IN COMMEMORATION of Dr. Jose Rizal’s 150th birth anniversary, I’m posting an updated version of a blog article originally published in 2009.

Top 10 Possible Headlines If Dr. Jose Rizal Were Still Alive

No. 10:
Jose Rizal posts new Twitter record;
Pinoy Methuselah overtakes Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber with 13 million followers

No. 9:
Pacquiao pays courtesy call on PH’s super senior statesman;
Rizal hails People’s Champ’s heroics, looks forward to bout vs. Floyd Jr.

No. 8:
10 million-strong Rizalistas confirm bloc voting plans in 2013;
Candidates expected to flock main headquarters of 150-year-old Supreme Leader

No. 7:
Rizal rejects 500-million peso offer to endorse Belo Medical Clinic

No. 6:
Hitler scion claims Rizal is his great, great, great grandfather;
seeks financial support from revered Filipino icon

No. 5:
Senate, House agree to conduct joint hearing on Rizal’s “immortality;”
Gerontologists, arbularyos, Church rep invited as resource persons

No. 4:
Who’s Who in politics, business, arts & culture expected to attend Rizal’s
150th birthday bash; CBCP rejects invitation

No. 3:
Divorce Bill/RH Bill advocates find ally in Jose Rizal;
Catholic Church threatens to excommunicate 150-year-old statesman

No. 2:
After Noli and Fili:
Rizal announces release of two new books on betrayal, abuse of power, and corruption;
“Merci” and “Glori” to hit bookstores Friday

And the No. 1 possible headline if Rizal were alive today…

President Aquino confirms break-up with latest gf;
Rizal gives unsolicited advice to PH leader: “Tigilan mo muna ‘yan. Magtrabaho ka na muna! Ok? Thx, bye!”
“One only dies once, and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost and will not present itself again.”
~Dr. Jose P. Rizal (Letter to Mariano Ponce – 1890)

Have a safe and productive week ahead!

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13 thoughts on “HEADLINE: JOSE RIZAL”

  1. at binalikan ko rin ang dalawang comments ko doon:

    1. I’m sure Rizal will not reject the 500 million (100 million pa noon )
    peso offer to endorse Belo Medical Group…
    Why? what’s wrong with that?

    2. Mr. Heckler, pwede bati?
    to all the fathers out there…

    Happy Father’s Day


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