My Lover, My Wife
Ms. Saintly is going to be a mother again courtesy of a married politician – again. It will be his second love child with the same mistress. Talk about loyalty. Ms Saintly is in the United States right now and is scheduled to give birth on or before the end of June. Why is the wife tolerating the affair? Ewan ko. Pumunta ka na lang sa Greece at itanong mo sa mga tindera sa palengke.

April 3rd
On this day in…

1513: Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon landed in Florida… and immediately expressed support for the Miami Heat.

1934: Jane Goodall evolved, i mean, was born.

1926: American astronaut Virgil Grissom is born. Decades later, he shifted to forensics and joined CSI.

1985: Leona Lewis was born. Asked to describe his wife as she was giving birth, Leona’s dad said, “She’s bleeding love.”

2010: The Apple iPad went on sale… marking a new phase in the ratings war between and among local TV news programs.

Thanks to Wikipedia, History On This Day, Those Were the Days, and the National Historical Institute.

Have a great day! Enjoy the rest of the week!

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97 thoughts on “LOVE CHILDREN”

  1. its not condoms people need but morals and decent values.
    shame on anyone who is unfaithful and so irresponsible as to have children outside of marriage.
    but to politicians with no standards it is just accepted and quietly forgotten about.
    the press and media also let them get away with it by being so secretive and treating it like a playground game.


    1. what’s shameful about having children outside of marriage? what is marriage anyway? it is just a contract. society gives it importance by recognizing the union between couples. can a couple not be together without the recognition? is this recognition essential? marriage is just a belateral agreement duly otenticated by the state.


      1. korekek!

        that’s why it is called marriage contract. and like other legal contracts, it can be terminated. hahaha

        and marriage, like other ceremonies such as binyag and libing, is a good source of income for the church. and the church want us to believe that a church marriage will bring blessings to the newlywed. well, that’s pure bullsh*t. the truth, a church wedding will drain you of your finances.


      2. if you want it you shoulda put a ring on it, as the Beyonce song goes. good luck to the woman who agrees to live with you. any woman with a good head on her shoulders would want marriage, to the woman who says she doesn’t she’s lying through her teeth. there’s nothing wrong with having kids out of wedlock but for a woman marriage is still important. it’s not about the dictates of society or recognition of the couple’s union, please let’s not get that complicated. It’s all about love and security. ask any mistress or common law wife if you dare, they will tell you they would not like their daughters to have the same fate that they have. if you don’t want to get married then don’t, just don’t proselytize to get a woman to agree with you so you can have your way.


  2. Unfortunately a mistress is seen as a status symbol and a sign of being macho amongst the political elite, and good for ‘boys stories’ in the corridors of power and makati restaurants.
    Thats an aspect of 3rd world politics. Abuse power every way you can.
    The mistresses have no shame either and just want easy money and any easy life. They represent the high end of the sex trade and give filipino women a bad reputation worlwide.
    sad for the children involved.


    1. a penis, no matter how big it is, it is still the lightest thing in the world because even a thought can raise it.

      i agree with you anon. it is scientifically proven that people with smaller penis are more likely to womanize than with bigger ones. sort of cooping mechanism, ika nga. they also exert more effort just to be recognized. they usually excel in sports (manipakyaw), businees (manupangilinan), entertainment (willierevillame).

      while the well-endowed ones usually stay at home, drink beer while watching tv.


  3. A day in the life of…a philippine politician.

    Upon waking i try to remember which of my houses i am in and whether the person next to me is my wife or mistress. I call them both ‘darling’ to avoid confusion

    Darling 1 is the housemaker, darling 2 is the ball breaker.

    The housemaid brings me breakfast. Aren’t filipina housemaids great, and so cheap. I have 6 but i call them all housemaid because i can’t tell them apart.

    Housemaid 3 then washes and dresses me. I like italian suits, german cars, french wine, cuban cigars. And people say we are 3rd world.

    The day then kicks into high gear. Financial scams, bribery, corruption, election fraud. So many lawyers to pay.

    I wonder why i serve the masses, but that disappears when i get an invite to las vegas to investigate gambling.
    Are juetung lords getting enough i wonder.
    Chauffeur 1 takes me to lunch reception. Lots of drink and girls. Dont know who hosted but puts me in good mood to turn up to the office.
    Go through invites with secretary 1 -she looks hot. Must arrange some overtime.
    Foreign trips have priority – no man is an island.
    Turn up for roll call. We should embrace technology and then have no need to attend.
    Swap stories with colleagues – new bars and willing interns. Then committee meeting. The golf committee is important work. Next trip spain.

    Mid afternoon already. Time for r&r at massage parlor.

    Press ambush. I will not be voting for FoI bill.
    Photoshoot for YUK! burger chain. Good money and makes me look a man of the people.

    tip for future politicians. get dual nationality in us. make money in philippines but move it abroad.

    7pm. dinner and new ktv bar. decide to stay in hotel. hope ktv 26 doesnt snore.

    holiday soon. well deserved. dream of country full of women and money. thanks to gullibility of the voters it is no dream.


  4. A day in the life of… P-Noy

    9.00 wake up

    10.00 get up

    11.00 breakfast – hot dog

    12.00 shooting with puno

    13.00 ribbon cutting

    14.00 lunch – hamburger

    15.00 speech
    – notes
    Blame arroyo for everything bad.
    Tell story of mother. Dont mention cojuangco connection.
    Blame press for bias.
    Joke about love life. Dont mention porsche.
    Smile but dont grin

    16.00 phone heads of state – all are busy

    17.00 call it a day

    18.00 play billiards with puno

    19.00 watch willing willie. Shalani looks good in short dresses. Why she not dress like that for me.

    20.00 dinner – chinese take-away for one

    21.00 bed – alone

    22.00 wake up. Nightmare. Involves me, puno and some frankfurters

    23.00 drive porsche

    24.00 read popularity ratings

    01.00 cry, pray, and count the days until i am free again.


  5. We know already who those in the 1st blind item are. Actually, my former boss told us before that in a gathering he attended he saw the senator and the “saintly” girl was just in the corner. The real wife was not with the solon.

    So, who’s “The Other Son”? Any clues?


  6. if this is really true.. what a hypocrite for this senator when he made all those media hype about Hayden Kho. Martyr nga si Lani at siguro yung binubuhos nia sa pagiging congresswoman ay dapat lang na gagawa sia ng batas ukol sa mga philandering husband katulad ng asawa nia… like hmmm R.A 101 – let all husbands with more than 1 wife and more than 6 children and who are in the Senate or House of the Representative to be CASTRATED as soon as possible… bwahahahahaha…


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