politician had his female assistant fired.
Nope, the High-Ranking Politician and the female assistant didn’t have an affair.
Here’s what happened:
Mr High-Ranking Politician was recently linked to a famous actress.
He just laughed off the rumor. She denied it.
Apparently, the wife of Mr High-Ranking Politician believed otherwise.
The wife suspected that the fired female assistant acted as the “bugaw” of famous actress.

Who is Mr High-Ranking Politician? Hate na hate niya ang balut at lagi mo siyang makikita sa kalsada.
Who is the famous actress? Nasa dugo lang ‘yan.

This will be short.
The nephew of Mr. High-Ranking Politician is a violent boy.
One time, he got mad at the family driver and hit him with a hammer. Wow. Who do you think you are kid? Thor?
Somebody close to the family of Mr. High-Ranking Politician said, “Eh kasi naman may pagmamanahang parent. Ang ginagawa ng matanda, gagayahin ng bata.”

Sayang…  tunog “royalty” pa naman si  “parent.”

The marriage IS really over.
Mr. High-Ranking Politician is hoping for reconciliation. The wife does not.
The wife has been co-financing the projects of new partner according to someone ‘really’ close to the guy.
She has also been spotted in events where new partner is a performer.

Time to move on Mr. Politician.

Apparently, all’s not well between Mr. High-Ranking Government Official’s mother and his wife.
Despite the high-profile union, the mother-in-law has never really developed a fondness for her son’s partner.
When she’s with her amiga, the feisty mother refers to her daughter-in-law as “that woman.”

Ouch. The husband must be feeling her pain.
“Show me someone who never gossips, and I’ll show you someone who isn’t interested in people.”
~Barbara Walters

Have a great weekend!

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38 thoughts on “‘HIGH-RANKING’ GOSSIP”

      1. seriously etchos, hindi ko talaga alam mga answers, nasabi
        ko na noon na pagdating sa blind items, blind/zero ako..

        at alam kong hindi mo rin alam kaya nga hindi kita kinunsulta…

        at tsaka etchos, babawiin ko na lang ang pleadings ko kay
        mister heckler, kasi, baka nga naman ma behind cold bars
        siya for rumor mongering, papaano na tayo, wala ng mag write
        para sa atin…


  1. it got me thinking, but i think i can name that tune.. in one try.. lol

    i read it in philstar (parang do’n nga. i think it was reported by ricky lo) that escudero’s wife is playing beautiful music with one of this popular dancers on TV, his surname is Zamora.

    did i get the tune right? (chuckle)


  2. M O T H E R I N L A W , play with the letters then you’ll get “woman hitler” …did i overheard these joke from the lady herself over dzmm??? can’t recall now…dami na kasi moments na pagpipilian for its entertainment value… baka doon sa dati kapartner ko narinig but definitely it is in “malayang mamamayan” i overheard this… ted became a confidante??


      1. nakow naman!!…si etchos…tagabasa na nga lang ako forever dito…minsan lang nakapag comment pinatulan pa….kasi tila(?) napapasama sa blind item ang aking “paboritong” news anchor (paborito tignan ang kanyang bow part na medyo hindi proportion sa kanyang height at rear…hehe)…not sure though kung siya nga ang item 4…. just supposing…i just stated what i overheard regarding comments about biyenan…linking them together kaya napasama si manong ted (like sa kanya ba nagcoconfide si maldita rin na anchor?)…patawad na etchos…hindi na uulit…


  3. I know thormentor now. The Parent is a royalty whom heckler hates and his BFF loves(read their twitter posts and you will know). Violent ba yung nanay nung bata? o yung bunganga lamg ang violent.

    Sa Item # 1, alam ko kung sino yung famous actress(who just reconciled with her sister), but do not know who is the ranking politician.

    Tama ba ako?


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