Reports say Afghanistan and Iraq are the second and third most dangerous places for OFWs today. Topping the list is Gulf Air GF Flight 154.

Typhoon Juan: The Aftermath
President Aquino is very pleased that the government has survived the strongest typhoon to hit the world this year. Sayang! Hindi umabot sa First 100 Days!

Reports say President Aquino is very pleased with how government agencies responded to the latest disaster. Because of the government’s preparedness, risks were mitigated, loss of life was minimized, and media attention was diverted from Rico E. Puno.

In his official statement released Tuesday, the President said, “The thorough preparations of all concerned agencies are in marked contrast to the official helplessness of the past.” And Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was like, “Ako! Ako! Lagi na lang ako!”

President Aquino is pleased that the Philippines survived this latest disaster. In fact, Typhoon Juan was the second strongest storm that the country has experienced this year… next only to the Manila hostage crisis.

President Aquino has praised PAGASA for its accurate and timely forecasts. To give you an idea of how ‘timely’ PAGASA has become, Donald Tsang just called. He thanked President Aquino for PAGASA’s advance forecast for Hong Kong.

Here’s the bad news: PAGASA revealed yesterday that another cyclone is developing over the Pacific Ocean and will likely take the same path as that of typhoon Juan: tuwid na daan patungong Northern Luzon. Shoot!

Typhoon Juan has left the Philippines. The ‘super typhoon” was here for like 96 hours…. the same amount of time it takes DepEd officials, PAGASA forecasters, and news reporters to finish saying the acronym for National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council. [Altogether now: N-D-R-R-M-C!]

Anti-Aquino Group
Have you heard the news about this anti-Aquino group that calls itself S4? When I first heard the name, I was like, “Oh, no. Not another K-Pop group please!”

Insisting that the May 10, 2010 election was “unconstitutional” because a foreign corporation (Smartmatic) administered it, the anti-Aquino group S4 has declared all elective positions vacant. Now we know what the ‘S’ in S4 stands for. Sick.

Locating Lacson
According to Justice Secretary Leila De Lima, the government’s failure to locate fugitive senator Panfilo Lacson has embarrassed her. When Interior Undersecretary Rico E. Puno heard this, he asked, “What’s embarrass?”

Allies of fugitive lawmaker Panfilo Lacson say the senator refuses to surrender because he hates the very idea of being in handcuffs… unless of course he’ll be allowed to bring with him his nail file.

Deles and Dimaporo
Secretary Teresita “Ging” Deles is still at odds with Lanao del Norte Rep. Fatima Aliah Dimaporo. The Presidential Adviser for the Peace Process is at war.

Caparas Charged!
The Bureau of Internal Revenue has filed 64 counts of tax evasion against controversial National Artist Carlo J. Caparas. When Caparas heard the news, he blurted out, “God, why me?!”

Oldest Galaxy
Astronomers claim they have found the oldest galaxy in the universe. It was also the favorite star of Senator Enrile when he was a kid.

The President’s Lovelife
Presidential Communications Group Secretary Ricky Carandang says President Aquino “can date not just once a month” because he’s single. I so agree with Ricky. In fact, if the President wants to be the next Dolphy… go ahead! As Senator Enrile would say, “Gusto ko, happy ka!”
“There are two big forces at work, external and internal. We have very little control over external forces such as tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, disasters, illness and pain. What really matters is the internal force. How do I respond to those disasters? ”
— Leo Buscaglia

Survey Says
Pabor ba kayo sa “conditional cash transfer program” ng gobyerno kung saan P21.9-billion ang ipapamahagi sa pinakamahihirap na Pilipino?
– OO. Bahala na sila sa matatanggap nilang cash. 6.57%
– HINDI! Hanapbuhay ang ibigay, hindi limos. 89.04%
– Honestly, hindi ko alam ang isyu. 4.38%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

Briefly Noted
Ano ang kulang sa unang linya ng teksto ng poster na ito?

Kung isasalin sa Ingles: ‘Books are read. Not read.’
Oo. Gano’n ang magiging salin nito dahil hindi gumamit ng tuldik o diacritical mark na circumflex o pakupyâ ang artist.

“Ang libro ay binabasa. Hindi binabasa.”
Ang una ay malumay. Ang pangalawa ay maragsa.
Dahil wala ang angkop na tuldik [^], wala tuloy pagkakaiba ang bigkas sa dalawang salita.
Ito ang dapat nakasulat: “Ang libro ay binabasa. Hindi binabasâ.”

Sana ako ay tamà. Ha-ha.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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Author: professionalheckler

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77 thoughts on “JUAN DAY IN YOUR LIFE”

  1. kawawa nman yung ofw na nag-pakamatay. nakaka-iyak! mahirap tlagang mangibang-bayan para kumita lang.

    2 sa kasama ko noon (isang turkish at isang egyptian) ang nasiraan ng bait dhil sa sobrang homesick…

    mabuti na lang na-uso ang facebook at least nabawasan ang kalungkutan ng ibang ofw… ndi tulad noon na mag-antay ka ng isang buwan bago mo ma-recieve ang voice tape mula sa mahal mo sa buhay…

    Sna yung mamang nagpapakamatay sa gulf air ay laging bumibisita d2 sa PH bka naagapan pa ang problema nya..kung ano man yun…

    mabuti na lang kaming mga sirena dito sa saudi at least maraming pagkaka-abalahan…


  2. “Presidential Communications Group Secretary Ricky Carandang says President Aquino “can date not just once a month” because he’s single. I so agree with Ricky. In fact, if the President wants to be the next Dolphy… go ahead! As Senator Enrile would say, “Gusto ko, happy ka!”

    Just come out when you’re ready ‘Noy, susupurtahan ta ka!


  3. I also noticed that with the poster, though di ko alam ang tawag sa diin na dapat ilagay. pero binasa ko sa isip ko ng tama. hahahaha!

    on the quote, “…What really matters is the internal force. How do I respond to those disasters?” I am wondering how noynoy would answer this. hehe

    Noynoy is very quick to congratulate himself for his government’s preparedness in meeting Typhoon Juan, but he should also realize that after Ondoy, local governments took it upon themselves to be more prepared. If I’m not mistaken, that’s what Marikina did, being one of those hardest hit by Ondoy. ‘ika nga, maraming nadala kaya mas maraming naghanda. But then, Typhoon Juan happened during his administration so I am not surprised he is quick to commend himself for this.

    God bless our kababayans who were hardest hit by Juan.


    1. You’re right there @promdi @kaye. The impact to us of Juan in MetroManila and suburbs isn’t like that of Ondoy kasi hindi tayo dinaanan. But I’m sure those in the the north esp.,Isabela, Cagayan, Benguet experienced Juan like it was Ondoy all over again. So dapat tutok lang ang gobyerno sa rehabilation efforts. Mga praise releases itigil muna.


  4. wala namang dapat ipagmalaki ang pinoy camp re Juan’s passing. ano ba namang kapuri-puri dun? ala eh, ka-ordinaryo namang bagay iyan eh! ika nga, no big deal. not enough to make a fuss about it! d ba tuloy-tuloy naman ang havoc ni juan? namatay din ang kuryente, nangabuwal din ang mga poste, pati nga mga powerlines nagkayupi-yupi, bumaha rin ng dagsa-dagsa sa mga bahay at pananim, at nag-ebakwet din sa mga eskwelahan as tulad ng dati ang mga posible victims, at syempre, me fatalities din!, (kung natupad yung zero pangarap, baka pa!)? same exenas di ba? wala naman silang napigilan kahit alin dun sa inaasahang mangyari. so anong pleasing dun? sana no comment na lang sila dahil yung mga biktima ni juan, sigurado sad, hindi pleased! haay, babaw ng kaligayahan; babaw ng standards…


    1. You’re right there @promdi @kaye. The impact to us of Juan in MetroManila and suburbs isn’t like that of Ondoy kasi hindi tayo dinaanan. But I’m sure those in the the north esp.,Isabela, Cagayan, Benguet experienced Juan like it was Ondoy all over again. So dapat tutok lang ang gobyerno sa rehabilation efforts. Mga praise releases itigil muna.


      1. Right esa dear. and now that belated videos showing the gruesome devastation in Isabela, particularly the coastal town of Maconacon which is a total wreck, here’s what we had to say to Malacanang’s prompt praise delivery boys, “Pleased kayo dyan!!!”


  5. ayus ah. mapaenglish at tagalog. the best. linguist ka talga idol…ikaw na ang makabagong jose rizal….guro, doctor (because laughter is the best medicine), manunulat, at higit sa lahat, kaaway ng mga pryale. hahahaha. teka may isa pa pala, chickboy din kaya???. hehehehe


  6. … disagree.. i think it’s deliberate..

    “Ang libro ay binabasa. Hindi binabasa.”

    … kahit saan ilagay ang ‘mark’ would result in different statements, re: reversal of the ‘two’ words’ meanings… either way would still be correct..

    … putting the mark then will defeat the purpose… attracting attention and of course debate…

    … this is classic wordplay in tagalog…


      1. … again its wordplay… you ‘look’ at the picture and and a caption/title should ‘correspond’… whereas you ‘remove’ the picture… and only the statement lingers on the mind (well, you do the exercise…)… kinda like that question – ‘what do you see in the image?.. a young lady or an old woman?’ – an exercise commonly used in psychology classess..

        … you’re not wrong… its just perspective…


    1. i beg to disagree ginoong monte carlo! there is no classic wordplay here. the meaning of the first “binabasa” is quite different from the second; they’re not interchangeable, based on the picture (see: the child uses the book to shield his top from rain. got the logic of the poster: the books are precious reading tool; they are gifts of wisdom. they should be handled as they should be and with loving care). As PH asserts, with authority, the second “binabasa” is nothing but maragsa and should be marked accordingly. The poster’s logic; the idea through which it was presented was excellent, well, almost. For a campaign that obviously aims to promote/encourage reading and/or love of books, the SM poster should have been flawless. On the other hand, you may probably need to review your high school Filipino. Subali’t kailangan pa ba? kaya?


      1. Tama si PH on the maragsa sa pangalawang gamit ng binabasa. Tama rin si @grammarhound that it should be one sentence only and as what @Neilimo, posted, “correct grammar should be given more weight than creative license in an ad directed towards school children.” Finally, as @maria makiling says, “The poster’s logic; the idea through which it was presented was excellent, well, almost. For a campaign that obviously aims to promote/encourage reading and/or love of books, the SM poster should have been flawless.” Dapat siguro before finalizing, the draft should have been reviewed by a teacher or authority on the Pilipino language (or should it be Filipino language) para flawless. That’s what we did when I was in government and we required our regulated companies to publish their balance sheets in both English and Pilipino.


  7. SM ADS. Bravo, PH! kahanga-hanga ka sa iyong pagpuna sa isang “hamak” na bahagi ng balarilang pilipino na itinuturing na walang halaga at walang puwang upang maluklok sa kamalayang pinoy. Sa mga laging nagtatawang estudyanteng pinoy, ang leksiyon ng DIIN, sa Pilipino ay “:wala lang!”, sa salitang kolokyal ngayon. Ang mga malumay, mabilis, malumi, at maragsa ay mga wirdo! isa nga ito sa mayoridad na bahaging itinatakwil ng mga mag-aaral sa araling Pilipino, na sa kabuuan ay sadya namang walang hatak upang pag-aralan, lalo na, pagdalubhasaan. Ika nga’y, bakit pa? bakit baga? e Ingles naman ang kailangan, o kaya’y Hapon, kaya’y Intsek! Mga patunay lamang ng walang kagana-ganang aktitud ng Pilipino sa kanyang sariling kakanyahan. Ang resulta: walang malalim at ipinagmamalaking kaalaman at kamalayan sa sariling katangian na di naman itinuturing na kawalan at bagkus isa pa ngang katatawanan. Iyan si Juan, sa sariling bayan. Sa kaso uli ng SM ads, itinuturing kong ito’y isang inosenteng kahilawan o kaya’y pagbabale-wala sa simpleng PInoy gramar. Marahil, naisip, o baka wala nga sa isip, ng mga gumawa nito, na wala namang makakapansin sa diperensya sakaling mayroon man dahil sila mismo sinadyang di mapansin. Sa kasamaang palad, may isang metikulosong Pinoy na sa kabila ng kanyang satiriko at komikang literatura ay isang magilas at matalas na dalubhasa sa pambansa wika! sa totoo lang.. obyus kaya! ikaw yun PH. Salamat sa pagpuna. Walang gumagawa nito, pabor sa wikang pilipino, at di inaasahan sa forum na tulad ng sa’yo! Namulat kami sa tamang Pilipino, kahit sandali, kahit minsan lang. Sana’y magtanda kami, sa susunod. Mabuhay ka; sana’y dumating ang panahon na di-mabilang ang lahi mo, DITO!!


      1. Nakita mo na, ph? isang malaking isyu, at nakakatawang isyu, para sa karaniwang Pilipino (nga ba?) ang makabasa ng sa kagaya ng aking komento. ito ay dahil nga sa pangkalahatang aktitud ng kawalang interes ng tagarito sa bayan ni Juan at Pedro sa wikang ito. Mistula itong laging katatawanan at kailanman ay hindi kayang seryosohin at pahalagahan, hangga’t nakabitaw tayo sa sariling mundo at patuloy na nakayakap sa interes na dayo. Sana’y dumating na ang panahong, habang pumapalakpak tayo sa kasanayan at pagkadalubhasa sa mga pag-aari ng ibang bansa, hindi tayo mangmang at payaso sa ating katutubong lahi at pagkatao. Kapag nangyari ito, saka lamang natin matatamo ang prestihiyo at dalisay na respeto ng iba pang lahi sa buong mundo. Mabuhay ang hindi nahihirapan, hindi nangugutya at hindi nagtatawang Pilipino sa paglalahad na ito.


  8. Marcelo, ako ay lubhang natuwa sa iyong pagkakapansin at pagbanggit ng kamalian sa naturang patalastas ukol sa mga aklat. Iyon din ang aking napansin doon nguni’t hindi ko masasabi kung ano ang mga tawag sa mga bagay-bagay na naturan mo na ayon sa Balarilang Pilipino sa kadahilanang ang mga ito ay nabaon n sa aking alaala.

    Ngayon ko naiisip na marapat lamang na ating balikan ang mga aral sa atin ukol sa sariling wika noong tayo ay nasa mababang paaralan pa lamang.

    Mabuhay ka, Kaibigan.


  9. … it’s rather simple people..

    1.) “Ang libro ay binabasa^. Hindi binabasa.”
    2.) “Ang libro ay binabasa. Hindi binabasa^.”

    … ‘getting wet’ vs ‘reading’

    … the first statement implies ‘is’.. the boy’s action
    [he’s getting the book drenched in rain, not reading it]

    … the second one connotes ‘should’ like an adage…
    [books are meant for reading, not drenched in rain like an umbrella]

    … purposely omitting the ‘mark’ makes the statement subject for deliberation…

    … this is basic grammar 101 lesson, re: the importance of punctuation marks… knowing where to put the commas and the dots…

    … if anything, this AD is simply clever… it just succeeded in eliciting ‘education’ among ‘students’ of all age bracket


      1. I think I agree with Monte Carlo on this one. He has actually interpreted the ad beyond what was supposed to be the obvious interpretation, which was supposed to be “Ang libro ay binabasa. Hindi binabasa.^” to something which is not so obvious, which is “Ang libro ay binabasa^. Hindi binabasa” which is used more as a description of the picture rather than used as an adage. Yes, omitting the diacritical mark was clever. Insisting that it should have been there is pedantic and uncreative.


    1. wag na natin sila awayin kasi ala naman mangyayari.. hayaan na natin sila kasi dyan sila masaya.. ahahah.. nakakatuwa lang ang mga pinoy, na lahat nalang pinupuna.. tama naman yung nakasulat, nagpapa-pampam lang.. para lang makareply?? or para kunwari marunong sila..

      and yes, tama yung explanation mo about sa pedeng interchangeable yung dalawang words within the same sentence.. but may nagcomment before na inde daw pede.. i guess that person was referring it as a slogan for the poster.. but poster aside, pede nga pag baligtarin yung dalawang words.. tulad ng sinabi mo dito..

      yun lang.. wish ko lang tumigil na yung mga tao na nagmamarunong pa sa pagbasa ng sentence.. una, na release na siguro yung poster.. pangalawa, inde naman nila tatanggalin yun at gagawa ng bagong poster dahil sa mga reaction ng tao..

      and like you said, for me its really amazing na nakagawa sila ng ganitong slogan.. thumbs up sa nakaisip ng slogan.. thumbs down sa mga mali ang pagbasa sa simula, tapos pinipilit pa rin na ganun ang basa (book is read, not read)… thumbs up naman sa mga mali yung unang basa, pero na gets kahit paano at inde na nag react kasi tama din para sa kanila ang nakasulat.. and thumbs down sa mga magrereact ng masama dito sa reply ko.. thumbs down din sa mag ta-thumbs down sakin.. nyahahaha


  10. grabe naman, so pag kayo nagsusulat noon, kahit inde sa filipino subject, tapos ang sinulat nyo ang word na binabasa (as in to pour or splash with water etc), binabasâ ang sinusulat niyo?? i doubt it.. and since its a poster, anu ba titignan mo?? inde ba yung pic muna bago mo basahin yung nakasulat?? ang point lang dito, tama din naman siya, and yes, its a wordplay because the 2 words have the same spelling but different pronunciation and meaning.. ang bobo mo naman kapag pinilit mo na “ang libro ay binabasa, inde binabasa” (book is read, not read) ang ibig sabihin nun..

    and isa pa, naintindihan naman ng lahat ng tao yan (lahat ng marunong mag tagalog)… so you dont need to sweat arguing about this poster…

    binabasa kita..

    and i guess you all read it as “i am reading you”… well, its common sense..


  11. Mr. prof heckler Carlo Caparas is not a national Artist. It was stopped by the supreme court last year and the case is still pending. so god willing this caparas will be our national shame and not artist.
    imagine being awarded 1.3billion by the govt for “kroko” and “ang pangarap kong jackpot” which he claims costs 1.2 million per episode!


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