Dear Readers:
Yesterday, I received a letter from Malacañang. I must admit, I was stunned. I didn’t expect this from the palace. Should I reply? I need your advice.

Do you think this is harassment?
Should I stop writing about the President?
Should I answer this letter?
Do you know what day is today?
It’s April Fool’s Day!

Have a safe, healthy, and fun weekend!

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Author: professionalheckler

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132 thoughts on “MALACAÑANG REACTS”

  1. PH, steady ka lang. P-noy is obviously a public official and the issues you tackled are obviously of public character. So the presumed malice, as an element of libel, is inapplicable in your case. Actual malice, to be proved by the palace, refers to reckless disregard of facts whether they are true or not. Did you recklessly disregarded these facts before you made these satirical statements about the president? Definitely not. Thus, your fundamental right to free expression should be protected against the not so sober threats from some quarters in the palace.


  2. Paging Atty. Ted Te! Atty. Te had several exchanges with Spokesman Lacierda the other day on twitter. There is no harm consulting Atty. Te on this serious issue. By the way, since the president’s men in the Palace are avid readers of your blog pala, maybe they can divulge the identity of Admin 04 in Pres. P-Noy’s official FB account? The one who posted Malacanang response to the Willing-Willie show which featured 6-year old Jan-Jan? The people has a right to know. Ikaw nga, alam nila ang true identity mo e. Dapat tayong mga mamayan malaman din natin ang mga identity ng mga posters ng presidente sa kanyang official account lalo pa at controversial ang issue, going against the grain of the stand of DSWD, CHR, now even the UNICEF and most importantly the viewing public. Is the president aware of what his people in Malacanang are doing? I have reservations on that.


  3. congrats for a fine day to pull our legs! pero pwede rin totoo, with so much time on their hands … typical bureaucrats as they are … they sure know how to kill time and spend people’s money sending brocaded gilded letterheads with nothing much between the lines …

    you win!


  4. April fool stories you might have missed.

    Rico puno found

    Kris aquino says she is celibate

    Ping lacson to write recipe book

    Manny pacquio to show up in congress. He didn’t realise they were on holiday

    P-noy arrives on time to meeting

    Ochoa to give up drinking – for 1 hour

    Enrile to run marathon in aid of impoverished politicians

    Singson sr says his son was set up.


  5. Naku, Mr. PH. Ang serious pa naman ng comment ko and there were only 4 comments when I read your blogposting this mor4ning. I posted a comment. Then I forwarde it to a very close friend who is celebrating her birthday today…also to my endocrinologist and to a religious sister. Now I have to send them a note.


  6. …kahit pl reader lng ako ng blog ni Prof. PH, affected din kpag may ganitong serious threat sa kaniya.

    …mabuti n lng it happened on a day wherein everything is senseless.

    …ky lng i kept asking myself: “what was that scary feeling that struck my jolly feeling?” creepy.


  7. ok lang yan…let them sue…totoo naman eh…pgma was hell but i think she didn’t curtailed your freedom of expression…hello! public official c noy abnoy. as such, public property siya. eh ano ngayon kung mulayin natin siya. kung c teodoro lang ang pangulo…hay wala tayong problema!


  8. Heed the notice but exercise courtesy and respect for the president of your country. He is doing the right thing if you compare to the other past presidents especialy Gloria Arroyo. Be responsible to what you write ,don’t hide in the cloak of your readers. Did you ask the readers’ advise, comments and suggestion before you wrote the article against the President? Why ask them to write in response to the letter from Malacanang? Do youhave any decency left?


    1. Dear Ate Andy,

      Naiintindihan ko po kayo.

      Kaya lang, dapat nyo pong tanggapin ng maluwag sa sarili nyo na talagang dumarating po ang panahon na di na kayo nireregla, at iyang pagkabugnutin ay isa sa mga epekto.

      Lilipas din po yan.

      But if you think that the President is doing the right thing, well….HINDI HALATA!

      Go tell him to try the LEFT thing, baka umubra pa!



    2. @andy: are u for real??

      bukod sa hitik ng grammar and other errors, i think naliligaw ang comment mo. hanapin mo ung blogs ng mga naninilaw (yellow baga) ang mga kuko at atay! nandun ang mga kalahi mong walang sense of humor. or… follow mo na lang kaya si tetay sa twitter, hokey?

      *haiz* pinag-iinit ulo ko ang aga2 [non-muggle world time]


    1. uh huh, walang seal ano? Hinanap ko tuloy yung letter ng malacanang na nasa files ko. hehe

      Sayang pala, PH. Kung inalis mo yung seal, tas iniba mo yung font nung office of the president, etc., pwedeng pwede nang makaloko kay martee. Still, you fooled many readers so panalong panalo pa rin. As usual. haha!


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