IT’S ANOTHER HECTIC day for me. But I love Saturdays. It reminds me that I still have a job. Take that Merci Gutierrez!

I will be wearing yellow today. I want to end poverty.

I am tempted to place a bet on lotto this afternoon. The jackpot prize in the Grand Lotto (6/55) draw has reached 130 million pesos… or as Manny Pacquiao would say, “Barya lang.”

I know you’ll agree when I say that Manny Pacquiao is one heck of a lucky guy. He used to sell pan de sal, fell in love with boxing and now, he’s a billionaire. Pacman reminds me of another Manny. Villar used to sell fish, fell in love with the former Cynthia Aguilar, and now he’s a millionaire.

Congressman Manny Pacquiao will be wearing yellow gloves on fight night… formalizing his switch from Nacionalista to Liberal Party.

I saw former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza on television. He’s with Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas. That’s actually good news. If Pacquiao loses, Atienza will be there to file a protest.

A member of Team Pacquiao suggested that Manny wears blue gloves but the fighting solon rejected it saying he’s not ready to lose.

Is President Aquino watching the Pacquiao-Mosley fight? I don’t think so. He’s currently in Indonesia for the 10th Asean summit. In other words, he’ll be working. Are you satisfied now Ramon Tulfo and Ernie Maceda?

In his Philippine Star column last May 5, former senator Ernesto Maceda advised President Aquino to “unwind in private houses away from the public view.” It worked for him, it could probably work for the President.

In case you missed Tulfo’s piece also last May 5, the Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist wrote that President Aquino “dates different women almost every night.” Huwaaaat? Have you become desperate? What’s wrong with you women?

As expected, President Aquino spoke to defend himself saying he’s no Juan Tamad. I feel bad for him. Where were you Conrado De Quiros and William Esposo when he needed you most?

By the way, al-Qaeda has confirmed the death of its leader Osama bin Laden. The question now is: when will the Abu Sayyaf Group confirm the death of Abu Sabaya?

Thanks for reading! I’ve got to go now! I have to finish my Maggi beef noodles before it gets cold. I wonder why my stomach seems to be acting up.

Have a safe weekend!
“There aren’t enough days in the weekend.”
~Rod Schmidt

You Have Spoken
Naniniwala ba kayong patay na si Osama bin Laden?
OO naman! 45.97%
HINDI! Pruweba muna. 33.74%
MAYBE. 20.29%

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Still, Lakers.

Author: professionalheckler

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28 thoughts on “YELLOW”

  1. very colourful. even more so after maggi noodles!

    did they use porpoises and cats to take out abu sabaya.

    celibacy – a forced condition for geeks, star trek followers, people with red hair, and a certain batchelor predident.

    celibacy – a convenient PR and legal ruse for kris aquino.


  2. in an interview pacquaio said he wants to fight for the poor.
    when asked how this sits with his excessive spending and gambling he said
    ‘let them eat pandesal – from my new range of pacmans produce’ – delicious, nutricious and good for my bank account. eat healthily, dont be greedy – leave that to me.


      1. This will indeed be a historic year for the three-peating Lakers.

        What a set-up. Having to lose three straight to the (historically choking Mavs) so they can become the first NBA team in history to successfully come back from 0-3 deficit.

        Once complete, the legend of these Lakers (as well as that of their indefatigable coach and iconic star player) will be forever enshrined in history.

        Let’s see.


      2. @Pongster:

        Talagang pinag-isipan at hinimay mo ang bawat katagang isinulat mo sa iyong maikling sanaysay, ano po?

        Wake up and smell the coffee! Game over!

        Mavs 4- Lakers -0

        Na-overfatigue ang indefatigable coach at yung iconic star player, naging star fruit!

        IT’S A SWEEP, baby!

        Legend of these Lakers? Nahhhh!


  3. the pacman circus is becoming a joke. less and less to do with boxing and everything to do with endorsements and politics.
    shameful but the peasants will lap it up and think they have a new saviour.
    as pacquio himself said yesterday – the country needs a hero. mmm anyone in mind?!!


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