March 17, 1945 – February 8, 2011

“There are only two ways of telling the complete truth –
anonymously and posthumously.” ~Thomas Sowell

Postscript: I wouldn’t be surprised if Mesdames Ligot and Garcia would ask the respective aides of their husbands to disarm them. For now. #conscience

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222 thoughts on “ANGELO REYES, 65”

      1. this was his chance to be a real soldier but instead he chose the easy way out. what was he thinking – that his death will stop the skeleton from walking out of the closet? it might be unchristian of me but it was a very coward way to die…sana ginaya ni si Lacson, wait and see, TNT ng TNT until someone friendly comes along…


      2. tama ka dyan,walang kwenta ang pagpakamatay nya,sana nag iwan sya sa mga pinoy nang liwanag na katotohanan na maging bayani sya.ang iniwan nya sa mga pinoy kon di MADILIM na walang kasagutan kasi patay na sya.sayang doon pa naman sya inilibing sa libingan nang mga bayani.takot sya humarap sa kasalanan nya sa mga tao.walang kwenta ang pagkatao nya.


  1. An honorable death? This man chose the only way an honorable person will do. He committed what the Japanese calls “seppuku” rather than continue to be humiliated and to dignify the accusations from less than honorable men who were his subordinates and in the Senate.

    Rest in Peace General Reyes. I wish your accusers will have the same courage to stare at death and meet his Maker like you did.


    1. On the contrary, seppuku is done by a person who has shamed himself due to cowardice, a dishonest act or loss of patronage. In other words, seppuku is NOT an act of an honorable man, rather an attempt of a shamed or defeated man to regain his honor.

      I think General Reyes’ suicide is the latter.


  2. May his soul rest in peace. Im sure his greiving family will agree with me here- prayers for his soul is what really matters at this point.
    HOWEVER, I believe that he just proved all the allegations against him RIGHT. I just hope that for the last time before he decided to end his life that he did something right –TELL THE TRUTH.


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    1. Please join me in my prayer:

      Lord, two years ago kinuha mo ang favorite kong singer si Michael Jackson. Later kinuha mo ang favorite kong actress, si Fahrah Fawcett. Then ang favorite kong rapper, si Francis M, kinuha mo rin. Now ang favorite kong soldier si General Angelo Reyes, kinuha mo rin.

      Lord, wag mo pong kalimutan ang favorite kong pangulo, si GMA; Amen


  4. the arroyos will be dancing in the street.
    but lets hope reyes had an ounce of decency and will speak from the grave.
    i doubt it so that his wife can live well on his ill gotten gains,
    and celebrate with a filipino fling

    1part each


    served chilled on a miami beach


      1. maliit

        kung ako si reyes, bakit naman ako ma consensya ng ganuon
        ka tindi, total hindi naman siguro sya ang nag-umpisa ng pabaon
        system, minana lang nya at ipagpapatuloy din sana ng nasa pwesto
        ngayon kung hindi pa na buking na ng todotodo…

        and i think reyes could have handled all kinds of investigation but
        for this one:

        reyes, may i…

        trillanes, no, you may not

        reyes, i just want to protect my honor/right …

        trillanes, no, you don’t have any honor/right to protect

        imagine being subjected to such humiliation in front of millions
        of televiewers worldwide, my heart really went out for him when
        he was teary-eyed during an interview…

        and i think the shame that he suffered from that was what did him in…

        ako nga, gigil na gigil sa no gmrc na trillanes na yan even before
        reyes’ death, talagang dinibdib ko ang kabastusan nya, si reyes pa


      1. hikata seryus ni ha, ang gidangatan lagi ni reyes sa mga kamot
        ni trillanes mauy hinungdan sa iyang pagpakamatay, tiaw mo ba
        sad ng iyang pagpakauwaw uy, hasta iring ni reyes dili makatulon..

        ug nakabasa man ko dinhi nga sa saycology kuno, tingali rebers,
        nga kung pananglitan magsige ka ug hisgot ug makahubog ug
        makalirong, pasabot ana, uuyyy good boy diay ka no, unya kay
        rebers man lagi, ang imong iring diay dili brayet….ayy dili diay,
        ang imong iring iro diay….

        gusto unta ko mag hahaha pero kay lain man sad kaayo kay naa
        ra bay namatay, sa sunod na lang…


      2. good boy bitaw ko ñor. naa ra jud ko sulod balay kanunay. mugawas rako kung duna ko paliton sa tiangge atbang sa amo balay.

        tinuod pud nga iring kaning akong gibuhi ñor. dili ko ganahan sa iro kay kusog muhamal. maayo man ang iring kay pwede ra nimo pakaunon bukog sa isda.

        gwapo bitaw si zubiri ñor? pero ingon sa ako iring, toyab man na siya. mao bitaw giuyab niya kaniadto si vina morales kay nagtuo siya lalaki si vina kay dagko man lage ug muscle.


      3. kana gyud, maayo na ang good boy, very good…

        ako sad dili ganahan bisan unsa, ma iring or ma iro, labi
        na gyud sa iring kay kung musipyat gani ka pagtabon sa
        imong isda, ambot na lang, bukog na lay imo, ikaw na ang
        mahimong iring…

        bitaw uy, kahibalo bitaw ko nga yotba na si zubiri, pero
        kagwapo ra man atong hisgutan, bahala na, apan si vina
        wala makaagwanta kay usahay kuno mangilog si zubiri sa
        iyang lipstik…


    1. It is more honorable to take one’s own life than to live with bended knees in shame.

      Now the question, do you have the courage to commit seppuku like what General Reyes did? I submit, that not a single person is not corrupt as this culture of corruption was instilled by Marcos and ingrained in us. We have, one way or the other, participated in this very culture that we now abhor. But what can we do? It will take a whole generational change to effect what we pray and hope for.


  5. suicide is an act of courage, cowardice, or conscience dependent upon circumstances.
    with reyes it is a combination of conscience and cowardice.
    it confirms his guilt but not man enough to admit it.
    are afp personnel so weak.
    they should undergo training in the british army.
    that would soon sort out the men from the mice.


  6. This is really shocking and sad news. I feel sad for him cause he ended up this way. Too much pressure from his BOSSES (spell: A-R-R-O…). He could’ve saved his name and his soul today during the Congress hearing. He already had the opportunity to make it up to the Filipino people by confessing the truth and revealing EVERYTHING behind the Pabaon issue and all the anomalies in the AFP. I feel bad for his family. I feel bad for our country for losing a key to hopefully correcting the flaws in the army and in the government.


  7. reyes killing himself is a declaration in itself that he is guilty. his death should not be an excuse for his family’s wealth to not be investigated and if proven ill gotten should also be taken back by the government. By all means, the senate or congress should still call on reyes’ wife, walang awa awa dito specially since we are talking about millions of our tax money.


    1. I totally agree….yes he died but he did it to himself. he put himself into that situation, he made a choice and he chose to be a coward, so bakit tayo maawa sa pamilya nya na kahit wala na si reyes magbubuhay rich pa naman sila. Ang mas nakakaawa ay ang mga pilipino na naghihirap dahil sa mga demonyo na kagaya nila na nakaupo sa gobyerno. Awa has no place sa ganitong sitwasyon. For me the more they should go after people like reyes haggang magpakamatay na sila lahat! Sana pagbabarilin na rin nila mga sarili nila…by doing this they are doing a great service to this country…a very good example by reyes, sana sumunod na rin sina gloria, garcia, mga comelec officials na corrupt….


  8. i don’t have respect for reyes becuase instead of answering all the allegations, he took the easy way out and killed himself. that is an act of cowardice. if he really is innocent i would have appreciated it if he stuck around to clear his name. if not innocent, it would also be good if he admitted to committing graft and naming all those involved. his death robbed the filipino people of the truth. he abandoned his family at this time when it is only he who could adequately protect them if he really is not guilty.


  9. ‎”I don’t do it for money. I’ve got enough, much more than I’ll ever need. I do it to do it. Deals are my art form. Other people paint beautifully on canvas or write wonderful poetry. I like making deals, preferably big deals That’s how I get my kicks.” – TRUMP: The Art of the Deal (the book found beside the dead body of late Gen. Angelo Reyes who allegedly committed suicide.)

    It was an obvious admission of the truth but there are probably other factors that he has to consider like the safety of the lives of his own family. Pity that he had to be a victim of the former administration’s corrupted system. Pity that despite of being a general, he doesn’t have enough courage to tell the truth. Pity that truth had to go with him in the grave. And pity that Gloria hasn’t gone to the grave as well.


  10. I think guilt got the better of Gen. Angelo Reyes…plus the fact that he couldn’t really come out in the open without opening the can of worms containing the other worm-partakers and the more “greedy” ones. There’s really something more than meets the eye when he asked Rabusa if he, Reyes, was greedy. It’s too bad that maybe for all his idealism before, got swallowed by the system of corruption and dipped his hand in the “cookie jar” himself. Be that as it may, may his soul rest in peace. And sana, Mrs. Reyes come out and turn over to the government the assets/cash that she knows are clearly ill-gotten. Otherwise, his death would have been in vain…wishful thinking.


  11. eulogy theme ni Reyes.

    Non, Rien De Rien, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
    Ni Le Bien Qu’on M’a Fait, Ni Le Mal
    Tout Ca M’est Bien Egal
    Non, Rien De Rien, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
    C’est Paye, Balaye, Oublie, Je Me Fous Du Passe

    No, Nothing From Nothing,
    Neither the good done to me,
    While I do not care
    No, Nothing From Nothing,
    It is paid, swept away, forgotten,


  12. person like reyes who caused the death of hundred of ordinary servicemen does not deserve sympathy.

    i have this “kababata” who contracted a virus when he was assigned on one of the remotest area in panay island. he was not immediately medevaced because it would be too costly to use the airforce’s helicopter to transport him. instead, his comrades put him in a “duyan” and they trekked down the mountain for two days.

    when they finally arrived in a public hospital in iloilo city, it was already too late. i saw him begged the doctor to save his life.

    he left behind a widowed mother and 7 younger siblings. he’s just 24.


  13. what a lame way to die…

    we move on, let the senators and congressmen finish their investigation and punish the perps. Unfortunately for Mrs. Reyes, she will be invited to attend the Senate inquiry…one way or the other. She has lots of explaining to do along with her travelling partner Mrs. Lim(g)ot.


  14. Sepuku/Harakiri? Die with honor? Di rin!

    He could have told the truth first then do the thing if he really feels into it. That would be honorable. Kung ako sa kanya, tell everything, go to jail, then ask for pardon… kaso pati dun naduwag….

    Baka Mafia honor, pwede pa…


  15. gusto ko na sana maglimos ng awa until i saw this spokesperson of the Reyes.

    aba bigtime talaga, first time i saw a military personnel having a spokesperson. it says a lot to the kind of lifestyle the Reyeses have.

    Kung gusto niyo ng simpatya mula sa sambayanan, ang una niyong gawin ay ito – wag niyong isiping mangmang ang mga Pinoy. Forgiving yes, easily forgets yes pa rin, siguro matiisin din pero ang isipin niyo na engot ang Pinoy at makikiiyak sa inyo ng ganun na lang – wag po. You will just get the same indifference that the Pinoys accorded the Marcoses when the ex-President died.


      1. esa

        anak pala yun ni julie? ang bilis ng panahon ano…

        katulad din ni chiqui, may anak na sya ngayon na nasa
        eat bulaga nag hohost…

        ayy to go back, kung mag bigay si julie ng opinion, siguro
        medyo magiging bias sya considering na her daughter is
        acting as the spokesperson of the reyeses…


  16. suicide? that remains to be seen. though reports are indicating suicide and many people believe that he killed himself, with the “evidence” presented and all, I am one of those skeptics. my gut tells me that his death is a conspiracy. or maybe i just have an overactive imagination from reading too much books and watching too much tv!


    1. Perhaps there are “truths” especially when it comes to the military, that should not be revealed to the public. The systemic corruption should be addressed internally because the enemies of the state are watching and just waiting to take advantage. Besides, whats the use of revealing all the names of involved generals in the halls of the senate? Will it lead to prosecution and eventual conviction and incarceration? No! You would need further proof for this, right? What is certain is it will satisfy the ego of granstanding senators and the thirst for blood of those who are after personal vendetta.

      Truth, justice, good governance my ass! It’s all about bloodlusts and we are all caught cheering for more.


  17. I think the definition of seppuku here is misconstrued. Seppuku is very honorable in ancient Japanese. Taking away one’s life is not honorable while being involved in so much corruption because he not only failed in his duty as a soldier but he also failed in his duty to his real boss…the Filipino people. Thus he does not deserve to die honorably.


    1. The current president – PNoy – as he wants to be referred, to has definitely made a huge impact to the consciousness of everyone that his “Ako ang boss ninyo” speech has corrupted and confused our minds. A bourgeoisie pretending to be a Magsaysay.

      On Seppuku, while it may not be acceptable to us Catholics, but taking one’s life is viewed as an honorable death. And this is still being practiced today not only in Japan but also by loyal adherents of Islam.

      Thus, it may be hard to fathom what Gen. Reyes had committed but we cannot take away the fact that he had the courage and the singular purpose to welcome death and to meet his Maker the way he did.

      Do we have the balls to that?


  18. Gardeners and helpers said before he shot himself, he was talking with somebody over his cellphone. Balisa and palakad lakad at patayo tayo. Now….where is that goddamn cellphone? Who’s he talking to? I just observed that GMA is also balisa when she arrived at the hospital and even went ahead at the funeral thinking Angelo was there na! bakit kaya?


  19. well abby, i dont think the past administration is the only time this kind of system lurked. It started way way way back before…and so i say, he is not the only “victim” here…(im still contemplating if he shall also be labeled as a victim)

    the big deals he made will be buried together with him….may he rest in peace. And to those who opted to stay and weave stories to cradle the corrupt system still…..may your conscience not let you rest


  20. the evil that men do (and women) will live after them…
    it is really sad that he ended his life so abruptly. i believe he could have made an inch of redemption if he was able to divulge the bigger picture…
    we all know that the dirtiest laundry belongs to his boss gma…
    hope her dosage of sedatives increase a thousand fold!!!!!


  21. The single biggest source of this country’s misery since the ’70s is that school in Baguio City. Matagal na sana tayong umasenso kung yung mga gumradweyt dun ay naturuan ng leksyon tungkol sa pagiging makabayan. Kaban ng bayan ang target ng mga hinayupak na mga ‘to paglabas ng academy.


  22. Media cover up campaign for afp corruption starts. How much money changed hands for abs cbn media men to mount a propaganda to promote the lie that angie reyes is a victim instead of a MALEVOLENT PERPETRATOR AND PROMOTER OF AFP CORRUPTION? Vice president noli boy de castro please answer. Remember you are known to the public as AC/DC, attack collect/defend collect, and one of the most corrupt (extortioner) media men in the land.


      1. Ayyyyy! May first hand info din ako sa pagiging Kabayad ni Noli de Castro!

        Years ago, I was connected to a Makati firm whose owner is a big time politician, our CEO. During election campaign period, may-I-report ang Kabayad about the alleged illegal logging activities of my boss.

        Juicemio! 2 days after that TV report, I chanced upon Kabayad sa office ng boss ko, nakipagkamay pa nga siya sa akin (na-starstruck ata saken! ahihihi!).

        After that visit, wa na ang illegal logging report, di na nabanggit ulit. Life went on as usual, parang wala lang.

        Won’t go into the more lurid details at baka ipa-hunting ako ni Kabayad. He knows me quite well.


    1. tama din naman si Trillanes sa akala mo tama ang ginawa ng militar ipakalabuso sya dahil nag hanap sya n katotohanan tungkol sa mil;itar. That is what really going on sa military. The general ay nagpapalamig lang sa office pero ang mga sundalo ay nasa gubat nakipag bartilan saq mga rebelde.


    1. Alam nyo Senior60, tama kayo sa mga obserbasyon ninyo. Yang si Trillanes, ang tawag sa kanya nag po-power trip! Yan ang mahirap sa mga opisyal nang military na may “Messiah Complex”. Pasalamat sya hindi sya napatay nung sa Oakwood o kaya na court martial na ang parusa firing squad.

      Ewan ko ba sa atin, eh binoboto pa sa eleksyon. Ngayon, lumalabas ang totoong kulay. Walang modo, walang respeto, bastos at higit sa lahat hindi officer and a gentleman.


      1. Even if their gripes were with much basis, I think mounting that munity at Oakwood was not proper. Oakwood (now Ascott) is private property. Trillanes’ group did so much damage to private property and private lives of those living there. Wala sa lugar ang mga actions ni Trillanes. Even his spending as senator while in prison is also questionable. Now his behavior in that Senate hearing where he was very overbearing to a resource person, Gen. Reyes was also very out of line. Gen. Reyes may be guilty to some extent but he was not the one under investigation in that hearing. The guilt of Gen. Reyes was his succumbing to the corruption endemic in the system instead of trying to do somethingf to correct it when he had the opportunity. But under PGMA, it would have been impossible under PGMA’s regime. Sayang si Gen. Reyes, he should have distanced himself from PGMA when it became very obvious that PGMA and FG are the worst of their corrupt kind. To think that Gen. Reyes abandoned Erap…he should have likewise abandoned GMA…but instead he allowed himself to be swallowed by the system of corruption in the AFP even if he says that he was not “ganid”.


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