THIS IS Final Jeopardy! Our category: THE WHO!
Hindi si Ricky Lo,
Hindi si Deo Macalma,
Marunong mag-blind item,
Gabinete iniintriga!

Who is… The President?
Siya na nga!

“Sa totoo lang ho, mayroon kasing mga ibang miyembro ng Gabinete – mga dalawa, tatlo – kada makita ko, kaagad iniisip ko, ‘Ano kayang bad news ang dala-dala nito?’ Pinipilit ko na lang po na harapin, dahil talagang, kako itong taong ito, talagang penitensya ko na yata sa mundong ito.”
~President Aquino

For a chance to ride the President’s Porsche, correctly identify the three Cabinet members. To join, just key in PENITENSYA (space) Answers separated by a slash (space) Your Name, Age, Address, Short message to the President, and Signature, and send to 1-908-1-INTRIGERO. Entries without signature will be considered invalid.
Example of a valid entry:
PENITENSYA De Lima/Robredo/Ochoa Kristeta Escudero, 45, Marikina City, ‘Bakit ba may gano’ng hirit pa? Kawawa naman ang mga opisyal na tinutukoy mo! Kung ayaw mo sa kanila, sana kinausap mo na lang. Nakakaloka ka!’ (Signature to follow)

1: The contest is open to all Filipino (or former Filipino) citizens of all ages, sexual orientation, and political affiliation.
2: The President and the members of his Cabinet, and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the contest.
3: Kept women (if any) of Cabinet members are allowed to join the contest provided that their illicit affair won’t be exposed to the public 30 days before and after the contest.
4. Winners shall be announced live by President Aquino himself after his State of the Nation Address on July 25, 2011. There will be a delayed telecast at NBN 4 on the same date at 9PM preempting the live lotto draw.
5:Three lucky texters will have the opportunity to ride the President’s Porsche for a day.
6:The decision of the board of judges may not be final and may be appealed to the Supreme Court.

Text na!

Inspired by the President, here are three additional blind items:
Item No. 1:
Miss Finland is a cousin of Mr. High-Ranking Government Official.
Miss Finland used to have a girlfriend, female celeb Denmark Somalia.
Miss Finland and Denmark Somalia have since called it quits.
These days, Denmark Somalia is going out with Mr. High-Ranking Government Official’s other cousin, a guy.
Denmark Somalia is a certified chickboy: puwede sa chick, puwede sa boy.

Item No. 2:
What do feisty broadcaster Thailand Rwanda, and high-ranking official, Aruba Poland have in common?
They were once linked to the same woman – local politician, Bulgaria!

Item No. 3: (Courtesy of Alvin Elchico of dzMM’s SRO)
Government official Panama has been spotted at least four times at President Tower condo located at Timog Avenue, Quezon City with sexy singer, Albania. All along, I thought Albania would end up marrying veteran singer Hungary. Hiwalay na pala sila? Nakakapagtaka naman.

Fight of the Weak
President Aquino vs. Cotabato City Mayor Japal Guiani
“Kahapon po yata meron akong miyembro ng Gabinete ko na may kausap na ama ng kanyang lungsod. At wala hong bukambibig iyong ama ng lungsod na ‘to na amin pong dinalaw kundi po puro reklamo. Ang kawani po ng kasundaluhan at kapulisan ang siyang tumitibag ng tinatawag na water hyacinths. Pagkakataon na ito may problema para mapagbuklod ang ating mga komunidad para may patunguhan. Awa ng diyos, mukhang mahina ang pandinig ng kagalang-galang natin na mayor sa lugar na ‘yun, wala po siyang napakinggan. Pagpalain na lang siya ng Diyos.”
~President Aquino on Cotabato City Mayor Japal Guiani

Photo of the Week (Courtesy of Myra Gravoso Ramirez)
Titles sent by my Twitter followers:
From @torchie82: Ang Bakya Mo Nonong
From @joyagustin: High Heels
From @EdenBrion: Chairnelas
From @macevangelista: Stoollettos

Can you think of other titles for this photo?

Enjoy your weekend! Ingat!

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24 thoughts on “THE WHO”

  1. “Stoolletos” and “Chairnelas” are fabulous captions. Napaka-innovative naman ng mamang ito.:p

    itong si Mayor naman, dati na nilang problema ang water hyacinth na yan, di man lang nakapaghanda! kung ang mga tao mismo sa lugar ay nagtutulungan bago sila natabunan ng water hyacinth ay siguro di ganyan kalala ang problema ngayon. nagpapaka-astig naman si Mayor, wala ba syang konsehal na naka assign magbantay ng water hyacinth?:p


  2. Pnoy’s comment on the 3 officials are confusing: what does he want to convey? 1) the 3 officials tells him the real pictures of their areas of responsibility and thus always a bad news to his ears, or 2) the 3 officials are the cause of his embarrassments because they do not perform well or always do the wrong things……what is it really?….his comment about Mayor Guiani, is uncalled for coming from a president… a real statesman, Mr. President and please do not use as an excuse the no. of days and years of his administration as a reason for not having a solution to the water hyacinth problem…..with the bunch of great minds in government, he should have at least ordered them to give some ideas on what to do with the problem….his response of “were only 100 days as administrators of the country” is not acceptable coming from the leader of this country…how sad…..we want to help, but please lead us to the right path of progress……


  3. When these cabinet members started working with Pnoy, they should have known that he is just a simpleton who cannot think through problems, cannot operate a feedback loop, cannot take stress, and would rather be humored all the time. For the sake of the country they should run things without Pnoy to arrest the downward spiral of government


    1. p-noy only wants to hear good news and for the papers to print good news.
      he is a serious liability for the country and his ostrich style is indicative of his indecisiveness, incompetence and lack of inspiration to his colleagues, and those fools who could not see past the slogans and voted for him should also take their share of the blame. but of course they wont.


  4. Please naman ang hirap ng blind items mo, I thought i would only suffer when i watch SRO on weeknights now i have to agonize over your blog. Yung bang mga names ay initials of the mga guess who? Clue naman please, please Thank you

    i dont want to say anything about Pnoy i need to work to live


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