BREAKING NEWS: Malacañang has denied rumors that President Aquino has abandoned Roman Catholicism for another religion. Likewise, palace sources insist there’s no truth to rumors that the President is forming his own ministry called, “Ang Tuwid na Daan.”

The CBCP’s Threat
Interviewed on Radio Veritas, CBCP president and Tandag, Surigao del Sur Bishop Nereo Odchimar said the Catholic Church might excommunicate President Aquino if the government pushed through with a plan to distribute contraceptives. In the same interview, Bishop Odchimar appealed to Andres Bonifacio and the Katipuneros to surrender to the Spanish government.

The CBCP’s Threat II
Malacañang is reportedly unfazed by CBCP president Nereo Odchimar’s excommunication threat. Palace insiders say President Aquino will neither bow to nor be cowed by the CBCP president… unless he’s Chinese.

This just in!
CBCP president Bishop Nereo Odchimar has denied saying that President Aquino may be excommunicated. He insisted that his statement was “taken out of context” and “blown out of proportion” by the media. “Taken out of context” and “Blown out of proportion” – Hmm, is Odchimar a member of the CBCP or the Presidential Communications Group?

Heckling Tour Guide
Social activist/Manila tour guide and Reproductive Health Bill advocate Carlos Celdran was arrested and detained Thursday for disrupting a mass at the Manila Cathedral. Dressed in a Jose Rizal-inspired outfit, Celdran stood in front of the altar, flashed a sign that read, “Damaso,” and shouted, “Stop getting involved in politics” in protest of the Church’ anti-RH Bill stance. Celdran was detained for almost 24 at the Manila Police District Station 5 in Ermita during which he started to write two novels.

Reports say Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim together with some soldiers, and policemen were attending mass at the Manila Cathedral when Carlos Celdran staged a solo protest action Thursday. Interviewed by GMA News, the police said it was Mayor Lim who ordered that Celdran be taken into custody. Lim is expected to deny that.

Manila tour guide Carlos Celdran was detained for disrupting a mass at the Manila Cathedral Thursday. The visibly upset priest decided to cut short the mass… and ordered Basilio and Crispin to usher Celdran out of the cathedral.

Light Bites: Modern Dictionary
Ex.Communication, noun: Term that may be used to describe Secretaries Herminio Coloma, Ricky Carandang and Atty. Edwin Lacierda if they don’t get their act together
Example: Uy, ex.communication group head na pala si blah-blah! Kailan pa?

The IIRC Report: Reviewed
Malacañang says Executive Sec. Paquito Ochoa and Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Eduardo de Mesa have finished reviewing the IIRC report on the August 23 hostage crisis. Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda says the results of the review will be posted at http://www.gov.ph. It will be uploaded five hours after it appears on www.gov.cn.

Miriam vs. Chavit
There’s an ongoing war between Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Ilocos Sur Governor Luis “Chavit’ Singson. The rift surprises a number of people mainly because neither Miriam nor Chavit belongs to either the Balay or the Samar Group.

On her Twitter account, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago called Ilocos Sur Governor Luis Singson, “Sabit Singson.” Singson retaliated by calling Santiago, “Brenda” on his Friendster shoutout.

Persistent rumors say President Aquino and his girlfriend have called it quits. Observers believe the President would have not quit on the girl if her name was “Smoking.”

President Aquino and his girlfriend reportedly broke up. And Enrico Puno was like, “Don’t look at me!”

Rumors say the President and his girlfriend have separated. And Kris Aquino was like, “Win na Win!”

No to Smoking
Valenzuela City Councilor Shalani Soledad has endorsed the Philippine Medical Association’s new smoking ban policy. And people were like, “Ahh, break na nga!”

In Entertainment
An amended petition filed by the lawyers of Kris Aquino claims the TV host and James Yap both have “personality disorders” since their youth. And I was like, is that even news?
“That’s me in the corner
That’s me in the spotlight
Losing my religion”

~ REM, Losing My Religion

Survey Says
Sa isyu ng impeachment case laban kay Ombudsman Gutierrez, ano ang dapat gawin ng Kongreso:
– ITULOY ang pagdinig kahit labag sa order ng Supreme Court! 40.7%
– SUNDIN ang status quo ante order ng Korte para walang gulo. 47.98%
– Hindi ko alam ang isyu. 11.32%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

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123 thoughts on “EXCOMMUNICATION”

  1. Um…regarding excommunication, there is no such thing as an “excommunication ceremony”, it doesn’t exists. Excommunication entails the Pope or a bishop/archbishop issuing a decree, or at least informing the person that he/she is excommunicated from the Catholic church. As simple as that, wala nang ek-ek na seremonyas 😛


    1. Ate Del, I beg to disagree on your last sentence!

      These preachers DO practice what they preach regarding contraceptives!

      Contraceptives are a no no for them…. because asthey say, the Clergy in fact don’t need them.

      Kasi nga po, these preachers only DO sakristans and seminaristas…….
      not the manangs in the house!

      Juicemio! I SHOULD know!

      Ang magreact violently….. GUILTY!


    1. 1, eh ano kung itawalag ng simbahan kotoliko si PNoy, eh daming ibang simbahan dyan..eh kung ayaw ng pari gumamit ng pills, di wag pilitin!

      2. shalani and PNoy, tlagang wlang mapuntahan ang knilang relasyon dhil puro mga dry ang 2 ito. mga walang L*b*g sa katawan.


  2. na, may personality disorder si kris is not news,

    at ito ay tanggap mismo ni kris dahil pumayag sya

    sa amended petition, pero, para isama pa si james,

    hindi naman tama dahil, dahil hindi tama….

    or kaya pumayag si kris dahil kasama si james sa said

    amended petition, in other words, nandamay pa, na hindi

    naman tama dahil, dahil hindi tama….

    etchosera, etchosen mo nga ako hahaha

    tama dahil, dahil hindi tama…


  3. simple lang naman ang dahilan kung bakit kinikilabutan ang simbahang katoliko sa artificial birth control.

    gusto nilang lumubo ng major major population ng flippines. kung maraming tao, syempre:

    1. maraming magbibigay ng tithes at offering = major major kita
    2. maraming magpapabinyag = mmk
    3. maraming magpapakasal = mmk
    4. maraming magpapalibing = mmk
    5. maraming magpapabahay = mmk mula sa house blessing
    6. maraming sugarol = lalaki ang church donasyon ng mga gambling lord
    7. maraming adik = lalaki ang church donasyon ng mga drug lord
    8. maraming manganganak = endless supply of children to be molested


  4. if kris invokes psychological incapacity as ground of his annullment case, then she has to necessarily abandon her other ground (lack of authority of the solemnizing officer). They are mutually exclusive with each other. Its like, on the one hand, if both spouses have psychological incapacity when they entered marriage, then it follows that all the essential and formal requisites of marriage have been met. On the other hand, if one of the formal requisites of marriage is absent, then the marriage is void from the beginning. So there is nothing to dissolve on the ground psychological incapacity.


    1. Hay naku!!! Tigil-tigilan ako ng mga ipokritong pari na yan, huh?

      I was back home sa Pinas about two months ago to attend my cousin’s wedding. The night before the wedding, andun kami sa may simbahan for some last minute fix-ups of the reception area, na sa church gardens gaganapin.

      Then here comes DePressed (the priest, gagah!) bagong assign sa town namin, at ipinakilala nga sa akin. Knows nya ako through my mother’s donations sa simbahan. Nagbigay pugay siya sa Reyna Etchosera ng Gitnang Silangan at dafat lang naman, no?

      Nampucha! walang kagatol gatol na ask ba naman sa akin kung di daw ba ako magpapainom habang nag-aayos ang mga kamag-anak incorporated dun nga sa garden?

      Eh di nagpabili na nga ako ng drinkalu at rent ng video singko as per request of your holiness (mas bagay ata ang holy mess?)

      Windang ever ako nang mag-join talaga ang DePressed sa nomohan, with matching karay karay pa na mga boylets, na nalaman ko later on eh stay in sa Kumbento! In furnace, cutipie mga boyseseses na sumabay din sa tagayan! Nung medyo rowdy na yung isang beki (di po ako yun) at nilalandi na yung isang boylet, may-i-sign language na ang Depressed sa mga boylets niya na it is time to iskiyerda na! Parang prusisyon, fall in line ang mga bagets at follow Depressed ang drama pabalik sa kumbento!
      Claf! Claf! Claf! Ang galing ng choreo!

      Fast forward: Back to the Kingdom ako, na-meet ko naman yung kabayan ko na dating seminarista… so, may-i-kwento ang Etchoserang Palaka about DePressed!

      Juicemio! Wag na daw ako magtaka kasi mas malala pa nga raw ang nangyari sa kanila nung high school siya sa loob ng seminaryo. Wala daw sinabi ang mga sexual achuchu sa showbiz! First hand info, right from the victim himself!

      ImMoral Lesson: Don’t be Depressed! Be someone else na lang, okey?


      1. I Know of a priest in Mindanao who molested over a hundred girls some as young as 10. His bishop know about his abuses but never did something. No much has changed since the Damaso’s time. And some readers want us to respect these scums and the institution that creates them


      2. Really now, Paul? You knew it for a fact? Why, did you watched while this priest was molesting these “over a hundred girls some as young as 10”? Hmmm. If this be true, then you were party to the crime as an accomplice.

        But my guess is, you are lying. You did not Know, and you just heard it from someone who also heard it from somebody else, and the number went up to more than a hundred as the lies are repeated. 🙂


      3. @etchos: you too are guilty of a using a fallacy in logic called hasty generalization. Just because you know of one Depressed na may boylets, you can accuse all Depressed to must have boylets as well.

        Seriously though, how I wished na sana naging sacristan din ako noon. 🙂


      4. the 5th class municipality of my nanay had a mayor who was a son of a their parish priest. the mayor, who lorded it over the town for 30 years had a lot of siblings, all from this parish priest, and they proudly carried their holy father’s surname – IMPERIAL


      5. Go to Lake Sebu, South Cotabato and you will also know who this priest is. I do not lie like the Catholic Church who for a long time maintained that the earth is the center of the universe. And I don’t accuse people of without proof unlike the Catholic Church whio for a long time accused the boys abused by priests of lying


    1. What is hard to understand is why CBCP is imposing their sense of what is right on the whole country. Not all Filipinos are Catholic and many Catholics are non-practicing. Even in countries with strong Catholic tradition such as Spain and Italy, there is universal access to contraceptives


  5. wala naman atang against religion or even being a Christian itself about the RH bill. I just think it’s something that teaches the people how to be responsible.

    Pero siguro giving away contraceptives will just encourage more people to commit adultery and pre-marital sex. I guess that’s something that we can classify as “against religion or being a Christian.”

    Pero mukhang hindi iyan ang point ng simbahan eh. Abortion ba kamo ang paggamit ng contraceptives? Anyone who has moral values, regardless of what their religion is would really think that abortion is wrong. Kaya sana, wag na sila ganyan magreact. Sobra na eh..

    Hindi ko alam kung tama ito, pero ang intindi ko kasi sa abortion eh yung igigive up mo yung baby as in yung fetus kasi “life” yun eh, and I don’t think you can consider a fetus na buhay na unless may heartbeat na siya. May heartbeat na ba ang sperms?


    1. Oo nga po! Kahit po yung kasambahay ng kapitbahay ng kinakapatid ng pinsan ko ay nagrereklamo eh.

      Di lang daw liko liko……bako bako din daw po ang mga Daan! Ang hirap nga daw pong pumunta ng palengke…. pero I’m sure, ide-deny po yan ni Mayor Lim!

      Kaya, tulad nyo, sang ayon po talaga ako na dapat gumamit din po ng mga contraceptives yang mga pari at obispo…… para naman po di na madagdagan pa ang mga rason ni Kris sa pakikipaghiwalay kay fafa James!

      Yun lang po.


  6. ph, the way you handled the c. celdran issue is not at all offensive, but really very funny. the comments that you got, however, are obviously from people who are not really privy to the real issues. they are reacting to what the media have hyped about and not on the real issues as raised by the cbcp.
    more power to you, ph! continue to stir our minds! and more wisdom to your commentators!


  7. @worried pinoy…

    ang mga pari walang magagawa, pero si noynoy mayroon…

    ‘di ba marami syang dala mula sa kanyang biyahe? gamitin na kaagad,

    bigyan na ng trabaho ang mga iresponsableng mga magulang para

    may makain na ang mga bata….

    bakit ba hindi dapat mag birth control, kung tutuusin, hindi naman ito

    kautusan ng mga pari kundi kautusan ni God, go and multiply…

    there is enough room and food for everybody, God provides….


    1. WHAT? Using common sense lang, madali namang ma-figure out na may limits ang resources natin. May hangganan ang lupa na pwedeng pagtirhan. May limit din sa food supply. Pati ang pera ng gobyerno may limits din. Kawawa nga mga natural resources natin. Mga endangered wildlife natin kinakain at binebenta para lang magkapera. May nakikita ka pa bang wildlife sa Manila?

      Hindi rin madali magbigay ng trabaho sa mga tao dahil mostly kulang sa qualifications. Pwede mo bang i-hire na call center agent ang walang pinag-aralan? No offense, example lang.

      Alam kong powerful si God pero are you expecting a miracle from Him to solve our population problems? Binigyan tayo ng utak para gamitin. Bakit hindi natin i-solve ang mga problema natin. We need to stop unwanted pregnancies.


    2. pwedeng magbayad ng buwis ang simbahan para nman may pang-dagdag ang ating goberno sa kanilang proyekto.

      pwede rin ipamahagi ng simbahan ang kanilang mga properties dhil maraming pag-aari yan. Mamuhay ang mga pari ayun sa kanilang “vow” of poverty.

      lower the tuition fees sa kanilang mga school para affordable sa mga mahihirap.

      libre ang pa-binyag, pa-kasal o bayad sa patay..

      once Miss Peru was asked in Miss Asia-Pacific held in Cebu in the late ’80s..

      “if you have the chance to be an audience with the Pope, what will you do?” Miss Peru replied, “I will ask the Pope why he doesn’t want to sell the properties in Vatican and share it to the poor.”


    3. @Senior60

      – Ang totoong kahulugan po ng “Go and Multiply” na sinasabi nyo ay “Humayo kayo at ipag-kalat ang wika ng Diyos. Hindi po magparami ng lahi. Subukan mo pumunta sa India or Somalia, then tell me if there are really enough room and food for everybody. Though I agree with on the Noynoy part.


  8. kris aquino and her borderline personality disorder is also reason
    to stop some people having children. the sins of the parents are visited upon the children.
    and also one day p-noy might admit to the sham of shalani and
    his own personality disorder and the counselling
    he had in boston,
    now kris has admitted to it it makes it more difficult for
    him to deny, but of course he will
    just as he has denied breaking up with shalani
    and just as he denies the shortcomings of usec puno
    must be great to be in denial all the time and live in a fantasy world


    1. NOYNOY,

      Bishops need to kick celdran’s gay ass?????!!!!! careful noynoy! marami din gay sa mga pari kasi that’s where the little BOYS are!
      Better GAY than HET na anak ng anak ng anak WALA NAMAN IPAPAKAIN!!!!


      nakakagigil itong simbahang katoliko. mga hypocrites!


  9. I’m with carlos celdran, but he’s wrong by doing the protest while the mass is going on, maybe he can do it after the mass or when the church is at peace.

    the anti-smoking program of councilor shalani made me laugh to death, because pnoy was well known of smoking. maybe they were not really meant to be.



  10. Just because he disagrees with what the Church says doesn’t give Mr. Celdran the right to disrupt one of the most important sacraments of my faith. I respect his views, he should respect my religion.

    In a democracy, we have the right to speak up our mind but we also have the obligation to respect other people’s belief.

    Kay Brixter, sabi mo:

    “Nope, minsan kailangan talaga i-grab ang attention ng mga pinoy para ma-push ang isang issue. Dapat binabatukan ang ibang pinoy para magising. I agree with Celdran on this.”

    Eh tanong ko ngayon, nagbago ba ang pananaw ng simbahang Catoliko at sa sambayanang Filipino tungkol sa RH Bill dahil sa ginawa ni Mr. Celdran? Ang tanging bunga ng kanyang ka-OA-han ay karagdagang TV time para sa kanyang sarili. In short, nagtagumpay siya sa kanyang hangarin.


    1. Celdran only disrupted a mass while the church abused and killed mass of people. In the past, thousands of Filipinos were killed to build those churches and during the reducciones. At present, the church killed a lot of women who were forced into illegal abortion due to unavailability of contraception


    2. Not yet, pero malapit na. 🙂 Team Celdran!!

      Your argument is silly. Yun nga ang point ng protest e. To call attention. Tingan mo yung mga People power at mga transport strikes, palagay mo ba mapapansin sila kung hindi nila dini-disrupt ang normal na buhay natin?

      On disrespect, I could say the same for CBCP.

      – Threatening to excommunicate PNoy
      – Refusing communion to politicians who support the RH bill
      – Asking the president to fire Sec. Cabral for doing her job
      – Telling people not to vote for politicians supporting the RH bill

      Is it not disrespect to the separation of church and state? Is it not disrespect to atheists, muslims, INC, etc who are also encompassed by the bill? Is it not disrespect to catholics’ personal lives, where the church clearly has no say or experience? Sino ngayon ang disrespectful?


  11. Huwatt?!!! Si Kris Aquino may personality disorder?! Weh, di nga?!!! Grabe nakaka-bigla naman yang news na yan!

    E kung pareho pa la silang may personality disorder edi dapat kunin na ng DSWD si Baby James at ipaampon sa mga magulang na may tamang pag-iisip. Kung sa US yan edi nasa doorstep na nila ang mga social workers to conduct an interview.

    My 2 cents on the Carlos Celdran issue:
    I am also pro-choice like most people here but I have to say, what he did was kinda rude and disrespectful. It’s inside the friggin’ church in the middle of a mass for crying out loud! Couldn’t he have done it outside and maybe after the mass when the people are about to get out of the church? Indeed it was very effective to catch everyone’s attention but I think Mr. Celdran is talented enough and resourceful enough to come up with a better way to get his message across.

    Now for the Catholic Church: Are we on Survivor now where you could vote somebody off when that person chooses his own way of living? You have to realize that many of your “laws” are outdated. You should be flexible as God is forgiving. God will not come down to point to our faces and say that we’re sinners. I believe that when he gave us free will it meant that we are allowed to do as we think is best for as long as it does not hurt anybody else. You’re too uptight and it’s so misrepresenting God! Oh and stop meddling (threatening) the government because for hundreds of years now the church had been separated from state…


      1. like eddibumangon said: and you have a problem with that????!!!!


        i am not gay. But I have a lot of gay friends. And I stand for GAY rights. And I stand for Carlos celdran taking action against the catholic church. I am catholic but i do not agree with everything the church espouses.

        I respect gays more than people who are in the CLOSET because they are so friggin scared of what the church and society will say!


  12. A former parish priest (RIP na) in our village once said, ” do as I preach, do not do as I do.” During my secondary school days, one of the former parish priests (RIP na rin) in my hometown had a son. And there are many other priests allegedly having romantic affairs either with single or married women. And the worst of it all, priests molesting young boys & girls. . . . Nasan na ang pinangangalandakan nilang moralidad? Meron ba sila? . . . At ngayon sinasabi nila nilabag ni Celdran ang kasagraduhan ng misa. Alin kaya ang mas mabigat na kasalanan, ang ginawa ni Celdran o ang paglapastangan sa dignidad at kapurihan ng tao? . . . . Buhay pa talaga si Padre Damaso! At dumami pa lahi nya. . . . Bangon Jose Rizal!


    1. are we not guilty of hastily generalizing here? are those priests who molest boys and girls represent the norm or are they just the exceptions? there are pedophiles who are not priests, does that make a pedophile of us all? nagtatanong lang po, i’m sure may sagot na naman si etchos dito.


      1. The point is that instead of having these sex offenders brought to justice, the Vatican has instead systematically protected them by moving them from parish to parish, without as much as a penalty.

        Now let me ask you – how would YOU feel if the office you worked for willingly let its staff get away with rape by transferring them overseas, while silencing the victims either through threats or bribes?


  13. Hinay-hinay lang tayo sa pag-generalize ng lahat ng pari. Marami din naman sa kanila ay talagang tapat sa kanilang piniling buhay. Si Bishop Pabillo, halimbawa, dating pari yan ng Don Bosco at umalis para pumunta sa pinakamahirap na simbahan sa Palawan, special request ba. Ginawang obispo at dinala sa manila para magsilbing halimbawa sa ilang materyosong pari. Siguro, mababalitaan niyo siya sa mga usapin sa Land Reform na nakikiisa sa mga magsasaka ng Sumilao at Hacienda Luisita. Kasama ba siya sa mga bulok na pari at obispo?

    Para kasing napakababaw ng tingin ng tao sa isyu na kesyo ayaw ng simbahang Katolika, lahat na sila, sampu ng kanilang ginawa, ay puro mali. Pwede naman tayong hindi sumang-ayon ng hindi nagiging irasyonal. Maraming Pilipino na Katoliko di naman mahilig magsimba, pero di naman ibig sabihin nun itigil na pagsisimba o siraan ang simbahan dahil para sa atin walang kwenta o raket lang ang mga misa.

    Where there is difference in opinion, may charity rule.


    1. I don’t generalize that the whole clergy is guilty of the sins of some of their brothers. However, I condemn the whole institution for allowing these abuses to continue, and not lift a finger to punish those who are guilty.

      A lot has changed in our Parish the past two decades or so. Our monsignor then was from our town…. at may anak.

      Yung isang pari, kung makapagsermon eh akala mo siya ang nagpapalamon sa mga parishioners, as in sermon talaga! Hanapin mo naman kung gusto mong mangumpisal, nasa mahjong session. Ang resulta….. halos wala nang gustong magsimba. The townsfolk just can’t bear it. The next one, nakipagrelasyon naman sa kasamahan ko sa choir. Ang pumalit eh associated naman sa mga leftists. The next one, hayagang may pamilya sa kabilang bayan. Yung sumunod naman, eh dambuhalang badette na kinapa yung ari ng nangungumpisal na groom. Pinalitan pa ulit ng isa pang sirena na pasok ang isang balde sa laki ng bunganga …. at hanep kung magsolicit para daw sa repairs ng simbahan, hanggang ngayon eh wala man lang makita sa mga pinadala naming mga OFWs for the said cause.

      I remember vividly nung ikinasal nya yung isa ko pang pinsan. Ampotah, ang bungad ba naman pagsalita sa altar eh “Ang guwapo ng groom!”

      At eto nga, isa na namang badetching na lasengga pa ang na-assign sa amin.



      1. etchos,

        hmmmm. now i got it, marami ka palang 1st hand knowledge sa bagay na yan. pansin ko lang, napakasalaula naman ng parokya niyo. i still maintain that this is not what’s happening in the majority of parishes all over the world. and don’t you think that the pope is doing his best to cleanse their rank?


      2. Correction please: Hindi salaula ang parokya namin…..Salaula ang nagpapatakbo di lang ng parokya, kundi ng buong diocese!

        It’s really no wonder why the turn-out of church goers have tremendously decreased …. and the proliferation of new Christian denominations have flourished over these past 2-3 decades.

        Kakalungkot isipin pero yan ang katotohanan. By choice, I am a non-practicing Catholic. I’ve had enough of the hypocrisy.

        Di rin po ako Muslim. Ang panuntunan ko na lang sa buhay eh ang makatulong sa kapwa, in my own little ways. I believe na as long as wala akong sinasaktang tao physically, okey ako kay GOD.

        However, I don’t and won’t encourage other people to do the same. To each his own. Kanya kanya tayong pamantayan kung ano ang tama at mali para sa atin.


      3. but aren’t institutions created by people? so who can change the institution? can we not also acknowledge that some people persist in reforming their religious institutions, not only christians? Martin Luther also sought to reform the church and most of his ideas found their way into Vatican II. Like you, I too find the acts of your priest inhuman, not only un-christian. I can’t blame if you start to feel disenchanted about the church, because after all, it is supposed to symbolize something good and divine. However, I too have seen worse examples than you have but I chose to initiate reforms in my own little ways. One time I approached a priest because he was speaking too fast I could not understand what he was saying. He felt insulted that someone would try to correct him. I simply asked him if he is beyond reproach or correction with regards public speaking? It’s not a church thing but a given for a public speaker. My point is let us remind them that we are equal (by virtue of baptism) and that their role is not used to serve their interests or justify their behavior. Maybe the debate on the RH bill will make these clerics recognize that wisdom is not their monopoly.


  14. anong kaguluhan ito….

    @worried pinoy, bigla akong napatawag sa isang kakilala
    na relihioso at nagtanong about, go and multiply, now
    i know na, akalain mo, sa ganitong age ko na nalaman…

    @etchosera, frog ka nga, hataw ka ng hataw, you are all
    over the places, events and happenings, try mo minsan

    @brixter, natumbok mo, binigyan na tayo ni God ng utak
    para gamitin, sinangkapan na tayo ng lahatlahat, kaya
    huwag na tayong maghintay ng milagro, abuso na yan…

    re: contraceptives, ang problema dito, hindi naman lahat
    ng gumagamit dito ay married couples, more than
    them, the happiest, those who are having illicit affairs
    and worst, the teen-agers, kaya ito ay pagpalaganap
    ng immoralidad….

    kulang na lang ipangalandakan ng RH bill na yan na,
    sige, gawin na ninyo ang gusto nyong gawin, gamit lang
    kayo ng contraceptives to avoid unwanted pregnancies,
    tama ba naman yan? kayong mga magulang, payag na
    kayong gawin ng mga unmarried children ninyo dahil
    karamihan dito in favor naman?

    si cory kaya, in favor din kaya sa decision ni noynoy?
    ang 3 sisters ni noynoy na mukhang mga relihioso din,
    okay ba sa kanila?


    1. “…re: contraceptives, ang problema dito, hindi naman lahat
      ng gumagamit dito ay married couples, more than
      them, the happiest, those who are having illicit affairs
      and worst, the teen-agers, kaya ito ay pagpalaganap
      ng immoralidad….” – senior60

      hmmmm. hindi pa batas ngayon ang RH Bill, ibig bang sabihin walang “illicit affairs” at hindi laganap ang “immoralidad”? 🙂


    2. There is nothing wrong with teenagers having sex. But something is wrong if they get pregnant or get a disease. Sex is a natural human function that should be enjoyed like eating and drinking. If you did not have a joyous sex life as a teenager, sorry for you. But why prevent others from having one.


      1. Only that eating and drinking dont have the “huge” consequence of bringing a new life into the world. But then again due to contraceptives the purpose of sex as the vehicle by which humans show each other their love for each other which results into the concrete manifestation this love via the creation of a new being (as well as being enjoyable) is now being relegated to the sidelines. Or in purely biological terms a way of the propagation of a species that is instigated by chemical and neurological impulses derived from said act. Instead sex is now a mere means to satisfy an appetite and reproduction an unintended consequence. In biological terms sex supposedly is no longer reproduction but rather a purely chemical and physical response to impulses, or libido if you will, and as the undesired side effect of an offspring being created.

        So apparently something is “wrong” when they get pregnant from an act which was shaped by millions of years of evolution to be a means for the propagation of a species rather than a merely a source of pleasure.

        And one why should one be sorry if one chose not to have sex in adolescence, is sex the end all of one’s existence? Biologically maybe, but for humans who have derived other motivations for existing then why should it be an issue. And mind you just because you can doesn’t always mean you should


  15. it’s very dangerous to pigeonhole and generalize things…
    1. the Philippines is not 100% catholic and the church doesn’t have the right to impose it’s views on the state. the Spanish regime is over a long time ago.
    as much as I love being a catholic i really wish that the clergymen would get off the goverment’s back on the RH bill.

    2. having artficial contraception as an option does not mean increased promiscuity… it depends on one’s morals and beliefs… and for parents it is how you bring up your children.

    the reality is our population is increasing and our resources cannot keep up with it. If we don’t do something about it now, we will all suffer in the end.
    I really hope that all Filipinos will come to an agreement on this issue,


  16. this thing about over-population (musings ko lang ito) sa Pinas and the need for future jobs is often resolved by being or striving to be an OFW. So many countries for instance need care-givers and yayas kasi wala sa kultura nila mag-alaga ng sariling pamilya. Kaya maraming Pinoy/Pinay nga ang nagiging ganito because of our nurturing culture. E kamo…ang mga bata ngayon (karamihan ng nakikita ko) ay hindi makaka-pasa sa astang tiyaga at sipag na standard ng ibang bansa…kasi walang gumagabay sa kanila. Ang mga magulang kasi nasa ibang bansa nagtratrabaho!


  17. aba aba… kayong mga “pro-choice” kuno dyan, porke’t buhay na kayo may karapatan na kayong magdedecide kung ilan na lang ang dapat maipanganak sa susunod na henerasyon? choice niyong nabubuhay oo, pero asan ang choice ng unborn dun? and you call yourself “PRO-CHOICE”?

    sabi ni noynoy dati, ‘pag walang corrupt, walang mahirap’. papaano pumasok ang over population dun? nag-iba na ang slogan niya sa `pag konti ang anak, walang mahirap?`

    and sa pagkakakulong ng celdran na yan na mas malayong kamukha ni padre damaso kesa kay rizal, bakit ninyo sinisisi ang simbahan? nasa revised penal code ang violation na ginawa niya, simbahan ba ang may akda nun?


  18. sa pinakahuli, ang pakikinggan ng tao (at susunurin ang mga payo) ay ang kanilang binibigyan ng respeto. mukhang kulang ito ngayon sa simbahang katoliko hindi lamang sa ating bansa kundi sa iba’t ibang parte ng mundo.

    alalahanin lamang sana natin na ang mga pari ng simbahang katoliko ay tao lamang at pwede ring madapa. ulit, nasa tunay na karakter na iyan ng isang tao kung ano ang kanyang gagawin (at HINDI gagawin.)

    maraming kwento tungkol sa mga di kanais nais ng mga ginawa ng mga pari at ang kanilang pagkalugmok sa kasalanan. di hamak na mas mabigat ang kasalanan ng kanilang mga nakakataas (bishop o kardinal, kahit ang papa) sa pagpapaubaya at walang kilos laban sa mga katiwalian…

    tama ang sinasabi ng iba na nais lamang ibalik ng mga obispo ang kanilang nawalang kapangyarihan sa pamamagitan ng issue na ito. ngunit dahil na rin sa nawala na ang respeto ng marami sa kagagawan ng ilan (at pagpapaubaya ng mga namumuno) hindi sila diringgin at mababalik lamang sila sa pinagkalugmukan nila sa limot ng kapwa nating mamamayan.

    may maayos pa rin pong mga pari, ngunit (gaya ng pulis) nakakabulok sa buong simbahan ang kamaliang ginagawa ng iba. at tandaan natin sana ang ginawa ng mga namumuno ng simbahan sa kanilang pagsasanla ng prinsipyo mula pa sa panahon ng HOLOCAUST (tingnan nyo na lang po ang itinuring ng mga namuno sa simbahang katoliko nuong panahon na iyon) hanggang sa HELLO GARCI…

    sa akin lang po, di ako pipili ng “LESSER EVIL”, pipiliin ko pa rin po ang tama at makatarungan kahit na ito’y katiting lamang…


  19. @ paul and etchosera

    ” There is nothing wrong with teenagers having sex”

    Of course there is, if it is done out of wedlock yet.
    Are both of you parents already?, then woe to your
    children for having you.

    Ano na ba ito, pati sex gusto nyo nang gawing pang
    araw araw na gawain, susme, sumosobra na kayo ha


    1. kwentong walang kwenta:

      scene: priest teaching natural birth control method to his teenage sakritans.

      pari: para hindi mabuntis mga jowa ninyo, sa wetpu at bunganga ninyo iputok

      sakritan 7″: ay oo nga no, bakit di ko nasiisip yan.

      sakristan 6.5″: aprub po ba ng simbahan ang ganyang method pader?

      pari: ay oo naman. pero kailangan ninyong magparktis ng maigi para maging bihasa sa ganitong method.

      sakristan 8″: sino po ba pwede naming pagparaktisan? di naman siguro pwede mga jowa namin baka po sumablay.

      pari: akoh!


  20. Anong assurance ang maibibigay ng ating Pang-gulo na pag maisabatas ang RH bill ay mapipigilan ang paglobo ng populasyon ng bansa? If I remembered correctly, even during the days of Martial Law, family planning was already pushed by the government. Same case during the terms of Flavier and Cabral at the DOH.

    In other words, can this bill succeed when all other similar actions before it have failed?


  21. @etchosera

    kaya nga, kung may mga anak ka at responsable sila, marunong

    silang gumamit ng contraceptives para hindi mabuntis, ok lang

    sa inyo ni paul ang makipag sex ang inyong mga teenagers dahil

    you’d want them to have a joyous sex life? ang galiiinnnggg galiinnnggg

    ninyong mga magulang…


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