IT’S FRIDAY! Another work week is almost over! And what a week for Filipinos! Gas prices have gone up. The proposed MRT and LRT fare hike has been approved. And the President has a new sports car!

New Toy
Something new is making President Aquino smile these days. For a change, it’s not a new date.

Reports say President Aquino ditched his BMW for a Porsche. And then, he felt weird. You know… he’s used to being ditched, not the other way around.

The President’s got a new toy, a 2007 model Porsche. When the new toy was delivered last December, did you know what he did first? He returned Joshua’s PSP.

Last year, President Aquino was praised for frugality when he ate hotdogs on a New York street instead of spending thousands of dollars in a restaurant. Today, he is being criticized for buying a 4.5-million peso Porsche amid reports that the number of hungry Filipinos has gone up. To appease his critics, President Aquino plans to eat hotdogs in his Porsche.

Lawmakers have different reactions when they learned that President Aquino bought a Porsche. His allies wouldn’t fault him for it. Militant lawmakers couldn’t stomach it. Senator Lito Lapid couldn’t spell it. Toingk!

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that President Aquino tried to give his new car a test drive at the Clark Freeport last December 26. He didn’t enjoy it though because every time he would start the engine, Mar Roxas would appear and say, “Besprend itabi mo. Ako na!”

Comelec Chairmanship
The battle for the chairmanship of the Commission on Elections is on. Two names are neck-and-neck in the race: Balay and Noybi.

Election lawyers Romulo Macalintal and Sixto Brillantes are being considered by President Aquino to replace outgoing Comelec chairman Jose Melo. Reports say Macalintal has the backing of the LP/Balay faction while Brillantes has the support of the NoyBi/Samar faction. But palace spokesman Atty. Edwin Lacierda said, “No factions here. No one is pushing for anyone.” As usual, maang-maangan school of acting.

President Aquino screened the leading candidates for the chairmanship of the Commission on Elections last Monday. Palace insiders say the President asked the candidates one important question: “How vast is your knowledge in election law?” A similar screening was last conducted during the administration of ex-President Arroyo. During that screening, she asked, “Will I still lead by one million?”

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte confirmed that election lawyers Romulo Macalintal and Sixto Brillantes were indeed in Malacañang last Monday. The President told them he was in awe of their knowledge in election law. The two lawyers returned the compliment and said they were in awe of his taste in cars.

This just in!
Senator Joker Arroyo has filed a resolution seeking to fumigate the Senate. Arroyo made the proposal after getting bitten by a “mosquito” last Wednesday.

Reacting to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s statement that he was the “laziest senator,” Joker Arroyo said, “Why should I be bothered by a mosquito?” Trillanes has been doing several radio and TV guestings recently. Next up: TV 5’s Face to Face.

The PAO Chief
Public Attorneys Office Chief Atty. Persida Rueda-Acosta admitted she flunked the Career Executive Service (CES) exam she took in 2003. She obtained a failing grade of 55.95 percent. To be fair to Acosta, she got a 99+ rating in the NCEE.

Defending her failing grade in the 2003 CES exam, Attorney Persida Rueda-Acosta said, “Hindi naman kasi ako nag-review eh. Subok-subok lang ‘yun. Parang katuwaan lang ‘yun.” Sa presinto ka na magpaliwanag. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used against you in a court of law.

Top Absentee
According to House records, Ilocos Sur Rep. Ronald Singson, who was charged in Hong Kong for a drug offense is the No. 1 absentee in the first six months of the 15th Congress. Following his Hong Kong arrest in July 2010, Singson has failed to attend any “session” – Congressional, or otherwise.


Raging floodwaters have swept across the state of Queensland in Australia similar to what happened in the Philippines during typhoon Ondoy in 2009. Experts say the last great flood in Australia happened a century ago… to which Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile said, “Yeah, I witnessed that. Horrible!”

Arizona Shooting
Jared Loughner, the 22-year-old man accused in a Tucson, Arizona shooting spree that left six people dead and a U.S. Congresswoman clinging to life initially refused to speak with authorities. But Loughner had an apparent change of mind when Tucson police told him, “If you don’t cooperate, we’ll send you to Tondo, Manila.”

In Showbiz: Mega Scene
Sharon Cuneta tripped and fell down flat on her buttocks while taping a birthday concert at the Big Dome stage last Tuesday. Cuneta’s husband, Sen. Francis Pangilinan says the megastar is now okay. He didn’t give any update though on the condition of the stage.
“Feeling good about the government is like looking on the bright side of any catastrophe. When you quit looking on the bright side, the catastrophe is still there.”
~ P. J. O’Rourke

Survey Says
Sakaling magsara ang Facebook, ano ang mararamdaman mo?
– Hindi ko kayang tanggapin! ‘Yon na nga lang ang happiness ko. 17.43%
– Oks lang. May Twitter naman. ‘Tsaka remember, buhay pa si Friendster! 25.69%
– Hindi kawalan sa ‘kin ang social networking sites! 56.88%

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Have a great weekend. Ingat!

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93 thoughts on “TOY STORY”

  1. Moral Lesson: Huwag masyadong magmalinis at baka hindi kayang panindigan!

    I voted for the 1st option in the survey, not because “Naghihirap na nga ang maraming Pilipino” (they deserved it for choosing the wrong leaders time and again), but to confirm that Pnoy indeed is a HYPOCRITE! A lazy, clueless, hypocrite!!!


  2. BMW and Porsche? I wonder where he got that personal money considering that he is a government official most of his “working” life and he claimed that his share in Hacienda Luisita is very minimal. Must be swell to drive that car while emaciated street children and water vendors crisscross the street and people living in carts lining the sidewalk


  3. Its looks like the PNoy has again major accomplishments lined up for January 2011. So far, its inviting the opposition in the vin d’honeur to be insulted in front of the diplomatic corp, visiting the flooded area only after 4 weeks the disaster began and buying a luxury car as the price of gas, fares, toll fees and rice increased as well as the number of hungry Filipinos.


      1. I remember how GMA and Gibo were pounded in the media and in the net over Ondoy. But no one seems to be blaming anybody for the flood that devastated Bicol, eastern Visayas and Mindanao that killed 47 people. It seems that it is acceptable to drown this country as long as it is not GMA doing it.


  4. I don’t understand why people were raising hell when GMA and company spent a million pesos for eating in a high-end steakhouse, but ngayon, kay Noynoy, so understanding to the point of defending him for buying Porsche car, na kesyo pera naman niya yun, etc. etc.

    What made it different, anyway?

    Kung tutuusin, mas mahal pa nga yung gastos ni Noynoy sa kanyang kotse, kesa sa Arroyo dinner wherein 20-30 pax ata yung ginastusan.


  5. I dont begrudge peenoy for giving himself a porshe,had he been an ordinary citizen and exercising his right to happiness.however it is clear from this action that he is only paying lip service about his exhortations during elections.His behavior is a reflection of his thoughts and to date it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.Even if he has the money, he is president and is at least expected to be sensitive to the plight of most of his countrymen.Poor impulse control, unstatesmanlike…he really doesnt have what it takes!Sir, your slip is showing!!!


  6. ill-timed the purchase of Porche is! not by a nation’s president just seated, amidst increasing loads of burden and disaster in a country trying hard to stay all right.
    yeah, it’s a right… of every individual, and we mean, every private individual who is not in anyway accountable to anyone like a citizenry. sorry, but if you chose to get elected by the people, most especially, under a promise of good governance, you’re supposed to be disinterested in any signs or acts of luxury and intemperance; save them after your term; that’s the price you’ve got being in public office! don’t tell us you need that porche to tread the “tuwid na daan!” di ba kaya ang “not now; saka na lang?” wala eh; tulo-laway eh!


  7. sad naman yung failed status ni PAO Chief Atty. Persida Acosta sa CES exam! My heart was going with her na sana when the Civil Service stated that di na kailangan sa puwesto nya ang CES eligibility. okay lang kung di siya nakakuha nung exam. pero yung failed record, masakit sa mata at sa tenga. dapat wala butas! ano kaya kung kumuha ka ulit, madam? and this time, mag-review ka na nang todo-todo. malay mo pag sineryoso mo, makatop-1 ka pa! ay, come to think of it… bakit nga ba bigla naasikaso busisiin ang record ni Mam Acosta at ng mga taga-PAO? dahil ba me pinapapelan siya ngayon na di na dapat? ikaw kasi m’am eh!


    1. ksi nga sya ang nagpupush na mapareverse ang Supreme Court decision re Webb and Co’s acquittal. Naghanap ng pang discredit ang abs, webb at ang admin. Kaso pahiya n nman as usual ang admin kc nagsalita n ang CES na Acosta doesn’t need their eligibility test. Kawawa talaga ang mga ordinaryong Juan dela Cruz. Sobra ng pahirap pati pagyurak sa kakarampot n dangal, kinukuha pa ng elitistang gobyernong ito. Ganito n lang ba kababa ang tingin ng administrasyong ito sa mga Pilipino? Puro cla pakabig, binale wala lahat ng kanilang pinagsasabi noong panahon ng kampanya. Tapos laging bukambibig ng Abnoy na nakaupo sa palasyo ” problemang minana ko”. Tama na ang pangloloko nyo. Maawa n kayo sa taongbayan!!!!


  8. The filipinos who have elected peenoy are a deluded lot who refuse to see the handwriting on the wall.Promises amount to nothing,performance speaks a lot about a persons ability.I am disillusioned at the president who clearly does not have executive ability.No cabinet meetings?He just reacts to situations,backs up during crisis and flaunts juvenile pursuits ie, “manly” kuno—shooting,skirt chasing,sports car,etc.Hindi na nakakaaliiw.


  9. hahahaha, sen. enreally is the best historian, he is part of the past, present and future? hahaha. the best na naman to idol, you never failed to make us laugh, at dahil dyan may nagtxt….happy bday to the most heckling person in the philippines, happy bday idol PH.1 point for your age, 10 points for heckling wisdom..keep it up, you keep our wrinkles away. 🙂 #todobati hehehehe.

    “To Err is Human, to Heckle is for this Man ==> TPH”


  10. buying a porsche with personal money is not on the surface an issue.
    however it may represent a further indication of political naivety and personal deficiency.
    such actions hardly show leadership or inspire.
    whether it is the classic case of lonely old man trying to recapture his youth or get a date, or little boy who has yet to grow up at a time of austerity and people dying in floods he should have been there not playing with his new toy on the race track.
    this is not about corruption but about incompetence and lack of leadership.
    cultural change comes from the top.
    so far we have seen no change and no leadership.
    porsche is about speed and excellence.
    maybe he hopes he can give this impression rather than the work shy introvert which he is.


  11. chavit singson is clearly a fully paid up member of the flat earth society and his son a waste of space.
    the press should not even give such people the oxygene of publicity.
    let us be clear singson was found with a large amount of drugs hidden in his underpants using diplomatic channels to smuggle them into hong kong.
    the honk ko.g authorities are not S stupid or corrupt as in the philippines so let us hope that they do the right thing and that we get rid of such vermin from politics.
    with the self interested and self indulgent singsons the poor of the country has no chance


      1. news today said a foreign driving instructor was flown in to teach peenoy how to use the porsche,certainly not entry level and not costing only 4.5 million as reported.nasaan ang transparency…double standard ang gobyernong ito,at idinadawit na naman si gma (may luxury cars din daw).he must think filipinos are stupid.obvious that malacanang is sanitizing the impact of this vulgar and obscene behavior ( ostentatious display of wealth)


  12. a balding 50 year old president in a sports car? At kelan pa naging sportsman ang Panot na ito? Juice na mahabagin!

    He could have used the money for a total make-over; hair transplant, prophy for his nicotine stained teeth and lots of contact lenses!

    And for goodness sake…… get rid of that idotic grin!



  13. abot langit n cguro ang sisi ng mga bumoto k noynoy…
    sbi nya nung kampanya,”2lung-tulong tayogn harapin ang problema ng bansa”
    kaya heto…
    luneta grndstand hostage taking=s pinoy kumain sa emerald!
    isyu ng toll-hike=si pinoy may bgong k-dinner date!
    landslide sa bicol=si pinoy umettend ng premier night ng “dalaw”!
    issue s pagtaas ng gasolina at mrt,lrt fare=csi pinoy bumili ng porshe!



  14. peeenoy and his yellow fanatics have demonized gma pero lumilitaw na PH was stable during her term,crises were averted and resolved satisfactorily, we were respected internationally,the president gma was prompt to be present at disaster and calamity a chief executive she worked without counting the hours and she has a ten point agenda for the country.And she is focused and has balls!A leader should have a vision for his country and this will guide him in his policies. what do we see? a president preoccupied with revenge, rousing hatred,executive orders na haphazard ang crafting,showbiz,petty, indecisive, ang working hours?Parang trial and error ang governance. hindi malawak ang pananaw .ampaw! Let us not be blind to where we are headed.I think the president should surround himself with competent people with proven track record and love of country.


  15. i hope peenoy does not squander the goodwill and hope of the citizenry by just coasting along like what he did at congress and the senate.With current local and world events we need a leader who has a firm grasp of how he can protect and improve the lot of his people and his country. Take a cue from King Bhumibol of Thailand….


      1. Bitter bitteran ka talaga Paul! Pero tumPAK ka diyan!

        But really, wala naman ata talagang nag-eexpect that Pnoy can do wonders to our country. Hello? Nagbutas nga lang ng bangko yan sa Congress at sa Senado, sigurado ako, mesa naman kasama ang mga plato’t baso ang bubutasin nya ngayon.

        Hello ulit? Ni hindi nga maayos ang sarili nyang buhay, yung gobyerno pa kaya?

        I’ve had high hopes too when GMA, being an economist, first assumed the post pero look what happened?

        What the country really needs is a dictator. Admit it or not, life for the ordinary pinoys under the Marcos regime was way way better than under the succession of presidents who followed him.

        I am not a marcos loyalist, I am a realist in the truest sense.


      2. etchos,

        you have a point; may tama ka! i was one of those who stood against the conjugal dictatorship before, but looking back at all the admins after marcos, one would think that pinoys indeed deserved an iron clad fist leader and not the limp wristed one that we have now!


  16. etchosera,

    alam mo bang nakita ko na email address mo? na shock to
    death ako, ni sa panaginip, hindi ko sukat akalain na lalaki
    ka pala…

    at ang lalong kahindikhindik, ikaw na isang top executive ng
    pinakamalaking………ay makapagpost/comment na parang
    isang tunay na etchosera? bakit ang husayhusay mo mag portray
    as one…

    pwede ba akong mag email sa iyo? yan ay kung tatanggapin mo
    ang isang sexagenarian bilang tagapagtimpla ng coffee mo,
    i assure you masarap ako mag timpla, no kidding, ty in advance…


    1. Bwahahahaha! Bakit, may gender na ba ang email address?

      Shock to death ka? Eh bakit nakakapagsulat ka pa po? Ahihihihihi!

      Naku Senior60, outlet ko itong comments section ng blog ni PH, para maibsan ang stress ko sa aking trabaho. Thanks to PH’s wit and humor, super-entertained ako everyday! I cannot start my work here without checking PH’s blog…. totoo po yan!

      Mahusay magportray? Ayyyy! Di po portrayal yan, totoo po yan!

      At totoo po, I’m a top executive in one of the biggest companies here in the Kingdom. Di naman po bawal tumawa at mang-okray pag top ecxecutive na, di po ba?

      You won’t even believe na ako si etchosera if and ever you meet me in person.

      At wag na pong mag ambisyon na maging tagatimpla ko ng kape, kawawa naman yung bangladeshi naming boy kung aagawan mo pa ng pwesto.

      But yes, you can email me.



  17. as promised etchos, hindi na ako mag email dahil
    tinanggihan mo ako bilang tagapagtimpla…

    may tanong lang ako kung pwede, para lang maging
    patas ang laban, si eddi kasi ay tinanong ko na kung
    married ba sya na sinagot naman nya ng “hindi at never
    will”, na i find it intriguing dahil even priests nowadays
    do get married, now, how about you etchos…


    1. patas ang laban? Bakit….sino po ba ang maglalaban?

      Sabi mo rin may tanong ka….. pero wala naman akong nakitang tanong diyan ah!

      Sabi nga ng titser ko nun sa kindergarten…. a question always ends with a question mark!

      Asan? Asan diyan ang tanong?

      Hayyyyy! Gustong gusto ko pa namang sumagot.


      1. Ayyyy! Senior60, wa na required ang mga ganyang justification being forgivable ek ek ek!

        Nubayan? Nawyusiminawyudont ang kweshonmark!

        Buti pa, palitan mo na lang yang makinilya mo!

        I-donate na yan sa mga typist sa C.M. Recto! NOW NA!



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