April 2nd
On this day in…

1725: Philanderer Giovanni Casanova was born… with an erect penis.

1805: Hans Christian Andersen was also born. When the midwife first saw him, she exclaimed, “What an ugly duckling!”

1901: General Emilio Aguinaldo was released from detention, returned to his home in Kawit, and resumed life as a private citizen. Three years later, he teamed up with Jejomar Binay and ran for president but lost.

1902: The first motion picture theatre opened in Los Angeles with the name Electric Theatre. Few people patronized it amid rumors the theater had electric chairs.

1984: In Jerusalem, three gunmen wounded 48 people when they opened fire into a crowd of shoppers. The suspects were Arab militants who got mad when a boutique refused to honor their expired gift certificates.

1996: Poland’s first post-war democratic president Lech Walesa resumed his old job as an electrician at the Gdansk shipyard. One of his friends who requested anonymity wrote Vicky Morales and requested that Walesa be featured on “Wish Ko Lang.”

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  1. Maybe the CBCP could invite Lech Walesa wrt the Catholic Church’s stand on the RH Bill. Mr. Walesa is a devout Roman Catholic and had taken a strong stand against abortion. He was willing DAW to give up the presidency rather than sign into law a bill allowing abortion in his native Poland.


    1. I haven’t really focused on Walesa ever; he’s a newbie when I was studying my history.if that is so, then he’s a good son of God who regards life dearly. We don’t need the passage of the RH Bill to practice family planning which has been here way back. Ask the PopCom and the FPOP (family planning org of the Phil.) RH Bill’s proponents use the family planning as a front to entice the “gullible” (mga tamad mag-isip, mag-analyze at mg-research!). The hidden agenda beneath that bill is scary and this is the larger “WHY” why the bill should not get through. Read: D.E.A.T.H. .; D for divorce; E for euthanasia; A for abortion; T for total population control; H for homosexual union. Now, is this the bill you’re gonna say Yes to?


      1. At this time of the year, I live in a country where the law provides for an orderly divorce, universal access to RH education and commodities, abortion within 12 weeks of pregnancy, euthanasia under certain circumstances and recognition of rights of same-sex partners. But here the yearly family income is $47,297 (vs PH’s 4,290) life expectancy of 81 years (vs. PH 68 years), birth mortality of 7/1000 (vs. PH’s 34), maternal death of 7/100,000 (vs. PH’s 200) and 0 poverty incidence (vs PH’s 26%. Is a country with laws based on science and diversity of beliefs closer to death than one where laws is based on medieval form of catholicism and self-righteousness?


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