FOR THE SECOND time in less than a week and the third time in a month, broadcast network ABS-CBN was reportedly given preferential treatment by Malacañang. Four days after the network allegedly received an advance copy of President Aquino’s SONA, the Philippine Daily Inquirer said palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda broke the news “about Memorandum Circular No. 2 not in the government-run National Broadcasting Network as protocol demanded, but in the privately owned ABS-CBN.” The Malacañang Press Corps (MPC) is now investigating reports Lacierda’s application for the position of “Breaking News Correspondent” has been approved by Maria Ressa.

Breaking News! Unconfirmed reports say ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs head Maria Ressa has decided to pull out the network’s reporters from Malacañang. Edwin Lacierda and Ricky Carandang are already in the palace; Ressa believes that’s redundancy.

The Malacañang Press Corps (MPC) is protesting the alleged bias of Malacañang towards ABS-CBN. Members of the MPC felt they’ve had enough when palace spokespersons ended a recent press briefing with the line, “Salamat sa inyong pagdalo. Kami ang Communications Group ng Pangulo… naglilingkod sa inyo saan man sa mundo!”

For the second time in a month, palace spokesperson Edwin Lacierda apologized to the Malacañang Press Corps for breaking an important piece of information to the privately-owned ABS-CBN network. Lacierda issued the apology on ANC.

Palace spokesperson Edwin Lacierda says Malacañang is now investigating reports that an advance copy of President Aquino’s State of the Nation Address was given to ABS-CBN last Monday. Lacierda said the probe would be as transparent as possible. In fact, the public will have a chance to see the actual investigation… on ABS-CBN’s XXX.

Palace spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said “I don’t know how ABS was able to get a copy (but) I can very well vouch for the fact that although Ricky Carandang is a former employee of ABS, he did not in any way leak it to ABS because I was with him the whole time” to which former ANC host Manolo Quezon said, “Eh bakit nakatingin ka sa ‘kin?”

The Communications Group of President Aquino will soon have three spokespersons: Herminio ‘Sonny’ Coloma, Edwin Lacierda, and Ricky Carandang – one for dzMM, another for ABS-CBN, and a third for ANC.

Survey Says…
Are palace communicators (e.g. Edwin Lacierda) biased towards ABS-CBN?
A: Mismo! – 25%
B: Obvious naman ‘di ba? – 25%
C: Is water liquid? – 25%
D: Okay lang. Kebs! – 25%

This is our new survey. But no need to vote. This is a biased poll. The results have been leaked to ABS-CBN even before they’re posted here.

This just in: Rumors say the Philippine Lotto Draw will soon air on ABS-CBN! Wohoo!
“I think perfect objectivity is an unrealistic goal; fairness, however, is not.”
~Michael Pollan

Enjoy your weekend!

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SRO (Suhestyon, Reaksyon at Opinyon) with Lynda Jumilla and Alvin Elchico nightly on dzMM after TV Patrol and Strictly Politics with Pia Hontiveros, Tuesdays@7:30 PM on ANC.

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78 thoughts on “GOVERNMENT STATION”

  1. the media, especially the MPC, has become the biggest brat in the neighborhood. instead of these people waiting for “news” to be thrown at their direction, why don’t they start sweating it up like real journalists?? Remember the reporter who “walked out” because wala daw syang story one weekend because Lacierda won’t accept calls on a weekend? where in our journalism courses did it said that the be all and end all of getting is having your calls answered? get a grip, mpc.


    1. Re: …”why don’t they start sweating it up like real journalists?? …” You have a point there. Minsan kasi given a hand, we want to take the whole arm. When I was in government, there were private lawyers from even ivy league schools connected with “de kampanilya” firms who tried to shortcut their research for their cases/assignments by simply going to the head of our agency to ask for info/opinion without even at least doing some background research. They simply asked for almost everything laid out on a silver platter. While my boss accommodated them, she did up to a certain point also. Pati kasi iyong mga nasa Official Gazette inaasa pa sa head of agency…


  2. Lacierda apologizing for the leaks. And all the while we thought Ricky Carandang was the culprit. 🙂

    Palace spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said “I don’t know how ABS was able to get a copy (but) I can very well vouch for the fact that although Ricky Carandang is a former employee of ABS, he did not in any way leak it to ABS because I was with him the whole time” akala ko ang susunod eh nag selos si Ces Drilon.


    1. What Lacierda apologized for was his announcement of MC2 over DZMM. We still don’t know up to now who leaked the SONA to ABS. BTW, MC2 is just a revision of a revision of MC1. Going by the opposition to EO1 which could go all the way to SC, do we also expect a revision to EO1? Hmmmm, this admin seems to be operating on a trial and error / hit or miss mode.


  3. “Spokespersons
    The Communications Group of President Arroyo will soon have three spokespersons: Herminio ‘Sonny’ Coloma, Edwin Lacierda, and Ricky Carandang – one for dzMM, another for ABS-CBN, and a third for ANC.”

    –> Heck, baka President Aquino, not Arroyo. 🙂


      1. excuse me…where is delikadesa here…media dapat walang pinapanigan.. ganyan ba kasimple ang pagtanaw sa mga bagay bagay…hindi nga tayo uunlad nyan!!! ang mga lopezes na lang ang patuloy na maghahari… lahat ng bagay nakasawsaw sila… someone says… sino kaya sa kanila ang major stockholder ng ABS…bato bato sa langit…


  4. he he he. but in fairness to mang edwin, i think his latest apology naman is for coming out late by 100 minutes during the last mpc press conference… di naman yung leaking echhos… after all, no need to apologize for that, and the rest coming… there’s nothing abno in that. di ba expected naman yan from day one that P-noy took the abs-cbn guys?


  5. well well well wala na tayong magagawa dahil prerogative

    ang lahat ni noynoy pero ang tanong lang dito ay, ito ba ay

    tatak ng isang mabuti at mahusay na presidente? ang may


    kayo tomador, religiousboy, john, mula sa kaibuturan ng

    inyong mga puso, tama ba itong ginawa ni noynoy?


      1. Patulan ba. Yang si senior60 nung nagpahaging kung may gagawin kaya ang gobyerno tungkol sa sobrang NFA na bigas, nag-comento ako ng may ginagawa na po. Aba, hirit ba naman ay, saan daw galing ang balita, na-leak na ba raw ni Carandang? Ang akala ko ay concerned siya talaga sa kung ano ang magagawa ng gobyerno sa mga kababayan nating nagugutom. Ay dyusme! Gusto lang palang manira netong alang pinagkatandaan! Ala e, may tawag di-yan. A__y ng lipunan at di na dapat pansinin. Pero kahit marami sila (na pulos nanggagalaiti sa galit at nakalabas ang mga pangil…grrrrr!) at konti lang tayo, okay lang. At least sa blog lang na ito. Ma-hyper na silang lahat! Aha…aha…aha…ha…ha…ha..!


      2. With us are the victims of Luisiita Massacre, exploited tenants of Luisita, scolded Pag-asa personnel, contractual workers confused by the EO blunder, tax payers who did not get their money’s worth from his mediocre performance in Congress and Senate, citizens lining up for water and non-supporters of the Abads and journalists victimized by Lacierda’s incompetence. Thank God we do not belong to Lacierda-Aquino (LA) lickers.


      3. @timpaul: ba’t nasama ako sa 12% gayong di naman ako tinanong sa survey. Seriously, kahit hindi ako bumoto kay Noynoy I’m still hoping he could deliver his campaign promises.
        Let’s give the man a chance to prove his worth. And to some of his avid fans out there, stop acting like you are better than anybody else. you know who you are.


  6. The question is why the communicators of the Palace give special treatment to ABS-CBN? Is this just a lapse of judgement?

    Still don’t know what to do? Still need a month-long seminar-workshop?

    This is not the fault of ABS-CBN. This is the problem of the communicators. I think the President should direct these people to ‘daang matuwid’.


  7. tonight, ANC gets an exclusive interview with a general having knowledge about the wiretappings that lead to the Garci scandals. Not saying that there is still preferential treatment but makes me wonder if malacanang will be presenting its whistle blowers via ABS?


  8. KAYE wrote:

    @religiousboy, you really had to take it literally, huh? throwing insults at people who comment here doesn’t help your idol’s image. since you wanted to call yourself a builder, why don’t you build a bridge between people here to your idol by explaining your idol’s side rather than throwing personal insults?

    Kaye — Baka ikaw ang literal-taker. Or di mo na-gets ang joke. Me, throwing personal insults? Bago ka lang dito teh? If not, or baka defender ka lang nila Topdog, etal, what do you call yung mga termino nilang “panot, nakanganga, walang ginagawa, Abnoy, etc. etc.” HINDI PERSONAL INSULTS? Wag ako ang pagdiskitahan mo, if you want to defend your ilk, sinasagot ko lang naman mga insulto nila at di ako nag-uumpisa, gets mo? Gaya ng pamumuna ni eddibumangon yata yun, di daw ako religious. Nung binalikan ko, aba e, hypocrite daw ako sabi ni Lord? Tama ba yan? Now if you think you’re not that kind, then don’t be too defensive. Tungkol naman sa pagiging builder, tagal na naming nag-iisplika, teh. Read mo naman mga response ng talagang hard core. Tsk, tsk. Like you and the rest here, I shall continue to comment on issues I think worth commenting. At pag may personal insult na UNANG ibabato sa akin, ala, eh, tayo naman ay di pinanganak kahapon na dapat ay magsa-alang kibo na la-ang!


    1. Hypocrites are people who don’t practice what they preach. If you claim to be “religious”, then words coming from you should reflect that character. And you are not just a hypocrite, you are also a LIAR for twisting my words. If you must attribute something that I said, quote properly.


    2. “…At pag may personal insult na UNANG ibabato sa akin, ala, eh, tayo naman ay di pinanganak kahapon na dapat ay magsa-alang kibo na la-ang!” – religiousboy (09:05:59)

      This specific statement from you is a perfect example of your hypocrisy. Whatever happened to offering the other cheek huh? 🙂


      1. @eddibumangon: LOL. ’nuff said. 🙂

        @religiousboy: so by throwing personal insults, (because you said you are just responding to the same,) e nakakatulong kang maging maganda ang imahe ni noynoy? ok lang magkomento gaya ng sabi mo kung yung issue mismo ang sinasagot mo at di yung puro insulto lang sa mga nagkokomento kay noynoy ang laman ng mga comment mo. (issues: luisita massacre, defrauding the workers of their just compensation, appointing the abad family to his cabinet, etc.)

        nga pala di ako bago dito. i was just actually surprised you had to single out what I said in one of the posts here e hindi naman kita pinakikialaman. so I beg to disagree with what you said, that you just respond to personal insults hurled at you because I certainly recall that was not the case with me. gusto mo lang siguro sumikat. yan, kuya, sikat ka na.

        pero, tawa ako ng tawa kasi para kang batang nagsusumbong. ke noynoy ka magsumbong, wag saken. 😉


  9. ang dami mong satsat religiousboy para sa isang simpleng
    opinion lang sana, mabuti pa si john nag confess na, na hindi
    ko alam kung bakit ikinatutuwa ni timpaul…

    believe me na lang para madali, hindi ko alam ang A__y, but
    it must be bad, tutal wala namang censorship dito at hindi
    naman tayo magkakilala personally, icomplete mo na kung
    pwede, ano bang paki mo kung tawagin kang isang boy na
    religious pero walang hiya….

    at kung hindi mo ito nabasa dahil baka absent ka, ulitin ko
    lang ang sinabi ng isang blogger dito na, parang, sagutin
    mo ang message, huwag mong tirahin ang messenger…


  10. included sa 88% trust rating na yan timpaul ay ang

    triumvirate ninyo ni tomador at religiousboy, na

    hook, line and sinker, lulunukin ninyo kahit mali si

    noynoy, kayo din, baka mabilaukan kayo….

    which is wrong, if you love noynoy, correct him if he

    is wrong, he is far from perfect, ano ba kayo….


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