THE FILIPINO-CHINESE community will be celebrating Chinese New Year this week. Aside from the usual fireworks display, there will be dancing, drinking, singing, and the most anticipated part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines – “gift giving.”

Rabusa’s Exposé
During a Senate hearing last week, retired Lt. Col. George Rabusa, erstwhile military budget officer revealed that former Armed Forces chiefs allegedly received millions of pesos in “gifts” drawn from military funds. It turned out however that there was really nothing new in Rabusa’s revelation because this tradition in the Philippine military antedates Santa Claus himself.

Former AFP chief Angelo Reyes allegedly amassed more than P100 million during his 20-month tenure plus no less than P50 million “pabaon” when he retired in 2001. In a Senate hearing, an emotional Reyes confronted retired Lt. Col. George Rabusa and asked, “Ikaw na ang magsabi, ako ba’y naging ganid o suwapang?” No sir, that’s not ganid; that’s not swapang. That’s plunder.

Are you familiar with Lt. Col. George Rabusa?? As a former military budget officer, he was used by his superiors to amass millions of pesos from military funds. Today, he is being used by the Estradas to get back at Angelo Reyes. Apparently, he’s getting used to it.

Chaos in Cairo
In the Northern African nation of Egypt, thousands of protesters are camping out against the regime of President Hosni Mubarak. Just so you know, Mubarak has been in power for 29 long years… or as the Binays of Makati City would say, “Bago pa lang.”

Thousands of Egyptians are camping out in Egypt demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak. Demonstrators wanted him out of their country. In case he flees, Mubarak is not sure where to go yet although the 84-year-old leader has received “exile offers” from Israel, France, and Senator Loren Legarda.

As authorities continue to hunt down the perpetrators of the bombing of a bus in Makati City last week, the Philippine National Police released Friday computer generated images (CGI) of two men whom they described as “persons of interest” – or as the PNP would say but couldn’t, “Sana ay sila na nga.”

In connection with the recent bombing of a bus in Makati City, the PNP released the CGI of two men whom they referred to as “persons of interest” – otherwise known as “the CHR is watching so let’s just call them as such.”

Authorities have released the CGI of two “persons of interest” in connection with the bombing of a passenger bus in Makati City last week. In an interesting turn of events, starlet Katrina Paula told the media that one of the men was her boyfriend.

Bruno Mars
Filipino-American R&B artist Bruno Mars is facing a court case for cocaine use. If his career takes a major hit because of drugs, he plans to just settle in the Philippines and run for Congress.

According to a study, a woman’s least favorite spot for sex is the car. Yes Mr. President, that includes Porsche.
“Who lies for you will lie against you.”
~Bosnian Proverb

This just in!
Carjacking near Ayala. Flooding in Jeddah. Nonstop rains in South Africa. And now, KC and Piolo na? Strange times indeed. Strange times. Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with you…

Survey Says
Naniniwala ba kayong bahagi ng destabilization plot ang isyu ng carjacking at ang naganap na pambobomba sa bus sa Makati?
– No! Kalokohan. 27.56%
– ‘Yong bombing ng bus, posible. ‘Yong, carjacking, hindi. 47.44%
– YES to both! May mga grupong sinusubukan ang kakayahan ng gobyerno. 25%


Last Saturday, we had so much fun playing another game on Twitter. Tweeps were asked: Ano ang isasagot mo kapag sinabihan ka ni Pangulong Aquino: “Will you marry me?” Check out the list of the funniest entries here.

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Have a safe Monday and enjoy another great week!

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76 thoughts on “PERSONS OF INTEREST”

  1. sana merong pagbabago sa ating militar…ang kelangan ay kamay na bakal,,,hallerrrr…kamay na bakal, nino??!!! d pwede sa mga unanong taga makati…at lalo na d pwede sa ke PNoy…lambot siguro ng kamay nun, ahah…hah..hah…sino ba ang chief of staff ngayon? tahimik nya ata…baka maraming kinukumpuni?!!


    1. the positive is that the military are stealing less than congress.
      and congress is stealing less than the cojuangco’s
      and p-noy doesn’t care because he has a new lexus to play with – courtesy of cojuangco.
      and to be really positive puno is still on his shooting holiday in the states so he cant cause any harm for now.


      1. kanang mga tawhana, hagbay rana sila gibarang sa mga taga siquijor bai. ang problema masaag man gud sa manila ang mga mananap nga ila ipadala. pagkadaghan baya eskina ang manila. dili man parehas sa siquijor matuyok raman nimo ang tibook isla sa usa ka oras. ang resulta, hangtud karon wala pa jud kaabot sa ila mga biktima kanang mga mananapa.


      1. asa ka pa senior…corruption in the pinas in general, not just in the afp, is systemic…it’s in the blood of every pinoy, and gma did not invent it. the guy who says that he will stop corruption is either clueless or outright lying…especially if this guy goes around time in his porsche and lexus while telling everybody else to live modestly…hehehe, hindi ‘ata nag-connect. 🙂


      2. and why are you so affected, teh?

        a supreme being like you should not waste time with a subnormal being, like hikatalomato. you’re downgrading yourself, man. you and paul are our only chance, our savior, the messiahs that will lead the people of this forsaken country into the promise land.

        oh what i have done? i’ve been throwing filthy words to the anointed one. oh please forgive me for my trespasses! i know my life and my collection of booze are not enough to appease you. oh i’m doomed.


  2. Ay! the past week we’ve been brought to one of the saddest story-telling sessions in recent times. and that’s courtesy of Lt.Col.George Rabusa. Although such account sounded all too familiar already (ask Sen. Trillanes, Col. Ariel Qierubin, the Magdalo soldiers, et al), we thought Mr. Rabusa’s narrative should be enough now to seal off all related reports and dispatches of such anomalies and corruption in the AFP, as in all the other agencies of governance in this country. Enough of these, that have turned soldiers’ stand-off, half-bred coup d’etats, Senate inquiries, and other shallow investigations into a vicious cycle that has never yielded expected results. So much time and resources have been wasted only in shocking exposes but we have never heard of anyone seriously charged and prosecuted; convicted, nay, jailed for all those crimes of larceny, plunder, graft, et al! Kailan mabibigyan ng sample ‘yan? On second thought… napakalalim ang ugat na huhukayin. We need balls; we need will…


    1. i agree with you promdi. The Senate is wasting so much time in its inquiries and investigations and yet never yielded results. I doubt if PNoy will have the balls and the will to break this JPE-old philippine society tradition na “just until investigation”.

      Pasintabi sa mga bumoto kay Pnoy, I think the “matuwid na daan” ay walang patutunguhan. Sana lang talaga, he could lead the country as fast as his porsche can lead the way.


      1. Is it true that Binay is now in DC being “appraised” by high government US officials due to their increasing apprehension over PNoy’s lack of capacity to govern? Understandable considering the amount of US investment and strategic interest in the country.


      2. etchos tulungan mo ako, mag reply kasi ako kay anon ng,

        hindi nga, kaya lang, ang alam ko sa english ay ang hindi

        only, ang nga hindi…

        samantala, habang wala ka pang naituro dahil hindi mo pa

        ito nabasa, ang reaction ko muna ay, no nga for hindi nga…

        ang tanong ko nga pala etchos ay, ano sa english ang, nga


      3. megaknown daw ba talaga Paul?

        Naku, di na ata talaga tayo makakaalpas sa pamumuno ng mga panget!

        Kung sabagay, Binay can utilize his vast experience in running the Philippine premiere district to run this country. Keri na yun!

        Kesa naman kay Pnoy na hanggang ngayon nga ay hindi alam kung paano aayusin ang kanyang lablayp!

        Porsche-us por santo!


  3. Pop singer Bruno Mars, whose real name is Peter Hernandez, will plead guilty to cocaine possession. What’s new with that, right? We know about Cong. Singson case in HK.
    Piolo admits his relationship with KC! I was screaming to the max when I watched The Buzz. Kilig to the max!!! It’s about time to get real. Lovely couple.
    Thanks for updates!


  4. 21. @TomEvangelista “Will you marry me? – (nawalang parang bula)

    hahaha!!! people let’s imagine na ung caricature ng babae ay kumaripas ng takbo… tirik ung buhok at nililipad ng malakas na hangin ung mahabang palda… habang may malaking question mark sa ulo ni pnoy na takang-takang bakit kumaripas ng takbo ung babae e tinanong lang nman ng “will you marry me”…. hahahaha….


    1. The responses to the “Will you marry me” question lavishly display the creativity of the readers that blooms under the atmosphere of free expression. Suppressing such atmosphere in the name of the positive will kill not only that creativity but also the community that this blog has created. It will bring us to the martial law period where only ” the true, the good and beautiful” to the regime was aired


  5. …kakaiba tlga ang philippine government. lahat halos ng mga foreign nationals sa egypt ay nagkukumahog ang kanilang mga leaders sa pagpapadala ng mga eroplano pra maiuwi ng maayos ang kanilang mga nationals pero ang pilipinas “wait and see” attitude lang.

    …hay kawawa tlga ang pinoy. kaniya-kaniyang ligtas na lang ng sarili.


  6. eddi

    asa pa talaga ako, di ba may kasabihan na, hope springs eternal?
    who knows in the aparador, baka ma consensya lahat and will follow
    our leader who i hope will remain uncorrupted until the end of his
    presidency, will not succumb to the color of money…

    hahaha tama ba pinagsasabi ko etchos? oooops huwag mang supalpaaalll

    p.s. at tsaka hayaan na si noynoy sa kanyang mga kaunting diversion,
    a president also needs those, katulad ng kanyang mother dear na nag
    mamahjong, to unwind lang ba…

    i’m sure nagsusunog din si noynoy ng kilay sa kaka-isip kung ano ba
    talaga ang dapat at mabuting gawin for the good of everybody, tingnan
    ninyo ang kanyang bumbunan ba tawag doon, noon may buhok pa yun,
    ngayon wala na sa middle, para na siyang santo papa, proof na, yun na


  7. anon

    my goodness, i’m dismayed, disappointed with you, hikata is
    right and not left after all, that his cat is brighter than you are…

    imagine, after too much explaining, you still didn’t get my point?
    or is my english really that bad that you didn’t understand what
    i was saying? do you want me to repeat from the top?

    hahaha and of all people you went to hikata, are you “crazy” ?
    and you got what you were looking for, and i tell you now, you
    are no match to him…


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