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  1. Sa akin, okay lang ph, kahit matagalan post mo. aba, i subscribe to the faith that you as human, are entitled to human justice… you have the right to remain silent; missing, unposting. You have the right to busy yourself with personal Christmas shopping and a few holiday hobnobbing outside of writing and scripting and with your own personal loved ones and preferences. May karapatang kang magpakatotoong kuya, tito, anak, at katoto ngayong Pasko. while we ourselves attend to our own personal belongings! hahaha! Cheers! Marry Christmas week ahead of us!


  2. do you mean we only have one more coming and that’s the year-ender already? please and come on, kung pwede nga lang, maski araw-araw, di kami magsasawa reading your piece. several days to go before end of 2010, so a year-ender is the last we expect to see in the next 14 days. cheers! we love you, PH!


  3. off topic.

    heard about a member of mocha girls who cried “pambabastos” on her way to the toilet against a gus?

    it’s ‘pambabastos ‘ when a guy on the bar where they perform allegedly bumped her boobs going to the toilet, but it’s not when they “allow them lick salt (for a dare) on their boobs or squeeze their butts on the stage?”

    dapat sa harap ng stage ng mocha girls nagwewelga ang gabriela.


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