AFTER A RELATIVELY GOOD 2010, the Aquino government welcomed the New Year on a high note – high spirits, high hopes, high toll rates, high gas prices, and higher flag-down rate in taxis.

* * * * *

According to a recent survey, 93 percent of Filipinos welcomed 2011 with hope. Some 900 others welcomed it with stitches and severed fingers.

* * * * *

It’s 2011. We begin another year with resolutions. Stop drinking, quit smoking, spend more time with the family, work harder, and more. Why, even the House of Representatives has a resolution: expel one of its own.

A drug-related controversy has led to a call for resignation of a member of the House of Representatives. Nope, I’m not talking about Jules Ledesma.

Leaders of the House of Representatives say quitting is the “most decent thing” to do for Ilocos Sur Rep. Ronald Singson. It wasn’t clear though if they wanted him to quit his post or quit drugs.

John Reading, lawyer of Ilocos Sur Rep. Ronald Singson said the solon would plead guilty in a hearing on January 26 in Hong Kong. Reading did not state if Singson would plead guilty to drug trafficking, drug possession, or conniving with NAIA personnel.

Ilocos Sur Governor Luis ‘Chavit’ Singson insists his son Ronald is not a drug user. Yup, and the Philippines may not be in Asia; the Pope may not be Catholic, and Elvis Presley may not be dead.

Top 5 Questions to Ask a Jailed Solon

No. 5: Kung hindi po kayo drug user, ano ‘yon, ‘yong drugs ang nanggamit sa inyo?

No. 4: “What is one big mistake you’ve made in your life and what did you do to make it right?” (You may use an interpreter.)

No. 3: Kung hindi po kayo nahuli… ano kayo sinusuwerte?

No. 2: Sakaling mapatunayang guilty kayo at makulong nang habambuhay, ang tanong… why not?

And the No. 1 question to ask a jailed solon…

Kung maniniwala po kaming wala kayo ni katiting na kasalanan, ano kami, sira?!?

At Large
Justice Secretary Leila De Lima says the National Bureau of Investigation has located Vizconde massacre suspect Joey Filart in the United States. Now, if only the NBI could locate Senator Panfilo Lacson in the Philippines.

New Couple?
Ex-future first girlfriend, stylist Liz Uy and director Lino Cayetano (younger brother of Senators Pia and Alan Peter) are now an item. Instead of romancing a president, Liz chose a barangay captain. Ouch!
“Cocaine is God’s way of saying you’re making too much money.”
~Robin Williams

Photo of the Weak

Congratulations Arnel Buenaflor, you just made it on the list of the world’s dumbest criminals!
Read full story here.

Survey Says
Kumusta ang 2010 sa ‘yo in general?
– Panalo! It was a great year for me! 24.86%
– Okay lang. May hits and misses. 48.09%
– Let me just say na babawi na lang ako sa 2011. 27.05%

Congratulations to everyone who passed the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT). Pagbutihin n’yo. Maliit man ang budget, masuwerte pa rin kayo. After all, University of the Philippines is University of the Philippines. [And Anna Dizon is Anna Dizon.]

I know it’s been months (sorry, i just read it yesterday) but belated thanks to FHM Philippines for including ‘The Professional Heckler’ on your list of ‘Blogs With Balls,’.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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54 thoughts on “HIGH THERE!”

  1. UP Fight! Whew!
    Congratulations to the Infanta National High School students who passed the UPCAT. The more the many-ier! Yeah!

    (Wow, okay sa alright si Liz Uy. In demand at bidang bida. Ganda mo teh!)

    No comment muna sa Politics, kakasimula lang ng taon. Ayoko kay Singson, ayaw ko muna kay Ping at ayaw ko naman talagang mag-isip para sa usaping na ito.

    Hi PH, Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year to all the avid readers of PH’s blog!


    1. After Bianca, ’twas KC Concepcion and that Malaysian actress in ABS-CBN’s kuwadra for Lino….Friends, meron ethics…dapat sana but while with Lino, there’s Bianca falling for Zanjoe Marudo inside PBB’s house, after getting out, it’s Zanjoe-Mariel….Hay!!! Lokks like Lino is like P-Noy…pa-fling-fling. But I’d like to think that P-Noy would have some shame chasing girls while president. Trabaho muna siya para sa bayan. At puwede ba mga kapatid niya esp Kris and Ballsy stop talking about his latest “apple of the eye” kuno…Grrhhh!!!!


  2. the singsons represent everything that is bad and wrong about philippine politics and society.
    low life criminals who only squirm and bleat when they are caught rather than being a man and doing the right thing.
    honesty, integrity, decency, charity, and honour dont exist in their vocabulary.
    just do anything to keep the easy money rolling in.
    like father,like son.
    2 peas in a pod.
    we can only hope he gets life
    and that congress do the right thing, but i wouldnt put money on it.
    drug dealers are dealers in death and to use your political position to facilitate this despicable business makes you the lowest of the low.


  3. Thanks for this blog. With a congress and mainstream press subservient to the Palace, the blogs and the Supreme Court are the remaining bulwark of democracy in this country. Try making negative comments on PNoy in the articles of Philippine Star and more likely it will be deleted.


      1. Some opinion writers maybe but the management is apparently subservient to the palace or maybe they just protect each other being all members of the oligarchy. Try using “incompetent” in your comment and you will be told that the word is banned. The word is of course a synonym of PNoy and his administration.


  4. nakaktuwa talaga to si chavit, kala mo naman may maniniawala sa kanya nung sinabi nya na hindi drug user si ronald, para narin sinabi nya na hindi sya nagsusugal at hindi sya ang mayari ng Baluarte sa ilocos. tsk tsk #pagtumatandanganaman #malinawpoangpagiisipnamen

    nice one again idol…naku idol, mukhang malas yata yung avatar mo sa twitter mula ng isuot mo yan, sunod sunod na talo ng #lakers ah. sabihin mo kay TJ baka pedeng icon nalang ng Miami angHeaTang avatar mo, wag yung nakasuot sayo. hehehe #bakapedelangnaman


    1. Democracy is not just people with empty stomach marching in the streets, free blogs, supreme court and ombudsman. It is also an independent legislative branch and an executive office which should pursue social justice (not secure an hacienda from land reform), accountability (not to use positions to pay political debts), evenhandedness (not protect political allies from criminal liability), honesty (not stealing followers from facebook accounts just to look good) and judicious use of official time (not spending more time to relax after a light work)


    2. We have a subservient congress who grants Pnoy’s every whims and biddings, a sycophant media, an opposition whose tails are between their legs and shudders at the thought of antagonizing this weak and stupid president… in the end, this “pain-in-the-ass supreme court and ombudsman” might be our only saving grace.


  5. when binay announced that p-noy had not held a cabinet meeting for 3 months he was sending a clear message.
    p-noy is neither a motivator nor leader and is clearly unsure what the strategic plan is and he feels uncomfortable chairing anything.

    if p-noy cannot chair cabinet meetings or does not recognise their importance then it is better he goes back to play with puno and his guns.

    we need charisma and vision not someone who likes to drive ferraris round town at weekends.
    a little boy who clearly has not grown up
    and is way out of his depth.
    my grandmother could do a better job and she has been dead for 10 years


    1. when the s0-s0 million Filipinos voted for P-noy last May, they never put an iota of an idea into their heads if the man, eerr, the boy could even hold a cabinet meeting, nay, discuss details of a game plan, at the least wala nga nun eh,. they were just so blinded by the “charisma” of an heir to so-called icons of democracy. all the while as he ascended from the House to the Senate, all in the shadow of Ninoy and Cory, he was just a silent, immaterial, unyielding fixture in there. Cory’s passing illogically rekindled the Filipino’s “people-power” spell to succumb to the lure of senti-voting. now, let us watch the contemporary chroniclers of our time how they will detail the expression… “and the rest is history…!”


      1. at sinong presidente sa palagay mo ang maraming nagawa? at sino sa tingin mo ang dapat naging presidente at bakit? sigurado ako hindi mo ito sasagutin kase uulanin ka ng sandamakmak na tanong pabalik hehehe…tamang dito kayo nagpopost, para pare pareho nating napapasaya ang mga readers ng blog na to. mga komedyante!


  6. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has announced that it will process exit permits for returning overseas Filipino workers (OFW) even on weekends.

    In a statement on Thursday, the POEA said returning OFWs or balikmanggagawa can secure their exit permits, even on Saturdays and Sundays, in Global Pinoy Centers in selected SM malls in Metro Manila.

    According to the POEA, the centers will accept applications for overseas employment certificates (OECs) from vacationing OFWs until January 15, 2011.

    OFWs can process their documents at these centers from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day of the holiday season, except on December 25 and January 1.

    The centers are located at the fifth level of The Block SM North EDSA in Quezon City and at the second level of SM Mall of Asia (MOA) in Pasay City.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Pumunta ako sa Global Pinoy Center sa MOA nung Jan 4th to secure my exit permit, only to be informed that they have stopped the said service! Tinanong ko kung bakit walang anunsiyo man lang, itinuro lang sa akin ng fotang receptionist ata yun yung maliit na papel na nakadikit sa glass door nila.

    I then proceeded to POEA at around 1pm! Nag-uumapaw na OFWs ang inabutan ko dun….. at sa labas ng POEA building yun, huh? Iniba na naman yung sitema at nung nakakuha nga ako ng application form, I was informed na the processing will be on the following day na!

    Imagine wasting a day and a half of my 9 days vacation just to secure this Exit Permit (OEC)?

    Lecheng gobyerno talaga! Napaka-inefficient!


  7. teka lang muna eddi at etchos, sumusobra na yata kayong

    dalawa, anong gusto nyo, away? pati ba naman yang mga

    changes of kung anoano sa poea, si noynoy pa rin ang


    uyyy etchos, hindi kaya nagsayang ka lang ng pamasahe?

    9 days vacation ka lang? kung sabagay, ano bang paki ko..

    yan ha, sinupalpal ko na sarili ko kaysa sa masupalpal mo pa..


      1. Hay naku Ate Eddi, di lang yan. I really do enjoy a lot of other perks in my job, specially work related travels abroad, etc. These are blessings from the one up there and I have always been thankful.

        Pero Ate, all these blessings I receive, I pay it forward naman. In my own little way, I’m helping a lot of our unfortunate kababayans here deal with their situations. I don’t join these Pinoy organizations here na kelangang laging nakabandera ang mga pangalan nila sa bawat tulong na ginawa nila.

        By the way, in which industry are you working right now?

        I’m with the top management of a firm that is the biggest supplier of electric power to the saudi grid and potable water to the major cities in the Eastern Province.

        Try sending your resume’ to my other yahoo account (journeyman264@yahoo.com) and we’ll see what we can do, okey?

        I won’t promise anything but we’ll see how it goes, okey po?


      2. etchos,

        appreciate the offer but i’m just jesting…continue paying it forward to other unfortunate kababayans who need your support more of than i do…now that you published your email add, expect a lot of applications coming your way…who knows, our friend senior might send you one…do you consider geriatrics too? hahaha.


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