DID YOU MONITOR the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee’s hearing on the PCSO fund mess Wednesday? The hearing was attended by several bishops plus, of course, their savior, the senators.

At least eight bishops and a dozen senators converged Wednesday in the Senate. It was a face-off between pretentious, holier-than-thou, self-proclaimed devout Catholics, and bishops.

PCSO chair Margie Juico apologized for saying that the bishops received “Pajeros.” Sen. Jinggoy Estrada lectured Juico, and said “As a devout Catholic, it pains me to hear that our bishops are involved in anomalies here in our country.” To which, the bishops replied, “The feeling is mutual.”

Butuan Bishop Juan De Dios Pueblos admitted that he made a “lapse in judgment” when he asked for “a brand new car.” And in a move that shocked both the bishops and senators, Virgilio Garcillano issued a statement saying he never gave Pueblos a car.

Reading from a prepared opening statement, controversial Butuan Bishop Juan De Dios Pueblos admitted that he made a “lapse in judgement” in asking for “a brand new car” from former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. As soon as he was done reading, the other bishops held hands and started singing, “If We Hold on Together.”

Actress Susan Roces who was watching Bishop Pueblos on TV was like, “Ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw! You wrote that letter not once, but twice!”

Former governor Zaldy Ampatuan revealed that ex-president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was involved in the election fraud in Maguindanao in 2007. Likewise, he  revealed that Jose Rizal was killed by the Spanish; the Earth revolves around the sun, and John Lennon was shot by Mark David Chapman.

Apparently, Zaldy Ampatuan wants to turn state witness. Against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Zaldy Ampatuan has initiated court proceedings to change his last name. He is seeking a little compassion and empathy from the public. Hopefully, the judge would grant his petition to use the surname Mangudadatu.

Lintang Bedol
Former Maguindanao election supervisor Lintang Bedol has surfaced and accused the Arroyos of masterminding the election fraud in Maguindanao in 2007. Oh, I thought Lintang Bedol was dead. Well, now he is.

Lintang Bedol has exposed the alleged massive poll fraud in Maguindanao in 2007. Following his revelation, Bedol expressed fear for his life while Miguel Zubiri expressed fear for his post.

With his revelations against the Arroyos and other officials of the previous administration, Lintang Bedol has expressed fear for his life. He now considers changing his name.

De Lima’s Lovelife
Interviewed on ANC’s Strictly Politics, Justice Secretary Leila De Lima, whose marriage was annulled in 2001, admitted that she has a boyfriend. The 51-year-old single mom refuses to identify the guy nor his background but reveals she has six (new) witnesses to prove her claim.

Justice Secretary Leila De Lima has a lovelife. Take that Mr. President!

Among congressmen with the most number of absences in sessions, Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao placed fourth. In other words, he’s not present when solons deliberate on important issues. How are they able to tell?

Ang Galing Pinoy party-list Rep. Mikey Arroyo topped the list of absentees in the House of Representatives. In May 2011 alone, Mikey failed to attend a single session of the chamber. In totally unrelated news, Rufa Mae Quinto topped the list of absentees among “Showbiz Central” hosts for the month of May.
“Men of ill judgment ignore the good that lies within their hands, ‘til they have lost it.”

Quote of the Week
“Manny’s a good friend, I actually love him. I love his tenacity, I love his competitiveness. So, Manny’s my guy.”
~NBA superstar Kobe Bryant on Manny Pacquiao

You Have Spoken
Dapat bang ipagbawal ang billboard ng mga naka-underwear na modelo/celebrities??
-Dapat lang. Offensive! 35.36%
-Hayaan na lang! Karapatan nila ‘yan. 26.15%
-Big deal? Ke meron o wala, wala akong pakialam sa mga ‘yan. 38.49%

Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!
It was an awesome experience – as always. Kobe’s fourth visit to Manila was the most attended. Araneta Coliseum was filled to the rafters. Laker and non-Laker fans trooped to the Big Dome Wednesday to see the Black Mamba.

Thank you again TJ Manotoc for the tickets. I was seated beside two Azkals, Jason Sabio and Simon Greatwich, whom I wrongly identified in my tweet as Rob Gier. Apologies.

Thank you Kobe for the visit. Lakers4ever.

I have a Twitter follower whose father, Mr. Lory Ordenes is a regular reader of this blog. Magandang araw po sa mga taga-Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro and thanks for reading sir!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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76 thoughts on “LAPSES”

      1. mga aquino-cojuangco fanatic lang naman nandito lalo na si heckler tignan mo pag kakampi na ni abnoy ang mga pari maganda na rin sinasabi nyan.walang kwentang blog!kunyari tinitira si abnoy pero kinakalantare lang ni kris at abunda yang si heckler.


    1. Against the Catholic Church? hypocrisy, political interference, absence of transparency, no accounting of funds, suppression of information on clerical abuse, living a life too comfortable amid widespread poverty, non-payment of taxes, historical sins including land grabbing and use of forced labor, genocide through during the Spanish period in the building of churches and “reducciones”. ………….What a blighted institution


  1. President Arroyo was also the first person to enter my mind when I read about Pueblos’ lapse in judgement statement yesterday. Idol nya yata masyado si Madam Ex President. Kung matatandaan po ng ating mga kababayan, GMA began to really woo the church’s support mula nang pumutok ang Hello Garci scandal six years ago. Nakakalungkot nga lang po sapagkat maging ang mga obispo ay na-corrupt na rin…


    1. d ba pera/checke ang binigay ng pcso..
      yobn ang pinagbili ng puiack up at montero (aka pajero,, readwikipedia)luma mang pera .. pera pa rin..yaks.
      kaya sabi ni juico suli ang pera..di ang lumang sasakyan..problema a auction nyan..
      ang tama gawin lang tama.. wag na palusot angbaluktot,.


  2. thug arroyo a no show at congress.
    no intellectual loss there then.
    the arroyos want to change their name to cockroaches. an insult to cockroaches.

    pacquaio a no show at congress – no surprise or intellectual loss there either.
    he doesnt want to change his name – just his wife.

    and the poison dwarf – aka gma – has alo been absent in amsterdam.
    maybe trying out vicki belos new con trick for grannies – the vagina tightener! lets hope we never see before or after pictures.
    in fact the queen of tackiness and endorser of all things cheap kris – anytime, anywhere – aquino will endorse it.
    ” front or back i,ve now got a matching crack – so twice the fun and up my bum. if you likee – just do it”

    class, intellect and the aquinos, or arroyos, never sit comfortably together in the same sentence.


      1. on the contrary loss.loss, sorry to disappoint you pero
        na mimiss ko pag wala si anon, for several reasons,
        una ay her unique way of posting or papaano ba sasabihin,
        yun bang ang hirap intindihin dahil hindi sya in usual form,
        another is, ang dami nyang nalalaman ha, must be a bookworm,
        and her fondness of posting just whatever comes into her
        mind, from one topic to another, saksak sinagol ba kung sa
        bisaya pa…

        may i add lang, just in case hindi mo pa nalaman kung bakit
        sya nag libertas, sabi nya, ” to confuse senior60″ hahaha


  3. nyahaha kulet ng not once but twice joke, sabi na nga ba parang napanood ko na dati ung lapse in judgment na yan eh nyahaha ^_^

    hehe sana lang talaga may mangyari sa mga hearing hearing na yan, panay pasikat na lang sa tv eh…

    naalala ko tuloy ung nabasa ko kay sun tzu na mahirap na kalaban ang desperado, reminders lang, just in case…


  4. hahahah, the best ka talga idol. kaya ang sarap basahin nitong site mo eh. kakawala ng umay. hehehe

    “The hearing was attended by several bishops plus, of course, their savior, the senators.”
    “At least eight bishops and a dozen senators converged Wednesday in the Senate. It was a face-off between pretentious, holier-than-thou, self-proclaimed devout Catholics,” – hayyy it clearly shows the double standard our society have. bakit pag mga bishop ang kausap nina para silang mga maamong tupa, at todo tanggol, hindi ba talaga pede magkamali ang mga naka-abito. or natatakot lang sila na pag dating ng election eh wala silang endorso. kung maka-cross examine sila sa mga ibang resource person nila dati kala mo lalamunin tas dito. tsk tsk. i am not agaist bishops per se but their actions.
    I AM SORRY noon, WE ARE SORRY ngayon, at ang similarity. ung BUTs, nung kay gloria, “I AM SORRY pero hindi ko nman talaga kasalanan, naglapse in judegement lng ako na di pala ko dapat kumausap ng comelec official” tas ngayon WE ARE SORRY pero may excuse din. hayyy same kaya gumawa ng speech nila.
    hayyy pero i still believe na titino rin ang pilipinas, malapit na. 🙂


    1. hindi natakot ang mga senador sa mga pari, natakot sila
      kay miriam…

      parang nabasa ko na somewhere itong fashion show thing,
      ikaw din ba yon luna?

      sa palagay ko naman, walang batas na nagbabawal na
      manghingi ang mga pari ng mga sasakyan, kapritso lang
      ng mga senador ang pagpapapunta sa mga pari doon para
      maka posing sila, ang mga senador ha, hindi mga pari, at
      in aid of legislation as always..


  5. The bishops retorted that there is nothing wrong accepting donations even if it came from illegal sources if the donations are used to help the poor. I also read that if a known smuggler donated money one catholic priest commented that he will accept the donation and “will use it to help the poor; money is neutral and it is man, not money, who is equipped with a conscience and morality.”
    “If Satan appears to me and gives me money, I will accept the money and spend it all on the poor,” Jaime Cardinal Sin once said. “It is not the practice of the Church to ask donors where the donations come from. Our duty is to make sure all donations go to the poor.”
    Asked by Jinggoy if he would accept money from the devil, Bishop Pueblos said he might accept it but perhaps ‘discern more about it’.
    Can our church please explain then how there actions are any different from criminals who are now languishing in jail for committing crimes to feed their families? Is it justifiable then to work for the devil if only to save other souls and send them to heaven even if it means you will go to hell for it? Is it justifiable for a mother and father to ask their children to undress before the webcam and engage in cybersex so that the family can have enough money?
    What is the Catholic Church teaching us here? I am confused.


  6. There was a point in the hearing when Sen. Jinggoy Estrada asked Bishop Pueblos, “Who was Satan in this case?” (referring to the car received from illicit sources i.e., PCSO vs then PGMA).

    It would have been much fun if Bishop Pueblos answered (in his melancholic voice), “Ahhh… Uhmmm.. Between PGMA and PCSO? I guess Satan would still be your father. And that makes you…son-of-a-devil.”

    Joke! LOL


  7. First, I like Kobe Bryant. I am a Boston Celtics fanatic but I a Kobe fan I am and I will gladly tell the whole world about it. Very good PR this kid has.

    On the other hand, it does not matter whether the Bishops got a pedicab or a bike. What matter is that they accepted gifts from the PCSO? Saan ba galing ang pera ng PCSO? Sa sugal. Di ba ayaw ng mga pari yan. Against daw sa teaching ng simbahan. Sa ginawa nilang pagtangggap ng regalo galing sa PCSO parang pinakain na nila kaming mga Katoliko ng lason di ba? Since when was Robin Hood an acceptable figure in our lives? Di ba alam ng mga Bishops that there is no thing such as a white lie – there is only the lie. So asan pa ngayon ang moral conviction nila to oppose the government now? Ang plastic naman kung patuloy mo pang kakalabanin ang kamay ng nagpapala sa iyo.

    Noon, I was wondering why the church and in particular the CBCP were very quiet and soft with the Arroyo administration. Ngayon, kailangan pa bang ipaliwanag kung bakit sila ganon?


      1. @hikatalomato , hindi naman solusyon ang pagtiwalag. Sa dami ng hinagpis ko bilang isang Pinoy kasagutan ba ang pagapalit ng passport para mawala ang hinagpis ko bilang isang Pinoy. Kailangan lang naman ay isang malayang talakayan upang maiparating natin ang ating saloobin sa mga kinauukulan. Para sa akin naman, hindi naman lahat ng Pari e gaya nitong ating mga bishops na talaga namang lagpas ulo yata ang kamangmangan. Yung mga nasa lower level na Pari lalo na yung mga kabataang Pari, very dynamic at in-tune with the changing times.

        Wala naman problema sa pagiging Katoliko, ang may problema ay ang mga taong nagpapatakbo nito pero hindi naman nangangahulugang kailangan na itong talikuran. Gaya rin ng wala naman problema sa pagiging Pinoy, me problema lang ang ating liderato. I believe that us Filipinos are still work in progress. Uunlad din tayo, siguro hindi man sa ating panahon pero ika nga ni Aiza, Pagdating ng Panahon.


      2. boston caltex wrote:

        “Yung mga nasa lower level na Pari lalo na yung mga kabataang Pari, very dynamic at in-tune with the changing times”

        no wonder there’s plenty of hard-drinking, drug-using, party-loving and sodomizing young priests today.

        by the way, do we need to capitalize the name “Pari”?


      3. Relax. Masyado kang galit sa mundo.

        Lest you are not reading, matagal na ang problema ng predators sa alin mang relihiyon. Kala mo lang mas dumami kasi mas matapang na ang media ngayon sa pagbabalita. Kaya nga noon pa merong Sodom at Gomora, di ba?

        Go Boston.


    1. promise ka dyan, basta ako, i have this feeling na girl ka,
      aside from other reasons, your 2 usernames, i have a girl
      neighbor na pangalan ay anon, at kung boy ka, sana libertos

      ano, tatakbo si pacquiao pagka gobernador and to be a senator
      be far behind? huwag naman sana aabot sa palasyo, or else,
      basta or else, o anong say mo


    2. It matters not whether you are a He or a She. But it matter if you write well. And you do write well.

      The beauty of being in this site is not only because of PH’s witticism but that so many can write as humorously as he could. To bond together because of laughter, isn’t it a wonderful thing?


  8. mitsubishi montero o Pajero ..prepreho lang..

    However, since pajero is an offensive term for “wanker” in Spanish,[2] alternative names have been used for many markets overseas. It is known as the Mitsubishi Montero (meaning “mountain warrior”) in Spain, India, and the Americas (excepting Brazil), and as Mitsubishi Shogun in the United Kingdom


    so meron naman pajero a..
    na elaborate lang na pickup at montero.
    di preparado si juico magsagot..nakuryente sa pajero affiliation sa obispo

    me tinanggap na funds
    binili ng sasakyan
    ang funds pang charity di pang sasakyan (malversation of funds para sa PCSO; unwitting donees?? ang Obisopos)
    para sa sambayanan di para sa simbahan

    sabi ni meriam ..walang karapatan ang COA to say unconstitutionala ang disbursement..e nagbabasa din ng consti ang COA a…
    pero di ba sya nagsabi na walang illegal..,baka ibang consti ang basehan nya..o .. sia na ang sc??
    hay buhay pinas.. uns sino madaldal sya pinakingan..


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