Pacman Interpellates
World boxing champion and anti-RH Bill solon Manny Pacquiao slugged it out with veteran lawmaker Edcel Lagman in Congress last Wednesday night. It was a mismatch. The welterweight was exposed as a lightweight.

Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman thus snapped Manny Pacquiao’s 14-bout winning streak.

Did you see the Pacquiao-Lagman bout last Wednesday? Even if Pacman used steroids, he would have still lost that one.

Before he interpellated Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao told the media he spent the whole night reading and studying the RH Bill. It didn’t show.

After 12 rounds of Q&A, Lagman scored well in research; Pacquiao, scored fairly in reading.

Although the main event was lackluster, the undercard was thrilling and entertaining. Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao posted her first career win when Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago decided to throw in the towel.

Defending her son against Senator Santiago’s advice that he should “stay out of the RH Bill debate,” a fuming Mommy Dionisia said, “Ang pakialaman nila ‘yong malaswa. Gusto ko ang pakialaman nila ‘yong malaswaaaaaaa!” To which Willie Revillame said, “O? Ano na namang ginawa ko?”

Quoting God, Cong. Manny Pacquiao said everyone must “go out to the world and multiply.” His statement was seconded by the CBCP, anti-RH Bill groups, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted that he fathered a child with a member of his household staff. The kid is now a fourth grader at the International Cyborg Institute.

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child outside of his marriage. The other son was identified as Jose Victor or JV.

Arnold Schwarzenegger kept the child secret for 10 years. Maria Shriver discovered it with the help of US Navy SEALs.

Bilibid Or Not
Bureau of Corrections director Ernesto Diokno is in hot water these days. This, after ABS-CBN cameras caught convicted killer and former Batangas governor Antonio Leviste outside the New Bilibid Prisons, specifically, in Makati and Binondo – at least four times. Rumors say Diokno is on his way out. In fact, his post has been offered to Anthony Taberna.

According to records, former Batangas governor Antonio Leviste is a ‘living out’ inmate – meaning, he is free to move around the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP). The records didn’t explain though how Binondo and Makati City became part of the NBP.

Noy’s New Date
President Aquino invited a certain Bunny Calica to a date last Monday. Reports say Bunny is 27 years old, very simple, intelligent, and the type of person who wouldn’t say no to the elderly.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that Bunny Calica had dinner with Baby James and Joshua Aquino at the Bahay Pangarap in Malacañang recently. The information came from the fourth member of President Aquino’s Communications Group, Kris Aquino.

According to Kris, while having dinner, Baby James or Bimby asked Bunny, “Are you my tito’s girlfriend?” It was the President who answered, “No. But I hope so.” And then there was an awkward moment when Bimby said, “Hope? My daddy too.”

Top 5 Things Bunny Calica Shouldn’t Say if Baby James Asked, “Are you my tito’s girlfriend?”

No. 5: “Anak ka nga ng ina mo!”

No. 4: “You wish!”

No. 3: “Puwede na rin. End of the world na naman bukas eh.”

No. 2: “Actually, I’m your tito’s boyfriend. Mahaba lang ang buhok ko.”

And the No. 1 thing Bunny Calica shouldn’t say if Baby James asked, “Are you my tito’s girlfriend?”

“No Tito Boy. We’re just friends.”
“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.”
~Charles Schultz

Quote of the Weak
“As you know I am still single. If I ever get a chance to go out on a date, it seems that I have invited the entire Filipino people to join me on that date. And I wonder who gave them the right.”
~ President Noynoy Aquino

– Eh ‘di magsumbong ka sa lolo mong panot!
You don’t want attention? STAY HOME! Problema ba ‘yon?

Have a great weekend!

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112 thoughts on “OF DATES AND DEBATES”

  1. ‘methinks the boy protests too much’

    P-noy doesnt want privacy. I think he is revelling in the attention and promoting this pseudo image of playboy of the asian world, when it is abundantly clear- especially when you watch the body language- that he fears relatonships and intimacy. He is getting off by being on a power trip after being the geeky loner all his life.

    The 4th member of the comms group ( great description) is showing her spiteful and jealous side by no longer being the star of the aquino family. She seems to like to sabotage any chances whilst getting the spotlight back on her.


      1. You are right. Attention seeking kris admitted a few months ago to having BPD (borderline personality disorder) although many already knew that. She is the high functioning high energy extrovert version of BPD.
        P-noy is the opposite outwardly but would seem to have the same internal issues but maybe not as extreme. The main and most common characteristics of BPD are the need for attention, fear of abandonment, difficulty in relationships,lack of trust in others, paranoia and secrecy, fear of being found out, emotionally immature, fear of failure, social anxiety, mood swings, arrogance, lack of empathy for others, prone to obsession, likes to be in control, often childish behaviour.

        The condition is invariably rooted in childhood trauma – usually abandonment,loss, or death. The younger you suffer the more severe the symptoms in later life.


      2. @anon:

        “arrogance, lack of empathy for others, prone to obsession…”

        Parang ikaw, ano?
        arrogance – sometimes you are arrogant in your posts
        lack of empathy for others – parang ikaw din
        prone to obsession – obsessed ka sa akin, you never fail to mention me in your rants


      3. @anon
        you said: “the condition is invariably rooted in childhood trauma – usually abandonment,loss, or death. the younger you suffer the more severe the symptoms in later life”

        i think your wrong man. the “peculiar personality” of the yellow siblings is a result of inbreeding. if it is a mental disease caused by childhood trauma like what you have said, then why is it still present in the younger generations?


    1. Did he really want to hide it considering that he paraded this date in a concert with hundreds of people in a very public place? Or he was just out to titillate the public knowing that any thing that is hidden will whet curiosity? If the purpose of the titillation is divert attention from his failing presidency, it seems to be not so successful based on the public reaction written in comment pages.


      1. Titillate-tin nya mukha nya! Who does he think he is…. Gerald Anderson?

        Juicemio! Ang daming dapat asikasuhing problema sa gobyerno, pa-attend attend lang ng concert ang mokong river na itetch?

        Ang tanong…… magkano na naman kayang tax payers money ang binayad dun sa bagong gurl para maging props na naman sa never ending na pagpapanggap na itetch ng ating mahal (as in expensive) na prisidinti?



  2. So ang gusto niya ay makunan ng lahat ng media yung pag kain niya ng hotdog sa US pero etong ginagawa niya sa Pilipinas ay dapat “private”?

    Excuse me po mr. president pero nagbabayad po ako at halos buong Pilipinas ay nagbabayad ng tax para magamit ninyo sa pagunlad ng bansa.

    Kawawa naman mga magulang sa darating na pasukan dahil ang taas-taas na ng mga bilihin.


  3. just because manny could not articulate his thoughts well doesn’t mean he is not intelligent. a columnist said that an articulate person is not necessarily intelligent and it does not necessarily follow that an intelligent person is articulate but a person who is both articulate and intelligent does not mean he is well mannered.


    1. i will not say he is stupid but out of his depth and possibly ill advised by his team.
      he should take some time out to study properly – ie serious courses and exams if he wants to progress in politics.

      i would have more respect then.
      i think this also applies to p-noy and other lawmakers and therein lies the problem. the country is not getting professional, committed and educated innovators or change-makers in government.
      it is a vicious circle which has to be broken if real progress is to be achieved.
      go and deal with singapore to compare chalk and cheese.


      1. if he was earnest! and i suspect not.
        there is big difference between handing a relative pittance to a project – and he always makes sure he gets the publicity and credit for it – and fighting with passion and compassion and putting it centre stage in your life which many unsung heros do in this country and elsewhere. i am still sceptical.
        its another nice notion and good for marketing his increasing range of products – next month a new credit card for filipinos but bet the interest rates will not favour the poor.
        it has taken a year for the masses to see through the aquino image and it will take time for people to realise the same about pacquiao. maybe then there next saviour will be charice! she is such a good singer and rich so she must be a good politician.


  4. (PH, pardon me for reposting this but i need to hear an answer to my query and i hope you would reconsider since this is within the topic anyway.)
    i am neither pro or anti RH bill at this time since i have a lot of questions about it and i don’t know where to get the answers. hopefully, my questions will be deemed relevant by some congressmen and be taken up when they discuss the bill in the plenary or even in debates on tv. I understand that the RH bill seeks to protect and promote the reproductive health of the people. Discussion is most often focused on the ‘control’ or ‘planning’ of having children. Debate is primarily geared towards the violation of religious beliefs, the freedom of choice, and moral issues. However, does the law also provide help, not only to those who do not want to have children, but to those who want to have children but are incapable of doing so because perhaps of medical problems? Does it offer help by giving appropriation to those who have fertility problems? If so, does this mean a person who has erectile dysfunction can seek help under this law? Will this law provide for free, as in the case of those who want condoms or pills, medicine like viagra to those who have erectile dysfunction?


    1. ano ka ba naman amateur heckler, mas gusto nga ni
      lagman and company na magiging sterile ang lahat so
      as to prevent population explosion at ito ka ngayon,
      barking at the wrong tree…

      try mo kaya sina enrile and company, let them file
      another bill, para lang maiba naman, the exact opposite
      of the very controversial rh bill, the one you are talking

      by the way, kung sino man sa inyo ang may erectile
      dysfunction and therefore is incapable of bearing children,
      pwede try nyo rin, sayaw kayo sa obando, garantisado daw


      1. senior, is it then your understanding of the proposed law that it applies only to the control of population? i appreciate your suggestion of going to obando but that is not my point. I just want to know what this bill applies to because i am confused. if you believe that i am barking at the wrong tree, please enlighten me. HB 4244 provides, “Reproductive Health Care refers to the access to a full range of methods, facilities, services and supplies that contribute to reproductive health and well-being by preventing and solving reproductive health-related problems. It also includes sexual health, the purpose of which is the enhancement of life and personal relations. The elements of reproductive health care include: …prevention and treatment of infertility and sexual dysfunction”.
        What do you understand then of this provision? Does this not encompass health care to those who have reproductive health infirmities? Considering that this bill will appropriate money for its application, will some money be appropriated not just for condoms or pills but also for drugs to prevent or cure erectile dysfunction and other reproductive health concerns regarding having children?


    2. I understand that being a bill and not yet a law, it is still being crafted and refined. It is at this stage in public policy formulation that informed participation is needed to give the bill a robust foundation that is based on best available information. To participate just for the sake of representing your constituents and not adding any technical or intellectual value to the bill will simply obfuscate the issues, delay the process and waste taxpayers’ money.


  5. If the Pacquio intends to speak for the Catholic Church against RH, he might as well study not only the bible and bible history but also the encyclicals (particularly Humanae Vitae) and the international agreements such as the outcome of UN Conference on Population and Development in Cairo on top of the scientific articles and findings. It will be counterproductive to the cause to speak on it without enough information just as it was for the bishops being bankrupt in arguments just resorted to the “the law of God” defense. As if God appointed them to represent him on earth


      1. naku paul naguguluhan na ako sa iyo ha, now you are

        contradicting yourself, you said in your previous post

        that to be able to be a good policy maker, or something

        like that, one must have or have studied economics, law,

        public administration, ano ba talaga kuya


    1. Maybe its also the will of your god because Maria is a Catholic although she used contraceptives during the fertile years like the 88% of the Catholic women in America. Its good that there is RH universal access in the US because women of lower income and stature has the same opportunity to make rational decisions about themselves and their family. In the PHL, that opportunity is confined to better-off women


      1. paul, gusto ko sanang sabihin na, liars go to hell pero

        huwag na lang dahil you are a friend na to me, kasi

        kagagaling ko lang doon sa shiver report and there was

        never a mention about contraceptives, though hindi ko

        naman binasa word for word pero, parang wala talaga…


      2. In America today, flexibility is almost always an option for women. Technology has mostly liberated women from the constraints of biology. Medicine has reduced the risks of child birth and enabled women to return to active roles more quickly, and advances in birth control have enabled them to have more control over the timing of pregnancy. Without the biological constraints of unplanned pregnancy, nursing, or more dangerous child birth, American women have been able to choose whether or not they want to leave the home and enter the workforce alongside men (Chapter 3 section 2 Shriver Report).


    2. it must be love, senior; accompanied by total trust and confidence in the relationship. if you live and breathe thru love, there’s hardly a room for doubts and unwanted question marks. sa history, we’ve seen them pictured, esp by american media as model couple for staying strong and solid as husband and wife and you’d be one in thought that they’d live “happily ever after!”. but as one adage goes: “there’s no guarantee in this world”, there isn’t either “an endless bond!” … yung iba nga, kahit walang ibang “extra-curricular activities” involved just fall out of love like “bulalakaw” as in “wala lang!.”


    1. Juicemio Senior! How naive can you get?

      Bayad po yan si Easter Bunny, may appearance fee yan! Just another prop on the never ending tableu in the Palace.

      Sarili nya lang ang niloloko nyang mahal na pang-gulo nyo!

      Tigil-tigilan na ang ilusyon na yan, ha? Magpakatotoo!

      C’mon, maganda si Bunny and I am sure, di mawawalan ng mga gwapo na at bata pang mga suitors!

      Bakit naman siya magtitityaga sa pagsuklay at pagtirintas sa labintatlong natitirang buhok ni Pnoy? Aber?


  6. P-noy now blames opinion writers for his failure to run the country, and the media in general for his failure to get a girlfriend.
    What next, the professional heckler, or bimby and joshua!

    Man up, or it will be man overboard.

    Shape up, or ship out

    And grow up, before i throw up.

    A chain-smoking, girl chasing, porsche driving, work avoiding, target shooting, PSP playing, inane grinning, hair thinning, slow thinking, burger eating, do nothing reluctant president.


  7. “the best road to progress is freedom’s road”
    John f kennedy

    The insular attitude, concentration of power, and resistance to change by those in power are some of the fundamental reasons why international competitiveness and economic prosperity continues to decline.

    Freedom of choice
    Freedom of information
    Freedom of expression
    Freedom of competition
    Freedom of speech
    leads to
    Freedom from poverty.

    Get the fundamentals and foundations right and the rest will follow through natural order, not dogma designed to maintain conformity and ‘captivity’.

    Individuality and diversity promotes innovation and competitiveness.

    The rh bill is but one aspect of personal and cultural change which is necessary for so many reasons, or the status quo and subservience continues unabated.


  8. I’m just curious, are those in favor of HB 4244 already read its contents? If so, have you also read RA 9710 of 2009? If you haven’t, please read it too specially Sec. 17.

    Just because Rep. Pacquiao isn’t articulate or experienced enough to debate against Rep. Lagman, he should be looked down. I don’t agree on his reason though.

    I think HB 4244 is unnecessary in the sense that we already have laws and policies regarding this matter. It’s the implementation of those laws is what’s lacking.

    Hindi tayo nagkukulang sa batas. Pagpapatupad ng batas ang kulang.

    I also wonder if those Tongressman supporting HB 4244 would still support it if the PDAF from Sec. 15 will be stricken out?

    “It’s all ’bout the money. It’s all ’bout the dum dum de de dum dum…” – Meja , All’Bout The Money


    1. right up, @uga buga, it’s nothing but… money, money, money!

      the family planning/freedom of choice front of the bill is intended to entice supporter in the same breath as the icing on the cake does to a tempted customer.

      knowing how we implement the many many laws we’ve got in our midst. Pinoy will be in for another horde of stocked-to-rot pills and condoms and other related contraceptives, this time, whose budget will be appropriated by the govt once the bill is passed.

      that family planning methods et al have been there long before the RH Bill. You think our “free-for-all” culture enforcing laws won’t apply to a passed RH Bill? Think again, “Do we need the RH Bill?” It’s out of the question, your honor!

      Ano na nga palang nangyari dun sa “unaccounted for” na pondong bilyones ng Dept of Health para sa family planning program atbp na nahalukay kamakailan ng ilang senador? Madam Cabral, has any formal investigation already started? or another suntok sa buwan na naman ‘yan!
      Busisiin at plantsahin nga muna ‘yan. bago tayo magpasa ng bagong bill na aamagin din sa bodega like the NFA rice!


    2. Please present that provision here and compare point by point with the content of the RH bill so that we can assess the similarity and discuss this rationally instead of imputing malicious motives without any evidence on people supporting the bill. After all bearing false witness against anybody is against the 9th Commandment .


  9. End of the World Headliners: it’s the day after: the imagined scenario…
    thank God all the leading broadsheets and tv channels are still able to live through the ordeal; manage to sustain neck-neck rivalry and beat the deadline!

    Basang-basa mo PH ang bawat kiliti nilang lahat!
    It’s a ha-ha-ha for each of the headliners but the most applauded would be TV5’s : “MVP buys into new planet; Metro Pacific now owns 70 percent of Mars”
    Don’t look now but, sa totoo lang, si MVP ang tunay na Pinoy Pacman! hehehe.


    1. @Filipina Mom; may be for lack of time and lack of space (always the case with airtime and beating-the-deadline print pages) that this highly interesting portion was not covered. of course, the “instant” media is always biased to the slant that spells malice (and in the case of Manny Pacquiao and his prejudged capacity on the floor), a figure of fun. This is the scenario where “mirones” are more interested in the laughs and mockery arising from the kicks they get from Manny’s repartee, rather than the substance and depths of what is actually transpiring in the arena. But for those who want fair share; go see the website… sa totoo lang, ang daming versions na ang RH Bill na ‘yan! patong patong na ang icing! and we may never know which one is the real thing; which will be screened in consistence; approved (?), and which version indeed will be enforced, if it may!
      As they say, if it hurts so much, why pursue? bakit ipinipilit pa? wala na bang iba?


    2. nasubaybayan ko ito ng live sa news tv, ang nangyari, si
      pacquiao ay magbabasa ng isang topic sa kanyang kodigo
      at magcomment si lagman, pagkatapos another kodigo and
      another comment and so forth na ang answer lang naman
      din ni lagman ay either, nasagot ko na ito before and once,
      sabi ni lagman na hindi mo alam dahil busy ka sa boxing
      practice mo, that draws laughter from the audience, nag
      simulang mag walkout ang ibang congressmen nang ang
      binasa na ni pacquio ay yung tungkol ba sa, wisconsin, if i
      am not mistaken na mahabahaba din…

      take notice that never nagtanong si pacquiao kay lagman
      after each comment by lagman, intimidated lang siguro…

      just the same, this does not mean that pacquiao is not
      intelligent, hindi lang siya masyadong prepared…


  10. Let the people decide which is the best way not to get pregnant. What we need to do is to educate people to help them make the best and right decisions.

    I just cant see why we need to be pressured by the Catholic Church. Catholic developed countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy have divorce laws and practice ARH without any condemnation or punishment from the Vatican. To add insult to injury, dumadami pa ang mga santo nila at mga Cardinal samantalang ang poor Phils. 1 lang ang santo hanggang ngayon at 2 lang ang cardinal.


  11. i was dead set on watching RH bill, the great debate on news tv,
    but for a more important commitment, i was not able to, though
    when i arrived home i immediately turn on the tv and it was pia
    magalona who was delivering her last hooray, was i shocked to
    find out that she is pro ph pala, of all people, siya pa?

    i don’t know her reasons why but again, of all people, siya pa?
    dapat nandoon sya sa kabila dahil, maayos naman ang takbo
    ng kanilang pamumuhay ngayon, with her children who are
    now earning, she who is still sexy despite her bearing 8 children,
    bakit? bakit nag pro sya? hindi kaya nababaliw na sya?


  12. una sa lahat, dapat e specify na itong rh bill ay para lang sa mga
    poorest of the poor…

    kayong mga medyo maluwag luwag sa buhay na may kakayahan
    namang bumili ng contraceptives, huwag ng umasa sa gobierno
    para hindi na aabot sa 3B ang hihingin ng mga may pakana dito,
    tungkol naman sa mga ibang detalye, on how to at iba pa,
    lahat nandito na sa computer, ano ba, google lang ng google, mag
    self study kumbaga…



      1. mayroon ng senior citizen’s bill paul…..and why should i bother? well, this is everybody’s concern i believe and i am speaking in behalf of the unborn children, let us give them a chance to live, they have all the rights to partake of what God had prepared for everybody, even to those who doesn’t believe in Him, ehem

        prevention is tantamount to abortion…


      2. Then you must have killed a lot of them through masturbation. And I guess also those priests, seminarians and bishops are into not only masturbation but also anal and oral sex. Unless you tell me you never masturbated. Then I do not believe that you even have a libido. In that case the more that stay out of the RH debate


    1. ñor, i think your the one who needs to use condom more than all the people in this blogsite. sa edad mong iyan, medyo delayed na ang transmittal ng signals between your brain and your dong. in short, mind control is no longer reliable. sige ka, baka ka matulad kay arnold.


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