PRESIDENT AQUINO is back from Vietnam. In case you’re not familiar with Vietnam, it’s that Southeast Asian country where “wine sucks, men don’t look good, and busy streets kill people.”

Mai Gosh!
While President Aquino was being received by Vietnamese leader Nguyen Minh Triet, his speechwriter, Assistant Secretary Carmen “Mai” Mislang was tweeting “(the) wine sucks.” Apparently, Mislang knows more about wine than protocols.

Assistant Secretary Mai Mislang of the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office received flak for tweeting, “sorry walang pogi dito #vietnam.” Malacañang obviously failed to inform Mislang that the purpose of the state visit was to establish economic – not romantic ties with the Vietnamese.

Defending the embattled assistant secretary, deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte says Mislang is one of the hardest working people in the Presidential Communications office – something that was evident during the state visit. Despite her busy schedule, she was able to hang around ogling Vietnamese boys! Sipag!

Assistant Secretary Mislang also tweeted, “crossing the speedy motorcyle-laden streets of Hanoi is one of the easiest ways to die” – to which a Vietnamese blogger reportedly replied, “posting insensitive tweets during a state visit is one of the easiest ways to damage diplomatic ties.”

Amid mounting criticisms, Assistant Sec. Mai Mislang wrote on her Facebook wall, “I apologize for my comments.” Rumors say Vietnamese nationals are willing to forgive Mislang… but only after she has tried crossing the streets of Hanoi.

On her Facebook account, Assistant Secretary Mai Mislang was more apologetic. She wrote, “I feel extremely blessed to be in a beautiful country blessed with warm hospitable people.” And the “Bait-baitan School of Acting Award” goes to…

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte assures Mislang’s tweets won’t affect the relationship between the Philippines and Vietnam. She didn’t say though if the tweets would affect the relationship between Filipinos and the Communications Group.

Communications Secretary Ricky Carandang told Asst. Secretary Mai Mislang to restrain herself next time. Carandang explained that Mislang may have just been excited because this was her first state visit. And probably her last.

This just in: Amid a storm of criticism over her controversial tweets, Asst. Sec. Mai Mislang has officially filed a leave of absence… from Twitter.

Light Bites
Veni. Vidi. Vietnam. – I came. I saw. I insulted.

Halloween & Politics
Sunday was Halloween. It’s that time of the year when some people wear masks and costumes to hide their true selves and then go out scaring other people hoping to win something big. Wait a minute, that’s not Halloween. That’s the national elections.

Reports say Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo came in as a witch in a pre-Halloween party for neophyte lawmakers last week. The former president was praised by her colleagues for being effortless.

Sources say Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos also attended the said event. She wore her original face.
“Tact is the unsaid part of what you think; its opposite, the unthought part of which you say.”
~Henry Van Dyke

From an unimpeachable source
Former vice president Noli De Castro, former congressman Ted Failon, and former senator Mar Roxas’ wife Korina Sanchez will anchor TV Patrol starting November 8. Karen Davila will banner Bandila. What will happen to Julius Babao and Ces Drilon? Abangan! Ganyan talaga sa telebisyon, parang pulitika lang. Minsan, mas matindi pa. Weather-weather lang.

Survey Says
Alas-sais y medya ng gabi. Ano ang pinapanood sa bahay n’yo?
– 24 Oras 41.69%
– TV Patrol 48.86%
– Willing Willie 9.45%

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128 thoughts on “TACTLESS”

    1. kaloka itong komentaryo ng blogger sa Philstar:

      perception wrote:


      Sobra naman kayong mamintas, personal na ‘yan. Akala ka ba Mr. Pogi ladies man ka? Mga ladies ang topic natin kahapon, hehehe. Pero come to think of it, kakatakot nga si Miss Mislang, mistulang haligi ang braso, baka matalo ako sa bunong braso, hehehe. Tipong man-eater pa, nakita ba ninyo ang facial expression? Gigil na gigil, grrr……

      Talagang si P-Noy believe ako sa choice ng boys and girls, si Puno, ngayon si Mislang, hehehe


      Tapos may ngipin pa si Mislang na parang nag-aagawan ng pwesto sa gilagid!

      😀 😀 😀 😀


  1. Bakit naman public kasi yung account niya? Kung ako andun, baka ganun din sabihin ko pero siyempre isshare ko lang with friends, not to the public. No need to resign or fire her or whatever, tama na yung pagsabihan siya. At least ngayon, alam na niya na kung magbbash lang siya, e dapat hindi nakikita ng madla.


      1. Taga-Capiz ka ba canto boy? Well if you are, then you should know that this “aswang” myth is even used as a tourism thingy to sell the province.

        (From Philippine Daily Inquirer)

        ROXAS CITY-The stage is set for the holding of the Aswang Festival in Capiz, the first of its kind to be held in the country.

        Arnel Estiaga, board of director of Dugo Capiznon Inc., the non-government organization staging the event, said nothing could now stop the festivities, which are scheduled on Oct. 29 to 30.

        “Everyone is free to join and witness the first-ever activities that can only happen and be seen in Capiz,” he added.

        Cecilia Azarcon-Doronila, president of the Dugo Capiznon, said all activities are open to the public and are free of charge.

        Despite the initial opposition from some …”


    1. Tell that to the Filipinos who were up in arms when Claire Danes described the Manila as dirty with beggars and people with missing body parts roaming around. By the way, the Vietnamese government took care of the hotel, food and internal transport of the 53 members of the Philippine Delegation. Do you really think that was a polite thing to say to a gracious host?


    2. That evening of the reception, I had to walk to my hotel because two busy streets were closed to traffic for the Philippine delegation. The building for the reception was bath with lights, bedecked with flowers and Philippine and Vietnamese flags with red carpet laid out the entrance. Black cars with dark-suited drivers and fluttering Philippine flags drove the delegates. The high esteem given to the Philippine delegation made me proud until Mislang made the scene.


  2. Totoo ang sinabi ni Mai na walang guapo sa paligid niya. Pero alam niya at alam ng lahat na ang t*e, nilalangaw.

    So huwag ng magtaka si Mai Mislang kung bakit walang guapo na Vietnamese sa paligid niya. Siempre sa mukha niyang iyan, bakit naman siya pag-aaksayahan ng panahon at alak ng mga guapo.


  3. as if napakaganda ng pilipinas kumpara sa vietnam noh?
    as if di tayo mahahabol ng vietnam pagdating ng panahon noh?
    as if vietnam ang makakalaban natin in terms of progress by that time when in fact bangladesh na noh?

    @senior60 di ka rin bobo noh. she belongs to the president’s team who went to vietnam. it’s almost as good na ang presidente na rin ang nang insulto sa host country. bobo!


    1. Blow-out kita with that comment. The Asec is a-sick in the head. Now everybody’s asking, maganda kaya siya? Respectable for sure hindi. At kulang sa lessons in GMRC from parents, school or simply pasaway? Whether she’s new (she’s not, having been in gov’t for sometime) or not, it’s basic Filipino courtesy to be courteous to your guests (if you’re the host} or to your host/s (if you’re the guest). Lalo pa at alalay ka lang, shut your mouth, just do your job and let your master be in charge.


      1. @eddi: libre na ako ngayon, promo. closing out sale! 😀

        @echos: naku, kahit mag-aagawan pa sila ndi nila kayang ubusin ang mga gwapo d2… kaya kya ni missedlang at ni susmaryosep roxas i-break ang record ko na 18…tuloy2 walang pahinga…(except hugas at palit ng condominium?) 😀 joke lang, baka maniwala si missedlang at gagawin nya yun…para pa nman uhaw sa nota si ate 😀


  4. Asec Mislang is such a shame. How old is she? So tactless! Noli and Korina in TV Patrol? Goodluck! Magiging bias and impartial ang ABS CBN. Magrereport sila about corruption and other political issues, pero sila mismo may kanya-kanyang issue. Goodluck talaga! Nakakagigil.


  5. Grabe naman si mislang, halos lahat yata ng mga nakapaligid kay penoy eh in need of psychological test…sino naman kaya ang nasa tamang pagiisip to be part of official state visit tapos magcomment ka negatively sa host country at ipost publicly pa…seriously…at feeling nya super ganda cya. Her comments are reflection of her personality….


  6. oh well, it seems PNOY will have to give seminars on all his people on proper protocol (diplomacy, hostage taking, and probably having one stand when it comes to issues).

    better yet, also install a one strike policy to his people.

    at ano itong ginawa ng DOLE na pumanig sa management ng PAL para sa pag lay off ng 3,000 employees. I thought DOLE was there to arbitrate and not be the lawyers for PAL?


  7. Korina is back! Thanks to Maria Ressa’s departure, Korina seems to be hell bent on reclaiming her trono na ginampanan ni Karen Davila (whom I prefer than Korina)….teka naalala ko…sino nga pala yung iba pa ba yung ibang ma chu-chugi??? RG Cruz? Zian Ambrosio?? etc.??

    Langya…tigas ng mukha ni Mislang parang ka-gandahang babae ampota kung man-lait LOL

    Oo nga pala pansin ko lang..masyadong trying hard si eddie magpatawa…..dagdagan mo ng konting style mala PH baka may tumawa sa jokes mo LOL


  8. obviously, mislang was looking in the wrong places. i saw plenty of cute guys in vietnam… huwell, some of them were french-vietnamese, etc etc… but to say there was none IS fallacious, not to mention pretty tactless. wouldn’t you be offended if she came to your house and said the people living in this house are U-G-L-Y! buti di sya sinabunutan ano?


  9. I have been in Vietnam for the past 3 years while this Ms. Mislang had just set foot for a few days and she has the gnikuf guts to tweet such statements!!!! For her education, “crossing the speedy car-laden streets of Manila is one of the easiest ways to die”! And for all she knows, the rice she is eating in Manila is from Vietnam!!!

    In Vietnam, she can safely walk the streets even in the middle of the night without having the fear of being molested! Subukan nya yan sa Manila, kundi man siya ma-rape baka patayin pa!


    1. kuya sinibukan na ni missedlang lumakad sa madilim ng eskinita ng maynila, pero walang nag-attemp ng ra*e sa kanya-dhil akala ni ba*lang pagala2 lang! 😀 😀 at wala din nangahas na patayin siya dhil ang mukha ni missedlang ay lalaban din ng pata*an!! 😀 😀 😀


  10. i’m sure the majority of us have made not so nice comments about people and places in the past whether intentionally or not… that’s just human nature
    but we certainly don’t want our comments heard, especially by the people who weren’t supposed to know about it.
    poor girl… may be wise not to play on twitter the next time you are part of the presidential party…
    ayan tuloy, you became famous for the wrong reasons….


  11. Why put all the blame on Ms. Mislang? Shouldn’t Secretary Carandang also be reprimanded for having asked about the type of wine that sucks? Any person with the smallest iota of knowledge about diplomatic relations would see that even Mr. Carandang is insensitive in asking which wine sucks. He should have immediately reprimanded his subordinate for such tactless and undiplomatic remark. I kinda hope PNoy would do to his irresponsible staff members what he did to Mr. Prisco Nilo of PAGASA.


  12. Dapat lahat ng appointees ni Pnoy on probee basis lang of, say, 3 months; and within that period, any palpak committed, no matter how heavy, light , or in-between, should be noted as irreparable damage and should merit on-the-spot termination. sorry, but this government can not afford to hit and miss, every so often, and treat it right after as “wala lang!”, (except in ex-pagasa man frisco nilo’s case). ang dami kaya ng mga qualified pinoys truly deserving to be tapped for “tuwid na daan” , anoh! kaya dapat no-second-chance policy for bunglers and bu-bu’s, especially where it compromises the image of the new government. iron fist? why not? para naman bawat sasalang sa plataporma ni Pnoy, hindi sapat maging basta brilliant but more so, possessing excellent sense of discretion and civility in the performance of his duties and responsibilities. And now again, kaya bang maisip ni Pnoy yun? Mapatupad? Naykupu, that is another story!!!


  13. Bakit suki sa rigodon o reformat ang ABS-CBN News? Nakailang management changes na sa newskopo department nila, pero matibay pa rin sina(? or sila, PH? haha) Marissa Flores at Jessica Soho ng GMA News (no pun intended).

    Dahil dikit na forever ang pangalan ni Kabayad, este, Kabayan kay ex-PGMA, at nega ang dating ni Ex-Future-First-Lady-turned-Ex-Future-Second-Lady, di pa rin nila matatalo sina Tita Mel at Mang Mike Excuse Me pF0uWhz sa 6:30pm slot. Itanong pa natin kina Willie, DJ Mo at sa WW Dancers. Hahahaha!!!


  14. first of all, kayong mga namemersonal sa hitsura ni mislang, be sure ha,
    once again, with feelings, hagilap kayo ng mirror, baka hindi din kayo
    kagandahan/ kagwapohan…

    second of all, kailangan talaga mag hahaha kahit madaling araw na…

    @ paul

    You compare the context of the comments of the two. Clearly, that of
    Claire Danes’ commanded violent reactions simply because, these are not
    the absolute truth while that of Mislang’s, did the Vietnamese even gave
    a hoot? We’ll see, if we cannot import rice from them again.

    @ eddiebumangon

    re: Desperate Housewives and others, bakit nga ba, true naman sabi mo,
    dapat nanahimik na lang…

    @ e alias religiousboy/girl?

    walang hiya/modo ka rin ano, magkano ba utang ko at babayaran na kita,
    napa sigaw tuloy ng either malakas/soundless si etchosera….

    but seriously, am not sold to the notion that if you are part of the president’s
    team blah blah blah, outside of government matters/policies maybe, you can
    give na your own personal opinions, otherwise, kaawaawa ang kahit sinong
    presidente na nag aattend ng mga ganitong gatherings with entourage of
    not less than 50 ba…..


  15. once again filipinos show the world why they are so backward and lacking in civilised manners.
    vietnamese are now an economic powerhouse earning respect worldwide whist the philippines remains a joke and an example of how not to run a country
    island mentality. just wait til the chinese take over


  16. Si Mislang taga UP Diliman? Kaya pala, wala sigurong sorority kaya barbarian attitude. dapat mag resign na cya. Kaya naka graduate na cum laude kasi nerd walang association sa mga ka-eskwela nya hindi “Street Smart” at ang buhay nga naman di dahil mataas ang grado mo, magaling kana. O ngayun, lahat ng mga papuri na sa iyo na . . . nasiyahan ka Mislang?


    1. Sa palagay ko nga. Kahit na alpha dakma nokma di siya sinubukang recruiten, dahil baka sila pa ang mabogbog ni mislang during hazing. Matalino dahil cumlaude? I dont think so. Hangang math 11 lang ata meron ang bs tourism. Walang chem, walang physics, walang calculus.


    1. We’re not saying Pinoys don’t have the right to voice out their opinions and personal preferences. But you must understand that what she said were totally uncalled for. Ms. Mislang was there not for a vacation but as part of a delegation of high-ranking public officials representing the country. It was an official visit. They carried with them the name of our country. They were there to strengthen diplomatic ties. If you still don’t get the picture, I guess you also don’t understand what it means to be responsible.


  17. i think she was talking about the philippines but forgot to mention the children, rats, and prostitutes that inhabit the streets, or does she live in fairlyland where voters pay for her french wine,spa massages, and foreign trips. i guess she does.
    people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.
    another example of the communications group at work. what a joke and not only an insult to the vietnamese but to filipino people.
    now we have insulted the chinese and vietnamese who will the administration target next. and these people are paid to do such a pathetic and unprofessional job. amazing. that is why the country remains 3rd world. no idea of style, class, etiquette, or diplomatic relations. videoke and rice. the clearing house for the flotsam and jetsam of china and convenient for human and drug trafficking.
    what a contribution to the world. keep on begging. that seems the only skill


  18. Even her apology sucks and full of hypocrisy. Pagkatapos tirahin ang Vietnam sa twitter, sabihin ba naman na blessed siya sa pagdalo sa bansang iyon. Tinanggap siya ng maayos ng Vietnam, sabay sabihan ng ganun e nakakainsulto nga yun.

    Kahit cum laude pa siya sa UP or what – that does not guarantee everything. Kung ganun din ang asal nya, wala din siyang pinagkaiba sa hayup.


  19. mai mislang is indebted to the filipino taxpayer who sent her to school in up diliman and pays her salary. this is how she repays the country? shame on her and shame on those who protect her and pretend this diplomatic embarrassment is nothing. you don’t know how you lowered the standards of behavior in the highest public office and thus keep anxious in our daily expectations.


  20. @ paul

    huwag kang palaging nag wiwish na the earth would open up
    and swallow you at baka ma wish granted ka ni devil, alam mo
    na yun, palaging naghahanap ng magiging victim..

    actually, it’s not Danes’ observation only kundi pati na rin ng
    mga pilipino na hindi na masaya sa pagiging isang pilipino,
    katulad mo…

    those described are not the sole attributes of the philippines
    but is happening in other parts of the world except maybe in
    small places like singapore and hongkong…

    ako? since birth, steady lang sa pilipinas, not even in manila…


  21. Most Overused Words/Phrases
    – Taaamah!
    – Major, major

    Can we add the word: SOBRA… this became like the verb of every sentence ata… just listen to interviews either ordinary people on the streets or worsts mga artista..wala na atang ibang bukang-bibig kundi SOBRA’ng ganda, SOBRA’ng ganito/gan’on… nakaka-irita na ha!


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