THE PHILIPPINE FOOTBALL TEAM defeated Mongolia, 2-0 in the first leg of their 2012 Asian Football Confederation Challenge Cup pre-qualifying match in Bacolod City. It was all Azkals from start to finish. German coach Hans Michael Weiss described it as “a good game.” Goalkeeper Neil Etheridge described it as “my rest day.”

The national football team paid a courtesy call on President Aquino Thursday. The meeting was fun and informative. The President advised the young Azkals on how to enhance team unity. And the Azkals advised the President on how to ‘achieve’ goals.

The Azkals paid a courtesy call on President Aquino Thursday. When the energetic Azkals arrived, the President cheered, the PSG applauded, and the President’s speechwriter Mai Mislang fainted.

The Philippine football team paid a courtesy call on President Aquino. Upon entering the palace, the youthful Azkals felt so Filipino… while the President felt like a lolo.

The Azkals’ goalkeeper, Fil-Brit Neil Etheridge and President Aquino had a chance to talk Thursday in Malacañang. It was a brief conversation between a single and popular boylet, and Neil Etheridge. #walangkokontra

Reports say President Aquino may not visit the wake of former AFP Chief of Staff Angelo Reyes saying, “We were never close.” When Kris Aquino heard this, she said, “Kapatid nga kita! Aha-ha-ha”

Now Welcome
Mrs. Teresita Reyes, wife of former AFP Chief of Staff Angelo Reyes says critics of her husband including the acerbic Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV are now welcome to his wake. By the way, Trillanes, according to rumors, has also softened his stance on Reyes. He’s now willing to hear him talk.

Underground River
President Aquino is encouraging Filipinos to support the campaign to make the underground river in Palawan one of the world’s New Seven Wonders of Nature. The President visited Puerto Princesa City Wednesday. Asked why he chose to visit the subterranean river, the President said, “We are close.”

Dominguez Arrested
Authorities have arrested suspected carjack ringleader Roger Dominguez. Of course, Dominguez would still be “out there” if he was a senator.

NBI Inmates Escape
Two inmates have escaped from an NBI detention cell in Manila by covering with a face towel the CCTV camera installed at the back of the facility. Frustrated NBI officers are filing obstruction of justice against the towel.

Hi-Tech Confession
Reports say there’s a new iPhone and iPad application that would help Roman Catholics prepare for a confession. The new app costs $1.99 – one dollar for Apple, 99 cents for the Church. Amen!

In the southeast African nation of Malawi, somebody has proposed an Anti-Farting Bill. And everyone was like, “Sa Malawi na nakatira si Lito Lapid??!!?”

Phil si Angel
Via Twitter, Azkal Phil Younghusband has invited actress Angel Locsin for a Valentine’s Day date. Expect Luis Manzano to admit his romance with Angel this coming Sunday on The Buzz.
“All of civility depends on being able to contain the rage of individuals.”
~ Joshua Lederberg

Briefly Noted
Is that your final answer Mr. Senator? O, magbabago pa ang utak mo two weeks from now?

Survey Says
Dapat bang isisi sa banat ng mga kritiko ni Secretary Angelo Reyes ang kanyang pagpapakamatay?
– Oo. 14.29%
– Hindi. 73.1%
– Medyo. 12.62%

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Friday. LA Lakers vs. some green team from the east.
Let’s go Lakers!

Author: professionalheckler

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134 thoughts on “AZKALS… KAYO NA!”

    1. Mr. PH, how come my remark was censored? Wala naman X-rated sa comment ko. I simply said that you have a quick sense of heckling. And I asked if Mai Mislang and you have met. Kasi baka kako, hinimatay rin, meaning guwapo ka siguro.. Something to that effect and it got censored???


  1. hehehehe, nakakatawa naman pala eh, sabi mo sa twitter idol di nakakatawa. hehehe. the best yung malawi anti fart law, hehehe, kaya pala absent si Lito Lapid sa senado, nagsideline yata sa Malawi. wahahahaha.
    According to @Fakenoy’s tweet, Kris is contemplating on whose to pick between the 2 Younghusbands, because of that He ask the PSG to give full assistance to the football stars para hindi malapitan ni Kris. hahahaha


  2. this is PH Express Tonite! ha ha. about 6:30 pm lang today nasa Malacanang ang AZkals! sabagay, antic na nga kung bukas pa ‘to lalabas! but you’re not obliged to be this swift. cge ka PH, ikaw rin… we might always expect you to be speedy and high-geared all the time from now… ‘bagay, you’re it na! keep it up; know you will. cheers!


  3. What’s this NBI’s naman? of all places, why naman nakakatakas pa mga detainees? What kind of fool are they? Whaa, they’re supposed to be expert and dependable as safe-keepers! di naman yan city or provincial jail na ahas-tulog mga jailguards! Considering that the sawing of iron grills does not come off overnight! gosh; omg talaga!
    ano bang klaseng pansitan ‘yan, mga sirs!


  4. oh my! mysterious silence drama ni Pnoy amid all the serious matters obtaining in the AFP of which he is THE commander in chief, Pinoy is out there in Palawan, feeling less serious as a new-born tourist on a campaign trail for the “new 7 wonders of nature”. of course, he cut the ribbons today at the blessing of this executive room, ek- ek in Malacanang! Is the boy in command?


    1. promdi, i was just thinking the same thing! 🙂 it seems that everytime the president is in the news, it’s all about attending fiestas, visiting tourist spots, trsting out sports cars and dating women. Para lang siyang naglalaro. 🙂 AY! naglalaro nga pala siya…. ng PSP.


      1. jacob i get you. i respect reyes as a human being, but i absolutely do not respect that he killed himself when he could have stayed on and shed light on the whole situation. I do not see any heroism in his suicide. it was a selfish act for me, he left his family and the whole nation at a time when his presence is needed the most.


      2. thanks for getting my point disgruntled bystander. As a human being I respect him but for his “alleged” inhumane acts he deserves no respect. And I am saddened that these effin senators are reversing whatever they have said before. Akala ko may bayag si Trillanes.


  5. ang quote ni joshua lederberg ay hindi akma sa kaso nina reyes at bastos
    trillanes dahil sa hindi naman sila nagaaway…

    sabi pa nya ngayon sa interview na halatang nag softened na nga na, hindi
    naman daw nakakamatay ang salita, nakalimutan siguro nya ang kasabihang
    ” a pen is mightier than a sword ” kaya ayun, dead si reyes…


    1. Nagulat nga ako with Trillanes saying na hindi nakamamatay ang salita. The bible has several passages re power of words. There are a lot of writngs touching on the power of words. If he is not a wide reader, at least his mother should have taught him some good manners. At least nga itong family ni Gen. Reyes, binawi ang “not welcome” mat to those who were critical of Gen. Reyes. After their initial shock and anger, their good Christian sense got the better of them. Buti naman at nakadalaw tuloy si Erap. Btw,Memory Lane…Estrada and Angelo Reyes:Forgive and forget –, Philippine News for Filipinos: via @addthis


      1. Fo r the interest of truth and improvement of the system Reyes had more value alive. But for the interest of personal vengeance and grandstanding, Reyes had more value as dead. Jingoy said they were just doing their job… personal vengeance and grandstanding he thinks is the senate’s TOR


    2. regardless. i still want to know the truth. did reyes and his family steal from the AFP’s coffers? so what if reyes was hurt with what trillanes said. i expected more resilience from him, having reached the highest position possible for a military man in this country. i’m sure in his lengthy career, he has had words spewed at him that were less than cordial. people always try to bring other people down with words, it’s not the words that kill, it’s who we are and what we are made of that determine what the outcome will be.


  6. hahaha! lagot ang mga Younghusband brothers sa Aquino siblings, LOL!!!!

    hopefully dna maka recover ang mai mislang na yan…hahahaha!!!

    so far PNoy never seemed to be the Commander in Chief…why is he always hiding in the skirts of his sisters now (kasi dati ke Tita Cory)?! Man, Mr. PNoy, assert yourself, be on top of the situation…don’t shie off to someplace far away….be in COMMAND!!!

    Mr. PHcare thanks always for making my days!


  7. Magkamukha si mrs reyes at ang yumaong asawa. Di rin kaya sya nagselos sa kanyang mother-in-law? And what’s with some writers saying Reyes’ suicide is honorable? What’s honorable about taking one’s own life because one’s honor is being questioned because of his alledged involvement in large scale corruption? And what is with some people saying what he did was a sign of bravery and a strength of character? Crap!!! Cowardice, I say.

    My condolences to the family.


  8. pakonswelo de bobo naman yung panalo, Mongolia is never good to begin with, celebrating the Azkals win would embody the Philippines’ affinity for celebrating mediocrity, I still don’t get the hype for the Azkals (though I’m a fytbol fan), you beat a so called powerhouse nation in a region not known for soccer, big deal….Its like Burma beating Thailand in Basketball….

    Sabagay, aim low, that has been the mantra of this administration


    1. Let the Azkals enjoy their moment in the sun. Pati ba naman yan pupulitikahin?

      Football has never been a big deal in the Philippines until the Azkals came. A lot of Filipinos in effect are rediscovering football because of this “hype” (me included). If this “hype” is properly channeled into necessary funds, you get a better football program, a FIFA class stadium, and a bigger niche in the Fipino’s sports psyche. True futbol fans should appreciate the potential of the goodwill being generated by this team. Let the Azkals fan the flames, get the snowball to snowball, ________ (add other cliches here).

      Ang problema ng maraming pinoy, mahilig mag-maliit tsk tsk.


    2. CoJ,

      Dude, it isn’t celebrating mediocrity. It’s just celebrating a win — na bihira dati. If you’re a football fan, you know that the PHL team record used to suck big time — in a region that isn’t known for football pa.

      It’s a good thing that the team starts winning. At least mag-increase yung support base and yung funding for the team/ sport. Who knows? Maybe better chances for bigger events in the future?

      Malay mo, in the future you might cheer for the PHL football team sa FIFA World Cup.

      I wouldn’t put these blokes in the same bracket as the current admin. 😉



  9. suicide is an honorable way out for a person who admits his guilt, yet still wants to keep things secret as a way to protect and keep his promise to those whom he pledged his full loyalty. What reyes did is way better than those who are way more guilty yet don’t feel it a bit.


    1. With all his shortcomings, Reyes will always be part of Philippine history as the one who led the AFP in driving the MILF to its knees and to the negotiating table, reducing the strength of NPA and tilting EDSA 2 in favor of the popular sentiment. Trillianes and Jinggoy have only shortcomings and nothing more


      1. brutal ka naman kung magsalita, sis. sana sinabi mo yan sa harap ng mga anak ni reyes at hindi dito sa blog.

        tika, baka ikaw yong nazi na sinasabi ni anon na kampon ni carandang. di ba walang habag ang mga nazi? girl, boy, bakla, tomboy ay dinadala nila sa gas chamber. then ipapasok sa isang malaking la germania oven ang mga bangkay para lutuin. but before that, babasbasan muna ng isang priest ng flavoring ang mga bangkay para magkalasa. ang nalutong bangkay ay ipapasok sa isang crusher para maging polvoron. tapos babalutin sa papel de japon (imported by germans from their japanese ally), tapos ibebenta sa pilipinas.


  10. bilib talaga ko sa pr man ng azkals. samantalang ang gilas na dami ng na achieve, yung mga critics kung bumanat akala mo kulelat sa buong mundo ang pilipino pag dating sa basketball. pero kung titignan mo ang standings azkals futbol team world standing is at #152 out of 203 countries while phi smart gilas basketball team is at #53! si president noy ayaw pang pirmahan ang naturalization papers ni marcus douthit, ano pa kaya nyang gawin?


  11. Ph. Maybe you could come up with best car sticker.

    Some to start the ball rolling

    Dont steal – the govt hates competition

    Dont ask difficult questions – we dont have the answers

    Dont blame aquino – he doesnt

    Dont pray to god – pray to the chinese

    Dont give up hope – just your pesos

    Dont envy politicians – they dont envy you

    Dont pay your taxes – politicians and lawyers dont

    Dont visit taiwan – they will send you to china

    Dont worry, be happy – it wont last

    Dont suffer in silence – read the professional heckler

    Dont think your life ends at 60 – the misery is just beginning


    1. ouch aray ko…

      sa dinamidami ng numero anon, 60 pa ang napili mo hahaha

      ayyy english pala dapat, ah bahala ka na …

      wrong na wrong na wrong ka anon sa, ” the misery is just
      beginning “…

      look at me, english yan ha, ano sa tingin mo, hindi ba ako nag
      eenjoy dito at 60 plus? misery ka dyan…


    1. with 50,000 lawyers in the country i am sure some do.
      but none appear on bir top 500 tax payers list.
      at least one has been caught.


      Charged for tax evasion was Atty. Gari Tiongco, a resident of Ayala Heights Village, Diliman Quezon City.

      The BIR said Tiongco did not declare his P124 million income in 2009, resulting in a deficiency of P58.9 million that year.

      BIR said the case against Tiongco was the answer to persistent inquiries as to why no lawyer has been charged under its Run After Tax Evaders or RATE program


      you only need to earn 12 million a year to be in the top 500 list.


  12. sana naman itong mga mestisong asong kalye natin ay talagang may dugong pinoy. huwag naman sana nilang gawin ang nagawa ng ibang sports organization na nag import ng mga dayuhan at pinalabas na pinoy kahit naman hindi. it would erode whatever support they have gained and we will be known as cheats. we do not need to recruit nonpinoys. afterall, kalat naman ang pinoy sa mundo at maraming magagaling. ok lang kung ang coach ay hindi pinoy kasi kailangan naman nating matuto sa expertise nila.


  13. final stickers

    invest in the philippines – buy a congressman

    lawyers legalise graft and corruption

    lawyers borrow your watch and then charge you to tell you the time

    never date an economist – your figures dont interest them

    and some i like which are not mine

    be careful, i’m chinese

    if we call it the tourist season why cant we shoot them

    wanted; meaningful overnight relationship

    so many cats – so few recipes

    i just devalued my lexus with this stupid sticker


  14. The recent game in Bacolod highlighted the error of the local federation for refusing to hold the Suzuki Cup game in the Philippines last year. Hometown support could have egged the Azkals to win the game over Indonesia instead of losing both games.

    Just as all brides are beautiful (even Ms Misland, if she gets married), all dead people have led a good life. When retired Gen Reyes was asked if it was true that he received “pasalubong” and “pabaon,” he asked if he had been “ganid”. When he said that he has a name and reputation to protect, Sen. Trillanes retorted that he has no reputation to protect. Reyes acted like the general to talking to a junior officer, even when he and Trillanes were already a civilians, and one of them already a senator.

    Reminds me of a line in “Evita” – when the Italian crowd called her a whore, the First Lady of Argentina was fuming mad. An seaman commented that it was an easy mistake, because he was still called an Admiral even when he has left the sea long ago. We still call Erap a president, and Kabayan a Vice President. Good thing GMA will henceforth be known as a Congresswoman, and not a president.


    1. Juicemio ‘Teh, nawindang naman ako dito sa comment mo!
      Ano ba talaga? Wala na ba talagang Mayon sa Bicol?

      May relasyon nga ba talaga si Trillanes kay Evita? As far as I know, Trillanes is a senator, not a seaman! And Mislang, ikasal man siya o hindi, shonget pa rin siya, at di rin aaminin ni Reyes na may pabaon siya kay Mislang sa Vietnam! Ayyyyy?

      At teka nga pala, asan po ba yung line sa sinasabi mo? Line of sight siguro, ano po?

      Pero teka teka……Reyes and Trillanes a civilians? Aw c’mons!

      Fuming mad po ba talaga si Evita kung tinatawag pa nating President si Erap?

      Sencia na po ha? Di ko po nasakyan ang train of thought nyo eh. Di ako sanay sumakay ng train. Wala kasi dito sa amin eh.


  15. @azeroth – walang pr man ang smart gilas, samantalang unlimited ang budget ni manny pangilinan? You got to be kidding. By the way, ano ang achievement ng gilas? they participated in exhibition games, and in competitions, they did not amount to much. Ang daming fake na Pinoy, starting with Taulava and Penisi (oh Manny P, your slip is showing)


  16. About Angelo Reyes, may I say na basta sa mga taong kawatan, walang pakundangang nangungulimbat ng kaban ng bayan, wala akong respeto sampu na sa pamilya niya. Paano nila naaatim na magbuhay mayaman gayong alam nila (kita mo nga, walang mga kunsensiya!) na nakaw lang ang yaman nila! Whenever I think about our soldiers serving our country, being in the line of fire na kulang-kulang ang mga gears nila, at mamamatay na lang ng ganun and their families’ are left with a meager pension/benefit, lagi kong sinasabi, mamamatay kayong mga kawatan! The nerve!


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