SHOCKED, ANGERED, & DISAPPOINTED by the outcome of yesterday’s hostage crisis in Manila, Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang complained that he had been unable all Monday to reach Philippine President Noynoy Aquino. Apparently, nobody bothered to inform Tsang that last Monday, the country’s president was Isko Moreno.

Did you monitor the media’s blow-by-blow account of the hostage drama at Quirino Grandstand in Manila last Monday? Of course you did! Kung ‘yung suspek nga napanood, ikaw pa!?!

Reacting to reports that the media’s blow-by-blow coverage may have agitated the suspect, President Aquino said if the government had ordered a news blackout, it would have been accused of censoring the press. So thank you to our media-friendly government, nine people are now dead.

Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo has asked Congress to investigate the Manila hostage crisis. The public is advised to brace for our lawmakers’ reenactment of yesterday’s events – from Quirino Grandstand to Quirino Grandstanding.

Issuing its top-level black travel alert, Hong Kong advised its residents “to avoid all travel” to the country. In another news dismissed by HK authorities as unrelated, a Hong Kong court was ordered to re-measure the weight of the cocaine confiscated from Filipino lawmaker Ronald Singson.

Former senior police inspector Rolando Mendoza hijacked a tourist bus in a desperate attempt to get his job back. The incident has prompted authorities to place under surveillance a certain Willie Revillame.

This just in!
A recent report says the most dangerous place in the world nowadays is Somalia. In close second is “inside or anywhere near a bus in the Philippines.”

CONGRATULATIONS to Maria Venus Raj of the Philippines for placing fifth among 83 candidates in the 2010 Miss Universe beauty pageant. It’s such a major, major achievement!

When pageant judge William Baldwin asked, “What is one big mistake that you did in your life, and what did you do to make it right,” Ma. Venus Raj said that “there’s no major, major problem” she has “done” in her life. She just did.

The candidate from Mexico won the Miss Universe title besting our very own, Maria Venus Raj. It was Mexico’s first major, major victory against the Philippines since Erik Morales beat Manny Pacquiao in 2005.

The projected frontrunner coming into the competition, Miss Philippines managed to finish only fifth. Both Houses of Congress are reportedly conducting an inquiry to assess her overall presentation in aid of legislation.

After the pageant, reporters tried to interview Maria Venus Raj. The interview however had to be conducted inside the restroom because Venus, who was removing her makeup, wanted to “multitask.”

Quisumbing Apologizes
Embattled Human Rights Commissioner Cecilia ‘Coco’ Quisumbing has apologized for her behavior during a press conference last week. Interviewed on dzMM, Quisumbing told anchor Ted Failon, “Ako ay sobrang hiya sa sarili ko sa ginawa ko noong Friday sa media. Hindi lang paliwanag kundi apology. Very deep apology. Over ang ginawa ko. Naiintindihan mo ba ako Ted? I cannot hear you!? Do you understand?!? Ano?!? I said do you understand?!? I can’t hear you sabi eh!”

Interviewed on dzMM Teleradyo, Human Rights Commissioner Coco Quisumbing apologized to the press for her behavior during a press conference last Friday. She made the live apology while taking a shower.
“Thank you so much sir for that wonderful question. Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! Good evening Las Vegas! You know what, sir, in my 22 years of existence I can say that there’s nothing major, major, I mean problem that I’ve done in my life because I’m very confident with my family, with the love that they are giving to me. So thank you so much that I’m here. Thank you, thank you so much!”
~Maria Venus Raj’s answer to William Baldwin’s question
2010 Miss Universe Q&A

Question: Can you tell us one big mistake that you did in your life?

Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo: “First of all thank you for that wonderful question noh? Good evening Ladiesh and Gentlemen! Magandang gabi Lubao! In my nine years ash preshident, I couldn’t think of a major, major, I mean, mishtake because I am confident, and my family loves me so much that’sh why I am here now in Congressh. Thank you Pampanga! Thank you so much!”

Local Media: “Mistake? Did you monitor last night’s blow-by-blow account of the hostage crisis seen live on TV by the suspect himself aboard the tourist bus? We refuse to consider it as a major, major mistake but… media kami eh. Powerful kami. Bakit? Kinontrol ba kami ng police last night? No! So, what mistake are you talking about?”

Former PAGASA Chief Prisco Nilo: “Minsan na rin akong dumanas ng maulap na kalangitan na may pag-ulan at pagkulog-pagkidlat. Malakas na hangin mula sa Office of the Executive Secretary ang umiral na nagdulot ng malalaking alon sa baybayin ng DOST. Uminit ang temperatura ng mag-bayaw kaya’t hindi na ako sinikatan ng araw bilang PAGASA chief. Ang mistake ko, minaliit ko ang impluwensya ng Little President na kaklase pa ng Pangulo. That’s all. Thank you.”

Kris Aquino: “The big mistake was Alvin Patrimonio. The bigger mistake was Joey Marquez. But the biggest mistake of them all was… ay, “is” pala kasi ‘di pa nullified ang marriage namin. Aha-ha-ha! Basta biggest siya. Siya na ‘yon! Don’t wanna mention his name na. I’ll tweet na lang. Aha-ha-ha!”

Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda: “Puwede ba tigilan mo na ako? Inaamin ko naman ‘di ba? I made a mistake. I mean, mistakes. Pero pinagsisihan ko na ang mga ‘yon. Kaya nga sa NBN 4 na ang press briefing at ‘di na sa ANC ‘di ba? So, please lang. Mag-move on ka na! Napipikon na ‘ko!”
“Assert your right to make a few mistakes. If people can’t accept your imperfections, that’s their fault.”
~ Dr. David M. Burns

Survey Says
Ilocos Sur Governor Luis ‘Chavit’ Singson: “Na-set up si Ronald sa Hong Kong.” Your take:
-Posible. Ingat na lang next time. 2%
-Set up? Ulol! 50%
-Set up mo’ng mukha mo! 48%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

Major, major “Did he really say that” statements. Asked where he was during the hostage crisis, President Aquino: “Hindi ko naman kailangang ipublicize ang ginagawa ko?” Mr. President, we didn’t demand that you publicize what you where doing. But you could have at least given us a hint that you’re on top of the situation!

On Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang’s unanswered call: “Hindi ako kinatok sa meeting.” TELL THAT TO THE CHINESE!

On Wednesday morning, I listened to Joe Taruc’s interview with Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim. Muntik ko nang malimutanng dati nga pala siyang pulis. Mas visible kasi kesa sa kanya ang isang dating basurero noong Lunes.


Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility: For journalists, what to do in a hostage situation

Philippine Daily Inquirer: Media hit for blow-by-blow coverage

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    1. sna sinagot na lang ni Venus ng ganito, “That is a very good question, sir! Please allow me to greet, hello Vegas! Well, to answer your question, i would like to remind you of what my mother had told me that I should not talked to stranger. Since you are stranger to me, I will not talk my major, major problem. thank you!”


    1. Uy! comment ko iyan ah! I posted almost same in my twitter account late last night pa and just 3 seconds (see below) after you posted here. Here, copy/paste ko twitter posting. He-he!

      Sa haba ng hostage situation,d way it ended was so gruesome.Handling by BOTH police/local/national gov’t & media was DISMAL.We never learned about 10 hours ago via web

      @heckler8 Sa haba ng hostage situation,the way it ended was so gruesome.Handling by BOTH the police/local/national gov’t & media was DISMAL. about 10 hours ago via web in reply to heckler8


  1. I was watching Maria Ressa on TV Patrol a while ago. No explanation that they at ABS-CBN exercised good judgment can be accepted by the way they aired LIVE the footages taken of the hostage-brother’s being bodily-taken by the police to the car to be brought to a police station. I even heard a remark while it was being aired that the police shouldn’t be forcing the issue wrt brother because the hostage-taker can see what was happening because there was tv inside the bus. Granting that the police were at fault, the footage shouldn’t have been aired LIVE….alam pala nila makakaagitate iyon sa hostage taker.


  2. The Police is to blame because they botched the whole thing from the negotiation to the assault. The politicians are to blame because they failed to ensure that our police is ready for anything and everything; that includes adequate training and proper equipment. The Media is to blame also because they sensationalized the whole event and even contributed to its tragic end. But if we are honest we are also to blame because we lapped up everything the media had to give us.


      1. di tama sisihin and nakaupo palang…namana ang ganoong problema…pero..nasa senado din sya a…teka..teka..erase..erase..hehehe jejej
        this whole scenario was the product of what has been planted by the previous administrationsssss. We pay our taxes for good government service…and security… saan napunta…i turo natin ang DILG na me hawak ng mga kapulisan as an example,..me tamang budget ba sila para sa kagamitan at recruitment at training?…kung meron.. nasaan napunta…sa recruitment at training ba o sa bulsa?…helooo ..,mga pulitiko sa senado, sa executive/dilg..sa pnp/euro generals…yun..yun.e…pero maski ano pa kakumpleto ang preparasyon kung isip nang tao ang bumigay… wala din…internal cumbustion ang dating..whammmm


      2. what do you expect from a 50-day old government? We should give them enough time to improve everything. Most of the things we are experiencing right now are still products of the previous administration. Nabago lang naman ang mga head of departments but the most of the systems are still old. gain, give them enough time para maimplement ng bagong administrasyon ang bagong sistema nila.


      3. Paul I agree with you…what I have been reading which the local media have been sanitising is the blame pointed at the Philippine Government. Fact is the President was nowhere to be seen during the crisis. The mere fact that foreign nationals were held hostage should be reason enough for the President to get involved. Adding insult to injury is the fact that Aquino was unavailable to take call from no less than HK’s Chief Executive. Protocol dictates that Aquino should have proactively rang Mr.Tsang.

        What do you expect from a 50 day old government? Well Aristotle I expect a fully functioning Government, not a government who is learning the ropes of governing. You expect a President who is actually leading and even though he delegates authority to someone, takes full responsibility for the outcome.

        I’m afraid Paul is correct, INCOMPETENCE appears to be the hallmark of the Aquino Government. NO LESS than HK residents and the wider Chinese community share this opinion after what happened last Monday.


      4. @garju101, somebody has already taken responsibility… si Magtibay, the fall guy. and all the President has to say is that he respects him for taking full responsibility for what happened. What he did not say is that he’s heaving a sigh of relief because now, he probably has somebody to blame other than the previous administration. 😉


      5. Kaye, that’s sad really. Once again President Aquino has skirted responsibility. Fair enough then, how long will he evade responsibility for his incompetence? Filipinos were not the only witnesses to this tragedy, people abroad, specifically the Chinese, will always ask the question where was the President whilst this was happening? A question that will haunt his administration for quite a long time.

        Aristotle, I’m not talking about “perfect” government. Fully-functioning does not equate to “perfect”,as you surmise. I agree with you there is no “perfect” government no contention about that. You want to know where in the world can you find a fully functioning government? Have you been to Singapore? Malaysia ? Vietnam ? These countries do not have “perfect” government but at least they function well. I did not even bother mentioning western governments here just to drive a point; that what you have back home is an incompetent Government, lead by an incompetent President. Case in point, look at how the so-called communications group handled the diplomatic farce resulting from missed calls by HK’s Chief Executive. You can continue to be an Aquino apologist and defend the indefensible to the hilt, however after the hostage taking fiasco last Monday, the world have witness how incompetent the Philippine government is. Is it too much to ask to have a fully functioning government? Lest you want our country to be a failed state?


  3. I was wondering last night while watching in shock why the ground commander didn’t issue any directive to control the LIVE media coverage. Ang tagal inabot ang negotiations only to end up the way it did. We never learn. Now they talk of kakulangan sa gamit (gas mask, etc.), sa training (?), etc. E hindi naman dapat umabot doon sa puntong iyon kung ang media naging responsable (paging the big bosses) at ang ground commander, his superiors in the PNP, the DILG ay gumamit ng tamang pag-iisip. Parang mga expectators lang ang mga authorities. Ang media naman dahil wala namang sumasaway sa kanila from the authorities, hayun…just went taking footages and airing LIVE without exercising better judgment.


  4. “Reacting to reports that the media’s blow-by-blow coverage may have agitated the suspect, President Aquino said if the government had ordered a news blackout, it would have been accused of censoring the press. So thank you to our media-friendly government, nine people are now dead.”

    This is tragic. The president is more concerned in what the media will do than what the international community will think of his government. He is more concerned in his relations with media than saving innocent lives.


  5. “Former senior police inspector Rolando Mendoza hijacked a tourist bus in a desperate attempt to get his job back. The incident has prompted authorities to place under surveillance a certain Willie Revillame.”

    Hahaha. At kung saka-sakali, sino naman kaya ang ihohostage ni Willie?


  6. “Thank you so much sir for that wonderful question. Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! Good evening Las Vegas! You know what, sir, in my 22 years of existence I can say that there’s nothing major, major, I mean problem that I’ve done in my life because I’m very confident with my family, with the love that they are giving to me. So thank you so much that I’m here. Thank you, thank you so much!”

    Mahaba naman pala ang sagot, wala lang connect…


  7. Gusto ko lang itanong kung nasaan ang mga inakay ng putek na mga politiko kahapon? Bakit ngayong tapos na saka sila nag gagrandstanding..putek talaga!! yung mga reporters na nag kokober ng blow by blow ng trahedya kahapon dapat isaksak sa pwet nila mga cameras nila..hanggang kailan dapat involve ang media?? hanggang sa makatulong ba upang maging tragic ang isang sitwasyon tulad kahapon?? rendahan na mga yan o takot kayo??


    1. “…Tsang, at a press conference in Hong Kong, let out publicly that he could not reach Noynoy Aquino, President of the Philippines all that time…”

      Where was Noynoy during this time of crisis? We should inspect his bed at the bahay ng pangarap. Baka may pwedeng pagtaguan sa ilalim noon. 😦


      1. Tama ka diyan Lola! Magkakasama daw sina Pnoy, Mar Roxas, Governess Salceda ay si Jamby Madrigal Singer habang ga-watch ng Miss Universe Pageant sa Falash!

        May beyju nga rin daw na nakunan si Governess Salceda na nagtatatalon at nagtititili sa tuwa nung matawag si Venus as the 15th semi-finalist. Panay naman daw ang apir ng Pnoy at Mar!



      1. yeah, i guess we could blame the uzis too, but it should be the obligation of the police to control the crowd and media for that matter. it’s standard practice in other parts of the world.

        Conspiracy theory naman tayo Mr. PH:

        What if the arrest and handcuffing of the brother of Mendoza was done on purpose to agitate him in order to snap like he did? I mean, the blunder and mistakes are so major major to make it seem unreal. If this observation is correct, who’s behind this? 🙂


  8. each one of us contributed to this tragic day. the police, the media (bigtime!) and us as well. this may be attributed to our penchant for mediocrity. it is acceptable for us to have policemen who are unprofessional. it is acceptable to have these type of reporters and broadcasters (actually just newsreaders) rule our television and it is acceptable to us to be dumb down by these media people. we never demanded for quality and thus, we suffer.

    i thought this morning will be better, or so i think. as i was watching the question and answer portion, i cringed. for everyone who keeps on harping that at least, we won 4th place and that she did her best, there’s no question about that. however, allow us to say, that her answer was totally irrelevant, downright humiliating. i heard comments from phil. tv shows that the other contestants didn’t answer as well. that may be true, but, something is very definite, her answer was the worst. no ifs, no buts, no excuses, please.


    1. nalilito ako. Ano ba ang mas magandang sagot? Iyung gawa-gawa at puro bola lang, or iyung totoo based sa buhay niya. The question given to her is not situational. It is based on what she experienced with her real life. E kung wala siyang “major major” mistake e. Should we blame her for that?

      I know we can make-up hundreds of answers to that same question. Pero, sagot natin iyun e and hindi ikaw or ako ang nandun sa pageant. It was not the best question, but at least I applaud Venus for giving a real and honest answer straight from the heart. And hindi naman tayo dapat magalit or magreact negatively talaga kasi deserving naman iyung nanalo. 🙂 Congrats Mexico! You won it this time! Congrats Venus! Don’t worry, igaganti ka ni Pacman. niyahaha =D


    2. Mga Ateh, truth to tell….. mali naman talaga ang sagot ni Venus. She was asked about the biggest mistake in her life, she answered that there is no major major problem in her life in her 22 years of existence.

      Mistake = Problem… haller?

      There’s no doubt that she’s the most gorgeous among the five finalists but it is just not enough to win for her the crown.

      But to say that her answer to the question cost her the crown is really far from the truth. She was never the frontrunner from the judges’ scorecards; sa mga betting stations lang siya nanguna just like Carlene Aguilar a few years back.

      But my goodness! Being fifth best among 83 equally lovely ladies is not that bad, but at the end of the day, a runner-up is still a runner-up.

      I thank you!


      1. Hay naku Koya Eddi, I am truly honored na maging runner-up man lang kay PH. Pero malay mo naman, baka ma-dethrone din siya at ako ang ipalit ni Madame Ystila Marquis de Colombia…. eh di bonggaciousness, di va?

        At saka ayoko lang kasi ng masyadong seryosong usapan eh….. nakakadagdag ng wrinkles! Di ko keri… pramis!

        Sabi nga:

        “Do not take life so seriously….. nobody gets out alive anyway”


  9. i was also very disappointed with the way our media handled the whole thing. When did they start forgetting that lives are more important than getting a scoop, and higher ratings?

    And what’s even more preposterous is that congress has filed a bill for media blackouts in hostage-taking crises and other events of similar nature. Duh. Late reaction. This was what should have been practiced before nine lives were unnecessarily lost.

    As for isko, i actually pitied him because he appeared very tired when he was interviewed on-cam after the hostage incident. He must have felt that everything he did that day went down the drain when mendoza went berserk.

    As for venus, 4th runner up is major major better than none. 😉


      1. me too. what I really didn’t like was some people criticizing him for not being able to speak well (read: perfect english) while talking with reporters covering the event. We all know who he was before he became the vice mayor of Manila, and all I can say, is that he has been doing very well since then. At ang mahalaga, kita mo na nagtrabaho siya. Unlike that other political leader who speaks impeccably but could not be reached even by the highest HK official because he was supposedly in a meeting.


      1. Well at least I don’t hide under some name, and I am commenting on the issues at hand, while you have nothing to say but…well, nonsensical things. I praise some people for doing a good job, and criticize some for bungling their jobs. I also write about my own experiences in my site and whether you agree or not is beside the point. That’s my site, anyway. But to answer your question, yes, I have done a lot of worthwhile things.

        ikaw ang tatanungin ko, dahil hindi naman ikaw si mayor lim, at kung sinong tambay lang na napapunta dito, ano na ba ang nagawa mong kapakipakinabang? i would like to think na mas matanda ka sa akin because you called me hija, but the way you answer here belies your true age, otherwise, wala kang pinagkatandaan.

        but if i will compare your comments to one unruly troublemaker here who obviously just wants to be famous, and who goes by the name mon_t, mukang ikaw at siya ay iisa. :p

        if you want to truly participate, matuto ka namang magbigay ng kuro kurong maayos. kahit pa hindi tayo magkakapareho ng opinyon, ayos lang basta yung issue ang pinaguusapan.


      2. e di hindi ka lang talaga marunong magbasa. And no, i am not promoting my blogsite here. Wala naman akong binebenta dun. Ikaw ang papansin kasi panay sagot mo sa mga komento ko kahit wala naman kwenta mga pinagsasasabi mo e. Alam kong gusto mong sumikat so do it fair and square. By posting intelligent comments maybe you would gain the respect of others hindi yung puro personal na insulto nilalagay mo.

        Oh, and it doesn’t matter if you found my posts boring. You still read them so problema mo na yon. Haha!


  10. Suggestion ko lang po… mag-training ang S.W.A.T team sa Mossad at Israeli Army. O kaya eh manood na lang ng lumang pelikulang “Operation Thunderbolt” o “Victory at Entebbe” .
    Yung pong mga karpintero at laborer na nagturo sa kanila kung paano humawak ng maso eh hindi magagaling!


      1. Noynoy declared August 25 as a national day of mourning. Juxtapose the image of the cabinet as you described above with that of college students having fun and taking their pictures with the tourist bus as background…

        I am quite certain that the families of those victims will be convinced that we feel their pain…


    1. Actually, I didn’t see anything wrong with Venus’ answer. She said that in her “22 years of existence ,….”. That was okay, in her 22 years wala pa siguro talaga siyang mako-consider as major, major problem….what’s wrong with that? Ang ibig sabihin noon, sa ngayon wala (kasi nga 22 pa lang siya)…and that is really possible. Later in life, she might encounter one. Isn’t it ok that she didn’t consider being poor as a major, major problem? It was obvious that she got herself through a college education, graduated. Then she got herself through the Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant and won. Kasi nga, sa kanya hindi major, major problem ang kahirapan basta meron kang sariling sikap. We should admire her. I was disappointed that she didn’t get the Ms. Universe title but I’m not putting the blame on her. She did well, she did her best, kaya nga lang hindi niya nakuha ang title. By golly, being in the top 5 out of 83, is already an achievement.


    2. yes senior, we know that she meant what you said by taking it in context. kaya lang, the way she phrased her statement was not at all clear, and especially the way she delivered it… it was all that mattered. kung si melanie pa ang nandoon, kahit walang sense ang sagot niya, panalo pa rin dahil she always delivered her answers with poise and confidence.


      1. ang english pinoy naging major major disaster.



  11. (Please disregard my OTHER POST and please lete this portion when approving 🙂 this message THANKS-THANKS lo )

    kung si ERAP kaya ang presidente
    …. napag usapan siguro ang hinaing ni mendoza habang NAG IINUMAN

    kung si VILLAR
    …. tapos na agad ang hinaing ni mendoza, NABAYARAN AGAD

    kung si BRO. EDDIE
    …. malamang may instant JESUS IS LORD rally sa Quirino Grandstand at LIVE pa sa buong mundo ang pray over kay mendoza

    kung si NOYNOY…. malamang tumahimik lang yun sa isyu ni mendoza.

    ay tama nga!


      1. Kung ginawa ni Noynoy yun, di libo-libong Mendoza ang mangho-hostage ng bus para ma review ang kaso nila. Kung pinadama lang naman ni Noynoy si Mendoza at hindi ni-review pagkatapos nyang sumuko, di aakusahan naman si Noynoy na manloloko.

        Our problem as a nation runs deeper than that. We always shoot ourself in the foot. Getting our act together is a seemingly impossible task. I still do hope, however, that we can still do it. Not a question of “if”, but “when”.


      2. I beg to disagree. The concept of negotiations in such hostage situation is not to agree on a compromise but to try to wear down the hostage taker until he relents or surrenders. You need a qualified hostage negotiator to do that job and not rely on anyone else.

        If a hostage taker be given a direct line to the President and gets what he wants, what would stop other criminals to stage a hostage taking on a daily basis?


      3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I recalled GMA did this already when a similar situation, involving grade school pupils this time, took place some time ago. GMA talked to the hostage taker, he relented, no hostage were hurt, at walang libo-libong hostage taking ang naganap pagkatapos.


  12. Bakt parang di mo maramdaman kahapon ang presence ni P-Noy? Sobrang disappointed ako sa kanya. Nagpakita na lang siya when it was all over. Parang dapat nung una pa lang pumunta na siya sa Quirino. Is it too much to ask of him to step out of his shell and be more accessible to the people? Parang puro pa-pogi na lang siya sa Facebook at TV. Pero seriously, can you tell me something great he’s done since he started holding office?

    As for Venus Raj, she did her best. At aminin man natin sa hindi, siya pa rin ang pinakamaganda sa lahat ng candidates this year! Beauty pageant naman ang pinag-uusapan, hindi Quiz Bee!


  13. major major mistake taking that manila tour.

    kris aquino was very upset – it kept her out of the news for 2 days

    but a good pr opportunity is not to be missed
    so packing some bad acting and crocodile tears
    the media junckie heads down to the hospital to do a florence nightingale, get some tv exposure and court sympathy for the divorce as her tv career goes down the toilet,
    and check out the young doctors.

    as 1 survivor said. i survived the bus but then had this woman talking endlessly about herself and trying to sell me pot noodles.
    enough to give anyone post traumatic stress disorder.


  14. Reacting to reports that the media’s blow-by-blow coverage may have agitated the suspect, President Aquino said if the government had ordered a news blackout, it would have been accused of censoring the press. So thank you to our media-friendly government, nine people are now dead.

    – Amen to to that PH! AMEN!!!


  15. Hi PH! No one can beat you with your summary of the day’s events.
    These were also the topic here in our office in Toronto. All daily newpapers also mentioned the hostage taking incident.

    Mayor Lim: Where was he kaya during the 10 hour crisis?

    Isko: Can anyone comment on how he handled the situation? Have no idea what he did

    Media: I am really disappointed with their live coverage. They should have been more sensitive and put human lives ahead of any rating

    Police: Hope they get better training…next time cordon the entire grandstand

    Pres Noy: Wonder where he really was during the crisis. Hope he wasnt in the middle of any game kaya he wasnt able to answer Mr. Tsang’s call. If he knew of what was happening by all means he should have been the one to call Mr. Tsang pa nga di ba.

    Wonder who really is heading our country.


    1. From what I read & heared:

      Mayor Lim was also around the area though not visible to the media.

      Isko participated with the negotiations. He personally conveyed to the Ombudsman Mendoza’s claims. He facilitated the talk between Mendoza and Usec Gonzales & umbudsman Gutierrez. Isko then asked Mendoza to free 5 hostages, Mendoza freed only one, the old guy. Isko also then handed Mendoza the envelop from the Ombudsman.

      Pres Noy was meeting the concerned cabinet members when Mr. Tsang was calling. more from

      Media. haaay…. si PH na lng ata saving grace among the media.

      Sen Revilla just filed an anti-usisero bill.
      Not to be outdone Sen Lapid is to fill a bill banning TV sets on buses.

      My condolences to all who lost their lives.


      1. would it have helped if p-noy was on top of the situation and personally offered mendoza to review his case like he did for trillanes? while p-noy can’t do anything productive with trillanes’ case as this is still up for resolution, he could have certainly do something on mendoza’s case which had already been resolved.


      2. danny,

        I was only replying to mommy’s inquiries…
        I agree, pathetic excuse and dapat government ang nagtake ng initiative to contact hk officials. I also read that it is within foreign affairs protocol to do just that kaya I think Alberto Romulo should be among those who should be sacked.


  16. Nationality of (some) Filipinos:

    -M Pacquiao wins-
    Pinoy1: Yahoooo!! Nanalo si pacman!!
    Pinoy2: Oo nga! I’m so proud to be pinoy!!
    Pinoy1: Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino Ang Lahi ko!

    -Q Grandstand Hostage-
    Pinoy1: Ano ba iyan! Ang tatanga naman ng PNP, media, usisero’t usiserang mga pinoy!
    Pinoy2: Oo nga! Nakakahiya maging pinoy!
    Pinoy3: @!@# !#@+ @*#* @!*# ayoko na maging Pinoy!


  17. Tama nga nman, if they ordered media blackout kung anu ano na nman lalabas na balita sa news nyan, na kesyo ganito ganito. Mahirap tanggapin pero ang abs cbn ay talgang makapangyarihan! i don’t think they will take responsibility for taking a blow by blow account. Ang galing galing nilang punteryahin ang mali ng pulis at iba pa pero sarili nila, they don’t care!

    Tska nman mali din si mendoza, dapat kasi hindi yung tourist bus ang pinuntahan nya, dapat sa congresso na sya nagpunta! LOL! sabagay baka madami absent!


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    1. This is sad. Really sad. Philippines bashing is again in vogue. The Americans never condemned their entire country in the number of times their students were massacred by crazed gunmen. The French did not react this way when racial riots hit their ghettos. The Chinese did not flaunt their savagery when they killed protesting mobs at Tiananmen. The Israelites did not condemn themselves when they butchered Palestinians “by mistake”. We are the only nation on earth who bash our own country and people when we commit a mistake.

      The hostage-taking incident which led to a number of deaths was a sad, sad affair. Sadder is when we take it upon ourselves to flaunt to the world our labels of inadequacies.


      1. In your observation, Lawrence, a million percent, I agree.

        After the Martial Law, ours now is a democracy gone overboard. We have too much of this press freedom, too much of our basic “rights” kuno to the point of saying anything we want without regard of its repercussions.

        IMHO, I think the basic problem is our culture. We give too much romanticism to “vengeance” over injustice – a fact manifested even in our action movies…

        If I myself lost my appetite for supper while watching the instant arrest of Mendoza’s brother carried live on teevee and minutes after shots rang out from the bus, how much more to the millions of others who were not accustomed to the pinoy’s media way of dramatization over responsible journalism?

        As an ordinary pinoy watching tv news, the last thing I would want on a rainy and cold august night after a day of hard work is to witness a grisly murder carried live on teevee all because of police incompetence in handling sensitive situations and an over zealous media na wala namang pinagkaiba sa mga UZIs, para lang maihatid ang balita sa mga manonood kuno.

        Enough of this irresponsible journalism and police incompetence.


      2. Binabati kita kalahing Lawrence. sa kumakapal na salansan ng mga reaksyon sa dalawang mayor na kaganapan sa ating bansa kung saan kapwa ngbida si mendoza at si venus sa magkaibang larangan, ikaw lamang ang namumukod-tanging nakaramdam ng pagkadismaya at panlulumo, kung iyong matatawag, sa malawakan at walang-pakundangang panlalait at pangungutya sa sarili nating bansa. Sa totoo lang, Ito ang nakalulungkot na kulturang Pinoy na hangga ngayo’y hinhanapan ko ng alamat o pinagmulan. Kailan at saang panahon o rehimen kaya nagsimula tayong manghinawa sa ating kakanyahan. Paano at bakit tayo natutong lumayo sa ugaling nagmamahal sa sariling bayan at mga katangian. Galing tayo sa mga henerasyon nina Dagohoy at Lapu-lapu; nina Rizal at Bonifacio na hindi maitatwang nangamatay dahil sa pagkapatriyotiko. fBakit ang mamuna at pagtawanan, isumpa at gawing katatawanan ang ano mang bagay na atin ang siya ngayong wari’y hilig at pantasya na ng karamihan… ? Noon, isang email ang kumalat na galing sa isang koreano na nagsabing kaya tayo hindi umuunlad na bansa at sa halip ay umuusad pababa ay dahil sa tinawag niyang “lack of patriotism”; you have to love your country well to make it excel,.” maliwanag, wala na tayong ganung karakter ngayon… at mahabang lakbayin, di-magaang proseso ang kakailanganin upang maituwid ito at mabalik ang pananaw nating magmahal sa sariling atin… darating kaya iyon, o hayaan na lamang nating maging isang malayo at malabong panginorin na binabanaag na lang natin habang nagkakasya na lamang tayong nahihirapan ngunit humahalakhak, nagtatawa, kinukutya ang sarili sa harap ng salamin…


      3. “We are the only nation on earth who bash our own country and people when we commit a mistake.”


        We are not bashing our country and people. We are criticizing the ineptness and incompetence of our authorities/leaders. Besides, the incident was already beamed live to the world courtesy of CNN and BBC. What”labels of inadequacies” can we still “flaunt” to the world that they have not yet seen?

        By the way, what started as just an error of judgement on the part of Pnoy not to take the call of Mr. Tsang, is now turning out as a comedy of errors. How can you trust a president who offers different excuses to a single mistake? Which one of these excuses is the truth? They even added insult to injury by insinuating that Mr. Chang is a liar and did not actually call.


    2. @ Danny…Try to look at the entry I replied to. Tell me if that is not bashing the Philippines. Yes, the hostage crisis was an incident where we fell short of expectations. But that does not warrant attaching those tags to the whole Philippines.

      I know you have a penchant for lambasting our leaders, particularly Noynoy even before the hostage crisis. I don’t know what you’re reasons are. Maybe you are right. Maybe you are wrong. We are really not privy to what transpired. And I guess you are seeing things from the eyes of someone who never liked Noynoy from the start.

      Sorry, but I have bad news for you. He is our president for the next six years. Unless you hold a people power and install Erap. Gibo, Villar, or Gordon instead. If you cannot do that, I suggest we move forward and, criticize if we may but be constructive about it. For starters, forget about accusing him of playing with his Play Station while the crisis was ongoing because that never happened. Don’t feast on his mistakes. After all, its our country’s life and future which are at stake here.


  19. asa pa kayo sa swat. hanggang porma lang naman ang mga iyan. ang kaya lang nilang hulihin/patayin ay ang mga pipitsuging holdaper na may paltik na revolver. pero pag may military background na ang kaharap nila, nababahag din ang buntot ng mga hambog na iyan. may kilala akong swat na naihi pa sa salawal e samantalang mahigit 30 silang sumugod sa iisang adik na naghahallucinate pa. karamihan sa swat member ay nagreretiro nalang sa serbisyo pero walang man lang ni iisang actual engagement na nasalihan. in short, paek-ek lang para sabihing astig.

    philippine swat team don’t deserve to be called commandos. they are just bunch of pussies with automatic rifles.

    pnp : as usual bolay-og

    swat : bolay-og na, talawit pa. nagkakakalyo kamay ninyo sa majong, hindi sa pagkalabit ng gatilyo

    mendoza : bolay-og din dahil isa karing pulis.

    pnoy : pinakabolay-og kag agi sa tanan

    isko : saludo ako sayo. astig ka. nagmukhang bakla si pnoy sa iyo


  20. I’m glad to see that you’ve made a fairly firm stance here, despite the fact that you undoubtedly have many friends in media. i was so disappointed listening to DZMM as no one seems to be humble enough to acknowledge their shortcomings. sure, they state the case against media on air but no one sounds like they believe it. plus, with how all our institutions have weakened over time it really is up to the private sector to self-regulate. it’s such a cop-out for media to point out na di naman sila pinagsabihan.


  21. Actually, I didn’t see anything wrong with Venus’ answer. She said that in her “22 years of existence ,….”. That was okay, in her 22 years wala pa siguro talaga siyang mako-consider as major, major problem….what’s wrong with that? Ang ibig sabihin noon, sa ngayon wala (kasi nga 22 pa lang siya)…and that is really possible. Later in life, she might encounter one. Isn’t it ok that she didn’t consider being poor as a major, major problem? It was obvious that she got herself through a college education, graduated. Then she got herself through the Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant and won. Kasi nga, sa kanya hindi major, major problem ang kahirapan basta meron kang sariling sikap. We should admire her. I was disappointed that she didn’t get the Ms. Universe title but I’m not putting the blame on her. She did well, she did her best, kaya nga lang hindi niya nakuha ang title. By golly, being in the top 5 out of 83, is already an achievement.


    1. being top 5 out of 83 is already an achievement. She’s still a loser, anyway, no matter even if she landed top 2. The objective of competing there is to get the highest place, aside from promoting the cause of the organization. Parang sinasabi natin na, ok lang yung pwede na, kung kaya namang abutin yung pinakamataas.

      Pero, I still commend Venus Raj for getting that far. Yung reaction ko lang sa taas ay dahil naiinis ako sa mentalidad nating mga pinoy na, kahit di nanalo, konsolasyon na rin yung nakaabot ng ganun kalayo. Nawawala yung pinaka-objective na to be on top e. Dapat nating isipin yung pinaka mimithi natin, at kung di man natin naabot yun, at least it is a lesson to work harder and improve the performace.


    2. ‘Teh, Venus was asked what she thought was her biggest MISTAKE in her life, and she answered that she’s never had a major major PROBLEM yet.

      She was not asked about a PROBLEM….. and that’s where the major major problem is.

      I adore Venus and totoo na she’s the most gorgeous among those ladies but at the end of the day….. mali pa rin ang sagot niya.

      One thing though, kahit siguro she aced the Q & A, she still won’t get the crown, kasi nga from the judges’ point of view, based on their scores, it is really a toss between Misses Mexico and Jamaica! Deserving ladies too!


  22. Director Frisco Nilo got sacked because of wrong forecast re typhoon Basyang that did not sit well with P-Noy (kasi, nabrown-out sila nang matagal sa Times St. at di niya kaya to blame Meralco). Now, what is he going to do with those responsible in the PNP, DILG, etc. Baka mag-ala GMA siya at deadma lang gagawin niya. And ngayon, he even let Binay face/share the cameras together with his alipores. Hindi ba niya kaya? Bakit biglang kinilala niya si V-Nay e hindi naman si V-Nay ang nilagay niya sa DILG. Hay! I voted for Noy-Mar team. I am a bit disappointed with what’s happening in P-Noy’s first 50 or so days…and I am not just talking about this hostage-taking incident.


      1. Danny, hijo, at least i speak out my mind when needed, even if it’s not pro-P-Noy? Ikaw sino binoto mo, tell me so i can judge you also and maybe I can tell you to go find a tree and do a Judas Iscariot. Joke only…but please respect other people’s comments, okay? GOD Bless!


      2. hahaa! you are so mean, danny! 😀

        actually naghihintay nga ako ng mga hardcore defenders ng ating chief executive… mashado silang tahimik at busy siguro sa trabaho…para naman may ibang perspective akong mabasa kasi parang walang natuwa sa ginawa (or the lack of it) ng presidente…

        but in fairness to Ms. Esa, at least she is only a bit disappointed… i have an officemate here who curses the day she voted for Noynoy. sising sisi na daw siya sa ginawa niya. 😦


      3. when the al qaeda terrorists slammed their plane at the twin towers and intelligence reports revealed later that it could have been “preventable”, if only the us, with all her might, harnessed the intelligence reports for her own advantage, did the us citizens collectively blamed their own president for the lapse of it?

        the prob with most of us pinoys is that we don’t own up to the faults of our society we’re part of. pontius pilate has long been dead and most of us i guess are aware of what the significance of his “hand washing” is.

        ba’t ba kelangang maghanap ng iba pang dapat sisihin, e the hostage taking was a police matter?

        aside from israel during the entebbe incident, i couldn’t recall any other country where their presidents took charge in a hostage-taking crisis.


    1. With regards to Dr Nilo, it would be very, very strange if no one, no one gets sacked in connection to the hostage crisis.

      If Dr Nilo’s had a lot of ‘mistakes’, for this incident alone the police also had a lot of major, major mistakes. And add that to the previous torture controversy, which is another major mistake.

      Nakapagtatakang kung sino pang rare-type, tinatanggal. Kung sino pang kapalit-palit, hindi tinatanggal…


  23. Asan si Pnoy nung time ng crisis? I was expecting him to speak up through tv, like reassuring us Filipinos that everything will be alright. I’m not comparing him with the previous president, but I think she did that during another hostage taking incident with the kids in Manila.

    “Reacting to reports that the media’s blow-by-blow coverage may have agitated the suspect, President Aquino said if the government had ordered a news blackout, it would have been accused of censoring the press. So thank you to our media-friendly government, nine people are now dead.”

    <—What kind of reason is that? Wala ba siyang paninindigan? News blackout doesn't mean that the media will not be allowed to cover everything anymore. It just means that they just have to withhold information for a while and not air it immediately, for everyone's safety. Pwede naman yun diba? Kung ako sa kanya, I would not think of the accusations. "Sino ba presidente? Sino ba masusunod? Magalit na kayo sa news blackout pero ginagawa ko 'to for everyone's safety." Dapat ganun eh. I can't believe na madada lang si Pnoy para pumogi, pero sa mga ganung oras, he doesn't have the balls pala to come out and speak up. Or baka naman takot siya sa isang giant tv ntwk kaya di nya mautos ang news blackout?


  24. the result of the tragic incident was a call for all sectors to unite and give their meaningful suggestions on how to better handle the situation and such similar situations in the future to minimize loss of lives (especially innocent ones), instead of finger pointing and criticizing the actions done by the direct participants as well as the non-participants (kibitzers) to the hostage taking drama. nonetheless, my not so analytical analysis of the whole situation points to the very dismal performance of the police as the major cause of the tragic ending of the hostage taking. yes, police were scattered all over. but no one was in control or no one was directing the police on what to do. yes, there was a ground commander, may be in name only, because all of them were practically scatterbrain at that time. had the situation been dealt with more logically and systematically, better coordination would have been made. there should have been somebody to control the crowd, to control the media, to act as spokesperson/negotiator with the hostage taker, and to take care of such other matters that would have helped solve the situation. anyhow, what happened was an eye opener for everybody — yes, for everybody, from the officials down to the ordinary citizen, although the damage is irreparable. it is a time to review the pertinent laws and their flaws, if any, to amend the same, to review the police procedure, policies, rules of engagement, equipment, training, and leadershp which is very important–a leader who knows how to lead, commands respect, and knows how to use effectively his authority. we hope something positive will come out of this very negative thing!!


    1. I think we should also look into the factors that people like Mendoza turn to drastic measures like the way he did. Of all the hostage taking dramas ever staged in this country one fact blares in neon light–desperation. The lack of anywhere to turn. The worm that eats this country little by little is apathy. No one will move to make things right as long as they are not directly affected by the situation. Yes they will let out groans and bash and point fingers, but only as long as they’re doing it sitting comfortably on their sofas. Ask anyone to actually stand up and do something and you’ll get silence.


  25. nagpa-interview lang si pnoy nung madaling-araw na.
    kung kelan tapos na ang lahat.

    si kris aquino naman, nagpunta nga sa ospital
    but before that major announce muna sya sa win na win
    na dadalaw sya.
    at nung dumalaw,major,major broadcast sa nat’l tv na
    nagbigay sya ng cash and fruits.
    kailangan ba talagang may major aanouncement pa???

    ano na bang nangyayari sa bansa natin???
    kaka-iyak na talaga!!!

    dapat i-news black-out si kris!!!
    kaka suka na sya,no!!!


      1. di nyo napansin, si mon_t at mayor lim ay parehong pareho ng mga tirada. parang iisa lang sila ano? iisang walang sense ang sinasabi. hahaha! they have yet to say anything sensible. nagpapasikat lang, palagay ko. they both believe in the saying good or bad publicity is still publicity.


  26. Lets just accept the fact na ito ang kalagayan ng bansa natin. Idiot policemen, over-powered media, useless government. This is where our taxes go. Nagsasayang lang tayo ng laway on blaming others. If you can’t accept this, leave the country. Kung kaya mong sikmurain, wag kang umalis. Simple lang yan. Wag nating pahirapan ang isa’t isa. Wala nang magbabago sa Pilipinas!


    1. Sir bulakeno, you’re too much of a defeatist. let’s hope that there is still that needed strength in the Fiipino to make for the light. Yes, mahilig tayo sa LOL, this is our stuff that makes us different and unique among others, especially our asian neighbors who are too serious to laugh. there are a good majority of us pinoy who would always look at this country as their only hope and refuge, come rain, come shine… wala nang iba pa; wala na nga, wala!!


  27. Why blame the president na naman? Filipinos get maltreated, murdered, etc., i HK every week, did we make an international issue out of it?
    …so you guys still believe that we are a nation of servants and kowtow to the Chinese everytime? where’s your pride?
    people die everyday for so many reasons, this is nothing new…sheessh…


    1. ramrod,

      From which hole did you come out? Why muddle the issue when the truth is there for all the world to see. Noynoy is a nincompoop who was nowhere to be found during those critical times. Don’t tell me you failed to hear the presscon of Mr. Tsang, the governor of HK, announcing that your dumb president cannot be contacted.


    2. actually, it’s not about blaming the president since he was not the cause of the problem. It is more asking what he could have done in order to prevent the loss of lives… maraming what ifs talaga and it’s true we don’t really know what would have happened if he at least made his presence known during the 11-hour ordeal, but at least his constituents would feel and know that he was at least on top of everything. As it is, his answers to questions thrown at him were lame: he was in a closed-door meeting so he could not take the HK official’s call when it would be understandable, predictable, even, that he would receive a call from him. After all, we’re not talking about just one or two or even three HK nationals. There were several of them; he could not issue a media blackout order because local media would criticise him for doing so, and it would be tantamount to curtailing the freedom of the press. Any self-respecting person would not accept these because what takes precedence, press freedom or the possible loss of lives? Besides, a media blackout did not mean the press would not be allowed to report anything AFTER the incident. it just meant that you had to keep certain information from leaking out to the enemy, in this case, Mendoza.

      it’s also not right to shift the attention to Filipinos being maltreated abroad because the issue at hand is the grim end to the hostage-taking incident in Manila which could have been prevented.

      Yes, people die everyday for so many varied reasons. you could put it that way, but it could also be said that these deaths were unnecessary.

      in any case, wala na tayong magagawa. We could only hope that nothing like this would happen again, or if it ever does, that everybody who gets involved would be able to respond well and correctly to the situation.


      1. Hija, thanks for your remarks

        “hahaa! you are so mean, danny! 😀

        actually naghihintay nga ako ng mga hardcore defenders ng ating chief executive… mashado silang tahimik at busy siguro sa trabaho…para naman may ibang perspective akong mabasa kasi parang walang natuwa sa ginawa (or the lack of it) ng presidente…

        but in fairness to Ms. Esa, at least she is only a bit disappointed… i have an officemate here who curses the day she voted for Noynoy. sising sisi na daw siya sa ginawa niya. :-(”

        I would say that danny is mean without the ha-ha! though. I have always believed that WE CAN AGREE TO DISAGREE to our hearts’ content. But do so without having to say mean words like what danny said…walking from Quiapo to Baclaran…lalo pa at di ko naman siya kilala. So to give him a dose of his own medicine, by way of a joke just to drive a point that he was rude, I told him to tell me who he voted for and maybe I could tell him to go find a tree and do a Judas Iscariot. I don’t mean it though, I just told him that to drive a point.

        Thanks Hija…keep on with your posting of analytical remarks. Even in heckling there is such a thing as being analytical and proper.


  28. stray observation: so many people are asking where p-noy was during the time when he was supposed to show us all that as president of this country, he was on top of the situation.

    noticed that the hostage drama took place in Manila, the city governed by Mayor Alfredo Lim.

    made me look back at the time when alfredo lim and another aquino tried ending a siege by discontented pinoys–gruesome death also took place as an aftermath thereof. tsk tsk tsk.

    de ja vu or what?

    perhaps, p-noy was also hiding under his bed at the time of the crisis because of the major, major fear running through his nerves.


    1. Yes, the Mendiola massacre also came back to my mind when I heard over DZMM this morning that it was Mayor Lim who ordered the arrest of the hostage-taker’s brother. Granting that the brother did utter and/or had done acts that were not in accordance with protocol, the arrest should not have been that dramatic…maybe Mayor Lim could have ordered media not to air the arrest LIVE while allowing the media to take video footages of the arrest for later airing. The live airing did much damage to the already hot situation. Mayor Lim knows the law but somehow mukhang sablay siya sa Pilipino mentality. I now wonder why the Mendiola incident turned out to become the Mendiola MASSACRE that has embarrased to this day the presidency of the late Pres. Cory Aquino.


      1. Just to set things in perspective. The Mendiola Massacre was the handiwork of Honasan/Kapunan/RAM clique with the blessings of Enrile. They were baiting the CPP and it’s armed group, the NPA, to retaliate. Prior to that, other acts of provocation, i.e. the murder of labor leader Rolando Olalia and student leader Lean Alejandro, were committed by Honasan’s group. All these events were executed to create a chaotic, if not revolutionary, situation to pave the way for Honasan/Kapunan/RAM’s power grab from the Aquino government and replace her with Enrile.

        Because Cory Aquino was president, the entire blame was placed on her. Whether that’s fair and justified, you be the judge.


  29. Also posted on GMA New site: Is it true that Christian Kalaw falsely accused hostage taker Mendoza and the other policemen because he was protecting his drug habit? I even got a forward of the angry email from his family. Even back then, I was already hearing rumours the Christian Kalaw is indeed a drug addict. After the hostage taking, and its painful aftermath, I looked on the internet and found so many websites saying the same thing and that his father used his clout to get Mendoza and the others fired
    If this is true, my heart aches even more for Mendoza. If he was an innocent man, accused wrongly and punished, support for his family taken away, all because of a coward’s lie, then his actions make more sense. If it is true that this Christian Kalaw and his father Bob accused these policemen just to save face, then SHAME on them. You used your clout to get these policemen fired. Now a doubt has been cast over you. If you are innocent, PROVE IT. The world is watching.

    To our police force: please investigate this angle. Not just to redeem your fellow policeman but also to redeem your reputation.

    To the media: please dig deeper and fulfil your duty of letting the truth be known far and wide.

    To the ombudsman: Does clout and connections equal innocence to you? Do you not fully investigate these cases before acting on them? Did you even look into this angle before taking action against Mendoza? Are your investigations so shallow or lazy or so slanted towards people with any sort of influence?

    To Bob Kalaw: Is this true? Let your conscience override your shame and look for the truth. Innocent lives have been lost and innocent lives have been destroyed. Isn’t it more shameful to not help put these souls to rest? If your son doesn’t have it in him to be honest, be a hero for him!

    If it’s true that Christian Kalaw, at the time he was arrested was on drugs and lied to his father about extortion and drug planting just because he was AFRAID, then he has consequences to face. DO THE RIGHT THING! If it is not in you to do so out of compassion for the victims, for our country or for the innocent, then just keep this word in mind: KARMA


    1. Ellamo, ako rin nagtataka sa inasal ni capt. mendoza, only an innocent man lang makakagawang manghostage dahil sa tingin nya wala ng fair chance para sa kanya. kung pulis na marumi yan hindi manghohostage yan..para ano?? sa palagay ko may nasagasaan malaking tao yan..ganyan naman sa pilipinas pera pera lang kahit makasira ng buhay..bukas makakalimutan na yan, isang sensational news lang ng abs cbn wala na yan..look at ressa..pilit nya itinutuwid ang actions ng grupo nila..journalists?? sino??kinain na ng sistema mga yan..masamang sistema..


    2. I have heard so many things about how one can have a “favorable” decision from the Ombudsman (WHETHER A FAVORABLE DECISION FOR THE COMPLAINANT OR A FAVORABLE DECISION FOR THE ACCUSED…depending kung sino sa complainant or sa accused ang meron kakilala sa Office of the Ombudsman). In this case of the hostage-taker Mendoza, I think it is incumbent that the Ombudsman review this case of Mendoza, et. al….baka nga meron injustice sa accused in the decision.


    3. i am thinking of the same thing. all of this mess started because of Mendoza’s alleged extortion ploy on Christian Kalaw. In all the articles i’ve read on the internet it says there that the case against Mendoza never got resolved because the accuser, Kalaw, never bothered to show up in court.

      I am neither for Mendoza or the Kalaws but it seems like this issue has to be resolved first before we can move on to what went wrong during the hostage crisis. Dun muna tayo sa puno’t dulo.

      It also makes me wonder why Christian Kalaw made a no-show. His father claims that his son developed severe anxiety and fear for his life hindering him from leaving their house. Granted, takot siya sa nangyari pero bakit pa? The ball was in their court, with Mr. Bob Kalaw’s clout and connections, may magagawa pa ba sila Mendoza sa kanila? By the time, Mendoza got dismissed, I’m sure his direct superior already told him na malaking tao ang binangga niya. Eto namang Bob Kalaw ba’t di mo sinabihan anak mo na magpakita sa korte. Follow through dapat kayo.

      Isa pang palaisipan, pa-retire na si Mendoza. Is he dumb enough to jeopardize his repuation and retirement benefits for a measly 30 thousand pesos na paghahatian pa nung lahat na supposedly involved sa hulidap.

      Hindi ko alam anong nangyari sa gabi na yun na nag-krus landas ni Mendoza at Kalaw, wala akong kinikilingan sa kanila. Yun insidente na yun sila lang involved pero after the hostage lahat tayong mamamayang Pilipino nadamay.


      1. @mon_t: Basahin mong mabuti ang isinulat ni senior60, hindi niya sinabi na patay na, ang sinabi nya, “halimbawa lang, isa ka sa namatayan kahapon”. Kaya huwag ka mag magaling, magbasa ng mabuti at intindihin ang binabasa bago ka magpahayag ng iyong kumento. Nahahalata tuloy ang iyong IQ.


      1. palagi kaya ibinabalita, eng eng! Tuwing may drug bust gustong gusto kaya na ABS na makisawsaw hanggang pag deliver sa presinto sumusunod kaya yun. Yun reasoning mo palpak! ano naman ang kinalaman ng 8 inosenteng turista sa mga druglords? Dahil pareho sila Chinese, ganun ba? Ay naku, bagsak ka sa logic.


      1. Unat,

        Isa ka pa, muddling the issue with my neighbors who are hungry and people thinking highly of themselves. What are these got to do with the mis-handling by the authorities of the hostage situation which resulted in the tragic loss of innocent lives? What their nationalities are is beside the point.

        Teka, kilala mo ba ako for you to judge me like that? Siguro nga. Sana magpakilala ka rin ha.


    1. sir anon, wala pong tip o pera na makakatapat ng reputation ng isang bansa, ang buhay ay buhay kahit saan pa sila nanggaling… marami silang option bukod sa north korea, andyan ang japan, singapore etc. pero pinili nilang pumunta dito dala na rin siguro ng kagustuhan nilang malibot ang bansa natin… lahat po tayo may sariling opinyon pero sana ikonsidera natin ang nararamdaman ng iba bago tayo magsalita o kaya naman ipahayag natin ang opinyon natin sa paraan na walang masasaktan…


  30. stupid abs-cbn news head even dared defend their coverage of the hostage drama. as if i wasn’t listening to/watching their coverage. the driver said it. it was the relative’s arrest seen on tv that triggered the killing. why didn’t that smart alec station mention which station was mendoza watching? to defend their coverage meant more trouble. they definitely have their share of the blame.


  31. hugas kamay naman ang ABS sa manila hostage incident sa report ni jing castaneda na d daw nila pinakita lahat ng footage to help the pulis. eh d wag na kayo mag report kaya nga kayo media para malaman namin ang d namin alam gonggong… wala rin alam tong i report si jing castaneda kundi paninira sa iba station o kaya naman magandang nagawa ng aquino sisters bweset…


    1. napipika ako sa mga reasoning na ganyan ng administration ni Aquino. Puro na lang sisi ng sisi. Mas matino pa anak ko na 7 years old lang, pag may nagawa na mali inaamin kaagad.
      Take responsibility. nakakahiya yun naninisi kasi lalong lumalabas na incompetent sila. eh so kung kulang ang gamit o training? make do with what we have, stop bitching and get on with the job!


  32. they seek him here, they seek him there…
    p-noy was either under his desk or getting his hair dyed, or maybe just practicing his inane grin in the mirror!
    not a clue about pr and no empathy with people
    only made worse by the clowns in the communications group.
    and now there is a bit of criticism, the ‘open administration’ starts to censor
    the government web site. same old, same old.


      1. i don’t. Haven’t you noticed, i’m a woman. But I bet you don’t either. :p

        i am so tempted to call you what you really are, but i just don’t want to go down your level. Try commenting on the issue instead of launching a personal attack against thinking people here. Ok? 😉 kakasawa na rin kasi yung mga parepareho mong komento. Devoid of any sense. At least show everybody you have a brain naman. Sayang yan kung di magagamit. Haha!


  33. sabi nga, wala namang correct or wrong answer sa Q&A ng mga beauty pageants like Miss U. it depends on how the candidate will answer the question with confidence and grace. She could’ve elaborated or defended her answer, but who are we to judge her? She’s in front of thousands of people, probably faced with a lot of pressure, while we are all in the comforts of our own home.

    let’s judge Venus not for her answer, but for what she did for us Filipinos after the hostage drama that ended in tragedy. She somehow lifted our spirits and probably put the bad image of the Philippines and of Filipinos in a different light. And I am saying this not as a big fan of Venus (because I’m not a fan of beauty contests as well), but as a Filipino desperately hoping for my country’s major, major “silver lining”.


    1. Naku ‘Teh, I am not judging Venus….. kasi nga di naman ako kinuha ni Mang Donald to judge.

      Truth is I’m so proud of her. We’ve got lots of things in common:

      1. Pareho kami from Bicol
      2. Pareho kami product of Bicol University
      3. Pareho kami maganda (NAMAN!) Ang komontra… pangettt!
      4. Pareho kami runner-up (obvious ba?)

      Maliwanag na po?
      Kung hindi pa rin…eh paki-switch on mo na po yung ilaw! Ahihihihihi!


    1. ramrod, it doesn’t have to take anything to notice that there was a lack in true leadership when that hostage-taking incident happened. sa tingin mo nagbayad si arroyo sa napakaraming nagrereklamo sa nangyari? even the president’s facebook page was filled with negative comments about him. it’s unfair to many here who are not arroyo’s followers to be branded as such just because they are not noynoy’s followers. And to think I wanted to give you credit for being a thinking citizen of this country kahit pa nga we disagree on issues. Tama ang sinabi ni Ms. Esa (who btw, voted for Noynoy) we can agree to disagree, but let’s put everything in the right perspective.


    2. Pwede ba, ikaw magkano binayad ni Penoy sa yo? It doesn’t mean ayaw ko ang aksyon na ginawa ni Penot maka-Ayoko ako. Bawal ba mamuna ng mali lalo na sa gobyerno? Wala akong nakitang KAHIT NA ISANG TAMA sa nangyari dyan sa Quirino grandstand hostage taking turned massacre due to the incompetence of all involved.


  34. it is time naman siguro kung anong magandang solusyon para sa problema natin sa Pilipinas, nangyari na and di dapat mangyari ang kailangan naman natin ay Preventive.
    Saka nasa HongKong pa naman si Ronald Singson pwede bang sya na lang ang tumubos ng kasalanan ni Mendoza tutal addict naman siya.


  35. eto ang sabi daw ni Sec. Coloma which came out in inquirer.net: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/nation/view/20100826-288867/Arroyo-govt-also-to-blame-for-hostage-taking-crisisPalace

    “I would like to point out that the administration of Benigno Aquino III is just 55 days old while Arroyo’s administration lasted for nine years. We just inherited the state of the Philippine National Police,” Secretary Herminio Coloma of the Palace communications and operations office told the ABS-CBN morning news program “Umagang Kay Ganda.”

    What the heck? Two words: Media blackout. And this one, the president could have ordered. Even the president, in his statement, admitted that seeing the hostage-taker’s brother on tv being arrested agitated him, enough for him to kill his hostages. So where in the world does Coloma’s statements enter the picture?


    1. take note walang namatay sa hostage taking incidents sa time ni arroyo. to think the police force at that time happen to be the same force they used sa quirino. it’s a matter of direction. wag na wag nila macompare ang hostage taking sa maguindanao massacre. sa panghohostage, may control kahit papano ang gobyerno. sa massacre, wala as in wala wala wala!!!


      1. Actually in Maguindanao Massacre there was failure of leadership kaya nagawa ng mga Ampatuan ang pag massacre dahil malakas naman sila sa Malacanang at pinagpanalo nila si GMA ng ilang milyon kaya wala silang takot sa batas. Kung nakalusot sa pandaraya si GMA na presidente noong panahon na yon eh bakit silang mga Ampatuan hindi…unfortunately parang HIV na ang iniwang sakit ng rehimen ni GMA…gumapang na sa mga ugat…
        Actually magkaiba ang demands nina Jun Ducat at Mendoza…magkaiba rin ang kanilang personalidad at lalong magkaiba ang sitwasyon noon at ngayon…


      2. try reading this:

        this hostage taking by a former police officer pales in comparison with the oakwood mutiny. more lives were at stake, more weapons threatened the lives of people in a high rise bldg including the ambassador of australia. with the president doing her job, it was properly resolved. those stupid “newsmen” from abs-cbn got what they deserved. nobody got hurt except for the effects of the tear gas.


  36. Naisip ko lang kung si Gordon o si Gibo ang nanalo sa pagka presidente palagay ko iba ang resulta ng hostage-taking. Parang yung dalawa, aaksyon agad. Parang nakikita ko lang na mas magiging agressively decisive sila sa ganitong situation. Eh, yun nga, ang binoto ni bayan eh le-lempot-lempot!


  37. in times of crisis a leader shows his true colours. easy to guess p-noy’s.
    unfortunately he has neither the intellect, integrity, or imagination of his father nor the courage, committment, and compassion of his mother.

    a reluctant president who has never achieved anything in his 50 years nor lived life’s experiences – not even a passport – and will never have a wife or family. a confirmed batchelor and loner who likes ‘private time’ and shuns the limelight almost to the point of having a social anxiety disorder. if you cant stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.

    do u really think he is the country’s saviour.

    and dont forget the way he used and abandoned shalani, just like his sister used and abandoned her husband. like brother, like sister. unfortunately not like father, like son.

    this has been a bloody nose. the next crisis will deliver a knockout punch, and in the philippines u dont have to wait long for a crisis to occur.

    am sure vp binay is already planning his strategy. unlike the keystone cops on monday


  38. We have to make a distinction between what would have given a better perception of the handling as opposed to a different result. Many will not give it, but if you grant the President the benefit of the doubt that he was keeping tabs on the situation, then all we are complaining about is that he was not doing so visibly. Flipping the situation, there are leaders who are good at posturing and making public or dramatic appearances. But what value does that really add? It’s just perception vs. trust.

    And for heaven sakes regarding the call, you can’t blame P. Noy for not getting the call. You think he looked at his cellphone and it read ‘D. Tsang – HK Chief Exec’ then he dropped the call? Someone else screened it and basically decided not to pass it on because it did not go through channels and so was not authenticated.


    1. yep it didn’t go through the usual channels as they say, but try to read this and see what is wrong…


      Nobody said it happened the way you described it because that would truly be preposterous. However, you can’t deny the fact that there was a failure to properly communicate what happened and what needed to be done when that call from HK came. Now, everybody has an alibi and has a different side of the story. parang choose what you want to believe in na lang? pwede ba yun? Weren’t they all waiting for the other one to make the move? Alam naman pala nilang tumawag na si Tsang. Whether it was through the usual channels or not, the imporant thing is, they knew he was trying to reach the president, maybe for an explanation, or assurance. whatever. Couldn’t they be proactive enough to call him back through whatever channels they perceived was correct instead of waiting for him to call back?

      Anyway, admittedly, this discussion is already moot and academic because what happened already happened. It is just irritating that the palace officials are trying to insult the intelligence of the Filipinos by saying all those contradictory statements, maybe in an attempt to muddle the issue so that people would just leave it be.


      1. either you don’t know how to read between the lines or you were just born dense. A lot of people here are saying the same thing. If it’s hard to understand, something is really wrong with you.

        Taka ako sayo ha. Mashado ka magpapansin. Ayan ka na naman, you are back to giving personal insults. And i thought you were starting to have something in between those ears, but again, you proved me wrong.

        Kung gusto mo ng maayos na balitaktakan, magkomento ka sa issue ha.


  39. Without the media, the world would not have known that,

    1) we have an ill-equipped, ill-trained and incompetent police
    2) nobody was on top of the situation
    3) sledgehammer is not the special weapon to smash glass
    4) the president smiled, to show his anger and disappointment
    5) etc

    Ergo, media is the major major problem here.


  40. Ted Failon MUST HAVE AT THE VERY LEAST known two things at the time he was relentlessly asking Gregorio Mendoza to “calmly” “go with the police”:

    a) Rolando Mendoza was watching everything on national TV, and
    b) Rolando Mendoza demanded had he did not want any member of his family taken into custody, yet

    Shame on Ted Failon. What does he know about hostage-negotiating?


  41. check this out
    i am told by wife of policeman that all police will have their salaries witheld for 2 months as a reprimand
    if true whoever took the decision(pnp chief, or palace) should be sacked on the spot.
    it is exactly this autocratic, archaic and outmoded management style that
    is one of the root causes of the problems within the pnp,.
    it would not surprise me if the palace had something to do with it.
    they like to bully the little peole but are cowards when it comes to taking
    on the big boys who are really to blame
    do they get any modern management training and apply best pracrice, obviously not.

    also more websites are to be censored.( maybe even this one)
    the country continues to go backwards


  42. gusto ko lang malaman ng lahat na natutuwa ako sa ginagawa nyo lahat para sa akin at ng pamilya ko,,, sa mga darating na araw maipapasa na rin sa kongreso ang cha-cha at makakamtan na rin natin ang ating hinahangad na pagbabago sa pagbabalik natin sa kapangyarihan,,, pasasalamat kena, kaye, senior60, paul, topdog, danny at sa marami pang riyan na patuloy na nakikinabang,,, este nagpapatunay sa pagiging loyalista sa aming ankan,,, noh. hi-hi-hi-hi!!!


  43. Read on twitter that Maria Ressa of ABS-CBN has blocked people from following her. As if daw, it will prevent people from saying that she didn’t do well wrt the hostage-taking incident last August 23. Poor Maria, she’s doing a Pontius Pilate but seems that she can’t convince people that she fouled up.


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