Today is MARCH 3.
On this day in…

1815: The Kailianes (common people) of Sarrat, Ilocos Norte starts a rebellion against the Spaniards. More than a century later, Ferdinand Marcos would hail the Kailianes’ victory, and flaunt the three medals he received for fighting with them.

1847: Scottish-born American inventor Alexander Graham Bell is born. The midwife was stunned when baby Alexander didn’t cry, and uttered the word “hello” instead.

1938: Oil is discovered in Saudi Arabia. Seconds later, the king of Saudi received a Facebook friend request from the American president.

1939: Mahatma Gandhi begins fasting to protest the state’s autocratic rule… eventually becoming the first winner of “The Biggest Loser India.”

2001: Voting 13-0, the Philippine Supreme Court officially and unanimously rules out that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is the country’s legitimate president, not Joseph Estrada. The legitimacy would last only three years.

2005: Millionaire Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly an airplane non-stop around the world solo without refueling… mainly because he couldn’t afford the cost of fuel.

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Thanks to the National Historical Institute, Any Day In History, and Today in Science History.

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  1. okay, ang loser ko. first time kong bumisita sa one of the most awarded blog sites sa pilipinas. hahahahaha!

    sobrang panalo ‘to, sir loi!!! congrats!!!

    hilarious history on my facebook wall on my birthday po, please, march 7. hahahahaha!

    salamat in advance, sir loi!

    more power to the professional heckler!!! (“,)


  2. Today the senate showed thay have no clue.
    As enrile said ” i have not practised law since 1966″ and it shows.
    Not aclue about what is going on and these old men make the laws!!
    People run rings round them and mrs ligots spiritual adviser says spend the money and laugh in their face.
    What idiots the senate is.
    Can we impeach all of them for sheer stupidity and lack of intellect.


  3. 3 monkeys
    his wife
    his brother in law.

    See no truth
    hear no truth
    speak no truth

    if the combined stupidity of the senate abd leguslature cannot or will not do anything other than grandstanding and legal ping pong then it is also the date tge senate died and showed they are irrelevant to the future of the country.

    200 million pesos in their bank accounts each year for nothing. No wonder they look uneasy questioning others about corruption.
    Bricks and glass houses come to mind.

    Lunch at sofitel comes to their mind


  4. Did Marcos also say he could have transformed Sarrat into another SG if the Spaniards did not suppress the rebellion? But seriously only the MVP (for the Fort) Gordon (for Subic) and the Ayalas (for Makati CBD) have developed parts of the Philippines closest to SG’s physical set-up and management. In spite of Binay’s false claims that he did it for Makati.


    1. Speaking of VP Binay (not used to this! he he), where is he now? why was his trip to the Middle East recently not in the news? my OFW nephew in Kuwait texted me last Sunday that they were with the VP in an open forum at Ramada Hotel Kuwait. I told my nephew I never knew he’s there. OmG, i missed him leave the NAIA when? Was this another overseas mission? What about? Me bibitayin kaya dun?


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