MARCH 30, 2011 was a sad day for Filipinos here and around the globe. Three OFWs were executed in China. Yesterday, as the nation mourned for Sally Ordinario-Villanueva, Ramon Credo, and Elizabeth Batain, Filipinos asked, “Why did this happen?” “How do we prevent a similar thing from happening again?” And… “Where in hell is the President?”

Sally Ordinario-Villanueva, Ramon Credo, and Elizabeth Batain have been executed in China. As some of their relatives wept searching for justice, the rest of us wondered, searching for the President.

Asked about President Aquino’s reaction when he learned about the executions, palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said, “He was silent.” Like, duhhhh! Tell us something we didn’t know.

According to presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda, when President Aquino learned about the executions, he went to the Malacañang chapel and prayed. That’s the exact reaction I was expecting from the president… of the CBCP.

Vice President Jejomar Binay has failed to save the lives of the three OFWs. If it’s any consolation, he saved the day for the President.

While in Qatar, Vice President Jejomar Binay spoke on radio and television saying, “Until the last moment, we did everything we could to save the three.” Meanwhile, in Malacañang, until the last moment, the President was in silence, praying hard.

In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, President Aquino said the execution of the three OFWs should not affect the “historic friendship” of the country with the Chinese people. The same way that China’s “historic friendship” with the Filipino people was not affected by the “execution” of eight Hong Kong Chinese nationals in Luneta last year.

Nope! There’s no truth to rumors that while the executions of the three OFWs were taking place, President Aquino was monitoring the news at Emerald Restaurant.

House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. said airport authorities should be stricter in screening people to stop drug trafficking. Congress first.

In other news…
Justice Secretary Leila De Lima has dared Sen. Panfilo Lacson to reveal the names of his coddlers. But Lacson declined, and offered to reveal instead the secret ingredient of his mouth-watering adobo.

Marcos’ Burial
A Social Weather Stations survey showed that 50 percent of Filipinos favored the burial of former President Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. You know what that means? Fifty percent of Filipinos have amnesia.

Chiz and Cristine
Rumors have it that Sen. Francis Escudero and wife Christine have separated. Sought for comment, Escudero said, “Ang asawa ko ay ang Pilipinas.”

A Philippine Entertainment Portal article claims Senator Chiz Escudero’s wife Christine was spotted at Trinoma Mall in Quezon City with dancer Jason Zamora of the Manoeuvres. Escudero has kept mum on the issue and refuses to answer the question, “Ang asawa mo ba, may B (boylet)?”

March 31st
On this day in…

1521: The first mass is celebrated at Limasawa Island in the Philippines by Father Pedro de Valderrama. But the mass was briefly interrupted when Carlos Celdran stormed the altar and held a sign that read, “Mabuhay si Lapu-Lapu!”

1596: Philosopher Rene Descartes was born. That’s what he thought, therefore he was.

1917: The United States purchases, and takes possession of the Virgin Islands. And the virginity was lost forever.

1942: Japanese forces invade Christmas Island… in an attempt to unmask the identity of Santa Claus.

1945: Sicherheitsdienst, the intelligence agency of Nazi Germany’s Nazi Party murders 10 political prisoners in Zutphen, Netherlands. The victims were killed when they failed to pronounce Sicherheitsdienst correctly.

1949: Newfoundland becomes Canada’s 10th province. Who cares?!
“The death of someone we know always reminds us that we are still alive – perhaps for some purpose which we ought to re-examine.”
~Mignon McLaughlin

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Let’s celebrate life. Enjoy the rest of the week. Take care ‘coz PH cares.

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62 thoughts on “MISSING LINK”

    1. P-noy is becoming ‘ the quiet president’ , ‘the silent filipino’ unable to respond in times of need, not knowing what to say without a speechwriter to feign emotion, and not aware of what to do except run and hide, and pray it goes away.
      Maybe he is sulking at his drop in popularity.
      Issues of state need men of stature, integrity, and action.


  1. I resided in BUTUAN CITY for like 4 years and I sincerely believe that the FIRST MASS was held in BUTUAN and not in LIMASAWA.

    Gaaad! When will NHI correct this major blunder in our History! The evidences show it happened in BUTUAN yet NHI is turning a blind eye on it.


    Anyway, thanks for this another hilarious entry PH!

    P.S May idea ka na bah sa blind item ng PDI? Share ka naman 😀


    1. Just because YOU sincerely believe that that the FIRST MASS was held in BUTUAN and not in LIMASAWA, eh dapat nang magkandaugaga ang NHI na baguhin ang what YOU think is a major blunder in our History?


      Weeeeiano naman ngayon kung dun nga ginanap ang FIRST MASS na yan, aber? Are you bitter at di ka naka-attend? Ahihihihi!

      Anyway, para naman matiwasay ang imong loob at makasiguro ka diyan sa claim mo, ask Senator Enrile, the real historian.

      Balita ko, head daw ng welcoming committee si Senator Enrile nung dumating ang mga Kastilaloy, di ba PH?


  2. as a citizen, i was not expecting the president to hold my hand in these times. it may be an emotional issue, but i do not expect the president to micro-handle, and ride on the furor. i do not get the president bashing on this. Valte has spoken on his behalf, and so is the vice-president. that’s good enough for me.


    1. MittRomney

      Gusto kong sumang-ayon saiyo. In fact s lahat ng posts ni PH, ito yung medyo napa-iling ako ng bahagya habang binabasa ko. Kasi yung insinuation ay dapat present or nakikialam ang pangulo sa event. Maraming kapintasan ang pangulo pero baka kailangang klaro din sa ating namumukol ang scale ng expectations natin sa kanya— gusto ba nating i-micro manage ng pangulo ang lahat ng isyu basta pumutok sa media? O baka convenient lang pukulin ang pangulo dahil sa emotional fix ito para sa marami?


  3. Yes, Mr. Heckler. It is really saddening that someone who systematically eliminated (literally) opponents of his regime and plundered the nation of billions will even be considered a “bayani.” Check nyo po sa news item na ito ng ABS-CBN kung ang representante ng inyong distrito ay pabor na ilibing si Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani”:


    Ni minsan ay hindi nila napagdusahan ang mga kasalanang ginawa nila. 😦


  4. A heores burial for marcos!!
    For being in the guiness book of records as the worlds most corrupt leader and plundering 100 Billion dollars, or for giving away state assets to his criminal cronies for which the country is still paying a price, or for setting the country on the road to terminal decline, or for the kidnap and murder of thousands of innocent people.
    Where is the respect for the victims and their families.
    I cannot believe why, and who would support this.


    1. anon, ang libingan ng mga bayani, primarily ay para sa mga sundalo
      at presidente ng bansa at swak si marcos sa categoryang yon, sumabak
      sa world war 11 and a bemedalled soldier at that…

      ngayon, tungkol sa kanyang pagiging corrupt at plunderer at etc. ibang
      usapin na yan…

      may anak ng kaibigan ko nga na sundalo nga na maituturing pero hindi
      man lang lumaban sa giyera dahil sa wala pa namang ww111, hindi rin
      na assign doon sa mindanao, in other words, wala lang, pero ng mamatay
      sa libingan ng mga bayani nilibing, my point is, saan ang kabayanihan doon…


  5. binay has offered educational scholarships to the children of the executed ofw’s. nice gesture and good politics.

    slow coach pinoy is doing nothing. jobs in the fields at hacienda luisita maybe!

    binay is becoming ‘action man’
    p-noy is becoming ‘barbie doll’ without the hair


  6. Pwedeng bang gumawa nalang ako ng “waiver” or “will” ngayon pa lang? Kung sakali mang mamamatay ako na bayani at ililibing sa Libingan ng mga Bayani, please hukayin ninyo ako at ilibing nalang kahit saan (kahit sa kanal nalang) kung sakaling payagan mailibing na dun si Makoy.


      1. pasensya na senior60 at di ko alam ang dalawang criteria. ano ba yun?
        alam ko namang hindi ako bayani. isa lang akong mamayan na naniniwala na sana hindi na kailangan ng bayan natin ng isa pang bayani. ika nga, “we don’t need another hero”. it is sad to think when we give accolades to and make heroes of policemen or taxi drivers who return some money that they found. these things should be the norm and not some exceptional virtue.


  7. PH, I think medyo overkill nga ata ang patama mo kay pnoy in this issue…pero, what the heck! heckler ka nga e! napaka onion-skinned naman nila. maybe naalala ni pnoy yung issue during her mom’s presidency when it was reported that she allegedly hid under her bed during a crisis situation. (i forgot the name of the guy…sumalangit nawa) …tapos ngayon sasabihin mo na ang anak ni tita cory e nagtatago din in a not so similar situation. but equally shameful though. hindi cguro ma-take. maybe it hit a bad memory string. low blow baga.

    at least you got their attention, misplaced as it may be! ang daming priorities ng bansa natin no! ikaw priority mo e pasayahin kaming mga sumusubaybay sa blogs mo! (many thanks nga pala!!!)

    it will definitely keep malacanang on their toes!

    keep on heckling!


  8. Oh boy! There is nothing wrong with this writing..why Malacanang reacted on this writing. I hope P-Noy is not only good in visibility but he also need to have quadruple actions. Visibility and Actions both we need on this country!!! Not only visibility coz we are not in showbiz.

    There are things that I want to ask them a question why this things happens;
    1. The Airport is lack of security…maybe the x-ray machines and sniffing dogs are not updated and well trained respectively. I hope these machines and animals not only for display in the airport entrance.

    2. Maybe there are some people at NAIA Airport include in the syndicate. We can’t
    really tell the whole story..we don’t know..but Malacanang need to find it out.

    3. The Drug Trafficking Task Force are not doing their job to their best. Why we still have lots of syndicate manufacturing drugs in our country..so sad that these people came from the place which the ordinary citizens had been executed(though the carriers of transporting the drugs from PH to their place).

    It has a funny story..the scientist who made this drugs came from the country where the ordinary Pinoy citizens has been executed because of bringing the drugs to their country. Then they manufacture and made the drugs in PH and they transported back the whole drugs elements back by using the ordinary PH citizen..it is so funny…

    P-Noy should think about this over and over and over again.


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