39 thoughts on “FLAWLESS”

  1. On live coverage, Newsmen from RMN demanded from the Chilean President that they interview the miners because it was their duty and right to inform the public. Rogas, Tulfo and their Boss were allowed to have the interview…..down the mine and on condition that they would be on the rescue capsule AFTER all of the 33 miners would be out. Bakit kaya biglang nawala ang signal ng RMN? Brownout ba?


  2. cute ang no. 3 dost_pagasa, ” God please, sana tumama!”

    papaano yan, sumimplang, ayon sa 24 oras kagabi, baka daw kagabi din

    or ngayong umaga dumating si mala ondoy na si megi, alas dos na wala pa,

    akala ko ba super galing kayong mga personally selected ni noynoy, di ba Nilo?


    1. Hi babe,

      Nandito lang namn ako palagi. Call me. Ano labas-bansa tayo ulit? Syanga pala, nakumpuni na yung dashboard ng Ferrari. PLASTIC nga gamit nila. Ano ba naman? Eh, labs, medyo malaki yung bill. hehe. Sige lang malaki naman…ang pagmamahal ko sa ‘yo.

      Luv yah!

      I will be in my flat as always waiting for you. But don’t come before 10 pm. Kasi my taping ako.

      Miss ya, Babe.


  3. we have never felt so dwarfish as when we watched in awe the swift, organized, though poignant rescue of all 33 miners who were pulled up and out clean from their 79-day “forced interment” down about 2,000ft; no hassles, no brouhaha, no sidebars of some melodrama; all systems, all spontaneity , despite the odds. the “feeling so diminutive” is further blown up by this your blog, ph! buti na lang, it’s kinda humorized, as usual, kaya softened na lang ako sa LOL; otherwise, mamatay-matay ako sa inggit, sa senti at humiliation! huhuhu! and trulili, inggit din ako sa vigil na ginawa, ala loyal and religious true-blue barangay tanod na si Chilean Pres. Sebastian Pinera! ha tapang ha tao, hindi iwas-takbo! braavoo!


  4. Re your survey: CCT or conditional cash transfer is supposed to be a very deserving program for the poor; it’s not actually a dole out. take it from Brazil where it was initially implemented successfully, and now hopefully being seen to go even through succeeding generations of its presidents. Here, knowing how politics take pinoy psyche into delirious orbit, CCT will always be a worthless, root-of-corruption exercise!


    1. It maybe successful in Brazil but have they done an in-depth study why it’s a success? We can continue with the initial program of former PGMA and monitor it closely…that it doesn’t resort to a dole-out. Diyan tayo mahina, sa monitoring. And let’s not increase it very much so soon until we see that the system really works and is free of corruption (Hello Dinky! PEACE Bonds, remember? Ghost, ghost, ghost of the recent past…). Besides the huge amount of increase was at the expense of other more important items in the budget like say, the budget cut on U.P. (my U.P. beloved!) and other state universities.


      1. The success of CCT in Brazil lies in its strict adherence to rules and guidelines which includes religious monitoring and which, admittedly, is not much of our game here. you’re right esa, dear, our problem is our christmas-light attitude. he he. patay-sindi baga! that is an area where we seem to excel… look at jueteng; di ba kopong time sindido na yan, always pinapatay tas sinisindi uli. ngayon nakasindi na naman! habang pinapatay uli! depende sa dalas ng Chrstmas season. ha ha. but seriously, we can be serious on a program run and managed by serious people with serious goals. ask, for ejemplo, any wife or mother in the barangay, who is a member of that NGO called Card Bank, and she will tell you such program works. If my memory serves me well, that Card Bank was a Ramon Magsaysay Awardee a couple of years back. If only government especially its local arms can run a show like that organization does, there will be less reasons why a good number of us are poor..


      2. 😦 wala na ngang pera ang UPD para ipasaayos ang mga bulok ng Student Dorm, Staff and Faculty housing at pagpigil sa walang humpay na encroachment ng mga Illegal Settlers sa loob ng campus nila, babawasan pa nila? 79 has. ngayon ang nasasakop ng mga yan, that’s 16% halos of the 493 has. of campus land. Demolition alone would cost around 80 million. Nasa 20M ang budget ng UP police. 10% is spent on the demolition of shanties yearly. Pati arboretum, nasakop na.


  5. A StratPOLLS survey showed that 8 of 10 Filipinos were satisfied with the “performance” of President Aquino.


    Hmmmmm. Bakit kaya everytime I look at Pnoy, parang nakikita ko siya as a member of a dance ensemble, performing the Singkil.

    Siya yung tagapukpok ng kawayan!

    Bago pa may maghuramentado diyan… lilinawin ko po, sa balintataw ko lang po yan nakikita!

    Malay ko ba naman kung paano nyo ini-imagine si Pnoy? Hmmmmp!


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