I WAS LIVE TWEETING during the Pacquiao-Mosley fight. Sharing you some of my tweets here:

If Sugar Shane Mosley were poverty, the Philippines would be a First World country by now!

All three judges scored the fight for Manny Pacquiao. It was a unanimous boredom.

You knew the bout would be lackluster… when Manny Pacquiao declared three days ago that he wanted to fight poverty instead.

Online reports say Jinkee Pacquiao was wearing a pair of 7-million peso dangling earrings during Manny’s fight. That only proved one thing. Like Manny, Jinkee hates poverty!

Sugar Shane Mosley and Manny Pacquiao had only nice words for each other after the fight. Mosley said Pacquiao was “fearless.” Pacquiao said Mosley was “friendly.”

To give you an idea of how lame Sugar Shane Mosley was, Manny Pacquiao‘s wife Jinkee was a hot trending topic on Twitter worldwide, Mosley was not.

By Round 5 the MGM Grand Garden Arena spectators started booing. The fight was mosley Manny.

By Round 6, it was all over… but the concert.

By Round 11, Mosley’s face was hardly recognizable; Pacquiao’s face was hardly affected. And Jinkee’s face hardly moved.

Manny Pacquiao won via unanimous decision against American Sugar Shane Mosley. And his critics ask: If he failed in knocking out Mosley, how do we expect him to knock out poverty?

Ten minutes after the fight, GMA7’s telecast started… giving Sugar Shane Mosley another crack at Manny. He still lost the fight. Sayang!

Interviewed on dzBB, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma said, “Ang panawagan ni Manny ay magkaisa tayo. Dapat nating sundin ang panawagang ito.” You first.

Manny Pacquiao wore yellow gloves and blue trunks. The Samar Group hated it.

During the 12-round bout, it wasn’t Sugar Shane Mosley who posed a threat to Manny. It was that careless referee.

Manny Pacquiao’s next assignment? Probably, Juan Manuel Marquez. Sugar Shane Mosley’s next assignment? Probably a San Miguel Beer commercial.

After Pacquiao’s win over Sugar Shane Mosley, people started to ask, “Who will be next for Manny?” Well, that’s easy. Who’s aging?

“Dear Sugar Shane Mosley,
What the hell was that?
You hardly fought.
Who do you think you are, the Lakers?”
“Boxing is the toughest and loneliest sport in the world.”
~Frank Bruno

Heavy Downpour
As I write this, it’s raining hard here in Makati City. Just last week, temperatures reached record highs. Now there’s a storm. I hate you MAY WEATHER! #pacmanforever

In Memoriam
BREAKING NEWS: At 6AM today, May 9 (Manila time), the 2010-2011 season of the L.A. Lakers expired. The coaching staff tried to revive it to no avail. The team succumbed to complications associated with old age and “trust issues.” The bereaved family of owner Dr. Jerry Buss would like to thank the Lakers community for their unwavering support. In lieu of brooms, ridicule, and mockery, the team is asking for prayers.

Thank you Lakers for the 2010-2011 memories. I’ll always be your No. 1 fan. “For good times & bad times, I’ll be on your side forever more… ”

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Enjoy the week ahead. Stay safe!
Let’s go Lakers!

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64 thoughts on “UNANIMOUS”

  1. Yeah, ’twas a lousy, humdrum fight, if at all;almost strictly for the birds!
    the knockout we rooted for didn’t happen so that made the bout uneventful. and now, what happens to the soul of Manny’s fight which is Poverty? Easy…! his bounty for this Mosley encounter is said to be another 1billion php point something. if he’d give away 1M to each poverty stricken pinoy to get out of indigence pronto, say at least 50million of us, the crumbs would be still more than enough to prop his B-title to fame. Kaya nya yun? but we mean it! Hindi nga!


  2. Bread and circuses for the romans.
    Pandesal and boxing for the filipinos.
    Bulgari and tiffany for jinkee and krista.
    A payday for san miguel.
    A busy night for prostitutes.
    Free trips for 100 congressmen.
    A photo op for p-noy.
    Poverty and cock- fighting will resume as normal tomorrow.
    Civilisation will have to wait a lot longer.


    1. Pacquio got out of extreme poverty through hard work and determination. This makes him always bigger than PNoy. He may not be as educated as you and me but he taught many Filipinos some good lessons about life. I do agree that wearing yellow gloves was in poor taste if the motive was to please a guy much smaller than he is having no serious accomplishment at age 50.


    1. This is the first time in history that color is used to fight poverty. This must be as effective as a charlatan’s spell. Poverty is only eradicated by concrete measures like returning the land to the peasants in case of feudal land holdings, dispensing opportunities based on merits and not to classmates and friends and leadership based on great vision and hard work and not on pedigree and speedy drives. That of course if the Catholic Church will not get in the way to protect its tax-free privileges.


    1. It wasn’t Manny’s fault that the fight was boring… Mosley, after getting knocked out at the 3rd round just went on with the fight for the money just taking care that he doesn’t go down in history as having been knocked-out by Manny. Manny for money ang laban ni Mosley after the 3rd round. Manny went there to fight clean…we should all be proud of our Manny Pacquiao.


      1. Sorry, I meant, “Mosley, after getting knocked down at the 3rd round just went on with the fight for the money just taking care that he doesn’t go down in history as having been knocked-out by Manny. Manny for money ang laban ni Mosley after the 3rd round. Manny went there to fight clean…we should all be proud of our Manny Pacquiao.”


      1. hikata, alam mo ba kung bakit natatalo mga kalaban ni manny?

        ahhh hindi pa pala dahil hindi ko pa nasabi….ganito kasi yun, ang mga kalaban kasi ni manny, intimidated na even before the fight starts, na
        mumutla na hindi pa man nag-umpisa ang boxing…. as simple as that


  3. Nakita ko ang meltdown ng Lakers kanina. Well, if you remember my comment before, I was rooting for Spurs vs. Celtics (I’m a Celtics fan). Pero mukhang tagilid din ang manok ko.

    Di man naka-3-peat ang Lakers ngayon, naka-3-peat ka naman sa Blog awards. And I’m looking for your Four-ward 🙂


  4. Hindi ko alam kung bakit nagrereklamo pa mga tao. Nung umpisa pa lang sinabi na bakit si Mosley ang kakalabanin e matanda na yun.

    Ang gusto nyo ba lahat ng kalaban ni Pacquiao e patayin nya. Brutal na yung sport. Hindi na kelangan gawin mas brutal pa. He won. That’s what matters. And I don’t think there is anyone left for him in the sport. Time to hang up the gloves Manny. Mayweather won’t fight you.


  5. The fight wasn’t as boring after watching it the second time around (with Top Rank commentators). During my first viewing, those SKY SPORTS brit commentators were really emphasizing how boring the fight was. Palibhasa nandun si Hatton.

    I was having fits in my sleep and dreamt that my beloved Lakers lost 98-96. When I woke up, the actual score was even worse.



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