THE SOCIAL NETWORK won Best Picture-Drama in the 68th Golden Globe Awards! David Fincher won Best Director for the said movie which also took home the Best Screenplay and Best Original Score trophies. To ‘The Social Network’ team, congratulations!

Aside from ‘The Social Network,’ another big winner over the weekend is the Noy-Bi/Samar team. Congratulations guys for winning the chairmanship of the Commission on Elections!

New Comelec Chief
President Aquino has appointed Atty. Sixto Brillantes Jr. as head the Commission on Elections. Observers say Brillantes’ appointment signals the launch of reforms in the poll body, and the launch of Senator Francis Escudero’s presidential bid.

Atty. Sixto Brillantes Jr. is the new chairman of the Comelec. The election lawyer’s appointment marked the start of a new beginning for the poll body and the end of Mar Roxas’ presidential re-run.

Lawyer Sixto Brillantes Jr’s swearing in took place over the weekend. And Mar Roxas hasn’t stopped swearing since.

Election lawyer Sixto Brillantes who is handling at least 25 election cases pending before the Comelec has been appointed chairman of the poll body. If you happen to be Attorney Sixto’s client: “Pa-cheeseburger ka naman! Burger! Burger! Burger!”

Members of the Senate have different reactions to the appointment of lawyer Sixto Brillantes Jr. as Comelec chairman. Senator Juan Ponce Enrile said, “He is a mature lawyer who knows the ethics of his profession.” Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago said, “It might be the better part of discretion to decline the nomination.” Sen. Francis Pangilinan said, “He would be hard-pressed to show impartiality.” Sen. Lito Lapid said, “Taaama!”

Weird Weather
Have you been watching the news lately? In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, streets are submerged in waist-deep flood. In Queensland, Australia communities are still under water. In South Africa, disaster zones have been declared because of heavy rains. In the Philippines, government prosecutors are defending ex-Major General Carlos F. Garcia. Strange weather indeed.

Magsaysay vs. Ocampo
PAL flight attendant Sarah Bonnin Ocampo has formally filed a complaint before the House of Representatives against Alliance of Volunteer Educators party list Rep. Eulogio Magsaysay. In her six-page complaint, the “menopausal bitch” accused Magsaysay of “serious misconduct, grave abuse of authority, solicitation of favor for personal gain using his public office, and conduct unbecoming of a high-ranking public official.” If proven guilty, Magsaysay would likely receive suspension and a year-long supply of mouthwash.

Here’s the latest twist. The Philippine Airlines management has apologized to AVE Rep. Eulogio Magsaysay and blamed Ocampo for what happened. As the Arabian Proverb says, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

The Golden Globe Awards: Inside Stories
There was a tense moment in Malacañang before the announcement of the winner for Best Picture. The Balay Group was rooting for ‘The Social Network’ while the Samar Group was hoping for a ‘Black Swan’ win.

After the awards night, palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said, “Not true. There are no factions in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. They can all work together.”

The president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association arrived in a limo. President Aquino, who was a special guest that night, arrived in a Porsche.

Winning Best Director in last night’s ceremonies was “The Social Network’s” David Fincher – NOT Wenn Deramas as earlier predicted.

When Natalie Portman was announced Best Actress, Jennylyn Mercado’s fans staged a walk out.

Not true: The cast and crew of “Rosario” attended the Golden Globe Awards hoping that the film would win “Best Float.” #waley!

Miriam & the Porsche
Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago says since President Aquino “lives a lonely life,” he can “channel his sexual energies in the company of a sexy car.” In another news dismissed by the senator as “totally unrelated” and “I am completely unaware of,” former DILG Undersecretary Narciso Santiago has bought a new car.
Survey Says
Sa isyu ng bagong sports car ng presidente, your take:
– Naghihirap na nga ang maraming Pilipino, pasikat ka naman! 36.92%
– Isyu? Anong isyu ‘don? Pera niya ‘yon. Give him a break! 41.73%
– Ke isyu o hindi, wala akong mapapala d’yan. Deadma! 21.35%


I tried to keep it a secret to no avail. Yup, I turned a year cuter last January 16. To everyone who sent their greetings via SMS, Twitter, Facebook, and this blog, thank you so much! Sa mga pikon, ‘sensya na. Matagal-tagal pa tayong magsasama dahil I’ve never been this healthier and more inspired. Happiness!

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Stay safe. Quit smoking. Don’t drink. Smile. Spread love. #teamlakers #beatheheat

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106 thoughts on “WAGI!”

  1. So what happens now to sarah ocampo’s complaint vs. magsaysay now that PAL management apologized to the offender. mukha na tayong alien ngayon! di ba sa ibang bansa (name withheld without request!, basta sangkatutak ang OFW dun!), pag nagreklamo ka dahil naagrabyado ka, kahit pa nga na-rape o sinagasaan ka, ikaw pa ang kakasuhan! cguro dahil hahara-hara ka… kasi! ok lang sana mag-apologize (signs of humility and humanity!) pero yung sabihing kasalanan ni sarah! why, for posing to be a a willing victim to an ill-blooded, conceited, haughty mambabatas(?)…???


    1. I think both of them are at fault…Ocampo for being haughty (maybe to other clients too, meron attitude problem) and Magsaysay for uttering the “menopausal bitch” thing. Cooler heads should come into play so that both could be encourage to eat humble pie and express their apologies to each other.


  2. guten tag
    magsaysay ist ein sweinhunt und ein dumpkopft

    also the ave party list is a complete sham.
    it was set up by magsaysay and he is the only member. not a bad way to get 70 million pesos a year pork barrel with nothing to spend it on except his house, flights, and family life in los angeles.

    do we have no investigative journalists in the media.

    and do the party lists not get audited or have to produce annual reports.

    the sooner this abuse is stopped the better, but no chance with brillantes
    so the poor and marginalised get screwed again.

    in the legend, robin hood stole grom the rich to give to the poor.
    here politicians steal from the poor and keep for themselves.


  3. as i said in the previous post: you don’t need a supercar to attract ladies as long as you’ve got a hard, long, wide and shiny dong.

    by the way, i salute that milf for filing a case against a pig. ganyan nga lumaban ka! painterview ka lagi sa tv ng makita kita palagi. oh crap, not again.



  4. ayus, patok na nman to idol PH. the best ang interview kay PORSH-uh. hahah eto the best
    TPHeckler: Uy, sorry na! Sorry. Ito na lang ang sagutin mo: Balay Group o Samar Group? Kanino ka kampi?
    TPPorsche: Hellerrr! For someone who pretends to read the news regularly, hindi mo alam? Pathetic! Siyempre, Samar. Si Chiz ang unang-unang nag-test drive sa kin ‘no!

    supladong kotse, tinira ka. hehehe. keep heckling idol. 🙂


  5. dapat kay pnoy magbasa dito sa blog mo para mawala ang stress niya hindi pag drive ang magpawala ng stress lalo ka ngang mastress sa pagdrive.

    bakit alam mo ang lovelife ni senadorang maceda paki explika nga. malamang regalo nga kay pnoy ang porsche niya, palabas lang ang pagbenta niya ng bmw niya. dapat ipakita lahat ng papeles wag itago. kundi siya rin siyang corrupt.

    happy birthday continue heckling kasi lahat na lang ng bilihin nagtaasan na pero si pnoy walang wala pa porsche porsche lang.


      1. excuse me etchos, may sinabi ba akong hindi dapat galangin
        at mahalin ang mga babae?

        at pasalamat ka na hindi ka kaharap ni congressman sa pam
        bababoy mo sa kanya, kung hindi makita mo ang hinahanap

        at once and for all, for the nth time sasabihin ko ulit etchos
        na hindi pa ako ulyanin..

        siguro hindi ko lang naintindihan masyado ang “PORSH-shoes
        por santo PH” pero yun ang interpretation ko, na para bang
        sinusumbatan mo si mister heckler, kung wrong pala ako,
        whatever, basta huwag mo na akong bansagang ulyanin or else
        hindi na kita irereto kay eddi, bahala ka…


  6. p-noy could have bought a porsche anytime in his life. so the more interesting question is why now.
    his mother would have never allowed it.
    he is starting to be the little boy he was never allowed to be and basking in the attention and adulation he never got.
    and he is no longer being intimidated by all the women – mother and sisters in his life.
    the sadness is that he is enjoying the toys and freedom and being diverted from the issues and not stepping up to the plate.
    leopards dont change their spots.
    it is called peter pan syndrome.
    power corrupts and in p-noys case it will not be financial but morally.
    his words come from speechwriters and not from the heart. like a 14 year old child as he is when his emotion went into hibernation he will get bored and prefer to go out to play with his buddies.
    guns and cars and fast food!!!
    it says it all


  7. Love this car!!!!! Hindi siya masyadong mashoray huh.

    TPPorsche: Tsismoso talaga ang senadorang ‘yon! Ang tanda-tanda na, tsismoso pa! Eh kung lovelife kaya niya ang ichismis ko, matutuwa siya?!?

    TPPorsche: Fault ko?!? Fault ko na third world country kayo? ‘Tsaka, anong kunek ko sa pagkain? Food ba ako? I am a sports car! Hindi ako NFA rice! Masyado nilang pinapalaki ang isyu!



  8. ngakKK??? me pagka-iritable din pala ang putsang car na yan!!! at nagmumura pa ng german heheh. kaloka ka prof heheh

    bertday mo pala? ala ey, apay bertdeym gayam? apay bertdeym gayam?
    apay bertdeym, apay bertdeym? apay bertdeym gayam nyahahah. sobrang cuteness heheheh. here’s to a healthy body and mind, bountiful pockets. happy heckling 🙂


  9. “We maintain that what the President does with his personal funds is his own business.” – Deputy Presidential Spokesman Abigail Valte

    “Public office is a public trust. Public officers and employees must at all times be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency; act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives.”
    -Article XI, Section 1, 1987 Philippine Constitution


    1. -Pnoy is accountable to Mar Roxas that’s why he needs to explain to him his choice of Brilliantes to head the Comelec.
      -Saying that Pnoy is irresponsible and in-efficient is an understatement.
      -Driving a Porsche in the midst of disaster, widespread hunger, and rising prices, is Pnoy’s definition of leading a modest life.


  10. i think it would be interesting to fund a weekly newspaper of independent political comment observations which reach a wider audience and which expose the hypocricy and wrongdoings of politicians and celebrities.
    it would be educational and amusing and play a part in culture change.
    ph would make a good editor.
    if u want a model. just read private eye from england and its editor ian hislop is one of the brightest people there is.
    he holds no cows as sacred and is both feared and revered.


    1. i would contribute 1 million pesos to a public eye magazine which put hypocricy and politicians under the spotlight.
      9 more and i think with 10 mill something positive could be achieved.
      it is donation not investment.
      by raising awareness it could raise the standards of politicians and reduce the scope for corruption.


    2. the mosquito press would be helpful if the people perceive that the media is biased.it can even bring down a president,as what we experienced. well meaning citizens,patriotic and honest ones can write about wrongdoings of public officials and celebrities in a blog.


    3. i agree anon, but i think it would not happen here in the flippines. let’s admit it that we filipinos are “genetically engineered” to accept bribes. our media can be bribed. our law enforcement can be bribed. our justice system can be bribed. even the so called sugo ng diyos (punong ministro), 2nd jesus christ (quiboloy) and pastol ng diyos (priests, pastors and evangelists) can be bribed.


      1. uuyy hikata, abi nimo no, kun makakita gani ko sa imong
        “flippines” mura kog mauwaw sa akong kaugalingon, kung
        sa tagalog pa, nanliliit ba ang tawag, dili man ta mga flip
        ‘di ba?

        ug kanang “genetically engineered”, generally speaking lang
        na ha…

        nakatawa bitaw ko ni quiboloy, tinuod gyud ka nga feeling nya
        2nd jesus christ sya, tiaw mo na nga kausa, ang panyo sa iyang
        follower gipahid sa iyang lawas ug gibalik, kung gamiton kuno
        ang panyo duna nay healing power hahaha

        wala na ako mag double space ha labi na kay ikaw akong guitubag..


      2. @ñor60
        diba silingan ra mo ni quibuloy ñor? pwerting hayahaya diay nimo kay nagpuyo ka doul sa paraiso. second bethlehem man iya tawag kanang iyahang lugar.

        ooh how much i love to be bribed. sad to say, i haven’t received one. who will bribe a person whose talent is to flip channels while drinking a mugful of beer in one gulp, anyway.


  11. hikata, layo ra na sa tinuod uy, dili mi silingan ni quiboloy…

    pero tinuod man sad iyang guiingon nga second bethleham
    iyang lugar sigun sa akong nakita dihang gifeature iyang lugar
    sa tv, gani gamay ra akong nakit-an, anoguna lagi nga wala ko
    kakita sa tanan, pastilang nindota gyud ambot na lang…

    pero lain pay ato, palahubog diay ka no, ayaw sad palabi uy,
    ambot lang sad kaha kung kinutil ako gud dili man moinum,
    coke ug tubig lang…


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