Facebook Hoax
Earlier this week, rumors circulated online that popular social networking site Facebook would be shutting down on March 15. A number of people actually believed the hoax. In fact, when President Aquino heard about it, he told Secretary Ricky Carandang to start packing in two months.

Interviewed by ABS-CBN News’ Anthony Taberna, Sandiganbayan spokesman Atty. Renato T. Bocar stated that ex-Maj. Gen. Carlos F. Garcia was a “victim of injustice.” By the way, that was Bocar’s answer to Taberna’s question: “Magkano?”

Goma (Still) in Trouble?
Facing felony tax charges, actor Richard Gomez (husband of Leyte Rep. Lucy Torres) is trying to arrange a tax amnesty deal with the BIR. I don’t have the details of the arrangement but I think Goma has a bigger chance of getting off the hook had he struck a deal with the Ombudsman.

Actor Richard Gomez is facing tax evasion charges. Rumors say if he fails to get a tax amnesty, he’d probably ask Lucy Torres to replace him as respondent.

Trillanes Attends Hearing
After being granted provisional freedom, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV attended Senate’s first hearing for 2011 on Tuesday. He participated in the ongoing probe of the alleged exploitative practice of some hospitals employing fresh nursing graduates without giving proper compensation. At one point, the questioning got so intense; Trillanes threatened to blow up those exploitative hospitals.

Missing Senator
Senator Lito Lapid has been marked absent in the Senate for more than a month now. According to Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, the actor-senator has not been attending Senate hearings. If it’s any consolation, hindi halata.

Sorry Solon
Alliance of Volunteer Educators party list Rep. Eulogio Magsaysay has apologized for humiliating a PAL attendant by calling her “menopausal bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch” last month. Magsaysay’s foul language was understandable though. Minsan kasi, kung ano ang kinakain ng isang tao, ‘yon din ang lumalabas sa bibig niya.

Top 5 Things (Not) to Say If Congressman Magsaysay Calls You A “Menopausal Bitch”

No. 5: “Ah ganun? Puwes, paihi nga! Ooops, sorry. Akala ko imburnal!”

No. 4: “Guard! Guard! May buwaya! May nakawalang buwaya!”

No. 3: “Ang baboy n’yo naman!”

No. 2: “Ako?!? Menopausal bitch? Eh bakit doble ang baba n’yo?”

And the No. 1 thing (not) to say if Congressman Magsaysay calls you a menopausal bitch…

“Uy, ang ku-kyut naman ng mga anak mo congressman. Ang tataba pa! Hiyang ba sila sa darak?

Pacman’s Jet?
Cong. Manny Pacquiao denies buying a European-made, 32-seater aircraft even as his wife Jinkee, insists the private jet belongs to Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson. In a separate interview, Singson denies owning the plane and accused Jinkee of setting him up.

More Female Drivers
Metro Manila Development Authority Chairman Francis Tolentino proposed the hiring of more women to drive public utility vehicles. Tolentino’s proposal got an early backing from… holduppers.

Rogue Cops
In a message during Tuesday’s 110th anniversary celebration of the Manila Police District, Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim called for drastic action against rogue members of the police. Hmm, let me guess… Tondo?

LRT Accident
Did you hear what happened at the LRT-Edsa station Tuesday? Seven people got injured when a security guard “accidentally” fired his shotgun. The injured were rushed to the hospital while the guard was brought to police headquarters… but was immediately released after the President granted him amnesty.

In Showbiz…
Reports say TV host Pia Guanio has a new boyfriend. Like we all care.
“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.”
~Edmund Burke

Survey Says
Sa gitna ng mga patotoo ng devotees ng Black Nazarene, kayo, naniniwala ba kayo sa himala?
– Definitely! Meron talaga. 44.57%
– Minsan oo, minsan hindi. 28%
– No! It’s all in the mind. 27.43%

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51 thoughts on “MORE TROUBLE”

  1. magsaysay is yet another example of arrogant and pig ignorant politicians who think the world revolves around them. magsaysay. is self serving and like thug arroyo had to use the back door party list system because he was unelectable.
    now he spends his 1 million peso a year non taxable travel perk to fly his family around business class.
    filipinos just dont get it.
    it is gigo principle
    vote garbage in and expect garbage out.
    peasants like magsaysay should crawl back in their hole or in his case his educational scams.


    1. and look at how he “apologized” on tv! did he really mean what he said? it didn’t show. what we saw was a huge bundle of a tongue-in-cheek creature bulging with nonchalance, nay, haughtiness! so that’s how he looks pala! if he meant such an apology, why couldn’t he try it face to face with ms. sarah, the PAL employee, herself? try mo lang, to vindicate yourself, if that is still possible with such damage done. but would he? could he? ano sila sinuswerte? oh my, poor magsaysay title to fame!


      1. @ anon, hudahel are you compared to this guy who brought honor to our country?

        I bet Pacman, whom you think is donkey brained when it comes to politics is way way better than those looters now sitting with him at the House of Congress.

        Sana ikaw naman ang bugbugin ni Pacman ng makita mo na ang stars beyond the Milky Way where you probably came from!



      1. yes but the bigger picture is the greed behind pnoy and those who are happy to have a weak president and business as usual.
        i find it sad for the children living on the street, the old women who are forced to beg, and the ofws who have to leave their families for years on end and be abused in silence abroad.
        it is not just sad it is sick that a society accepts such abuse and elitism and does nothing of consequence.
        that relegates the philippines to the level of an african or south american state.


      1. Sen. Trillanes is top4 in the list of Senate big spenders and he got the same beating from Sen. Joker Arroyo whom he called in reply as “lazy” for not having to create any laws, so he thought, during his (Arroyo) 9 years in the Senate. In counter reply, Sen Joker called Trillanes “lamok”. Whew! that’s war a-brewing between the two, perhaps, Sen. Trillanes’ baptism of fire inside Senate, actually. Watch for more fireworks! hmmmn… old scenes, only new players…


    1. wow very discriminatory comment from you, senior60. have you heard of thing called “power steering”? most big haulers are equipped with this stuff. i tell you, driving a truck is a lot easier than driving a car. sometimes i let my cat do the driving:

      oh wait, did i tell you that trucks are 1000 times safer than cars?


  2. meron talagang masusungit na PAL employees… usually sa mga passengers
    na kaya nilang pagsungitan… their service could still be improved (by a lot)
    i tried other airlines and so far I can say that PAL flight attendants are not as helpful and accomodating as those from other airlines
    this sad incident could have been avoided by better communication and cooler heads
    pero naman… there is no need for name calling
    especially since he is in the government sector
    this rep magsaysay should be punished severely to serve as an example
    alisin sya sa pwesto!


  3. hello PH, galing mo at ang tapang ha! saludo ako sayo. you are definitely giving the news and gossip another angle, funnier but most of the time true! i hope you could come up more regarding garcias amicable settlement! kainis e! grade one nga alam na imposibleng 1 + 1 = 10. diba may assets and liabilities na sinasubmit annually ! is it enough proof na yung income nung isa e di maaring maka pag produce ng ganung wealth!


  4. no matter what the circumstance was, it was simply impolite

    of an employee, PAL pa naman to say, “ano bang problema mo sir?’

    how much more if it was delivered in an impolite and sarcastic


    siempre, kailangan pa bang itanong kung baka high blood si sir?

    huwag naman alisin sa pwesto, bugso lang yun ng damdamin…


  5. Among the local carriers, PAL has the most rigorous training but I’d say not on customer service and courtesy. Many, I suppose are just glad that an arrogant PAL employee got what she deserved. Thousand Pinoys who have experienced discourtesy from PAL crews just cursed in silence. Magsaysay’s outburst could have been any other Pinoy’s expression of disgust at how being at the receiving end of PAL crews ATTITUDE. Magsaysay just happened to be member of Congress, so this has become a big issue. People who raised this issue thought they could get public sympathy. Well, they can’t expect that from those who have experienced world class *itchiness!


  6. pagpasensyahan nyo na mga gurang employees ng pal. di pa kasi nawawala ang government-employee mentality nila. at saka di lang naman pal ang merong masusungit. ang mga gurang employees ng pldt, masusungit din. can you see the connection? both companies are former gocc. hay government-employee mentality nga naman. once nasa system mo na, imposible ng tanggalin. mabuti pa ang drug addiction, natatanggal sa rehab.

    well ok lang magsungit ang isang gurang as long you’re a milf.

    joey, tapos ka na ba dyan? kelangan kong nang gumamit ng cr. gaganti pa ako sa milf na nagsusungit kanina.



    1. nalipay jud ko ñor kay kamao naka mureply sa ilalom sa comment. dili parehas kaniadto nga bisag asa lang ka mugimaw. usa na lang ñor ako suggestion para nimo. ayaw lagi isuwat usa imo comment sa notepad/wordpad, unya ibalhin nimo dinhi sa comment box. ilhan kaayo ñor kay lagyu kaayo ug distansya. kalas ka kaayo ug space. or gituyo ba na nimo kay lagyo napud distansya sa imo ngipon ug buhok. hahaha. happy pit senior60!


      1. hahahahaha take note sad hikata nga karon lang ko ningkatawa
        ug 5 ka beses, kasagaran 3 ra, kinsa guy dili mahimuot nga ingon
        man ka nga lagyo na distansya sa akong ngipon, ang kamatuoran,
        wala na koy ngipon pero daghan pa sad hinuon buhok, pero unsa
        na man lay kapuslanan sa mga dentista..

        time usa hikata, akong guiinspeksyon ug maayo akong ngipon,
        sa taas diay naa pay diutay, sa silong daghan pa, kapaak pa gud
        ko ug lechon hahaha

        pero dili na man sad tingale kinahanglan nga irough draft pa akong
        mga comments, mga simple lang from a simple mind hikata,
        lingawlingaw lang ba dala ang kaguol hahaha, pero murag bag
        unconsciously gusto lang ko mag double space, wala lang, mura
        siya’g limpyo tan-awon ba, tutal unlimited man sad space dindi,
        libre pa gyud..

        mahitungod sa pag reply ilalom sa comment, mag backread-
        backread duha man gud ko, nakabasa ko, gitambagan ko ni
        username “apo ninyo” man tingale kadto, meaning, apo ko daw
        sya, mao lagi, nga ayaw kuno ko pag libudsuroy sa bisag asa
        lang ug nahimuot gyud ko kay guihatagan gyud ko niya ug
        instruction kung unsaon pag, mao lagi ‘to…

        pastilan ka taas na sa akong estorya, wala ka pa maghagok


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