State Visits
Reports say leaders of at least six nations invited President Aquino for a state visit soon. Hoping to persuade Aquino, the six leaders vowed to serve better tasting wine. The Mai Mislang Case: A Postscript
Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office Assistant Secretary Carmen “Mai” Mislang pleaded guilty to posting insensitive tweets while in Vietnam. Less than 24 hours later, President Aquino granted her amnesty.

Senator Francis Pangilinan says embattled Asst. Sec. Mai Mislang made a mistake, has apologized, and was reprimanded. That, for him was enough. Mistake. Apology. Reprimand. End of story. It obviously worked for him and Shawie. Hopefully, it works for everybody.

Saying Asst. Secretary Mai Mislang’s apology was enough, Senator Francis Pangilinan said the public should focus on the serious problems of the country. Okay, sure. Let’s start with the Presidential Communications Group.

Top 5 Rejected Suggestions for Asst. Secretary Mai Mislang’s New Email Address (to Sign Up for a New Twitter Account)
[Note: Mislang has reportedly deactivated (or probably deleted) her Twitter account.]

No. 5:

No. 4:

No. 3:

No. 2:

And the No. 1 rejected suggestion for Asst. Secretary Mai Mislang’s new email address…

Bar Blast Update
Justice Secretary Leila De Lima says two more members of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity are being hunted for their suspected involvement in the bar exams blast last September. Rumors say the two APO members will surrender… as soon as Vice President Jejomar Binay becomes available.

Most Wanted Man
The country’s most wanted man, kidnap suspect Rolando Fajardo was arrested after 10 years in hiding. With Fajardo’s arrest, the No. 1 position is now occupied by Senator Panfilo Lacson.
One of the country’s most wanted men, Rolando Fajardo believes he will get a fair and just trial under the new administration of President Aquino. If lucky, he could even get an amnesty.

SWS Survey
The good news is: 7 out of 10 are satisfied with Vice President Jojo Binay. The bad news is: Mrs. Binay is not of one of them.

Lacson’s Driver
Fugitive senator Panfilo Lacson’s former bodyguard and driver, retired Senior Police Officer 4 Reynaldo Oximoso was arrested in Bagac, Bataan Monday. Oximoso is facing charges for allegedly killing a cop, as well as identity theft… after he tried to pose as Morgan Freeman.

From RP to PH
The Department of Foreign Affairs announced recently that the government has shifted from using RP as official acronym of the Philippines to PH (or PHL). But DFA officials categorically denied rumors that the country’s official motto will likewise be changed from the original “Maka-Diyos, Maka-Tao, Makakalikasan at Makabansa” to simply… “PH Cares.”

Kris’ Dream
President Aquino’s youngest sister, Kris revealed Tuesday, “I dreamt of mom. It was as if she was moving in my house. Parang nagpaparamdam si mom na parang everything is at peace na.” Yeah, it was. Until that dream.

“Imagine” Manny & Will
Manny Pacquiao guested again on the late-night talk show show Jimmy Kimmel Live where he performed a duet with comedian Will Ferrell. Pacman and Will sang the John Lennon classic “Imagine.” Watching the show online in Malacanang, an unidentified official murmured, “the duet sucks.”

TV Patrol
Former vice president Noli De Castro, former congressman Ted Failon, and former senator Mar Roxas’ wife Korina Sanchez will anchor ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol starting Monday, November 8. Nope, there’s no truth to rumors that the newscast will change its name to “Strictly Politics.” [Ayaw ni Pia Hontiveros ng ganyan! 🙂 ]

A former vice president, a former congressman, and a former senator’s wife will anchor TV Patrol starting next week. This early, Forbes Magazine is keen on naming TV Patrol Asia’s most powerful and influential news program.

Former vice president Noli De Castro will return to TV Patrol starting Monday, November 8. Rumors say Globe Asiatique is interested in placing ads in the program.

Korina Sanchez will be back on TV Patrol starting Monday, November 8. While politicians cannot return to government service within a period of one year, ABS-CBN bosses are reinstating Korina because the constitution allows the return of the wives of defeated candidates after a brief period of… embarrassment.
“It’s so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and then don’t say it.”
– Sam Levenson

Survey Says
Aling trio ang gusto mong mapanood sa TV Patrol?
– Karen Davila, Julius Babao, Ted Failon 27.84%
– Noli De Castro, Ted Failon, Korina Sanchez 16.04%
– Who cares?! 56.12%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

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59 thoughts on “HOT SEAT”

  1. sen. kiko pangilinan said we should focus on the serious problems of the country… okay sure, let’s start from the Presidential Communication Group… Bull’s eye PH!
    so sen. kiko and company thinks the rubs generating from the comm group are not serious? hahh, that reminds me of michael douglas in one of his speeches.. in “the american president”, “we have serious problems, and we need serious people…” so sen. kiko isn’t aware that the serious problems of the country emanates basically from Malacanang, courtesy of the comm group… which puts the populace in limbo… mga scene stealers ang andyan sa pangkat na yan, kaya from time to time, nadederail ang focus ng mga matatalino na nakaporma sa tuwid na daan, para maki-heckle sa mga “unserious” behavior nitong mga taga-comm group. hay naku, no-second chance at one-strike policy ang kailangan sa lahat ng mga andyan, dahil bawat bu-bu’s nila irreparable sa isang gobyernong riding only on popularity mandate but obviously no hay clear game plan, as in wala… wala…! sa mga isyung sumisindak sa bansa, anoh!


  2. you cannot trust a country or people who do not play cricket or golf – cheating doesnt count-
    leadership is all about breeding character integrity and morality.
    clearly this does not exist in the administration.
    as people have said it is immature inexperienced and unprofessional
    pnoy becomes more of a puppet afraid of upsetting anyone – except the chinese and vietnamese – through stupidity
    reading prepared speeches is not what achieves change.
    his credibility is under question
    his leadership skills always were
    but by choosing and retaining 3rd rate people the outcome is obvious to all
    and he has failed the legacy of his parents big time.
    he should wake up and smell the coffee
    and work harder
    no wonder everyone thinks it is all a game.
    but it is not cricket.
    he will be bowled out by a googly if he is not careful.


    1. in another time, anonymous, maybe your comments can hold ground.
      cricket is as foreign as sepang takraw is to the nations that go gaga for it in this country where real crickets smell more desirable than curry powder.
      so who cares?
      it is therefore pointless to draw parallelisms in this issue, right?
      as with golf, though we have players here making waves in the japanese golf circuit long before a filipino teener won a world junior golf championship, still, it is pointless to me.

      a simple proj study for a building or business venture amounting to measly millions takes a year to complete.
      therefore, you can’t expect big big changes for 90+ million people in 4-5 months’ time.

      simply put, it is easier to comment and find fault because you’re not president.
      try being one and let’s see how the comments will go for you.


  3. @senior60

    🙂 naku madam, sem break lang kasi kaya mey time na, hehe.
    re: noynoy, of course, i will stand by my president – our country’s president.
    we, as people, cannot just pounce on him for every fault he or his assistants commit. negative yan e. tao tayo, we’re not crabs.
    rather, for the common good, try to contribute to the best that you can so this country can overcome her odds.


  4. “…a simple proj study for a building or business venture amounting to measly millions takes a year to complete.
    therefore, you can’t expect big big changes for 90+ million people in 4-5 months’ time…”

    What happened to the campaign slogan na “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap”? Di ba alisin lang yung corruption and voila just like magic, poverty will disappear on the face of the Pinas? Bakit hindi niya ipakulong lahat ng big-time smugglers at tax evaders na ayon sa kanya may listahan na siya? Sabi nya rin, hahabulin nya si GMA sa mga ginawa nitong pangungulimbat sa kaban ng bayan, ilang kaso na ba ang naisampa at bakit ngayon naglaan pa siya ng 2.2B sa 2011 budget para sa distrito ng huli. Nagka-aregluhan na ba sila?

    Project study in your analogy equals platform of government in the case of Pnoy. Are you now admitting that he ran for president without one?


    1. eddi, if you believed that all the nation’s problems will be solved by slogans in a matter of months, i have some magic water that i can sell you. Oversimplifying the solutions to what ills the country is as much a problem as the problem itself. Do you think GMA, the tax evaders,the corrupt of the nation are simply going to fall over and die? There is a battle ahead and things may even get worse before they get better. For all the missteps that this administration is facing, I have yet to see one that indicates the president has been plundering the nation’s coffers, and that for me is a big step in the right direction – pun intended.


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