HOURS AFTER a storm hit Metro Manila, President Noynoy Aquino stormed PAGASA.

President Aquino berated PAGASA officials Wednesday morning for their failure to accurately predict that typhoon “Basyang” would hit Metro Manila Tuesday night. Mr. Aquino was further incensed when one of the forecasters replied, “Sorry po Pangulong Arroyo.”

An upset President Aquino berated PAGASA officials early Wednesday morning. PAGASA administrator Prisco Nilo admitted, “’Yun ang ‘di namin na-predict!”

After getting dressed down by President Aquino, officials of the weather bureau promised to be more accurate in predicting the weather. PAGASA is now talking to the German government for the possible importation of 12 Doppler radars and Paul the Octopus.

Here’s a fact: The night typhoon “Basyang” inched toward Metro Manila, President Aquino was partying with the Malacañang Press Corps. The weather was actually fine when the dinner started… until Aquino sang two songs.

In Other News
Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez says she wants to personally speak to President Aquino to enumerate her accomplishments… to which Aquino said, “Nang-iinsulto ba siya?”

Binay’s New Post
After repeatedly saying he would no longer accept any government posts, Vice President Jejomar Binay has finally agreed to become the new “housing czar” – to which former Vice President Noli De Castro said, “Bakit ka magpapakipot pa, kung puwede namang magkapuwesto na?”

(To officially welcome the rainy season, I am reposting this article originally published in October 2009 two weeks after the onslaught of typhoon “Ondoy” and a month before the deadline for the filing of the COC for president. Enjoy!)

ATY_erap Typhoon Erap
Devastates the country for two hours and then leaves. Despite the entry of a new disturbance though, it threatens to re-enter the Philippine area of responsibility.

ATY_gma Typhoon Gloria
Continues to pummel the entire Philippines for nine hours now. Gustiness rivals that of Typhoon Marcos in the ‘70s. Initial damage to agriculture is estimated at P728 million. Damage to infrastructure is unknown but initial reports say reconstruction of Macapagal Boulevard alone has cost the government P536 million. It was also able to sustain its strength after interacting with Typhoon Erap. It is forecast to remain almost stationary.

TY_MAR Typhoon Mar
Threatened to enter Philippine territory but after seeing the vigilance of Filipinos, it was forced to back out and gave way to Typhoon Noynoy.

ATY_noy Typhoon Noynoy
Initially categorized as a tropical storm until weather specialists observed a sudden rise in its gustiness and wind speed. After being officially declared a typhoon, it now brings scattered rain showers in Luzon including Metro Manila. Moderate to strong winds are expected to blow toward the Visayas and Mindanao in the coming days. [By the way, beware of typhoon Noynoy’s thunder – it wouldn’t shut up!]

ATY_villar Typhoon Villar
Earlier forecast categorized it as a “super typhoon” maintaining strength in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Roads and road extensions were damaged – twice (double devastation). But the entry of Typhoon Noynoy in Philippine territory has eclipsed its impact. The rest of the country will remain cloudy though.

ATY_bro Typhoon (Brother) Eddie:
A similarly-named typhoon entered the country in 2004 and threatened to pour 5 million centimeters of rainwater in the entire country. You know what happened. The typhoon was re-categorized as a drizzle.

ATY_bayani Typhoon Bayani
This weather disturbance was located at 14° 38′ 24″ North Northwest of Marikina City. Weather experts refused to categorize it as a typhoon because its impact is localized. It did, however attempt to pack maximum sustained winds similar to a tropical storm. But latest satellite data revealed no sign of activity.

ATY_vgibo Typhoon Gibo
It was nowhere near the Philippine area of responsibility until three hours before PAGASA made its latest forecast. In fact, typhoon Bayani’s moderate winds were already blowing east of the metro before Gibo made its presence felt and officially entered Philippine territory. The weather bureau forecasts similarities in the movements of typhoon Gibo and typhoon Gloria although both Gibo and typhoon Noynoy originated approximately 10 miles east of Central Luzon.

aty_binay Typhoon Jejomar
Described by weather specialists as “stubborn” and territorial,” this typhoon has recently threatened the whole country if not for some climatological developments. What’s alarming is that people to tend to ignore Typhoon Jejomar’s ability to destroy. It has remained stationary for 23 years (and counting).

Typhoon JDV
No heavy rains. No lightning. No flooding. It’s all thunder and wind.

ATY_chix Typhoon Loren & Typhoon Chiz
For the first time in local weather history, two typhoons entered the country at the same time making landfall on the same area. The impact is moderate though, without much damage, and both typhoons are expected to leave soon… unless either of them interact with typhoon Erap.

ATY_jamb Typhoon Jamby
The hardest to predict among the weather disturbances. Scattered raindrops will not completely wet an exposed surface regardless of duration. But the public is advised to remain cautious of lightning. Despite the rains, temperatures will remain high.

ATY_puno Typhoon Ronnie (Puno)
No satellite or surface data was made available because… “Tahimik lamang magtrabaho ang Typhoon Ronnie kaya maraming nagagawa (na damage).”
“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship.”

Survey Says
On Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez:
– IMPEACH HER! Now na! 64%
– LEAVE her alone. Let her do her job. 25%
– Sorry… ‘di ko alam ang issue. 11%

We have a new survey. Please vote now.

– Philippine Star’s William Esposo: Why the (Extreme) Left remains politically insignificant

– Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Conrado De Quiros endorses the legalization of ‘jueteng’

– Congratulations to Coach Phil Jackson of the Los Angeles Lakers who took home the Best Coach trophy, and Kobe Bryant who was named Best NBA Player in the 2010 ESPY Awards. Btw, Yahoo!Sports reported, “LeBron James was booed when a montage of male athlete nominees was shown.” Ouch!

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Tuwa din ako sa Paul the Octopus. BTW, Mang Tani, the regular spokesperson for PAGASA has been said to have migrated to Australia because of the better job offer of the weather bureau there.

    Pero I believe Noy has already found a replacement for Mang Tani. Hindi lang daw magiging extra PR for Pagasa pero magiging magaling mag predict ng mga future na bagyo. No other than Madam Auring! Diba tatanong din ni Noy si Madam Auring kung makakasal nga siya in the future?


  2. di ko nga alam kung matotopak ako sa estado ng PAGASA aba elementary pa lang ako sablay na sila nagkaapo na ako at lahat sablay pa din.

    tanghali pa lang sabi ng cnn it will hit the capital pero kinagabihan iba naman kwento sa phil news. bah mas mabuti pa makitsismis na lang sila sa cnn at baka me PAGASA pa!


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