Clinton in Manila
Former US President Bill Clinton paid a courtesy call on President Aquino in Malacañang. It was a very casual meeting between the two leaders. When Aquino asked, “Coffee, milk or tea?” Clinton replied, “Interns.”

President Aquino received a courtesy call from former US President Bill Clinton. It was a casual and private meeting between the two leaders. Aquino talked about alternative sources of funds; Clinton talked about alternative uses of cigars.

Clinton in Manila II
On Wednesday, the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity (Gamma Epsilon Chapter) came out with half-page ads in leading broadsheets to welcome their “brod,” former US President Bill Clinton. Rumors say, during Clinton’s brief stay here, APO members had so much fun with him. It was a blast!

TV War: A Postscript
According to AGB Nielsen’s Mega Manila ratings last Monday, November 8, TV5’s ‘Willing Willie’ with Shalani Soledad beat ABS-CBN’s ‘TV Patrol’ with Korina Sanchez, 11.6 to 10.7. Mar Roxas is reportedly filing a protest.

Reports say President Aquino did not watch Shalani Soledad’s hosting debut on television. Not that he avoided seeing her but… you have to understand, “Willing Willie” was on the same time slot as ‘The Tom and Jerry Show.’

According to Kantar TNS’ Mega Manila ratings, ‘TV Patrol’ with comeback queen Korina Sanchez won against TV5’s ‘Willing Willie,’ with its new co-host Shalani Soledad, 20.9 to 19.3. Meanwhile, GMA 7’s 24Oras got 23.4 percent prompting Ms. Jessica Soho to exclaim, “Thank God, Tita Mel wasn’t an ex-girlfriend!”

According to ABS-CBN’s survey firm Kantar TNS, ‘TV Patrol’ is tops nationwide, as well as in Metro Manila. ‘K.

On ‘Willing Willie’ last Monday, Councilor Shalani Soledad said, “This is not about Willie. This is not about me, but it’s more on kung ano ang magagawa para sa tao.” Is it 2013 yet?

Out Soon?
Unconfirmed reports say President Aquino will soon replace Executive Secretary Paquito “Jojo” Ochoa. If that’s true, the President just gave Ochoa another reason to get drunk.

At around 2:47AM (Wednesday), news websites started posting reports that Executive Secretary Paquito “Jojo” Ochoa was on the way out. The reports didn’t specify if he’s on the way out as Little President or on the way out of a bar.

Rumors say Executive Secretary Jojo Ochoa, who received flak for committing blunder after blunder will be replaced by Energy Secretary Jose Rene Almendras. Almendras says he’s not aware of the issue and then cleared Ochoa of any wrongdoing as Little President.

Lotto Fever
The Grand Lotto 6/55 draw on Wednesday, November 10 has a jackpot prize of 375 million pesos. Ang liit naman! That’s equivalent to just one senator’s pork barrel for one and half years.

Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri admits he spends 2,000 pesos on lotto every month. Apparently, Zubiri believes in luck. That’s what made him senator anyway.

Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr is also a lotto fan. His six numbers are a combination of the birth dates of his women.

APEC Summit
President Aquino is off to Yokohama tomorrow for the APEC Summit. As reported earlier, his speechwriter, Asst. Sec. Carmen ‘Mai’ Mislang will not be part of the official delegation, and that’s really unfortunate. Marami pa namang pogi sa Japan.

President Aquino has reportedly approved the draft of guidelines for government employees in using social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. Rule No. 1: Drinking wine (that sucks) while tweeting is not allowed… especially if you are in Vietnam. Rule No. 2: Don’t cross the street while you tweet. That’s suicide. And finally, Rule No. 3: In reality, ang pogi ay para lang sa maganda. Kung wala kang makita, baka hindi sila ang may problema. Baka ikaw.
“A competitive world offers two possibilities. You can lose. Or, if you want to win, you can change.”

Manila Standard Today: The Return of the K-Team

Philippine Daily Inquirer: Insatiable starlet meets match

Briefly Noted
In PDI’s Biz Buzz column Wednesday, November 8, reporter Dax Lucas re-released some figures from ABS-CBN (Kantar TNS) showing TV Patrol winning against TV5’s ‘Willing Willie,’ and GMA7’s ’24Oras’ last Monday night.

I wonder why Lucas didn’t cite the figures from Nielsen Media which revealed that ‘24Oras’ and ‘Willing Willie’ actually clobbered the comebacking duo of Korina and Kabayan last Monday in Mega Manila. What’s PDI’s slogan again? Balanced News, Fearless Views?

Survey Says
Pabor ka ba sa desisyon ni Councilor Shalani Soledad na maging co-host ni Willie Revillame?
– OO. Why not? 21.44%
– HINDI. 44.37%
– Wala akong pakialam! 34.18%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

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70 thoughts on “FIGURES”

      1. Ok! So I’m really much older than you @Lola Nila ( I tell my real age bcoz many are surprised…mukhang 50s lang daw ako). Wink-wink, pero true. 🙂 Hope to read more comments from you here at Mr. PH’s blog. Btw, Mr. PH is quite young. Yuppie pa siya… lola na niya tayo. He-he!


      1. Juicemio Koya Eddi!

        Eto, weekend na naman… and a long Hajj holidays next week, huh? Tiyak, andami na namang poging pinoy backpackers looking for a place to hang out during the weekend.

        I’m sure, punong puno na naman ang aking halfway house!

        Etchosera at your service ang drama!

        At times like these, cooking ang ina mo ng seafoods na hinahanap hanap ng ating mga kababayan na sawang sawa na sa broasted chicken!


      2. @sir_eddi: tru ka dyan. pag ako naglalakad d2 ang lahat napapalingon at muling napapalingon. tpos sundan ka pa ng lexus, mercedes benz, bmw, etc para makipag-kilala ang mga lalaking super gwapo na arabo….. 🙂

        while sa Pinas…susundan ka ng kotse model ’93 para…..sagasaan…dhil salot daw ang bading! 😦

        @echos: Ina ka pala ng laging saklolo. i ma sure tulo nman ang pawis mo sa pagluluto ng bulalo, bopis, sinigang na hipon at basa ang kili2 mo sa pag-serve ng pulutan habang si Pinoy Papa-razi ay todo emote sa pagkanta ng MY WAY sa iyong magic sing kara-oke!!! 😀


      1. Some of those I’ve asked have mixed feelings about Mr. Almendras’ ability. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Bilangan na lang natin ng mga miss. Maybe next time he’d be careful. He thought just because the foreign experts gave a clean bill of health to FPIC, okay na talaga. Now, our Filipino experts from UP proved them wrong. UP Beloved!!!


  1. @ chihuahua

    may formula kasing ginagamit si bill klingon kaya napapanatili niya kanyang kasiglahan at kagwapohan. i’m sure ganito ring formula ginagamit ni mang dolphy at eddie “manoy” garcia:

    gawing nating example si senior60:

    sabihin natin ang edad ni senior ngayon ay 60
    at edad ng kanyang tsiks ay 18

    if we add 60 + 18, we get the sum of 78
    now let’s divide 78 by 2 (dahil isa lang kanyang tsiks. pag meron pang another tsiks, get the sum of their age, then divide it by 3… and so on)

    78 / 2 = 39

    so senior60 should be feeling like a 39-year old right now… kung inaapply nya ang formulang eto.


    1. kawawa nman yung babae edad 18 kung papatol sya si Senior60 dhil magiging 39 na siya…di bale, as long kayang bigyan ni Senior60 si babae ng condo, kotse, diamond, manolo blahnik, chanel 5, dolce and gabanna, herpes…ay hermes bag pla, bank account,…khit magiging 39 yung girl ay ok na… 😀


  2. Nice post Mr. PH. Congrats! Btw, yesterday, I was watching 24 Oras (my usual fare) and shifts for a while to Willing Willy (for curiousity only since Nov. 8) and TV Patrol. On 24 Oras, I noticed that there was a news report on Globe Asiatic – Pag-Ibig scam and Noli de Castro’s name was mentioned by the senators. On late newscast over TV5, there was also a mention of same news topic. I wonder how ABS-CBN dealt with this on their TV Patrol. Maria Ressa is really right on her being firm on not yet putting both Korina Sanchez and Noli de Castro on board their newscast. Their presence really compromises the news team… no matter how hard Ging Reyes and also Noli (heard him over DZMM (Vic Lima’s slot) last Monday expound on his being unbiased…yakk!) that their news will always be fair and unbiased.


      1. So Noli was interviewed by ABS-CBN pala to air his side but Noli didn’t grant GMA an interview…On the surface, it would look that ABS-CBN was very professional to have Noli air his side. On the other hand, I think that serves their purpose, na punasan si Noli ng dumi (pwedeng sabihin they had to do it kasi anchor nabahiran). I really pity the ABS news team….it’s hard when you have to compromise. Ito namang si Noli, ratings game siguro dahilan why he didn’t grant GMA 7 an interview…tsk-tsk…na-compromise na naman talaga ang credibility ng ABS-CBN….
        Thanks for the info Mr. PH.


      2. and that justifies gma7’s 24oras program plug: walang pulitika; walang kinikilingan; walang pinoprotektahan… (i’m no 100% fan of 7!) but in fairness to abs, it’s got no choice but to lean and protect… their own! dangan kasi, they elected shaded talents with high profile political drifts to do an expectedly objective and impartial newscast. that is incurring “irreconcilable differences!” ha ha! and it’s showing this early, de bah? hirap mag-watch trying to convince yourself to believe what noli and korina deliver each time, with some air of prejudice clouding over your head. tsk! tsk!


      3. wla naman tlagang credibility ang abs khit itanong mo pa sa pekeng bedyu ng solar eclipse sa southern mindanao… di ba CNN at yung ginawa ng ABS sa Wins Network ng Japan…di ba talo ang ABS sa kaso dhil sa panloloko nito…ulat ito sa PECABAR LAW OFFICE… philstar march 11, 2009 sa colum ni Joaquin Henson…


  3. Di na ako magtataka kung sing man ng “praise release” about ABS-CBN ratings ang Kantar TNS. Ika nga eh, trabaho lang, walang personalan. Bayad sila to do just that.

    Magtataka ako kung naniniwala naman ang mga utaw sa praise release na yan!

    Juicemio! Dito na nga lang sa Midol Est, halos ipamigay na ang subscription ng TFC kasi wa na talaga silang makuhang subscriber. Punta ka sa mga Pinoy Restaurants dito, puro GMA Pinoy TV shows ang mapapanood mo… promise!

    Itanong nyo pa kay Lola Nila!

    … and by the way, di pa po ako bayad ng GMA sa plugging na yan, huh?


    I personally don’t subscribe to these Pinoy channels here in the Kingdom, I just watch selected shows online.


  4. hahahahaha hikatalomato imbento ka ng formula ha…

    halimbawa ako ang manalo sa lotto ngayon kahit hindi ako

    tumataya, siempre siguro mga 4 ang kukunin kong chicks

    na tag 18 kaya 60 + ( 18 x 4 ) = 132 divide by 5 = 26.4

    hahaha ang sayasaya…

    magiging kasing gwapo na kaya ako ni clinton?


    1. proven na yang formula ko senior. marami na akong kakilala na sinibukan, at umepek naman. ako na nalang yata di sumubok……bata pa kasi ako ☻☻☻.

      pagsinubukan mo senior, i’m sure di kalang magiging kasing gwapo ni bill, kasing lakas at liksi kapa ni pakyaw….. huwag lang sanang bumaligtad


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