Only De Lima
Malacañang has just announced that only Justice Secretary Leila De Lima is authorized to speak about the ongoing government investigation into the August 23 hostage crisis – not the NBI, not the PNP, & definitely, not Sec. Herminio Coloma.

Reports say only Justice Secretary Leila De Lima is authorized to speak about the ongoing probe into the August 23 hostage crisis. De Lima thus becomes the government’s fourth spokesperson.

Justice Secretary Leila De Lima has issued a gag order to the NBI and the PNP to “avoid confusion.” I wonder when will she issue a gag order to the Presidential Communications Group.

Top 5 Signs that a Hostage Crisis Will End Badly

No. 5: You have a stubborn hostage taker but you have an even more stubborn broadcast media.

No. 4: You have a confused hostage taker but you have a crisis management team leader who’s even more confused while giving orders (and then denies ordering it).

No. 3: You have an inept SWAT team. Period.

No. 2: Your hostage taker spends more time talking not to the negotiators but with Erwin Tulfo.

And the No. 1 sign that a hostage crisis will end badly…

Your president decides to speak up… almost four hours after the crisis is over.

The Local Soco
Are you wondering how our Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) worked on the crime scene a day after last week’s hostage crisis? First, they cordoned off the area. Second, they gathered evidence. And third, they posed for souvenir pictures. Pam-Facebook.

Seven cops are facing possible sanctions for posing and smiling beside the hijacked tourist bus at Quirino Grandstand last week. At least three of the seven cops have been identified. Probers are having a hard time identifying the remaining four because they’ve since deleted their Facebook accounts.

In Other News…

The website of the government-run Philippine Information Agency (PIA) was reportedly hacked over the weekend. Filipinos were shocked when they learned about the hacking but were even more shocked when they learned that PIA has a website.

Noynoy’s FB Account
Fact: President Aquino’s official Facebook Like Page has started censoring comments and wall posts.
Rumor: The person maintaining the President’s Facebook account is Manoling Morato.

Mount Sinabung, a volcano in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia erupted Sunday after 400 years of being dormant. And Filipinos were like, “That so reminds us of our president when he finally talked after 14 hours of monitoring the hostage drama.”

Coke Head
Party animal and B-movie Hollywood actress Paris Hilton told Las Vegas police that the cocaine found in her purse last Sunday was not hers. Reacting to the news, Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson said Hilton could have been “set up.”

Lost Voice
ABS-CBN News reported that Nora Aunor wasn’t able to sing at a concert in Australia because she lost her voice – another sad news for the Filipina “superstar” who has yet to find her lost career.
“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
~ John C. Maxwell

Survey Says…
Dahil sa kapalpakan ng PNP sa naganap na hostage crisis, dapat bang magbitiw sa tungkulin si DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo?
– DAPAT LANG! Command responsibility. 50%
– OA namang panawagan ‘yan. HINDI! 41%
– Hmmm, let me think first. 9%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

Newsbreak: Unbecoming of the Little President

The Philippine Star (Boo Chanco): P-Noy’s leadership on the line

Philippine Daily Inquirer (John Nery): ‘Where the hell was Gabby Lopez?’

Philippine Daily Inquirer (Conrado De Quiros): Choices

Ito ang huling araw sa Buwan ng Wika. Nawa ay maging ligtas ang inyong Martes. Maligayang araw!

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73 thoughts on “DILEMMA”

  1. Thanks PH. I shared this one with my friends yesterday -“The Philippine Star (Boo Chanco): P-Noy’s leadership on the line”

    Re: “Fact: President Aquino’s official Facebook Like Page has started censoring comments and wall posts.” – Yes, I noticed it too. I am saddened, they only want to hear praises? How could they get the pulse of the people? It’s no longer pre- 1st quarter storm era, or the early 1980s where people resorted to “underground”/alternative newspapers. Nowadays, people will just open up other accounts in various social networks where they could air their gripes.


    1. esa,,, alam mo sa pangyayari na yan parang gusto ko na tuloy mag open ng offical facebook page para ang kagaya mong sobrang loyal sa akin ay makakapag comments ka ng mga saloobin mo sa kasalukuyan nakaupo. ang sobrang dami nyo pa naman dito na talagang walang sawa ang pagka loyal sa akin at sa pamilya ko,,, sanay ipagpatuloy nyo lagi ang ginagawa nyo,,, maraming salamat sa iyo at kay kaye, senior60, topdog at maraming iba na umaasa sa pagbabago makakamtan natin sa aking pababalik sa puwesto. hi-hi-hi-hi!


      1. Much to the disappointment of a certain danny here, i’d like to inform you that i voted for P-Noy in the last elections…But I’ve always been an objective person, I air my views the way I see things in what I think is the right perspective (though some may disagree, okay lang…). BUT DEFINITELY, I HAVE NEVER BEEN A LOYALIST OF YOU. EVEN DURING THE MARCOS YEARS WHEN YOU WERE DOING CONSULTATION WORK FOR THE DEPT. OF TRADE, I NEVER APPRECIATED YOUR PRO-U.S., OPEN MARKET STAND DURING OUR INTER-AGENCY DELIBERATIONS PREPARATORY TO THE UNCTAD-URUGUAY ROUND OF TALKS. NASA DULO KA LANG NG LONG TABLE NOON, EXTRA KUNG BAGA. I NEVER VOTED FOR YOU FOR ANY POSITION – SENATOR, VICE PRES. (NAGTRAYDOR KA PA KAY VIC SOTTO, REMEMBER?), AND LALO NA FOR PRESIDENCY.


      2. To, Rep. Gloria, Pres. (Ret.) – I know that you are not the real former PGMA. Kaya ko lang sinabi what I have written earlier ay para makapag-isip-isip ka na baka gusto mong palitan ang a.k.a. mo. Hindi naman kahusayan si GMA…in fact nakaharap ko na siya in the 1980s, nasa harapan ng desk ko to validate her studies on trade issues (kasi ayaw siyang harapin ng big boss ko kaya she was referred to me). At nakakasama ko sa inter-agency meetings on trade and services issues. I was not impressed with her. Pero kung talagang tagahanga ka ni GMA, wala akong magagawa. Maski paano, napapatawa mo rin ako…wink, wink!!!


  2. as usual, i found myself suppressing my laughter. hehehe. But i was really saddened upon finding out about those kids and even the policemen who were not thinking about what they were doing. parang nageexcursion lang sa pinangyarihan ng hostage-taking. the kids, i could probably understand. they’re still kids so maybe they still have an excuse to be stupid. But those policemen should know better. di na nga nila nagampanan ng maayos ang tungkulin nila, parang rubbing salt to injury pa by posing in front of the bus.


    1. I’m sure those policemen were sent there to secure the area esp. the tourist bus. They were wearing berets pa mandin…sosyal, mukhang elite group pa kuno…iyon pala walang pinag-iba sa mga students. The NAPOLCOM or whoever is in charge in the police hierarchy should conduct refresher courses to policemen…and use specific examples of violations, oversights (like this particular picture-taking), etc. THAT HAVE CAUSED MUCH EMBARRASMENT TO THE POLICE FORCE just to drive the point into their heads.


      1. pasado ka sa akin, etchosera. tama “macro”, hindi makro na parang isang malaking tindahan.

        “macro leadership”, ibig sabihin hinahayaan lang ang kanyang mga kabig ang dumiskarte at ayaw makialam sa mga detalye. kumpara iyan kay nunalisa, na mahilig sa “micro leadership/management”, lahat ng detalye pinakikialaman. kanya-kanya yan ng estilo.


  3. Just a thought… about the pics with the policemen & SOCO… hindi kaya possibleng photoshop or edited lang yun, parang naka-superimpose lang yung images nila with the bus background? I mean, nakuhanan pati yung supposed picture taker.

    or ang alam ko, required yung pic yung iaassigne sa crime scene as evidence they were there. mali lang nila, nag-smile sila.


    1. Palagay ko mga tourists din or any in the crowd in the area that morning ang kumuha because this particular photo/link got posted at the comments at once rin in Facebook by the Chinese, even in the Wall Post of the official FB site of P-Noy. (which got deleted by the way after it got around 800 comments mostly unfavorable ones…Hay!!!)


  4. i would tow all 7,107 islands out to sea and sink them.
    no-one here has the intellect or interest to change things
    so u r going to hell in a handcart.
    make jokes on websites but u still live in pigsties or on the streets.
    and god clearly has been of little help so he has given up on u as well
    me – i am going back to civilisation, – u deserve what you have voted for all these years.
    without courage you end up with nothing, and now u r the joke of the world. well done.


    1. Isa na namang mareklamo sa site.

      Wag mong i-assume na lahat ng andito e bumoto kay Noy.
      Ako hinde. At pumupunta ako rito dahil naaaliw ako sa jokes ni heckler. Kung ayaw mo, e di wag kang pumunta rito. Since may so-called “intellect” ka naman, e di gamitin mo sa ikauunlad ng bayan. Wag nang mag-reklamo. 😛


      1. Naunahan mo ako phreddox. Sasabihan ko sana si anon na “go find a tree and do a Judas Iscariot”. Come to think of it, you’ll provide naman pala the rope…so puwede pa rin ang joke ko kay anon. He’s neither here nor there…I really don’t know if he/she is serious with his/her comment…sa totoo lang ang labo. Ang malinaw lang namimintas, galit sa mundo…pati si God dinamay…God DAW has given up on us and he, anon, has also given up on us (parang God din siya with his parallelism?). And so he is going back to civilization….okay lang pero pag meron pa rin siyang posting after that…it means, gusto niya ang pagpasyal sa site, tagahanga pala siya ni Mr. PH. Plastic siya ha?


  5. And hirap kasi ni Mendosa sa bus pa nanghostage na puno ng tourist. Pwede namang sa congress nya ginawa ang panghohostage while it is in session. O di kaya sa PAgcor at the time na naglalaro si ABCEDE at mga police generals. O di kaya hinostage nalang nya yung mga seniors niya na nagpatalsik sa kanya. O di naman kaya sa D BUZZ o nung may Wowowee pa. Pwede pa sya maging hero.


  6. kung hindi binago ni PeNoy ang Aug 23 holiday, hindi sana mangyayari ang hostage taking. Siempre nasa holiday mood dapat si Mendoza nung araw na un, hindi magiisip ng violence. Kawawa talaga ang tourism industry nung araw na un. Ang dami na nga nagcancel ng tour, na masacre pa mga tourists.


  7. about erwin tulfo, based doon sa ‘excerpts from the hostage-taker’s
    last interview’ na nabasa ko, kung hindi nya naiparating ng maayos
    sa ground commander ang message ni mendoza, na pagbabarilin
    niya ang mga hostages kapag hindi pakawalan ang kanyang kapatid,
    then, si tulfo ang maysala…

    kung naiparating naman, ang ground commander ang maysala…

    and to you gloria, huwag kang makulit ha, again, hindi kita like,
    at huwag ka ng mangarap na makabalik pa dahil ang next stop
    mo ay kalaboso na hahaha


    1. Ganda naman ng ID mo, Bernie, este, WIRB. Only means miss na miss niyo na ko, gaya ng ibang nagpaparinig diyan, ayaw pang aminin.Pwe! Pag nag-comment ako, babanatan ako. Pag di naman ako nakakabisita dito, hahanapin ako, Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Bakeet? Bumaba ba ang rating ng mga balitataktakan ninyong alang kwenta at inuulit-ulit lang ang mga komentong nababasa naman sa diyario? Magdusa sila. At ikaw, Bernie, aka WIRB, okay ka. Gusto ko ang pagka tsismoso mo. Ipagpatuloy mo lang yan, iho, or iha, as the case may be. At bilang ganti, lapit ka ng konti at may ibubulong ako sa iyo. Sa iyo lang. di sila lahat kasali. Ayon sa aking bubuwit, ang singer-actress, initials na lang ha…..ang singer-actress ay….si….ay!..nag-brown-out…sa susun

      P. S. At yung tungkol sa singer-actress. Lapit ka dito at ibubulong ko. Initials niya ay


  8. puwede ba wag na kayong mag-deny, halos lahat naman tayo nakinabang,,, wala naman akong pinabayaan sa inyo noong akoy nasa puwesto pa at kahit ngayong wala na ay nariyan pa din si mike para patuloy kayong suportahan. alam ko din naman na may iba riyan na napakadaling makalimot at magpalit na kanilang paniniwala lalo na kung makikinabang din naman,,, yan naman ay naiintindihan ko at alam kong babalik din kayo sa akin pagdating ng araw. at kahit na ganun ang mga nangyayari nagpapasalamat din ako sa inyong lahat, kaye, esa, senior60, topdog at sa iba riyan, at higit sa lahat ang aking mga kabalen na lubos-lubos na tulong ang aking natanggap nitong nakaraang halalan… maraming salamat sa inyong lahat at sanay hindi kayo mag sawa sa pagiging loyal ninyo sa akin at sa pamilya ko,,, wi-hi-hi-hi-hi!


      1. ‘Teh naman, wala namang naghahanap ng war dito eh. Cool ka lang!

        Ke si Ate Glow ka o si religious gurl ka o isa ka rin etchoserang palaka …………. aba, ma at pa ba nila?

        Ang mahalaga eh naipaparating mo sa kanila ang iyong mga saloobin sa mga bagay bagay na nangyayari diyan sa ating bansa…. tapos keri na ang magtawanan every all.

        Wag masyadong seryoso….. remember, ang wrinkles?


  9. Correction: the media practitioner who “hogged” the phone line of Mendoza was Michael Rogas of RMN during the critical moments est. 6 – 7:10pm. Kumbaga pinasa na kay Erwin Tulfo nung hirap na syang ma convince si Mendoza to calm down. Unfortunately sa sobrang pakikialam ng media nasira na ang diskarte ng mga negosyador.


  10. gusto ko lang malaman ng lahat ng hindi sana nangyayari ang krisis na ito kung ako pa rin ang nasa puwesto,,, alam naman ng lahat kung paano ako maging hands on sa ganitong sitwasyon, isa ito sa mga sasabihin ng aking tagapagsalita na si ms. horn,,, sayang lalo sana lalago ang ating ekonomiya at hindi ang lahat ng ito mangyayari,,, pero asahan nyo makakabalik dito uli tayo,,, mga marcos nga eto namamayagpag nanaman,,, tayo pa kaya na hindi hamak na mas ginagamit ang pag iisip,,, wi-hi-hi-hi!


  11. nyahaha kulet ng pictures ng mga pulis, parang wala lang yung butas-butas na bus sa likuran nila ah

    konting tiis lang pilipinas, mauubusan din ng palusot ang malacanang, umasa na lang tayo na may kahihinatnan ung mga senate probe na yan at ung hacienda luisita issue, yan na lang ang saving grace ng admin ni pnoy…


  12. ‘Yes, I’m stuck in the middle with you,
    And I’m wondering what it is I should do.
    It’s so hard to keep this smile from my face,
    Losing control, yeah, I’m all over the place.
    Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right,
    Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.’

    lyrics from stealers wheel – stuck in the middle

    roll up, roll up for the greatest comedy on earth

    playing daily at malacanang big top

    ringmaster – pimpernel p-noy – the grinning pinoy

    head clown – calamity dang

    keystone cops – a riot of a bus tour

    mao tse lim – sharpshooter

    julia oh so bad – hostess with the mostest

    the 4 wicked witches – hubble, bubble, toil, and lots of trouble

    the poison dwarf -the joker lobbing stink bombs

    showgirls featuring legs legarda and pia cantsayno

    rope tricks and illusionist ampatuan who cvan make anything and anyone disappear

    bum boy abunda – always scouting for young talent

    hamburgers supplied by pagcorrupt

    security provided by inspector clouseau

    specially formulated milk donated by our chinese friends


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