THE NUMBER OF unemployed Filipinos rose from 23.5 percent in November 2010 to 27.2 percent in March 2011. That’s one piece of bad news Attorney Edwin Lacierda could not blame on opinion columnists.

The SWS said nine percent of unemployed Filipinos consisted of people who had lost their jobs. Or as Conrado De Quiros would say, “Liberal Party.”

The figures released by the SWS are based on the definition of unemployment as “not working and at the same time looking for work.” Simply put, ex-Ombudsman.

The bad news is the number of unemployed Filipinos  is  up. The good news is there will be vacancies at the Bureau of Corrections very soon.

Living Out Leviste
Convicted killer and former Batangas governor Antonio Leviste said, “Sa dalawang taon at kalahati ko rito (sa Bilibid), as God is my witness, I have never asked or received any VIP treatment.” To which, God said, “Ulol! Nandamay ka pa!”

Mired in controversy, Bureau of Corrections director Ernesto Diokno, a shooting buddy of the President, filed a leave of absence Monday. Take that Rico E. Puno!

Socialite and former Tarlac governor Margarita “Tingting” Delos Reyes-Cojuangco is running for vice governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. Is Forbes Park now part of ARMM?

On Tuesday, May 24, President Aquino led a lake seeding activity at Laguna De Bay. That was the closest thing he could get to procreation.

Sen. Bong Revilla and Cavite Rep. Lani Mercado are renewing their vows on Saturday. ‘k.

I guess you’ve heard a lot about California preacher Harold Camping. Last May 21, the world saw the end of his credibility.

California preacher Harold Camping says Judgment Day will actually come on October 21. Unfortunately for Camping, the whole world has already judged him last May 21.

Christian broadcaster and California preacher Harold Camping said his prophecy that the world would end was off by five months because Judgment Day actually will come on October 21. Camping’s predictions are so terrible, they make Madam Auring’s forecasts sound so credible.

Top Ten 2010-2011 Predictions Made by Harold Camping in 2009 For/About the Philippines

No. 10: Richard Gutierrez will win an acting award.

No. 9: Korina Sanchez will become the country’s First Lady. If not, her husband will.

No. 8: The price of gas and the cost of basic commodities as well as transport fare and toll rates will not increase.

No. 7: The Sandiganbayan will junk the plea bargain agreement between the Ombudsman and retired Major Gen. Carlos F. Garcia.

No. 6: Kris Aquino shall never again talk about President Aquino’s romantic involvements. Also, her show, ‘The Price is Right’ will be a top-rater.

No. 5: Manny V. Pangilinan and his PLDT Group will buy Globe Telecoms.

No. 4: The Samar and Balay groups will unite after the first automated elections.

No. 3: The composite team of the NBI, PNP, and AFP will successfully locate and arrest Sen. Panfilo Lacson.

No. 2: Malacañang will certify the RH Bill as urgent.

And the top 2010-2011 prediction made by Harold Camping in 2009 for/about the Philippines…

The President will quit smoking, and will have a stable, long-term, romantic relationship with a woman his age.
“The rapture you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.”
~Author Unknown

Briefly Noted
In a speech in Laguna Tuesday, the President joked about his so-called lovelife… again!
“Manalig po kayo: Hanggat pagkakapwa-tao at hindi panlalamang ang isinasapuso natin, pagbaba ko po sa puwesto sa 2016, sana po’y nakapag-asawa na, babangon naman kayo sa isang Pilipinas na mas maunlad… ”

Ikaw ang nagsimula n’yan huh! ‘Wag na ‘wag kang magrereklamo kapag pinag-usapan na naman ng publiko ang lovelife mo. ok.thx.bye!

GMA News: UP, Ateneo, UST, DLSU make it to Top 200 Asian universities Here’s the complete list.

PDI’s Fr. Joaquin G. Bernas S. J.: My stand on the RH Bill

Yahoo! News: Harold Camping’s Rapture Reminds Many of Former Religious Nightmares

You Have Spoken
Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago to Cong. Manny Pacquiao: “Stay out of the RH Bill debate.” Your take:
Tama! Huwag ka nang makialam Pacman. 50.1%
– Nahh, it’s his right to voice his opinions! Hayaan natin siya. 46.1%
– No comment. 3.81%

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34 thoughts on “JOBLESS”

  1. Playing the percentage game.

    P-noy was not known as an ardent student but must have managed to get up and attend the lecture on vilfredo pareto – the italian economist from the 1900’s who came up with the pareto principle ( 80/20rule)

    P-noy must have had a semblance of it in mind when he said ” julia abad is 80% of my brains” and also
    ” mar roxas will be doing 80% of my work”

    i.e. P-noy will work 20% of his time ( ribbon cutting) and play the remaining 80%

    Maybe between dates p-noy could give some thought to the escalating number of unemployed who need to work and want to work – clearly alien concepts to the 20% president.

    Pareto also wrote the classic socio-economic book – ‘the rise and fall of the elites’. He should read it.


      1. His central thesis is to uphold the pluralism of our society and the secularism of the government which should be always be inviolable. He is against anything that will assault these foundations of our national life and the suppression of the RH right is such an assault.


  2. on his trip to thailand i recommend p-noy visits Cabbages and Condoms – one of the best restaurants in bangkok and one of my favourites.
    Started by the former minister of health in the 1970’s it serves really great food in a beautiful setting and promotes positive sexual health. All profits – and it is very profitable – go to a community development fund to help micro-finance young entrepreneurs and create local jobs.
    All diners get a condom rather than an after dinner mint with coffee!
    Creative and effective. Every little helps.


  3. “But if we have to have an RH law, I intend to contribute to its improvement as much as I can. Because of this, I and a number of my colleagues have offered ways of improving it and specifying areas that can be the subject of intelligent discussion…” excerpts from FrJBernas’ “stand on RH Bill”…

    This is one of the most objective, unbiased premises on The Bill i’ve read this season… think it’s one stand that doesn’t hurt both sides. The truth of the matter is there really are flaws and controvertible provisions in the bill, one of which esp is the mandatory sexual educ in public schools, which Fr Bernas has fairly opined about. Samakatuwid, this fated Bill (#4244; 9710, et al) which has been amended a number of times in a number of congressional seasons, ought to get some more thin time to refine; improve out of all recognition. Kumbaga sa thesis, teka muna ang rating, ayusin mo kaya uli; next sem ka na lang gumradweyt! next bill, please!!!


    1. No law is perfect and it is in recognition of this that an IRR is formulated to support it and a prescription period is provided. The bill that is promulgated into a law is always the best that can be crafted at that period and never flawless. And of course it gets outdated with time. To make the body of laws dynamic and evolving is one reason why we maintain a legislature in spite of its prohibitive cost, clowning lawmakers and rampant corruption


  4. When asked about the rise in unemployment figures, dumpy and dim valte, who regards press conferences as her fashion show, said it is “statistically insignificant since there is a /- 3point error”
    I dont think the extra 1.9 million families see themselves as insignificant.
    What an extremely callous and insensitive remark. Bet her background is not PR.
    Nor, i doubt is it maths or logic, since the 3 point error could also mean that there are another 2 million ‘ insignificants’ out of work.
    For sure the comms group gets lower points for news but higher ones for partying, as rumpy pumpy hump the dumpy valte’s 10 point weight increase testifies.


  5. john connor is the only prophet i believe. this is his what he said about judgement day:

    “by the time skynet became self-aware it had spread into millions of computer servers across the planet. ordinary computers in office buildings, dorm rooms; everywhere. it was software; in cyberspace. there was no system core; it could not be shutdown. the attack began at 6:18pm, just as he said it would. judgment day, the day the human race was almost destroyed by the weapons they’d built to protect themselves. i should have realized it was never our destiny to stop judgment day, it was merely to survive it, together. the terminator knew; he tried to tell us, but I didn’t want to hear it. maybe the future has been written. i don’t know; all i know is what the terminator taught me; never stop fighting. and I never will. the battle has just begun.”


    1. Juicemio! Sana hindi pa huli ang lahat!

      Magpapa-feng shui ako Hika! …..magpapadasal ako!

      Kaya pa yan ng limang luhod. Basta tibayan mo lang ang loob mo.

      Ikaw kasi eh, ilang beses ko na bang sinabi sayo na wag maliligo agad pakatapos mamalantsa? Tingnan mo, pati mga ugat sa utak mo eh napasma!

      Tara na nga… samahan kita, patingin ka na sa imong obstetrician!


  6. 1 smile at him and aquino thinks a girl fancies him.
    1 date and he thinks they are in love with him.
    The narcissist will have problems in thailand – ‘land of smiles ‘
    With a bit of luck he wont come back.
    They will trade him for 3 donkeys and he will become the bitch of some rich arab. You get what you deserve in life.


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