Today is May 10, 2011. Exactly a year ago, the Philippines held its first ever automated elections. Everything has been on the upswing after that: the level of optimism, the flagdown rate for taxicabs, the fare for jeeps, the cost of fuel, the prices of basic commodities, and President Aquino’s net worth.

Today is the anniversary of the historic first-ever automated elections in the Philippines… or as Manny Villar, Mar Roxas, Loren Legarda, and Joseph Estrada would probably say, “babang-luksa.”

Today marks the first anniversary of the May 10, 2010 automated elections. It’s been a year… and Mar Roxas has yet to concede.

Remember the May 10, 2010 elections? It happened exactly a year ago. Remember the candidate you voted for president who promised he’d make your life easier? Me neither.

Mar’s Return
Reports say defeated vice presidential candidate Mar Roxas will be appointed to a Cabinet position similar to a presidential chief of staff… or as members of the Balay Group would say but couldn’t, “Executive Secretary-in-waiting.”

Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda admits he doesn’t know yet the exact job description of Mar Roxas. Among other things.

Apparently, Malacañang will be creating a new post to accommodate former Senator Mar Roxas… one year after he applied for the vacant post of vice president, and the electorate said, “We’ll just call you.”

Top 5 Rejected Job Descriptions of ex-Senator Mar Roxas

No. 5: Presidential Adviser on Heart-Related Matters

No. 4: Executive Secretary II: Weekends Only

No. 3: Chief Presidential BFF

No. 2: Vice President for Balay Concerns

And the No. 1 rejected job description of ex-Senator Mar Roxas…

First Lady

The government deferred the proposed increase in train fares. Transportation Secretary Jose de Jesus said the timing was not good for a fare hike. Prices of basic commodities are rising and the President’s approval rating is plummeting.

Salceda Mad
President Aquino’s ally and former Arroyo economic adviser, Albay Governor Joey Salceda is blaming PAGASA for faulty weather forecast. Apparently, Salceda’s complaint has yet to reach President Aquino. Otherwise, PAGASA Acting Administrator Nathaniel Servando would be looking for a job in Australia right now.

Abu Members Caught
Two members of the Abu Sayyaf terror group have been arrested in Metro Manila. And President Aquino was like, “When is the SWS’ next survey?

One of the arrested members of the Abu Sayyaf Group was actually working as a security guard for the posh, multimillion-peso Pacific Tower Plaza… located at Abbottabad, Taguig City.

Another wanted member of the Abu Sayyaf Group was caught while on a date at Robinson’s Place in Ermita, Manila. The suspect’s date was his girlfriend No. 8.

Public Service
Are you looking for a job? Search no further. Al-Qaeda has just announced a vacancy.
“Leadership is action, not position.”
~Donald H. McGannon

You Have Spoken
Manny Pacquiao: “I will wear yellow gloves as a symbol of unity, unity against poverty.” Your take:
– Mabuhay ka! Kasama mo ako sa labang ‘yan. 19.67%
What the hell are you talking about? How? 67.54%
– No comment. 12.79%

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Enjoy the rest of the week! Still, Lakers.

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45 thoughts on “A YEAR AGO”

    1. Sinabi nang tigilan na yang symbolism ek ek na yan!

      Kung duwag ka, kahit na pula pa ang isuot mo, duwag ka pa rin!

      Bakit, kung magsuot ba si Pnot ng black eh madadagdagan ba ang kanyang labintatlong natitirang buhok?

      Kung si Binay ba ang magsuot ng yellow…….ayyyyy!
      Wag po! Wag po! Di nya keri…. pramis!


  1. P-noy was asked today how has life changed for him in the past year.

    Instead of making a positive statement the houseboy of asean said he missed having dates in private and being able to go to fast food restaurants.

    This personality free zone is a walking PR disaster and sounds like a spoilt 14 year old boy. every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it.


  2. 1 year on

    Foreign direct investments(fdi) dramatically down

    Data from the central bank showed that net
    inflow of FDIs amounted to only $97 million in
    February, down by 70 percent from $326
    million in the same month a year ago.
    Inquirer 10 may 2011

    P-noy had better put away the playstation. Vietnam, cambodia and malaysia on the other hand have shown significant increases!

    The lack of work ethic by the administration and a headless chicken syndrome with no sense of purpose or direction is costing the country key investors which will not return as they establish major centres in other asean countries.


  3. Has it been a year already? And yet we do not know where the country is heading. No plans, program of action, no anything. That’s what the Aquino Administration has to show after 1 year in office. God help us…..Back to circa 1998 tayo….Just like Erap times….

    ANG TAGAL NYO BUMWELO SIR!! …HAAAY ….SNAP ELECTIONS NA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walang mangyayari sa atin nito……..


    1. I remember Cory Aquino calling for GMA’s resignation close to her mid-term while apologizing to Erap for joining the movement for his resignation. Its almost karmic that there are people now who are already calling for PNoy’s resignation in various internet sites in less than a year in office. Looks like he is reaping the whirlwind


  4. Also on the upswing cojuangco revenues on all fronts. The cartels continue. Competition is banned as are unions, and nothing on hacienda luisita.

    The voters fell for the cojuangco con trick and are paying the price – literally and politically.

    Mar roxas may have the skills and experience but there will be many of his ‘colleagues’ who want him to fail. The disunity will be a major distraction and barrier to positive action.

    Everyone has lost hope in p-noy. Roxas is the last hope. Dont hold your breath, but i wish him well.


  5. A 13 year old boy was shot dead yesterday in makati by an on duty police officer!!!

    The police are closing ranks and Puno is nowhere to be found to make a statement.

    What the hell is going on!

    The ‘good news’ strategy really means censorship whenever and wherever possible, and it is noticeable that the malacanang press sheep are asking less and less questions and few of importance.

    Open and transparent were the words 1 year ago.
    You dont hear those now.


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